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'Abducted' by JJ

WARNING:  This story contains rape scenes and some torture.


When Tom got to his quarters, there was a message waiting for him.  He
scanned it and smiled.  He answered it with one word.


He changed and sat down to review the other pilot's reports, feeling
decidedly giddy about getting to fly again.  A little while later his door
chimed.  He set the padd aside and said,

"Come."  The door slid open and Tom stood up.  "Hi, I'm glad you came

"Here or Sandrine's?" Chak asked as he came in.

"Both.  You want another beer?"

"Yeah, that would be nice."  Tom got them both one and they sat down on the
couch.  Silence reigned for a few moments.  They were both getting nervous;
but for once, Tom's gift of gab failed him.  Finally, Chakotay broke the

"I want you to know Tuvok thinks there something going on between us."


"He's always asking if we're spending time together.  You know I think he's
monitoring my movements."

"Well, he talked to me about it, too."  Tom glanced over at Chakotay
wondering if he should tell him how Tuvok had gone.  Tom sighed as he
decided Chak had the right to know.  It was his life after all.  "In fact,
he asked me to stay away from you but..."

"You're kidding."  Chakotay was stunned.  "I agreed to go to counseling,
not having that elf run my life!"

"Elf?" Tom asked unable to let it pass.

"Yeah, Elf.  Sticking his nose in my business that way.  I can see who I
damn well please!"  Chak was really getting warped over this.

"Chakotay," Tom soothed.  "He's just making sure you aren't getting into
something you shouldn't be."

"Like what?!  I'm a grown man, capable of taking care of my own affairs,
and I will do what I want and see who I want!"

"Chak, he didn't say avoid you, he just said not to approach you."

"And what exactly is the difference, Lieutenant?"

"Whoa, Chakotay.  What's wrong?"

"I'm tired of being stared at."

"You haven't been out of your quarters enough to be stared at."

"I'm tired of Tuvok trying to get inside my head.  You know he even
suggested a mind meld!"

"Okay.  I can see why you didn't want that."

Tom was amazed as the stoic Commander lost it.  He got up and started to
rant and rave.  Chakotay went from angry to depressed to down right pissed
off.  He alternately gestured wildly with his arms, stared out the
viewport, and picked up several souvenirs Tom had picked up and handled
them as if they were weapons.

"I'm capable of command,"  Chakotay hissed.

Tom kept his peace and nodded.

"Don't you believe me, Paris?"

Chak was holding a sculpture as if it were a weapon, a club.

"Sure," Tom replied gamely.  "Right after you finish working some of the
anger out."  Tom stared pointedly at the sculpture.

Chakotay looked at the figurine and put it down.  He started to chuckle,
and then laugh.  Tom knew he wasn't really laughing, he had seen the pain
in his face.  He stood up, went to the Commander and put a hand on his

"Yeah, maybe just a little bit of anger," Chakotay said, as he set the
figurine down and turned to leave.


"How many times do I have to tell you to use my name?"

Later, he tucked Chak into his bed and laid down on the couch to sleep.


Chakotay spent most of the first part of Alpha shift moving around the
ship.  He went to his office, and down to the mess hall and hydroponics.
He was quite pleased with himself.  He tried to pick a time when  there
weren't many people moving around and he had been right.  Even Neelix was
pretty preoccupied getting ready for lunch.  He went back to his quarters
and began to review the reports he had received from Gamma shift, and
managed to keep himself busy until early afternoon and his daily meeting
with Tuvok.  He set his jaw and made his way to the Vulcan's quarters.
They had a few new things to discuss today, and none of them had to do with


Tom had pulled every string he knew to pull to get off the bridge that day.
 He had gone to his quarters and began to work on something feverishly.  It
was a little rough around the edges, but it just might do the trick.  It
had required he access a few programs already in the computer banks, but it
was passable.  He smiled and hit his com badge.


Chakotay was sitting in the middle of his quarters when his com badge
sounded.  He hadn't made it to his Spirit Guide yet, but he had reached a
place of calm.  He blinked as he reached for his shirt. He was really
pleased with himself, that was farther than he had made it since...the


"Meet me in Holodeck 2,"  Tom's voice sounded cheerful.

Chakotay sighed heavily.  After his little display of temper last night, he
was not looking forward to facing Tom.  He tried not to think about what a
fool he had made of himself the night before.

Twenty minutes later, Chakotay walked through the doors.

"What?" Chakotay all but demanded.

"Hey, what did I do?" Tom asked looking up.  Surprise was written all over
his face.  Chakotay reigned his temper and embarrassment in.

"Nothing.  I usually come apart on people," he said with a heavy sigh.  Tom
didn't deserve his anger, but he did deserve a explanation.

"No big deal," Tom said walking towards him.  "Computer protective
equipment for Commander Chakotay."  It materialized.  "Put this on."

"Tom what are you doing?"

"Anger therapy," Tom responded with a smile.  He slipped one glove on
Chakotay's hand and began to lace it.  Chakotay looked confused, how did
Tom know he used to box.  "I'd volunteer, but I'd like to live."  Tom was
his usual joking self as he put the other glove on.  "See, Chak I used to
do this in the brig.  When I couldn't deal with the anger and pain anymore,
I'd go to the gym and box."

"Did it help?"

"Welterweight Champion."  Tom flashed that smile.  It warmed Chakotay's
heart to see it.  "And after I got good, I found it very useful in other

"So, who am I supposed to beat up this way?"

"Well, honestly Chief, I considered Raton, but...I don't think you're ready
for that, so I decided on the next person you were probably angry at."


Tom's smile got deeper.  "No.  Computer materialize opponent."  And a
holo-Tom appeared.  "Just don't get us confused, okay?"  Chakotay started
to say something, but Tom slipped the mouth piece in.   Chakotay bit down
and moved his mouth to settle the piece correctly.  All the while, Tom
prattled on. "You can turn up the skill level and you can turn the safety

Chakotay looked up at that comment.  Tom shrugged somewhat innocently.
Tuvok had made certain stipulations regarding Chakotay's use of the
holodecks and one of those was, he used that safeguard.

"Technically, Chak.  I'm using the holodeck, so...."  Again that smile.
Chakotay nodded, appreciating the pilot's ability to circumvent the rules
for the first time.  He slapped the two boxing gloves together and mumbled.

"Let's go."

About an hour later, Chak stood while the real Tom tended an injury over
his eye.  He felt good.  He was sweaty, tired, bruised and every single bit
of it felt good.  He felt alive, and he had managed to take 'Tom' down in
the last round.  He hadn't stayed there, but he had taken him off his feet.

"Had enough yet?" Tom asked.

"No way!  You're fast Paris, really fast."

"Okay," Tom said stepping back.

Chakotay moved towards the center of the ring, ready to take him down for
the count this time.


"Boxing, Lieutenant?"  Tuvok demanded.  "You had the Commander beating up
an image of you for therapy?"

Once more, Tom was standing in front of Tuvok's desk at parade rest.  This
was getting old, quick.

"It seemed like a good idea to me.  You said he needed to deal with his
emotions.  What better way to vent anger and frustration than to beat up
the guy who saw him tortured."

Tom wasn't foolish enough to think Tuvok was going to buy that excuse but
he didn't really care.  He was practicing his own psychology - Paris style.
 He knew what he was doing, and there wasn't a force in the Delta Quadrant
that could stop him.  With the exception of the Captain, he conceded, but
even that would be a fight.

"I would appreciate it, Lieutenant if you would leave the counseling to me.
 In fact, Lieutenant, I would appreciate it if you would stay away from
Commander Chakotay until further notice."

"Is that an order?"  Tom couldn't believe Tuvok would go that far.  He knew
Chakotay was chafing under the man's control, and he was getting pretty
upset with it himself.  He was not going to leave Chakotay alone, as long
as Chak didn't mind.  Now, if he told Tom to go away, he would, but he had
made no such statement.  In fact, he appeared to enjoy his time with Tom.

The boxing match had been a success, so to speak.  It was a good thing Tom
had brought a regenerator with him.  He had programmed himself to have a
really wicked left, which he didn't know Chak had a weakness for, but no
massive trauma was inflicted.  The broken nose was quickly dealt with.

"It can be made into one," Tuvok said with that eyebrow going up.

"Look, Commander.  If there's anyone on this ship that knows what Chakotay
is going's me.  And if you make it an order, I will go to the
Captain over it.  I'm one of the few people not treating Chak as if he were
made of glass."

"That is bordering on insubordination, Lieutenant," Tuvok stated standing

"You know what?  I think you're right," Tom replied with the barest hint of
a threat in his voice.  "Am I dismissed, sir?"

"Yes," Tuvok replied.  Tom turned smartly and left Tuvok standing in the
middle of his quarters.


Another week passed and the trial was going to begin soon.  One evening Tom
was sitting in the mess hall with Harry and B'Elanna.  They were just
talking over what Neelix called coffee.  However, except for the dark
color, it didn't even come close.  They were talking about what Voyager had
done to find him and Chakotay and it was helping Tom deal with his anger at

As the doors slipped open, Tom looked up to see Chakotay come in.  He drew
a breath to call, but Chak stopped just inside the door, scanned the room
and their eyes met.  Oh shit, Tom thought, what got him riled.  Chakotay
made a bee line for Tom.

"I need to talk to you now," Chakotay stressed the last word.  He took
Tom's arm and practically dragged him from the room.  B'Elanna watched as
if it were the most normal thing to happen.  Harry finally remembered to
close his mouth and steady the chair Tom was all but pulled out of.

"I'll catch up with you two later," Tom called, as he was forcibly escorted
from the mess hall.  He altered his gate as they walked down the hall to
match Chakotay's determined stride.  When the coast was clear, Tom  pulled
away from Chakotay.

"Okay, muscle man.  What's up?"

"Two things and I need your help with both of them."

"If I can help, you know I will."

"The Captain has gotten Kartock to approve my testimony by remote, but will
you be there?  You're supposed to testify first, to sort of set the scene.
It means you'll have to transport back rather quickly."

"Yeah, sure."  They walked for a while, until he finally asked, "And the
second thing."

"Go find's time to kill Tuvok," Chakotay responded darkly.

Tom started laughing, not that he hadn't entertained the idea once or twice
himself, but to hear Chak making threats like that was great.  He crossed
his arms and leaned back against the bulkhead, after a surreptitious glance
down the hallway in both directions to make sure they were alone.

"What did he do this time?"  This had to be good.

"Ordered me to stay away from you," Chakotay hissed.  "He's not my keeper."

"He tried the same thing with me, and I threatened to go to the Captain."

"I did go to the Captain," Chakotay announced.  "I told her I had had
enough of his Vulcan control and meditation.  That I was doing fine and
wanted to start talking to the EMH.  Me and my Spirit Guide were not
subject to Tuvok's interference and neither were you and I."

"What about your Spirit Guide?"

Chakotay took a deep breath as they entered the observation lounge.  Tom
held up a finger.  In that moment, he realized that Chakotay had said 'you
and I' as well.  That was interesting.

"Engage Privacy Lock and sound dampeners,"  Tom ordered.  Chakotay nodded.

"Today, he suggested I try to go on a Spirit Walk, and I agreed.  Although
I didn't think I would be too successful since I usually do it in my cabin,
and nak..."  Chakotay paused for a moment and Tom was decent enough not to
mention the blush that crept up Chak's face.  "Anyway, I finally reached a
place of peace and where I would usually meet my Spirit Guide and I will be
damned if that Vulcan didn't try to enter it!"  Chakotay fumed.

Now Tom didn't know much about meditation or Spirit walks, but he suspected
this was like finding someone in the closet after you had sex with someone
else.  He stayed quiet for a moment.

"Can you believe that?"  Chakotay demanded.  "He tried to get into my head
again.  I was furious.  I told him to get out of my office and that our
counseling sessions were over."


After a few days with the Doctor, Chakotay had been cleared for light
bridge duty.  Chakotay was thrilled, it was the one thing Tuvok had almost
held out as some sort of carrot.  He was set to return to duty the next

When he had showered, Chakotay had almost made a ceremony about putting his
uniform on.  The familiar red and black clothing laid out on the bed, with
boots on the floor.  He slowly donned each piece with a final check in the
mirror before he left his quarters.  He didn't know why it was so important
to him, but it was.  And it felt good.  He walked to the turbolift with his
head held high.  He was capable of command.

When he stepped onto the Bridge, everyone turned.  Tom smiled
encouragingly, Harry had nodded and B'El gave him a look that was quiet
pride and welcome.  Tuvok just stared, but at that particular moment,
Chakotay didn't care.

"Welcome back, Commander," the Captain said with a slight smile.

"It's good to be back," he said walking to his chair.  Everyone turned back
to whatever it was they were doing.  Chakotay caught the wink from Tom
before he turned back to the view screen.

Katherine took the opportunity, a few minutes later, to give the bridge to
him and went to her ready room.  He sat back apparently comfortably in his
chair.  He wouldn't admit to anyone that he was really just a little
nervous sitting there, but he reviewed his console, and carried on as if
his hands weren't damp with sweat.

At the end of the shift, Chakotay was pretty proud of himself.  True, they
were only in standard orbit around a planet, but he had been able to handle

It was a small step to everyone else, but to him.  He had to face people he
didn't usually see, he had to handle information and route it correctly and
more importantly, he had to give orders.  He had to face Tuvok and give him
orders.  That had been a tense moment, but Tuvok had raised that eyebrow
and then nodded.  Chakotay even got to reprimand Harry and Tom lightly for
whatever it was they had been doing.  He suspected they were sending
messages back and forth to each other, but he called them for snickering on
the bridge.  Tom's response was anything but repentant.


One day they were meeting with Kartock.  Chakotay stood facing his viewport
in his office, as Kartock reviewed paperwork, and Tom kicked back on the
small sofa.

"Commander, are you sure you won't testify before the Court.  It would make
more of an impact if you could."

"I can barely do it in my own office!  What makes you think I can do it in
front of people I don't know?" Chakotay asked turning from the viewport.
"It's Raton being in the room with me.  That stupid little smile he'll give
me that said he won."  He turned back.  "I think I would either try to kill
him or clam up."

"I have an idea," Tom said with some authority.  "Counselor, give me a few
hours.  I think I might be able to help a little."  And with that Tom was
out the door of Chakotay's office.

Several hours later, Chakotay's comm badge sounded.

"Paris to Chakotay."

"Chak, go ahead Tom."

"Come to Holodeck 2."

"Why?"  But the link was already shut off.  He sighed heavily and went down
to face whatever Tom had devised this time.

Chakotay walked in the door and jumped.  Raton stood in front of him, it
took a moment before Chakotay realized it was a holoperson.  Tom moved into

"Shit!" Chakotay fussed, his hand going to his chest, feeling his heart
pound against his ribs.  "Are you trying to scare me into an early grave?"

"Computer, complete holo-scene," Tom said calmly and a courtroom appeared.
Raton took his seat at the table.  "Begin simulation."

"Commander Chakotay, will you take your seat on the stand?"  Kartock asked

"A little warning would have been nice, Paris," Chakotay growled as he
straightened his clothes and moved to the chair.  The questioning began.

"Pause sequence!" Chakotay called.  He left the witness stand.  "Delete
Raton character."  He looked at Tom as Raton disappeared.  "I can't do
this, Tom.  I know he isn't real and I still can't deal with him."

Tom came up and stroked Chak's arm.  Chakotay felt the much needed warmth
and contact.

"You were ready to run when you first saw him.  Now he upsets you.  The
longer you face him here.  The easier it will be down there."

Chakotay took Tom in his arms and held him.

"Do you know how much this hurts.  How much it strips me?"

"Yes, I do, Chak.  I do."  Tom returned the hug.  They stood there for a
few moments, until Chakotay felt like he could face the Ape again.  He
moved away and sat back in the witness chair and restarted the simulation.


Two days later, they were on the planet surface.  Kartock tore his eyes
away from the pacing Commander and looked at Tom Paris.  Tom wasn't anymore
reassured by Chakotay's actions than Kartock, but Chak insisted he could do
it and Tom was not going to take the chance away from him.  He knew how
important it could be to face his enemy, and stare straight in his eye.

"Will he be able to do this?"

"I think so.  Give him a few minutes once he is on the stand to acclimate

"Do you realize what it will do to my case if he looses control?"

"Your case?  How about his life!  Look, you wanted him down here.  He says
he can do it, and I agree with him.  Make your choice, Counselor.  Let him
testify by remote and loose the impact or give him a chance!"

Kartock nodded slowly.  "I guess, I don't have any choice.

Tom testified, bantering words with Raton's counsel.  It was almost fun and
he made it as graphic and real to the people in that courtroom as he could.
 Making Raton look like the sorry stinking son of a bitch he really was,
gave Tom a sense of pleasure.  Not as much as strangling the bastard would
have, but close enough.

Then the defense tried to make it look like that was something Chakotay
liked.  That Chakotay approached Raton for it.  Tom sneered at the
counselor, counterattacking, making the man step back at Tom's returned
accusations.  This was something he could do.  He was a master at the art
of oral manipulation and used his skills to the utmost.

"No, Sir,"  Tom said.  His voice was firm and steady.  "We were taken by
that man.  He used the Commander's sense of duty against him.  He made the
Commander submit to his demented sense of manhood.  He obviously believes
that raping and destroying is a sign of strength.  Raton is a sick,
twisted, egomaniac who..."


"Should be put away for the rest of his life..."

"Your Honor!!!"

"In the meanest, most deprived environment you can think of!"

"Lieutenant!"  The Judge yelled.

Tom was standing up.  He was staring at Raton, his face flushed, his eyes
dancing in anger, breathing heavily.  Raton just stared at him and Tom
wanted to leap over the stand and beat him to a bloody, unrecognizable lump
of agony!

"I know several places he could get what he deserves.  Deep space comes to
mind with only a limited life support," Tom whispered as his head swiveled
to the Judge.


"Very little oxygen and let him writhe as he breathes his own foul air,"
Tom continued in a low growl.  His breathing was settling down.  Then he
met the judge's eyes and slowly sat back down, glaring anger and hatred at

"One more outburst like that, Lieutenant, and I will have you removed from
this court.

Tom was excused pretty quickly after that and a recess was called.  He met
Chakotay in the hall.  He had to see how the big man was doing.  Chakotay
had his hands clasped, rubbing them together.  Tom touched his arm, and
looked into Chakotay's face.  He had to warn him about what the prosecution
was going to try to do.

"They're gonna try to grill you and make it look like it was something you
wanted.  Raton is doing the smiling thing, but you can do this Chak,"  Tom
coached gently.  "Just keep your mind on the attorney.  I'll be there for

Chakotay was pale, his hands were clammy and his eyes darting.

"He can't hurt you, Chak.  You can do this."

"You're right.  I have to do this."

Tom nodded in agreement.

"Are you ready, Commander?" Kartock asked from a few feet away.

Chakotay looked at the counselor and then straightened his uniform and



When court was back in session, Tom twisted for Chakotay as he was forced
to retell what he had been through.  He hurt as the Commander had to relive
the pain and torment, both mental and physical.  He wanted to kill Raton
when the defense accused Chakotay of wanting it.  Tom would remember the
look on Chakotay's face when the attorney for Raton stood up and said,

"Come, Commander.  Isn't it true you like your sex rough.  That the
Lieutenant is really your lover and you didn't want to share him with

"No," Chakotay stumbled, pale.

"Wasn't it the Lieutenant that *cared* for you when you were brought back,
even to the point of taking care of your sexual excitement?"

Tom wanted to scream when Chakotay lowered his head, "Yes, he did."

"So you were involved with the Lieutenant?"

"No, not that way.  Tom was...I never asked him to do that."

"Oh, are you and the Lieutenant so close that he would be comfortable doing
that rather intimate act for you.  I find it hard to believe that another
man would just volunteer to do that out of respect for a superior officer."

Chakotay looked up and met Tom's eyes.  They saw a story in each other's
eyes.  The Chakotay looked away from him, at the back wall.  His face was

"Commander?  Do you have an answer for me?  Why did you continue to shield
the Lieutenant from Raton.  If it was that bad, why not let Raton have him
to save yourself these degradations.  Or was I right?  Do you like your sex


That was when the explosion sounded and rocked the room.  People started
screaming and running in every direction.  Chakotay stood up, looking
around as the lights flickered on and off and dust filtered into the air.
People were pouring in through the doors, wearing the red sashes that he
remembered the guards wearing when Raton had them.  Fights were breaking
out everywhere, screams as people tried to get away.  Guards came rushing
in to meet the attack.  Tom was in the middle of it, facing two guards bare

Chakotay moved to join Tom, until he caught sight of movement.  He looked
up just in time to see Raton launch himself.  Chakotay caught him and both
men tumbled over the railing around the witness stand and crash heavily to
the floor.

They scuffled on the floor, but Chak knew he was in trouble.  Raton started
to beat him.  Chakotay tried to twist loose, but he and his arms were
pinned by the man's bulk.  Memory after memory flashed through his mind of
the beatings he had taken and what had followed them.  A moment later, when
the blows stopped, Chakotay looked up at Raton grinning down at him.  The
Ape took a device from his pocket,

"You are mine now, Chakotay.  They won't find you this time."  Raton
flipped a switch.  "Flakar," He began.