Betrayed 10/?

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"Surprise, Chakotay," Kathryn said, advancing on me with a demented
smile on her face.  Seven had the pulse rifle pointed at me.  Rage
flooded through my system and I had to fight myself to keep from
attacking them.  I glanced over at Tom.  He was holding Vorick at bay,
but he wasn't going to last long.

"You didn't really think after all the careful planning I went through,
I didn't factor in the possibility they would get you back, did you?"

I didn't think I should answer that question.  I knew Greg was watching
us, and assuming they still had vid, they knew what was going on.
Hopefully, Tuvok knew as well.  I looked over as Vorick skillfully
wrapped the ahnwoon around Tom's ankles and jerked his legs out from
under him.  Tom went down hard.  I saw Vorick almost smile.

"Next time I chose a mate, perhaps you will stay out of it," Vorick
suggested to Tom.

"Don't feel to bad Vorick, she dumped me, too," Tom said, from the

"You as well?  She is a fickle bitch."

A plan formed in my mind.  It was a crazy plan, but a plan.

"Kathryn, what I don't understand..."

"It is Captain, to you," she said, pointing the phaser at my head.
Considering the gleam in her eyes, I really didn't think pushing her was
a good idea.

"Oh course, Captain." I used my most calming tones.  I held my hands
away from my sides.  "What I don't understand is, why did you give us to

I saw the confused look on Tom's face.

She laughed.  "Please, Chakotay, I am not that stupid."

Tom started to climb to his feet and Vorick didn't appear to have a
problem with it.  I gave him a hand and he stood up.  I squeezed his
hand gently and continued.

"Captain, I never meant to say you were stupid.  I'll admit I was
shocked when you gave us to Shetar, but you knew how I feel about you.
Why did you give me to Shetar?"

"Go ahead, Chakotay.  Confess your undying love, *again*.  Nothing you
say will change my mind.  You two are going to die."

"Ask Seven."  I turned to her.  "Seven, wasn't I looking for a way to
pardon the Captain?"

"It is true."  She was wavering.  Obviously, this was way out of her
area of experience.  Then I realized Kathryn had leaned into her Borg
mentality.  Loyalty to the hive, but Seven was a weak point.  "He did
look for ways to explain your behavior."

"I haven't moved into your quarters," I said matter-of-factly.

"Chakotay what are you saying?" Tom asked, backing away from me.

"Tom, everyone knows how I feel about the Captain."

"Chakotay, she sold us for supplies!"  He continued to back up, and I
followed him.  I gestured slightly to the left with my eyes.

"She is the Captain of the vessel.  Tom, you should've seen what I used
for trade in the Maquis.  If you hadn't gotten taken, I probably would
have sold your ass if we needed something bad enough."  There, Tom was
inside the boundaries of the cell.

"You're joking."  Tom got pale on that line.  I hoped he wasn't really
believing what I was saying.

"I used to enter B'Elanna in fights if we really needed money for
something."  I took another step and Tom stepped back.  He was clear of
the forcefield.

"Both of you stop," Kathryn ordered.

I glanced back at her.  Nope, she wasn't going for it.  Damn it!  Five
more steps and we were good.  Tom was...I couldn't risk it.

"Computer, Maquis, Two, Nine, Chakotay, Gamma.  Raise forcefield and
transport occupant to corridor outside brig."

I vaguely remembered hearing the computer acknowledge and the hum of a
transporter before I felt the pulse rifle fire.

My head hurt. I mean my head really, really hurt.  My back felt like it
was broken.  I opened my eyes and found myself on the deck in one of the
containment cells.  I looked around, and saw the Captain talking to Tom
over the comm link, Vorick and Seven standing behind her.  I struggled
to my feet.

"Tom, I can destroy Voyager from here.  I suggest you just open the
doors to the brig and step down."

Tom glanced at me for a second and I shook my head.

"No way.  You blow Voyager up, you go with us."  He looked calm and
cool.  Good.  "I believe this is known as a Mexican Stand Off."

"I have no idea what you are talking about.  When you are ready to step
down and give Voyager back to me, I'll be here."  She cut the link and
turned to Vorick and Seven.  "How many of the programs have they found?"

"Of the 42 main programs, they have disabled 36 of them, Captain,"
Vorick stated.  Kathryn cussed, but then noticed I was awake.

She took them to the other side of the brig where I couldn't hear them.
I hit my comm badge, no response.  Then I saw the comm link open back
up.  I looked and saw a sign.  'We're working on it.  Drop the knife."
Then the view screen went blank.

What in the hell did that mean?  Drop the knife?  Then I remembered on
the planet when I tried to kill myself with the knife.  Tom was telling
me no more heroics.  The boy did show some imagination.  I sat down on
the cot.  Wait a second. they had opened that view screen...they had a
lot more control than Kathryn thought they did, and as long as the
forcefield was up, they couldn't get to me.

I considered transporting myself out.  In fact, it would probably make
life a lot easier if I weren't here.  "Computer, Maquis, Two, Nine,
Chakotay, Gamma."

"Voice recognition no longer valid."

Damn!  And I just told Kathryn I was trying to escape.  I heard her

"Chakotay, if I didn't have enough sense to stop you from escaping that
way, I don't deserve the title of Captain."

You don't deserve it now, I thought to myself.  I spent the next several
moments searching the cell for something, anything to use as a weapon.

In a few moment, the three of them came back.  Kathryn was stalking
angrily.  She came right up to the forcefield.

"I should have known I couldn't trust you.  I never could trust you.
Watch this.  Vorick."

"Life support to the entire ship with the exception of this area has
been cut off."

"No!" I cried, coming to my feet.  What was she going to do, kill
everyone and try to make it with 3 people?

Kathryn smiled at me.  "Oh yes, Chakotay.  Do you really think I would
let them take Voyager from me.  She's mine."

The view screen beeped.  She answered the hail.

"What have you done?" Tom asked.

"I shut off life support.  You have about 20 minutes before people start
passing out, Tom."

"You can't do this.  You'll kill everyone!"

"Being captain isn't easy, Tom.  You have to make hard decisions.  So
what will it be."

"We can't circumnavigate her commands," Tuvok's voice said.  My stomach
lurched with that announcement.

"Give me back Voyager, Tom."


"Fine, Vorick, flood the the lower decks with anesthesia."

"Yes, Captain.  Decks 17-25 being flooded."

Tom looked off to the side with a look of panic in his eyes.

"Don't give in, Tom," I called.  Kathryn turned and fired off a round at
me.  I jumped out of sheer instinct, but the forcefield absorbed it.  My
heart was trip hammering anyway.

"Shut up!"  She looked back at the screen.  "Your decision, Tom."

"No.  I can't release you from the brig."

I really felt bad for Tom.  I knew this had to be so hard, because he
wasn't willing to shed blood, so he was going to loose.  Damn, what
would happen when she had Voyager back.  Shetar, here we come.  Spirits
not that.  Inanely, I thought we were going to wear this patch of space
out, back and forth, back and forth.


"Decks 8 through 16 being flooded."

"Your answer?"

"No!" Tom said angrily.

"Captain," I said angrily.  "You can't kill all those people.  They
trusted you!"  I was talking to both of them, but Kathryn turned around.

"No, they trusted you, Chakotay.  They trusted you to save them from
me.  And you failed.  And you left Paris as first officer.  How utterly
stupid.  He's a pup, wet behind the ears."

"Seven, is this Borg mentality.  Kill people who once trusted you.  Kill
the people you need to obtain your goal."

"No, that is not the Borg way, but I am no longer Borg."

"If you believe in her, why did you help them come back and get us?"  I
asked somehow, I had to slow this down to buy Tom some time.

"That was the Captain's plan.  If the crew mutinied, I was wait until
Voyager was repaired and then be ready to help the Captain take the ship

"Does it make any sense to blow up the ship?"

"Chakotay, I won't blow Voyager up.  I just need to rattle Tom badly
enough he gives her back."  I glanced behind them and saw the screen was
still active.  They were hearing every word of this.

"Vorick, is this logical?"

"It is very logical.  Captain Janeway is the best qualified for the
position of Captain.  Therefore, it is logical that she return to that

"Enough,"  Kathryn said.  She turned back to the screen.  "Tom, if you
give Voyager back to me now, I won't even put you in the brig, I
promise.  But if I have to take her back, I may kill all the traitors,
but you I will lock up in this brig until I personally deliver you back
to Auckland.  Do you understand me?"

"Fine.  I won't give Voyager back."

"Vorick, flood everything but the command deck with gas."

"Flooding decks 1-8, Captain."

Then there was a hiss.  Kathryn turned to Vorick, he looked around
confused, but I could smell it.  Kathryn had just managed to flood the
brig.  I started laughing.


"This was not supposed to happen."  He looked at the console confused.

"Stop it."

"I'm afraid Captain, it's too late."  He said, as he leaned on the
console.  Seven slipped to the floor and as I also succumbed to the gas,
I saw Kathryn turn and blow the view screen up.

I opened my eyes again.

"This is getting so old," I said, as Tom smiled down at me.

"You have done your time unconscious, Chak.  That's for sure."  His
smile brightened my world for a moment.  He helped me sit up.

I stood up slowly.  Tom's arm came around my waist and I smiled up at
him.  Tom smiled back, and I gently leaned in and kissed him.  He looked
shocked at first, but then he leaned into it.

"How you feeling?" he asked

"Pretty good.  How about you?"

"A whole bunch better since we got you out of there and a lot more clear
about some things."  His eyes filled in any doubts I may have had about
what he meant.

"Me, too."  I leaned in for another kiss.

The EMH cleared his throat testily and Tom rolled his eyes.

I sighed.  "So what happened after the gas?"

"Tuvok had identified all the programs she wrote and altered them to
only affect the brig.  We knew once she cut life support and supposedly
started flooding decks with the gas, she was going to get herself.  It
was just a matter of time."

"You mean it didn't affect any other areas?"

"No.  We cut their sensors so they were blind."

"Good job, Tom.  I believed you."

"Hey, I am nothing if not a good actor."

"What about Seven and Vorick?"

"We locked them up and disabled all voice sensors inside the brig."

"Good idea."

"By the way, where did the one you used come from?"

I smiled evilly.  "I wrote that one the first day we were on Voyager.  I
didn't know if I would need to bust my people out of the brig, so...
Just call it a little insurance."

Tom smiled.  "We really need to talk to Tuvok about all these
unauthorized programs running around."

"Yeah, we do."  I looked at the holodoc.  "Do I need to stay?"

"No.  But with *Commander* Paris ordering me about as if you were on
death's door, I thought it would be best to keep you here until you woke

I looked at Tom, who was blushing slightly.  I smiled at him, and he
smiled back, embarrassed.  I knew my dimples were showing, and Tom was
looking particularly sheepish.

"Is that so?"

"Well, I didn't know if Seven hurt you with that shot from the pulse

"I told you, *Commander*, the Captain was fine.  The rifle was set on

I wondered if it was possible for Tom to strangle the EMH.

"See, he can make Commander sound like, you Cardassian slime, too," I
noted.  "Come on, Tom.  Let's go work on reports and you can fill me in
on what happened."

We walked out of sickbay side by side.

"The sign was a good idea, Tom.  I knew you had something up your
sleeve, but I didn't know what it was."

"I hoped you'd catch on."  We passed several crewmen and both of us were
greeted.  We responded that we were fine and continued on our way.

"How are you feeling, really, Chak."

"My back's a little sore.  Head's a little foggy, but nothing serious.
Sorry, I had to say those things to you in there."

"I have to admit, you had me worried.  Then when you beamed me out, I
was madder than a Klingon with fleas."

I laughed at that mental picture.  We got on the turbo lift.  "So what
else is going on?"

"This."  He leaned against me, pinning me to the wall of the lift.  Then
kissed me deeply.  My hands came to his head and pulled him close.
Without breaking the kiss he stepped up close and pressed himself
against me.  I kissed him harder as his erect cock rubbed against mine.
We broke apart and he leaned his forehead against mine.

"Spirits, Tom," I whispered.  "Are you sure?"

"After that kiss, you have doubts?"

Then the lift slowed and we stood up.  I almost started laughing.  This
was ridiculous.  The lift doors opened and we walked into the hall.  Tom
started talking again as if nothing had happened.

"Not much.  Tuvok's got the con.  No one is allowed into the brig.  All
of her command codes have been flushed, as well as Vorick's and
Seven's.  Tuvok believes they are secure."

I couldn't look at him, because I knew if I did, I'd have him against
the wall.  What had he just said?  Oh, her.

"I sure as hell hope so."

I stopped in front of my cabin, and my fingers fumbled with the code.

Then we were inside.  I turned back to him and pulled the lithe body to

"I thought I'd lost you again, Chakotay," Tom mumbled, as he ran his
hands over my back.  "You scared me today."

"You can't panic every time I get in a tough situation."  I kissed him,
and it became more and more frantic.  We were pulling each others
clothes off.

"I love you, Chakotay," Tom whispered, and then he froze.  I pulled back
a little, and met his eyes.  What I saw hit me harder than that pulse
rifle did.  He meant it.  Tom actually meant those words.  He tried to
back out of it.

"I...I mean...."

"Don't you dare," I said low and quiet.  I gently kissed his lips.
"It's okay."

"But, I just said this morning, I wasn't sure."

I smiled gently.  "You are allowed to change your mind in these
situations."  I kissed him again, and put everything I knew behind it.
It was actually strange kissing someone who was taller than me, but Tom
was responsive and I had been right on the planet.  He knew how to
kiss.  Soon we were biting and kissing and desperately trying to get to
flesh.  His hand slid down my back and squeezed my ass, pulling me
closer against him.

"Oh, yes, Tom.  That feels good."  I bit at his neck, raising a bruise
as I drew at it.  Tom groaned and dropped his head to the side giving me
better access.  I pulled the jacket from his shoulders and dropped it on
the floor.  My hands made short work of untucking his shirt, as I
continued to work at his neck.  His hands were probably raising bruises
on my ass, but I didn't really care as we rocked together.  A moment
later, I felt his hand slide inside the waist of my pants.  I almost
ripped his when his warm fingers brushed the tip of my cock.  I pulled
away from him.

"Strip," I ordered, rapidly pulling my clothes off.  He gave me a jaunty
smile and opened his pants, slowly pulling them down his body.  He
turned sideways.  I nearly ripped my own pants when he leaned over at
the waist showing me that delectable ass, as he pulled his boots and
pants off.  "Oh you are going to pay for that one."

"I certainly hope so," he said back.  Now instead of irritating, I found
his baiting exciting.  When we were both naked, I pulled him to me by
the arm and I stopped when I felt his resistance.  The way I had handled
him on the planet when they were driving me insane.

I met his eyes and said, "Tom, I will never hurt you the way they made
me.  I promise you that."  I turned and went to the bedroom and returned
with something.

Tom looked a little surprised when I came back in and his *interest* had
waned a bit, but I wasn't too concerned.  I made a show of squeezing the
lube out into my hands and then rubbing them together, warming the oil.
Then I reached out and took his semi-hard cock in my hand.  He grunted
and his knees bent as I began to stroke him back to hardness.

"I won't hurt you, Tom."

"Oh, gods, Chak.  Yes!" he cried as I worked him.  His hands closed on
my shoulders as he began to push into my hand.  I pulled his head back
down to mine, and slid my lips against his and began to explore.  He
jumped when I ran my thumb over the top of his cock.  He liked it when I
drew on his tongue as we kissed.  He liked his balls handled with
firmness.  I was aching.  I wanted to take him here by the door, but I
managed to get him to the couch.  I pushed him back onto it and he
looked up at me.

"Chak, except the planet, I've never been on the bottom."

"Let me show you, Tom." I said.  "I won't hurt you."

Slowly, I covered him and slid my hand between his cheeks.  As I slowly
introduced him to being opened, I once more stroked his cock with my
free hand.  When I gained entry, I immediately sought out the spot, and
when Tom arched off the couch, I knew I found it.  Over and over I
stroked it, opening him for me.  He was almost frantic.

"Gods, Chakotay, fuck me," he groaned.  His cock was hard and weeping
and so was mine.  I lifted his legs and slowly began to push into him.
He gasped as I first entered him, and with every ounce of will power I
possessed I forced myself to be still.

Then he shifted slightly and whispered, with a smile.  "Go."

That was all I needed.  I began to work myself into him.  It was the
slowest, sweetest torture, I had ever been through.  He was hot, tight,
and the desire to impale him, claim him, was almost overwhelming.  I was
completely buried in him.  He opened his eyes and I met those eyes that
for once were wide open.  I could see into his soul and I knew I lost
mine to him.

I spoke my heart.  "I love you, Tom."  Then I slid out and pushed back
into him, and watched him arch his neck and grab for a handhold.  The
groan was from the depths of his being.  I couldn't hold back anymore.
I began to drive in and out of him, watching his face the entire time.
He was beautiful and he was mine.  I pumped his cock as he came closer
and closer.  I felt myself tighten.  And as Tom cried out and erupted,
his muscles tightening around me, sent me over the edge.  I know I cried
out something, but I can't remember what.  White lightening shot through
my body as we emptied ourselves.  Nothing else existed but us.  I put my
trembling arms on either side of him to support myself, until I felt his
hand touch my face.

"That was awesome, big man."

I smiled.  "Pretty good yourself, flyboy."

He pulled me to him, and for several moments we just snuggled together.
Then we slept.

We woke up at 22:00 hours.  Really, I don't know when Tom woke up, but I
woke up to his fingers gently stroking through my hair.  I sighed.

"My mother used to do that," I said low.  I was still more or less on
top of Tom, but kinda off to one side.

"Mine, too."

"It's nice."

"Yeah, it is.  It's nice to do, too."  I ran my hand over his chest.

"I think we need a shower."

"I think that would be a good idea.  You aren't going to hit me again,
are you?"

"You gonna get drunk again?"

"Don't plan on it."

"Then let's go."

We both got in and on a whim, I turned the hot water up.  I took the
cloth and the gel from him, leaned over and kissed him.

"Lean up against the wall."

For a moment, he looked confused and then he smiled and turned his back
to me and braced against the wall.  "Wash it all off me, Chakotay."

I scrubbed his back and his front until his skin was red.  Then I handed
it to him and he did the same thing to me.  Then we kissed long and
hard.  That is until the water started to get cold.  We got out and
dried off.  I handed Tom my robe while I pulled on a pair of loose
cotton trousers.

Then, we started talking.  We talked about getting home, running
Voyager, responsibilities, expectations, things like that.  We had a
quiet meal, a few glasses of wine and then we started laughing.

Finally I sat back.  "I haven't been this relaxed in years, Tom.  Thank

"I've never been this relaxed."

"Tom, I feel good about this.  I really think we can do it."

"I agree, but there are two more subjects we need to finish talking

"Let's save them for tomorrow.  Care to sleep with me?"

"Chak, I don't know about you, but I've had about one glass too many for

"Not sex, Tom.  Just flesh.  Holding each other."

He smiled vaguely.  I took his hand, tugged him to his feet and
together, we went and curled up in my bed.  I remembered cuddling up to
his back just before I slipped off into a quiet sleep.