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'Abducted' by JJ

WARNING:  This story contains rape scenes and some torture.


A week later, Chakotay was reclining on Tom Paris' couch, with Tom between
him and the arm of the couch.  He had a glass of wine in his hand and felt
very relaxed.  He and Tom had spent almost every evening together for the
last week, and surprisingly enough, Tom had acted like a perfect gentleman.
 Although Chakotay could tell he was feeling the strain.  He smiled
somewhat evilly to himself, tonight would be the night, if it killed them

Chakotay leaned against the younger man. Using his body weight to pin him
against the arm of the couch.

"What are you doing?"

"For once, I am instigating something, Lieutenant," Chakotay replied,
sipping his wine.

"And that would be?" Tom asked stroking Chakotay's arm.  Chakotay reached
out and caught Tom's wrist and the gently kissed the palm of his hand.

"Hopefully, the rest of our lives together."

"You wanna ask me first, Cochise?" Tom said the smile on his face evident
in his tone.

"No, it's an order," Chakotay responded.  He turned his head and kissed

Tom pulled back, and looked into Chakotay's eyes.  "Why didn't you let me
kill him?"

"You would have regretted it.  It would have caused problems, with the
Captain, with Kartock."


"I think that's what he wanted.  That's why he tried to take me.  He knew
you would go nuts."  Chakotay sat up.  "I figured a few things out while I
was being questioned and during the attack.  Raton liked forcing people to
do things they wouldn't usually do.  It's hard to explain.  He used my
sense of duty so I would protect you and then he turned it into something
completely different.  When he brought you into it, he used the fact you
were worried about me to make you do something you wouldn't have done.  He
took his own trial and turned it into an attempt to try us and humiliate
his brother.  Don't think I don't want him dead, Tom.  I do, but I know he
changed me.  I will never be the same person I was.  I know he changed
Kartock.  He won't ever be the same, either.  But you, Tom, he only made
one change in you, and I won't let him hurt you the way he did me."

"And that was?"

"He made you willing to care about me," Chak said very quietly.

"What?!" Tom said trying to sit up.  "Chak, that is about the most
egotistical statement I have ever heard out of your mouth.  And just for
the record, I have heard a few."

"I'm sure you have,"  Chakotay smiled.  He sighed.  "He also made a change
in me Tom, a good change."  He looked deep into the blue eyes.  "He made me
see Tom Paris.  Not hot shot pilot, not Star Fleet flunky, not drunk Maquis
pilot, not silver spooned brat.  Tom Paris. And you know what Tom...I was
wrong about you."

"Get a grip, Chak," Tom said disdainfully.

"To late, Fly Boy.  I saw it."  He leaned in again.  "And I won't forget it

"Better not forget it at all.  Because, I can guarantee if you had been
Dalby, boy would you have suffered."  Tom and Chak both started laughing.
Tom leaned over and kissed Chak.  "So, Commander, do we have a chance?"

"I think we do, Lieutenant."  He leaned over and kissed Tom.  The heat was
there, the desire was there, and the fear wasn't.  He leaned in deeper,
knowing Tom wouldn't start anything.  As he opened his mouth, he heard Tom
moan quietly and turn so they were facing each other.

"Oh gods, Chak, please be sure."

"I am, Tom.  One way or another, we are finishing this."  He took in the
flushed face, and the blue eyes, dark with desire.  He leaned in again.
"Just gonna have to deal with me being in charge."


Chakotay took both of their wine glasses and set them down.  Then he turned
back and lifted his eyebrows at him.  Chakotay could tell his dimples were

"Anything?" he questioned.

"Anything...within reason," Tom amended.  "You don't really get into..."

"Not anything even close," Chakotay assured Tom with a laugh.  Then he
leaned in and kissed Tom again.  As their tongues touched, Chakotay felt a
heat he hadn't felt in a long time.  He pulled Tom close.  Over and over
their lips met, each kiss more urgent than the last.

Soon, Chakotay pinned Tom against the end of the couch, laying full length
against each other.  He could feel Tom's hard cock, rubbing against his,
and they both started sliding against each other.  Chakotay felt the
twisting in his stomach, the pulse in his groin.

"Oh, Spirits, Tom."

"You had better do something, Chak, or I'm going to embarrass myself."


"Oh, yeah."

The two moved towards the bedroom, peeling off clothes as they went.  Tom
was trying to pull his shirt off, but Chakotay suddenly pulled him close
and kissed him deeply.  He leaned into the blond hair.

"Talk to me, Tom.  I need to hear your voice."

"Not a problem, Chakotay.  I'm here, it's Tom."  He ran his lips over
Chakotay's face.  "How can I help?"

"Just keep talking to me," Chakotay said as he bit at Tom's lower lip.  He
felt Tom's hands on his face, tracing his tattoo.  "Yeah, your hands.
That's good."

"Love you, Chakotay.  I know it may be too soon, but I love you."

They finished undressing, and moved to the bed.  Tom reached into his
drawer and set something on the edge.

"However, whenever or wherever, you want it,"  Tom whispered

Chakotay's only answer was to pull the naked body to his, and lay down
beside him.  Legs wrapped around each other, arms entwining, lips meeting
over and over.  Chakotay felt like this was heaven.  As he and Tom laid
face to face, and their erections brushed against each other.  He cried
out.  Tom responded by pushing against him.

"Oh, shit, Chak, I'm not going to last," Tom moaned claiming Chakotay's
lips and thrusting against him.

Chak felt his need and reached between them and held them together, giving
Tom something to stroke against.  Tom's hands closed over his shoulders as
he came near the edge.  Chakotay watched his face as he brought himself to
orgasm, coming over Chakotay and his hand.

"Chak," came the quiet groan, as he spent himself.

Chakotay kissed and nuzzled the pilot's face until he calmed down.  He was
beautiful.  The way he arched his neck, the way his eyes were almost black,
the way his entire body moved.  Tom Paris was a beautiful man and a very
responsive lover.

"I'm sorry, Chak, I didn't mean..."

A finger over his lips silenced him.  Then Chak gently began to kiss him
again.  He quietly whispered to Tom that it was all right, that he didn't
mind, that he was as much to fault for making him wait so long.

Then he rolled Tom under him, and reached for the lube.

"Can I?"

"Anything,"  Tom whispered again.

Chakotay smiled, looking down at the man who had walked through hell with
him.  He leaned over and gently kissed the swollen lips and with his hand
stroked the blond hair out of his eyes.  Then he lowered his lips to Tom's

"I love you, too."  Arms encircled him and he was held tightly to the still
heaving chest.  Then Tom kissed his lips.

"Do it, Chak.  Let's finish this."

Chakotay winked and poured lube in his hand.  Tom gamely turned onto his
stomach and spread his legs.  Pausing for a moment, Chakotay warmed the gel
and then began.

Within moments, Tom was on his knees, rocking, encouraging, telling him how
good it felt.  Then Chakotay, moved up and began to push in.  There was a
moment of panic, but he quelled it as he slowly entered.  There was very
little resistance, and soon he was buried deep.

"Gods, Chak, you're splitting me in two."

"Hurt?" he asked breathlessly.  Tom was so hot, so tight.

"No, go, big man.  Fuck me."  Tom cried.

Slowly at first, Chakotay started to rock, but soon lost himself in the
sensations.  He began to drive into Tom for all he was worth, and as he
neared completion himself, he reached around for Tom and found him hard.

He barely registered Tom's cry of pleasure.  He was only aware of his need
to finish.  It grew within him and soon exploded.  He knew he cried out
when he came, and as he was held in the grips of pleasure, he vaguely heard
Tom cry out and felt him come again.

When Chakotay opened his eyes, blue eyes were staring at him worriedly.

"Are you okay?"

"I...I'm great.  What happened?"

"You passed out and scared me out of 10 years growth."

Chakotay smiled tiredly.  "That'll teach you to let me walk in on a
hologram of Raton!"

"Shit, Chak.  I'm gonna beat you!"

"Oooh, promise?"

Tom started and then stared into his eyes for a moment.  The next thing
Chakotay knew he was having a pillow stuffed in his face.  Tiredly, he
wrestled the youngster down, pulling him to his chest.

"Shut up and cuddle Paris.  I'm not used to this kind of exercise."

He felt Tom relax against him as he tucked his arm in tightly around his
chest.  Tom threw a leg forward and Chakotay followed suit.  He pulled the
covers up, enjoying the scent of Tom Paris.

"You need a bigger bed, Paris.  A much bigger bed."

The End.