Title: Betrayed 1/?
Author: JJ
Pairing: C/P, C/other, P/other
Ratings: NC-17 - I am putting a strong warning on this.
Intense is a good way to describe this story
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**Warnings: Rape, non-con, pain, blood, BDSM, slavery**

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I'm not making any money at it. I do this strictly for the joys
of writing.

Summary: Things are breaking down between Janeway and Chakotay.
How will they deal with the problems?

This is based on interviews that I have read by a certain actor. If
the actor feels this way, you know it's gotta be bugging the



Chakotay stared out the view port in his office.  He sighed heavily,
the situation was becoming unnecessarily difficult. What was he going
to do?  He leaned back in his chair, rubbing his fingers across his
forehead.  Behind him on his desk sat the crew evaluations.  One large
stack, the ones he had completed; the other one sitting in the middle
of his desk consisted of one.  It had been there for several hours:
Captain Kathryn Janeway's.  They did each other's review and although
he considered just doing another fluff, he struggled with that
concept.  His own honesty was beginning to give him a hard time about
the glossed over reports he had filed before.  Maybe he could get her
to understand what was going on between them with this.  But, he
argued, to do that would be to ask her to dump him on the nearest
planet.  He sighed again.

Their time in the Delta had been hard, in fact, it had been down right
difficult, but now the command structure of Voyager was bordering on
the brink of collapse.  Why?  Another sigh, because he and *the
Captain* were at odds again.  They were at odds so seriously, he was
worried about Kathryn's reactions to him.  It had started with New
Earth.  There he had made his last ditch effort, he opened himself to
her, and she had refused.  It had confused him for a long time.  He
knew she wanted him, and he could have been happy with her, but she
had refused him.  Yeah, his ego had gotten wrapped up in the problem,
until he realized it wasn't actually "him" that was the problem.  It
was what he was.  He rubbed his forehead again and swung around to
look at the chronometer.  20:00.

Okay, so part of it was his fault, but when Crazy Horse had blown up
at the array, it had just ripped his heart out.  He did what was
necessary for him and his crew to survive.  That had meant joining
with Voyager and making one crew out of two.  And they had done it.
Spirits, it had been an uphill journey, but they had done it.  He and
Kathryn working in tandem.  It had taken a lot of control on his part
not to step on her toes and destroy the fantasy.  New Earth had
exasperated the situation.  Realistically, it had scared Kathryn to
death.  That was when she realized just what she was dealing with.

Chakotay was not only a rival Captain, but also a strong willed
person.  Kathryn was used to dealing with people that obeyed orders
without question.  This was not one of his strong points.  He had made
too many decisions as a Captain to bow down and give in.  When he
thought it was a bad idea, he said as much and it was now causing
problems.  Kathryn had lost faith in him somewhere.  That and she was
scared to death he was going to take her "authority" from her.

He remembered the moment vividly on New Earth when the storm had
struck and he had been forced to physically restrain her.  That was
when it had changed, that was the moment the situation had probably
become irreparable.  He had physically stopped her from doing
something; disobeyed her by not letting her go; let her feel that he
was stronger than she was; and, she had enjoyed it.  There was no way
to fix that, except with time and patience, but Kathryn had shut the
door.  Hell, she'd slammed it in his face and was in the process of
welding it shut.  Patience, that was all it took.  Contrary to what
she believed, Chakotay didn't want Voyager.  He wanted to get home,
same as every other soul on this ship.  He had realized his mistake
and began the slow process of rebuilding the trust between them.

Unfortunately, during that time of rebuilding was when Seven of Nine
came aboard.  Now, he had nothing against either Seven or Kathryn.
Both of them were intelligent, strong women, but Kathryn had begun to
circumvent command and it was becoming a problem.  Seven had been the
one to step in and fill the gap left by her lack of faith in him.
Now, Chakotay was being shoved aside, his opinions ignored and his
authority undermined.  That was the problem.

Now, Kathryn was undermining him with the crew.  In particular, with
the bridge staff and that was unbearable.  He was tired of people
double checking his orders with Kathryn.  He was tired of the daily
speeches from Kathryn and he was tired of the ridicule people were
heaping at his feet.  His own people were wondering just when he was
going to do something, and the fleeter's were laughing at him and his
crew.  If she continued, he just as well go see the EMH about

What was he going to do?

The next morning, he sat in their usual meeting listening to Tuvok's
report.  He could have taken a nap.  Anything he said was usually shot
down or ignored, and if it was a good idea, or a functional idea,
Kathryn took it over with the empirical 'we'.  Like the old Kings and
Queens used to do.  "We are not amused."  However, if he stepped
outside the lines of protocol, Kathryn would call him on it, publicly.

"According to the information we have received, Nagor is inhabited.
Our sensors indicate it is full of natural foods,"  Tuvok said,
reading from the padd in his hand.  "The people are reported to be
friendly, peaceful and evolved to the stage of warp technology."

"That would be a nice change,"  Tom muttered.

"I'll second that, Lieutenant," Captain Janeway said.

Chakotay, leaning back in his chair, watched.  Tom had become more and
more of a pet to Kathryn, and she was doing him a great disservice.
Tom could, with a strong hand, become an even better officer.  He was
a great pilot, no questions there, but his attitude.  If they were
still on board the Crazy Horse, Chakotay suspected that Tom would be
his first officer by now.  His first officer or dead.

Chakotay shot Tom a glare of dissatisfaction.  It was enough to
silence him.  He wondered why Tom found it necessary to be a smart
ass.  You would think after their years in the Delta that Tom would
stop, but he was either very stubborn or very spoiled.  Chakotay knew
he was both.

"The Nagorians are a heavily matriarchal society," Tuvok continued his
report.  Although he spared a moment to glance at Chakotay and lift an
eyebrow.  Chakotay returned the gesture stonily.  He and Tuvok had
reached a point of understanding.  Tuvok was 'Fleet, he was loyal to
Kathryn on the logical grounds that she was the Captain of Voyager,
was accepted in that position and any attempts to change that
structure would be detrimental to the mission.  Put in plain Standard,
Chakotay was SOL as far as Tuvok's support in dealing with her little
power games.

Then he glanced at Kathryn.  Most people wouldn't have noticed the
sparkle in her eyes, as she tried to hide it behind a cup of coffee,
but he did.  What was going on?  A society run by woman who had
reached warp technology.  What was the importance of this?  He
listened with half an ear as Tuvok completed his report.

When the meeting concluded, they all began to make their way to the
bridge to hopefully open negotiations with the Nagorians.

"Chakotay," Kathryn called, as he stood up.

He waited for the room to clear, before he looked back at her.

"Tuvok and I discussed this the other evening and we thought it would
be a good idea for you to...take a less prominent role in these

She and Tuvok had met, regarding this mission, without including him.
Chakotay went to parade rest forcing himself to relax.  He kept his
face neutral as he processed the rest of the information:  she thought
it best if he stepped back.  "And why is that, Kathryn?"

Her eyes glinted with anger as he used her first name.  Chakotay knew
she wanted to be addressed as Captain at all times, especially by him;
however, he would not do so in private.

"Well, with the society being led by *women*,"  he heard the minor
stress put on that word, and started to listen between the words even
more closely than before.  "We thought it would be best if women
handled the negotiations.  We wouldn't want to endanger the mission if
they were put off by someone's attitude."

Oh, so now he had an attitude.  He was certainly developing one.  She
had gone to the empirical we, hiding behind her authority and Tuvok's
logic, and once more was removing him from the command structure and
giving someone else more authority.  He was betting Seven was going to
be working this mission with *the Captain*.

"If you think that's a possibility, Kathryn.  I wouldn't want to lower
the chances of success of the mission.  After all, we do need the

Chakotay considered her insistence of handling the negotiations
several weeks before on a planet that wasn't quite so advanced.  It
was a male dominated society and she had managed to offend several
leaders.  When she had been forced to hand the situation to Chakotay,
her attitude had been surly and sharp tongued and she had still nearly
managed to destroy the trade deal.  They could have come out much
better if she had just taken the advice she was freely handing out
right now.  Chakotay decided that saying something would be bad,
satisfying but bad.

"I think it would be best.  I'll be out in a moment."

And so he was dismissed.  It took control when she was acting this
way.  She was acting like he was some green cadet, or her personal
assistant.  He nodded and went to the bridge.

As they approached the planet, they sent greetings to the leaders of
the people.  Chakotay stood behind the Captain as they began the
diplomatic process.  As hailing frequencies were opened, Chakotay
vacated his chair, moved to behind the Captain and went to parade
rest, taking a reserved role.

He had taken several moments to review what she had said, and he
agreed.  Why endanger the mission by forcing any male presence until
they had more information.  They were right.  For any man to step
forward and force his presence on the negotiations, would be foolish.

The view screen blossomed, and the game began.

"Captain Janeway, I am Shetar, the leader of this city."

Chakotay took in several things at once.  Shetar was definitely a
woman who was in charge.  She reminded Chakotay of his mother.  The
steel in her eyes, the way she held her head, the hand movements.
There was no doubt, this woman was in charge.

"A pleasure to meet you Shetar.  I am Captain Kathryn Janeway of the
Starship Voyager."

Chakotay, although paying attention to the conversation, relaxed to
some degree.  He was grateful that for once, it looked like things
would go smoothly.  They had passed out of Neelix's area of expertise
some months ago, and had stumbled over some very unfriendly planets,
and others that had heard that the Kazon would punish anyone helping
Voyager.  This looked promising.  Although it rankled him being shoved
back, for the good of the crew he could do this.  However, Paris' look
when he had vacated his command chair, Tuvok's raised eyebrow and
B'Elanna's look of surprise had done nothing for his pride.

"We appreciate your hospitality.  We were wondering if we could
discuss the possibility of trade.  We're trying to get home, and are
dependent upon friendly people to restock our supplies."

"Supplies?  Whatever you need, Captain.  We will assist you in anyway
we can.  It is so refreshing to see there are other races that have
come to understand the intelligence and rationality of our gender."

"Starfleet believes that people should be seen as who they are and not
what they are," Kathryn said with a smile.  Chakotay was glad he
started to play poker at an early age, because that was the only thing
keeping his face neutral.

"As I said, refreshing.  Please transmit a list of what you need, and
we will endeavor to help you in anyway we can."

Chakotay felt the entire bridge staff relax.

"Thank you, Shetar.  We would also like to discuss what you would like
to trade for."

"I have a suggestion, Captain.  We could discuss this over dinner.
That way we could have time to see what of your supplies we have and
at the same time, get to know each other.  I would like to invite you
and your senior staff as our guests."

"I'm sure that can be arranged.  Should we bring the wine?"

Shetar laughed.  "No, Captain, allow us to be your hostesses.  It
looks as if you and your people have had a difficult time."

That evening was...unusual, Chakotay thought as he returned to his
quarters.  Definitely Matriarchal.  Matriarchal to the point that he
and the other men had been stared at openly.  Shetar had even faltered
in her step and her smile had for a moment gone brittle.  Kathryn had
gracefully pressed that Starfleet accepted people for who they were,
not what they were.

However, by the time he got back to Voyager, Chakotay was seething.
Kathryn's behavior had been unforgivable.  She had made jokes at his
expense, pointed out how rudimentary men were, and how she was sure
Shetar would be able to negotiate with Chakotay while other men had
refused to treat her as an equal.  Chakotay had seen the glint in
Shetar's eyes when Kathryn had said this, and he really doubted that.
Kathryn had spoken with everyone at the table, including Tom and
Seven, but had managed to keep him out of the conversation.  Chakotay
even saw Tom begin to squirm as the women extolled their virtues at
the cost of slamming men.

He was taking his uniform jacket off when a thought occurred to him.
Male vs. Female.  Spirits, she was transforming this into some gender
thing.  Chakotay actually groaned.  How stupid.  That's why she was
acting this way.  She had an entire planet of women to back her up.
It made sense.  Kathryn had mainly promoted women.  She trusted Tuvok
so much because he was raised in a Matriarchal society as well.  The
light dawned.  She had taken Chakotay as her First Officer for the
sole purpose of bringing the Maquis to heel.  Then more of the picture
was illuminated for him.  Seven.  Kathryn was grooming Seven to become
the First Officer.  Over his dead body!  It was a long time before he

The next morning, they met in her ready room.  She was sitting at her
desk with her cup of coffee.  He came in and waited.  He couldn't
remember the last time she had offered him a seat.

"Well?" she asked with a impish smile.  "Wasn't last night wonderful?"

Chakotay raised his eyebrow at her amusement.  "I was a bit

"I imagine you were."

"I think Tom was, too."

"With all those women there?  Please, Tom was drooling.  You know how
he is."

Chakotay would not give that comment credence by answering it, but now
he understood the situation.  Her comments were doing nothing but
confirming it.  Kathryn resettled herself in her chair.

"I think you should be in charge of getting the supplies on board
Voyager, while Seven and I handle negotiations."

Chakotay nodded, acknowledging her order.  Kathryn's eyes narrowed for
just a split second.  Then she smiled again.

"Really, it's a fascinating culture.  Did you hear everything Shetar
told me?"

"That the men had been so war-like that they almost destroyed the
culture, and it was only through the efforts of the female scientists
who set about saving first male sperm and then DNA that saved them?"

"Yes.  That took foresight."  Kathryn's eyes were glowing.

So it was decided.  Chakotay would handle getting everything to
Voyager, and Kathryn and Seven would be the liaison between the two.
And although it rankled him to no end, Chakotay decided he would
wait.  But, as soon as they were underway, he and Kathryn Janeway were
going to get this situation settled.

As soon as they were given permission, Chakotay set a team to work
gathering plants and fruits.  Kathryn negotiated for more prepared
foodstuffs, like grains that had been ground, cultivated fruits, etc.
Tom handled moving the raw produce, Chakotay handled the supplies from
the city itself.

Neither assignment was wonderful.  Loading and unloading the shuttles
was neither pleasant or easy.  Gathering the supplies was no more
pleasant, but they were getting it done as quickly as possible.

That evening, when Kathryn returned from the planet, she had a
different air about her.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself," Chakotay noted, as he walked the
quiet corridors of Voyager towards their quarters.

"Chakotay, these women are so intelligent and gracious.  I can't
explain how fulfilling it is to discuss scientific matters with them.
To have my ideas validated and argued with such openness...it's
priceless.  Seven is absolutely flourishing under them.  B'Elanna,
well, she's aggressive enough that some of the Nagorians are put off,
but I think it's good for her to see this as well."

Chakotay was concerned regarding her far away expression and the
warmth to her voice when she spoke.  The idea that she wanted to stay
here permanently occurred to him.

"So, how are the restocking missions going?" Her voice was much
flatter when she asked that question.  Chakotay updated her, all the
while seeing things much more clearly, and what he saw made him mad.

For three days, the men worked very hard.  Tom and Chakotay both
piloting shuttles back and forth with provisions.  He had to admit he
found Tom's occasional off the wall comments a nice way to break up
the boring thirty minute trip between Voyager and the planet surface,
not to mention diverting his attention from the anger that was
building inside him like a volcano seeking a break in the strata.

All the women had been granted shore leave in the city.  However, due
to the cultural differences, the men were only allowed leave outside
the city, because Kathryn didn't want to offend their sensibilities in
case one of the men stepped out of line.  And, since that's where they
were gathering, they could do both at once.  Even Tuvok had raised an
eyebrow at that.  Tom had been shocked into silence and Chakotay met
Kathryn's amused expression with one of neutrality.

Chakotay was more than slightly concerned with the amount of time the
Captain was spending on the surface.  His suspicions that she wanted
to stay became more and more pronounced.  He was also concerned with
her reports.  Kathryn was usually very prompt with her reports, but
except for the first day's negotiation, she hadn't filed anything.

Finally, everything was on board.  It looked like they were set for at
least 6 months of travel.  The Nagorians had even been able to produce
some alternative power sources for systems.  True, it wasn't exactly
what they needed, but B'Elanna was convinced they could be adapted to
Voyager's systems without too much trouble.  It wasn't like Voyager
had all her original equipment anyway.  As Chakotay sat at his desk
reviewing the reports, he decided his silence was well worth it.  He
and Kathryn would deal with this once they left orbit.  He would not
continue this way.

A moment later a comm came through from Kathryn.

"Yes, Captain?"

"Chakotay, Shetar has graciously extended an invitation for a final
dinner with them this evening."

Chakotay waited knowing she was baiting him about something, but he
hadn't caught on to exactly what it was yet.

"The entire bridge staff has been invited."

He should have guessed, there were men on the bridge staff.  "I'll
make sure everything is in order.  What time?"

Kathryn's eyes once more narrowed, but she continued.  "Make sure you
and Tom are here at 16:00.  Dress Uniforms."

"What about Harry and Tuvok?"

"I want them to stay as Senior Staff members.  Oh, and tell Tom to be
on his best behavior and keep his hands to himself.  These women will
not put up with his shenanigans."

"Yes, Captain."

He had Tom come to his office.

"To tell you the truth, Commander, those woman make me nervous."

"I can understand that, Lieutenant, but just one evening and we'll get

"Can I ask a question?"

Chakotay nodded, looking up at Tom when he paused.

"What exactly are we trading for all this stuff?"

Chakotay sat for a moment and realized Tom was right.  As far as he
knew nothing had been taken to the surface in trade.

"I don't know."

They beamed down into a small anti chamber.

Kathryn and Seven came into the room with Shetar.  They were all
greeted warmly, and led into the large hall they had eaten at before.
Kathryn, Seven, Chakotay and Tom were all seated down one side of the
table, Shetar at the head of the table and several of the ranking
women of Nagor on the other side.

The conversations were much like those the first night, and Chakotay
was finding it harder and harder to not say something.  At one point
in time, Tom had finally started to defend men.  They had come up with
a few good ideas over the centuries.  Chakotay caught his eye and
shook his head, while Kathryn had laughed and shot him down like a
Cardassian fighter over Bajor.  Tom wisely fell silent.

Although the food was probably wonderful, Chakotay never tasted
anything.  He berated himself for being such a fool.  He thought this
was because Kathryn was challenged by his strengths, his leadership
abilities, and what it boiled down to was she was intimidated by the
fact he had dick and she didn't.  He ate the food set before him,
drank the wine in his cup, and tried to come up with ways to broach
this subject once they were back on Voyager without ending up in the

Later that evening, Tom leaned over and asked,

"Do you feel as uncomfortable as I do?"

"With all these women, Paris, I thought you would feel at home,"
Chakotay replied taking a drink of his wine.  Then he paused, that had
been uncalled for.  "Yes, Lieutenant, I feel uncomfortable."

"Very funny," Tom said, taking a drink off his glass of wine.  "I'm
serious, Commander.  There's something here that isn't kosher."

"Kosher?"  Chakotay set his empty cup on the table.

"It isn't right.  Something here isn't right."

"Lieutenant, although I will admit it's unusual, maybe your attitude
is what makes the Nagorians uncomfortable around men outside their own

"That's what I mean, Commander.  What men?"  Tom also set his cup on
the table.

Chakotay took a look around and sure enough.  He didn't see any men.
He had seen some on his first visit, but not now.  And they had been
at the location they had loaded the shuttles, but in this room there
weren't any.  That was odd.  He turned to ask Kathryn when suddenly
the room tilted crazily to one side.  He put his hands down to
maintain his balance.

Kathryn looked at him with a devious smile on her face.  "Problem,
Chakotay?"  He looked around and saw Tom collapse face first to the

"What have you done?" he asked, trying to stay upright.

"Really, I'm taking care of a problem.  You two are the only ones
holding us back on Voyager.  You're high and mighty "I'm a man, suck
me" attitude and Tom's continual whoring have done nothing but held
the women back.  Therefore, Shetar and I agreed this was the best
thing to do."

"What?"  His mind was quickly clouding.

"Oh, Chakotay, not even you're this stupid.  I'll spell it out for
you.  I'm trading you and Tom for the supplies we received and for the
benefit of Voyager."

"You can't," were the last words Chakotay remembered saying before the
table rushed up to meet him.