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'Abducted' by JJ

WARNING:  This story contains rape scenes and some torture.


Tom couldn't believe it when he realized what was going on.  They were
trying to free Raton during his trial.  How bold!  He noted Kartock
sneaking out the nearest exit and snorted his disdain, as he turned to face
the incoming horde.  He was facing two of the smaller men, although small
for these guys was over 6 feet tall.  It took him a moment, but finally,
with a well placed knee to one of their groins, he finished with them.

He turned to see Raton's people disappearing.  They all had cylindrical
devices in their hands and realized they must be communicators.  He quickly
sought out the witness stand.  Chak was on the ground and Raton held a
communicator in his hand.  He picked up the nearest piece of wreckage he
could find.  A large piece of wooden railing.

He moved up behind Raton as quietly and quickly as he could.  Remembering
the times Raton made Chakotay scream, the times he humiliated the him, the
times the Chakotay lay in his arms, helpless after what that monster had
done to him.  Something inside Tom went snap as he lifted the piece of
railing over his head and swung like he was the star hitter in the World


Chakotay kept his face the same as it was, trying desperately not to look
at the person coming up behind him.

"Tr -," Raton began.

Tom smashed a large piece of wood upside Raton's head.  The device in the
Ape's hand skittered across the polished floor.  Chakotay rolled away, and
slowly began to make his way to his feet.  He was still frightened, but he
became more so as he watched Tom.

"Not again, you sorry! scum sucking! low down! dirty rotten! son of a
bitch!"  Tom screamed hitting Raton, emphasizing each word with a blow.
Chakotay moved quickly and grabbed the pilot's arm.

"Let me kill him, Chak.  Let me kill him for what he did to you."

Chakotay looked into those eyes and saw such anger, such pain.  Tom was
hurting for him, he was hurting because Chakotay had had to face him.  He
gently squeezed Tom's arm, drawing the pilot away from the helpless man.

"No," Chakotay responded calmly.  He had seen something in those few
minutes.  Something it would probably take a long time and several meetings
with his Spirit Guide to figure out completely.  "Violence only breeds
violence, Tom.  I won't let you sink to his level."

"Voyager to Commander Chakotay," Tuvok's voice sounded.

"Chakotay here."

"We picked up an explosion in your vicinity.  Are you and Lieutenant Paris

Chakotay took the piece of railing from Tom's hand and threw it aside.  He
looked down at the beaten form at his feet.  Guards were coming and Raton
was once more being taken into custody.  Once more he met the blue eyes,
full of anger.  He sighed heavily.

"We're alright, Tuvok.  Beam us up."

When they materialized on Voyager a few moments later, Chakotay turned and
left the transporter room leaving a very confused Tom Paris standing on the

He went to his quarters, changed and then he tried to meditate.  He sat
quietly for many hours in the middle of his room.  He finally emerged from
his trance, and looked around his quarters.  His guide had met with him and
shared many things with him.  Slowly he moved to the bathroom and took a
long shower.  He needed to think.  He set his terminal to take messages,
and commed the Captain and told her he would be unavailable for several
hours, to the point of ignoring his comm badge.She said that would be fine,
but that he not ignore a red-alert.

She also informed him that Kartock had been exiled to a penal island on the
planet.  One that was shielded to transporters, a transceiver implanted on
his body, that would incapacitate him until he was returned to the island
with food airlifted in once a month.  It was their highest security

"Thank you for letting me know, Captain."  Although Chakotay felt no joy or
even relief from his punishment.  No, the feral look in Tom's eyes as he
beat Raton had shaken him.  He turned to his viewport and thought.


"Doc, I don't understand," Tom said to the EMH.

"Lieutenant, I cannot discuss this matter with you further.  As you know, I
am counseling Commander Chakotay and even attempting to discuss this matter
with you would appear inappropriate."

"What do you think, Harry?"  Tom asked his best friend in Sandrine's.

"Maybe you need to ask the Commander," Harry said gesturing with his head.
Chakotay had come in and taken a seat by himself.  "He looks like he could
use a friend."  With that Harry touched Tom's shoulder and left Sandrine's.

Tom sighed loudly.  He picked up his drink and walked over to *the
Commander*.  He almost smiled to himself if it hadn't been so sad.  He was
the Commander again, not Chak, not even Chakotay.  Since they had beamed
up, Chakotay was back at work full time, and they hadn't really even seen
each other after shift anymore.  Tom had felt himself go pale when Chakotay
had called him Lieutenant.  He knew he couldn't talk to Chakotay about it
on the bridge, and Chak seemed to be quite capable of avoiding the subject
off shift.

"Mind if I join you?"  Tom asked without waiting for the man's denial.
Chakotay stared into his glass.  They sat there silently for a few minutes.

"Why?" Tom asked.  "Why'd you turn your back on me?"

"Turned my back on you?" Chakotay laughed.  "I didn't turn my back on you."

"Then what do you call it?" Tom asked.  "I was with you through all of this
and when the trial is over, you start calling me Lieutenant Paris again."

"I'm sorry," Chakotay said still staring into his glass.  "I just didn't
think..."  Tom waited for him to finish, but when he didn't and started to
leave.  He covered his hand forcefully.

"Don't run on me now Chak.  Don't shut me out.  I deserve an explanation."

"Let me go, Tom.  Anything we had was based on what Raton did to me, and I
will not live through that for the rest of my life."

"Oh, so because I happened to be the one stuck down there with you I am now
summarily shoved out of your life?" Tom asked, standing up.

"Did you see what you were doing?  You were ready to beat his skull in,
Tom.  That isn't the Tom Paris I know.  A month ago you wouldn't have done

"A month ago, you hadn't been tortured by the fucker either!"

"See?"  Chakotay shifted in his chair.  "What we have is based on Raton,
what happened to me.  It's better this way.  You can go back to your life.
I really appreciate you being there for me, Tom.  I really do."

"I don't think so, Chak.  I won't let you shove me out like that.  Whether
you want to believe it or not, I ca..."


"What? Don't admit that I care for you now." Tom said, moving around the
table to stand in front of him.  Tom lowered his voice so no one but
Chakotay could hear him.  "Admit I still want to spend time with you.
Admit that maybe I feel a whole bunch more for you now than I did before
all this started."

"You don't, don't you understand?  You think you feel something for me
because of what you did for me, because of what we went through, because
you had to care for me.  What you did to Raton only proves that."

"Raton deserved a whole bunch more than what I did!  I would have done that
to anyone who had treated any member of this crew that way.  What I want to
know, is what happened to us.  We had something, Chak."

"Based on two weeks of torture."

Suddenly Tom understood what Chakotay was thinking.  "You think it's pity?
Sympathy?" Tom moved very close to Chakotay and whispered.  "Wrong, Chak,
very wrong.  If it had just been that, I wouldn't have been here for you
since we got out."

They looked around and noticed they were gathering attention.  Tom looked
back at Chakotay and saw his head was down.  He berated himself for a fool
and once more lowered his voice.

"Look, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to cause a scene."  Tom looked around for
a minute.  "Can we talk somewhere else?"

"I really don't see where we have much to talk about."

"You stubborn, mule-headed...nature boy," Tom growled.  Then he had an
idea.  Oh, Chak, was going to go through the roof with this one.  He
relaxed and smiled jauntily.  "I'll make you a deal, Commander.  You come
and talk with me or I am going to kiss you right here, right now, until
your tattoo melts off your face?  And then you can tell me you don't care."

To try to categorize the Commander's expression as shocked, would be like
saying that Voyager was a little off course when she arrived at the array.

"You wouldn't."

"You think so?" Tom baited, crossing his arms with his best smile in place.
 "Your call, Chak.  Do you think I'll do it or not.  Feeling lucky?"  Tom
continued to smile a smile that was nothing short of a taunt.  He took a
step forward.

"My quarters," Chakotay ordered as he took in the crowd of people still
watching them.  Tom noticed with some glee that Chak just about slammed his
beer mug on the bar as they walked by.  He followed the very angry
Commander until they reached the turbolift.  As soon as the doors closed,
Chak rounded angrily on the Lieutenant.

"You are bordering on insubordination."

"I think it was more along the lines of threatening a senior officer," Tom
laughed.  His eyes sparkled merrily, as he saw Chakotay fume.

"Tom, why are you doing this?  I mean both Tuvok and the EMH said it was
the victim syndrome.  You think you love me because you took care of me and
I care for you because you took care of me."

"Yeah, Chak.  I know all about it.  In fact I even read up on the subject."
Tom answered as the lift stopped and they got out.  They continued down the
nearly deserted corridor.  "However, I survived through it after the
shuttle accident that got me busted out of Star Fleet.  It isn't the same.
Perhaps you would like to try the Nightingale Complex, falling in love with
the person that nurses you back to health?  Nope, I wouldn't love you then.
 Care to run through a few more?  See Chak, I thought it might be that too,
but I feel more now than I did there.  There was survival, when we first
got back it was to get you through the trial and back on your feet.  Now I
just want to be with you and spend some time with you."

Chak punched in the code to his room and they went in.  Neither man sat
down in fact, they faced each other arms crossed.

"What about me, Tom.  Maybe I don't want to spend time with you."

"Is that it Chak, was it just cause I was taking care of you.  You don't
want me around.  My presence hurts you?"

Chakotay turned away and went to the viewport.  Tom waited patiently.  He
wanted Chak to deny it, or he wanted Chak to say he loved him, because Tom
realized he loved Chak.

"I don't want to make a mistake about this, Tom," Chakotay said quietly.
"After Raton and Seska and some other relationships I've had.  I'm tired of
being used."



"Chak," Tom said quietly moving to him.  "I don't want to use you.  Shit,
I've been used and I don't want to do that to you."  He put his hand slowly
on the muscular arm.  "I want to find out if we have something."

"But what if this is based on...Raton?"

"What if it isn't.  What if it took that situation for us, calm, mild
mannered men that we are, to admit we cared for each other."  He caught
Chakotay's smile in the reflection of the view point.  Tom moved completely
behind Chakotay and put both hands on his arms.  Their eyes met in the
reflection and Tom wanted nothing more than to kiss the Commander.  "To
come out from behind the hurt we've been through?"  Slowly, he turned
Chakotay.  "To care for someone else again."

"Tom," Chakotay whispered.  A hand touched the side of his face and Tom
Paris turned and gently kissed the palm.  Then the warmth as those big
fingers combed through his hair.

"How lucky you feeling tonight, Chak?"  He looked into the dark eyes, and
welcomed Chak as he lowered his head and kissed him.


Chakotay had been determined to avoid Tom Paris.  When he had gone into
Sandrine's, but he figured turning around and leaving would have been a red
flag to him, so he quietly slipped in took a seat.

He watched Tom from the table, reviewing his decision.  He had completely
cut Tom off, never giving them the opportunity to be alone.  It was a
little sneaky on his part, but he knew Tom would not bring the subject up
if they weren't alone.

He had come to grips with what had happened to him, but he couldn't come to
grips with what had happened to Tom.  Tom wasn't a violent person, but he
had been on the verge of caving Raton's head in.  That was not Tom.  That
would not be Tom if Chakotay had anything to do with it.

He took a long swallow of beer.  It had hurt him to turn away from Tom, but
he had discussed it with the EMH.  There were several different complexes,
syndromes and orders that could explain Tom's sudden change in behavior.
Chakotay knew he cared deeply for Tom, and not just for what he had done.
He had been impressed with how Tom had acted on the planet.

Chakotay still woke up with nightmares some nights, most nights, but he was
back on the bridge.  The EMH said he was recovering within parameters set
forth by Star Fleet manuals.  Chakotay smiled wryly, he was glad he was
normal for a rape victim.  He wondered how he would deal with his first
emergency, but the EMH said he would probably deal with it well.  Chakotay
was content, but in his heart of hearts, he missed Tom.

Then when Tom had come up to him in Sandrine's, Chakotay figured he could
run Tom off.  Fat chance.  That man was more tenacious than a Targ on a
blood scent.  The threat to kiss him scared him and angered him.  The one
kiss they had shared on the planet was a vivid memory, and to be honest,
Chakotay wasn't sure he could resist.  He sure as hell didn't want to do it
in the middle of Sandrine's.  Then the way Tom had baited him.  Oh, he
could have hit him.  Couldn't the man just accept no.  Even if he didn't
know it was for his own good, he should be willing to respect another
person's boundaries.

When he pointed out why it wasn't the excuse Chakotay was happily hiding
behind, Chakotay started to flounder.  He had to keep his distance or it
was going to be just like before.  Him hiding behind Tom, and ending up
hurt when Tom got sick of it.  Him, Chakotay, hiding behind Tom, that's
what he had been doing.

Then Tom had dared him to say it, to claim he didn't care about Tom.  He
couldn't say the words.  He had wanted to, for Tom's sake, for his sake,
they couldn't have a relationship based on this.  He had thrown out another
excuse - being used.  His head was pounding, he wanted this to stop - he
wanted Tom to leave.

Then what his Spirit Guide had shown him surfaced.  A wolf with an injured
leg.  The wolf had been seriously hurt, the wound was deep and infected,
but the Wolf was too weak and feverish to deal with it.  The wolf's mate
had come and offered the injured one food, and had cleaned the wound
gently.  And although the injured wolf whimpered and snapped at its mate,
the second wolf continued to care for its mate until it was healthy and
could care for it himself.

When Tom refered to them as quiet and mild-mannered men, it had come home
to Chakotay.  Tom had been licking his wounds and caring for him until he
was healthy enough to do it himself.  He wasn't hiding behind Tom, Tom was
standing out in front, protecting him.  It would get settled.  He turned
back to Tom and took in Tom's beauty.  Yes, Tom was beautiful, the one
thing he and Raton could agree on.  He leaned into Tom.


The kiss was tentative, gentle, almost chaste.  Tom didn't push, he was
going to let Chak move at his own speed.  He touched a hand to the dark
face as the Chak's hand moved to the back of his head and cradled it.

Chak's tongue gently touched Tom's lips and he gladly responded to him.
Soon they were entwined in each other's arms, touching, rubbing holding
each other.

"Oh, Spirits, Tom," Chakotay whispered as he pulled him fully against him.

"It's okay, Chak.  I want it too."  Tom answered as he pushed Commander's
shirt out of the way.  Gently pulling it from the waistband of his pants.
Chakotay released Tom with one arm as he slid the shirt off his shoulders.
Then the other one followed.  Tom's hands explored the muscled back,
trailing fingers, eliciting small groans and starts from the Chakotay.  Tom
relished the feeling as both of the Commander's hands touched his face.
One threading into his hair, the other along his cheek.

Tom felt Chakotay's erection rubbing against his own.  Tom groaned and
pushed back, glad that he was not alone in his desire for the other.  One
of Chakotay's hands left his face, took full possession of Tom's ass and
ground himself against it.

Tom arched to the sensation and Chakotay bit at his neck and shoulders, but
suddenly, much to Tom's surprise, Chakotay pulled away, breathing heavily.
In fact, Chak turned around and started to walk away.


"I can't Tom.  I just can't."

"Why not?"

"When I bit at your shoulder blade like that.  It was there, that stupid
Ape going after the bite on my shoulder."

Tom took several deep breaths.  Okay, he'd been here too.  He understood,
flashbacks.  He watched the Commander stare out the viewport.

"Chak, it's gonna happen, but what you were doing to me, was not what he
did to you."

"Don't you understand, I can't do this.  It's too soon."

"Okay, fine.  It's too soon, but I'm not letting you run," Tom said.  He
retrieved Chakotay's shirt and handed it to him.  Chak quickly slid it on.
"How about a glass of wine, Chief?"

Chakotay was still staring out the viewport.  "Yeah, I guess so."

Tom handed it to him and slowly he coaxed Chakotay away from the viewport
to sitting on the other end of the couch from him.

"I'm sorry I teased you," Chakotay said quietly.

"Don't worry, I'll be sure it's spread all over the gossip chain tomorrow.
That you righteously threw me out of your cabin for making lewd and
lascivious advances on your poor, innocent frame," Tom quipped.

"Well, the Fleeter's may buy that, but not the Maquis."

Tom smiled a knowing smile.  Chakotay smiled back, but it faded as Chakotay
lowered his head.

"Why are you even trying, Paris?  You could have just about anyone on this
ship that you wanted, and you come after me.  Why?"

"As if you couldn't," Tom snorted.  "Because I have never woken up, after
making a royal mess of myself, with anyone's name on my lips before, Chak."
 Tom met the Commander's shocked stare.  "Okay, I did do that with Louise,
but not lately."

"Your first girlfriend?"  Chakotay asked.

"Yeah," Tom said dismissingly.  Then he looked up.  "You were really
listening to me?"

"Didn't have much else to do.  I'm not sure I got it all, but I think I
caught most of it."  Chakotay continued to stare into his wine glass.
"Tom, you did everything I needed you to do.  You were really raped in
prison, weren't you?"

"Yeah," Tom said exhaling.  "It started almost as soon as I got locked
down.  I fought at first, but I found out that Starfleet needs to add a
course in hand-to-hand combat."  Tom paused just for the effect.  "How to
fight dirty with your ass glued in a corner."  He smiled at the Commander.

Chakotay looked up, and saw the smile.  He started shaking his head and
then smiled.  "How can you joke about this?"

"Same way I can joke about having a system's failure on a shuttle craft.
It helps me deal with the pain.  See Chak, I am not the silver spooned,
Starfleet protege everyone thinks I am."

"You are the great Admiral Paris' son, how could you not be?"

"The Great Admiral Paris, had one hell of a temper and beat the crap out of
his son on a regular basis.  I had to be tougher, smarter and better than
anyone else.  When I was 12 Chak, I was talking to a Vulcan Diplomat at one
of my Dad's parties, and I mispronounced a word.  The Vulcan, who was it,
hell I can't remember, anyway, they pointed it out and taught me the
correct pronunciation.  My father unfortunately heard the exchange.  After
everyone went home, I was punished for it.  I had made a mistake,
embarrassed him."

"He punished for mispronouncing something in Vulcan?  I have a hard time
understanding Vulcan."

Tom nodded.  "It was my fourth language, not counting, Standard and

"So what, he took away your vid privileges?"

Tom's eyes took on a guarded quality, but then he answered.  "No, he beat
me with a belt for it."

Chakotay's head swiveled.  "For mispronouncing a word?"

Tom nodded.  "See Chak, you have to understand, I was his last chance.  The
really interesting thing was, the entire conversation was in Vulcan."  Tom
smiled the smile that said he was hiding something big time.  "I had to be
perfect Chak."

"He beat you with a belt?"

"He beat me with a lot of stuff."  Tom said.  "When I got to prison, well,
it made the beatings a little easier to deal with, but still it happened.
I spent a lot of time in the infirmary the first couple weeks."  Tom
sighed.  "Then I started learning to fight, and slowly things got better,
but it never really stopped."

"You make what I went through seem - trivial."

"No, it's never trivial.  I wouldn't even begin to say what you went
through was trivial, because Chak, it was never directed as personally at
me as what you went through with Raton.  He was after you.  In fact, I
really think if it had been someone else beaming down, he wouldn't have
touched us."

"Are you trying to make me feel better?"

"No, I'm being honest.  You said you wanted me to tell you the truth,

"So tell me the truth Tom, what do you want to do tonight?"

"I'll do whatever you are comfortable with."  Blue eyes met brown.


Tom nodded.  Chakotay looked embarrassed for a moment.

"Would you stay?"

"I told you I wouldn't let you run.  If you need me here, I'll stay."

"No, Tom.  I mean would you stay here tonight," Chakotay asked.  His head
gesturing towards the bedroom.  Tom weighed that in his mind for a moment.

"Sure, I can do the couch.  You still having nightmares?"  Better to give
Chak the way out, like he wasn't being pressured into sleeping with him.
Tom could wait - for a while, but sleeping with Chak, that would up the
ante considerably.

"Every night, but the two nights you stayed with me," Chakotay responded.
"but would you hold me tonight.  Just to have you with me.  I'd like that."

Tom looked at his wine, and then turned to face Chakotay.  "Is that an
order?"  His smile was brilliant.

"I can make it one.  Are you gonna go running to the Captain?"  Chakotay
teased back.

"I doubt it."