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'Abducted' by JJ

WARNING:  This story contains rape scenes and some torture.


The next day, Chakotay stayed in the bed.  Tom had to do something to get
Chakotay moving or he was going to completely loose it.  Unfortunately,
except slapping him across the face or putting him in a cold bath, Tom
couldn't think of anything, but he tried to stop talking.  He didn't want
Chak to get comfortable...wherever he was.

He puttered around the room, took a bath himself.  Got clean for the first
time in who knew how long.  But time after time, he found himself sitting
beside Chakotay, stroking his hair, urging him to come back.  He held the
big man's hand, relishing the warmth and wishing there was a return

"Talk to me, Chak.  You're worrying me here."  He watched the face for any
signs of actual consciousness.  None.

Then Raton came in, with three guards.  Tom was wrestled to the far side of
the room by two guards.  The third stayed by the door.  Raton strode to
where Chakotay lay, helpless and vulnerable, and touched him.

"Get your filthy hands off him," Tom growled.  "Haven't you done enough

Raton didn't even look up, but one of the guards slapped him across the
back of his head hard enough to blur his vision for a moment.  Chakotay
didn't move.  Tom watched horrified as Raton lifted his hand and slapped
the Commander.  The guards tightened their grip on Tom.  He was bound to
have bruises from it, but it barely registered in his mind.  His attention
was focused on the bed.  When Raton didn't get a reaction from the slap, he
turned to his guard.

"Take him to my quarters."  He gestured to Tom.


All eyes turned to the bed, as Chakotay rolled to his side and pushed
himself up on his arms.  "We had a deal.  Me, not him."

"Chief, No," Tom said.  His voice shaking not only with fear but with the
intense emotions as he watched Chakotay fight to get out of the bed.  He
couldn't let this happen, Chakotay was played out.  Raton was looking at
Tom and Tom met his eyes calmly.  "Take me."

Raton looked back to where Chakotay struggled to get out of the bed.

"You think you can keep up?" he asked as Chakotay pulled the covers off his
body.  Raton smiled cruelly, completely ignoring Tom.

"Anything you can dish out," Chakotay responded, getting to his feet very
slowly.  Tom felt a hands tighten on his arm as he tried to move forward.


But no one listened to him.  He watched, helpless in the guard's hands as
Chakotay and Raton walked towards the door.

"NO!  Chak, no...don't do this!"  Tom pled, desperation clear in his voice.
 He had to do something.  Raton was going to kill him.

As the door locked behind the guards, Chakotay gone, Tom sank to the floor,
drawing his knees to his chest.  He started to rock and cry.


The next morning he turned as the door opened.  Chakotay took two step in
the room.  Their eyes met.  Tom moved to catch the battered man before he
hit the floor.

Tom cared for him.  It was bad.  But he found that he could no longer deal
with the situation.  He was taking more and more refuge in his own mind,
just like Chakotay did.  He couldn't cry anymore as he washed the blood
from Chakotay's body.

"Chak, you've got to stop this.  He's going to kill you.  This is suicide."

Tom had already drawn a bath and slowly slid the Commander into it.

"Got you, Chak, Tom's got you.  It's gonna be okay."  He slowly washed the
blood from the battered body.  He gently washed the eye crusted shut, and
the bruised area almost obliterating the tattoo.  Tom cleaned the blood
from the Commander's ears trying to keep his head above water.  Head
injury, not good.

"Chak, you have to stop, because I can't face this alone.  If he kills you,
you'll leave me here alone and I can't deal with that."

Tom finally got Chak onto his stomach with his arms pillowing his head on
the side of the tub and washed his back and ass.  Without even thinking, he
leaned over the Commander and whispered,

"Let me do it, Chak.  Just relax."  He took the Commander's cock in his
hand and slowly stroked him off.

He touched and stroked Chakotay's back, kissing at the whip marked
shoulders.  He remembered that first time when Chakotay had kissed him,
coming in his hand.  The look in his eyes, now this act, which had brought
both of them solace, was preformed by rote.

Chakotay shuddered.  He removed the cock ring and pulled the weeping man
into his arms, gently touching and stroking his arms, kissing the side of
his face.

"It's okay, Chak.  I'm here, but you have to stop.  Please stop."

Tom got him into the bed and spread the ointment over his back, murmuring
to him until he slept.  Tom pulled the covers up as far as he could.  The
bite on Chakotay's shoulder was open again, swollen and raw, but at least
the ointment had cleared up the infection.  Great, now Raton could rip it
open all he wanted to, Tom thought shaking his head.

What made Tom really sick was knowing this scenario was going to be
repeated over and over, until it killed Chakotay.  It was already killing
both of them.  "Captain, where are you?"  he said aloud.  "Find us, Damn

Numbly Tom sat with him through the nightmares, and the shaking as his body
tried to deal with the physical and mental tortures.  Holding, touching,
comforting.  Dealing with his own personal hell, as well as helping
Chakotay with his.  If this was all he could do, then he would do it.
Except for the anger and pleasure that the image of strangling the life out
of Raton with his own bare hands, Tom didn't feel anything.


Tom thought it couldn't get any worse, but he found out he was wrong.  That
night, he was taken with Chakotay.  He had screamed and fought as they
lifted Chakotay to his feet.  He hadn't spoken all day, in fact, he hadn't
moved.  His eyes opened the minute someone else's hands touched him, but
that was all.  It took two guards to support the Commander down the hall,
and two to contain Tom.

Tom thought he would be frightened, but instead, he was mad.  He was as
angry as he had ever been in his life.  He was even angrier than when his
father had let him be thrown in a maximum security prison.  Tom found
himself looking forward to meeting Raton in this situation.  As far as he
was concerned, he had nothing to loose.

But he realized, it wasn't him that was going to loose, and his heart was
jerked around as Raton used Tom against Chakotay.  Tom very quickly
realized Raton was only interested in breaking Chak and if that meant he
torture Tom to get a reaction from Chakotay, then so be it.

By the end of the night, Tom felt as if himself had been raped.  To have to
watch what that man did.  He could only meet Chakotay's eyes and will
strength to the older man.  Raton laughed when he caught them staring at
each other.  He bound Chakotay to a wall with a head strap, so he stared at
Tom, and then jerked the Commander off.  Tom's eyes never wavered.  Where
Raton thought he was going to break Tom's spirit making him watch this,
instead Tom began to seethe.  That was the only word he could come up with,
because the anger surged and boiled inside him.

When Raton met his eyes, Tom channeled every bit of anger, hatred and
vehemence into his eyes.  He assured Raton wordlessly, if he ever got the
chance, he, Tom Paris, would kill this being who tortured Chakotay as
painfully and slowly as he possible could.

Tom could only pray that somehow Chakotay's mind would forget the horrors
of being forced to perform not only for the maniac but also in Tom's
presence.  Before, when Tom had been left behind, Chakotay could keep the
pain and humiliation to himself, now someone knew.  Someone had heard his
screams, his submission to the other man, his weakness, his body's
traitorous acts.  Tom knew that Chakotay's pain was doubled at his
presence, but what he wanted Chak to know was that he understood.  That he
had been through the same things and he didn't think Chak was weak or any
less a man.

At one point in time Raton left them alone.

"I'm proud of you, Chak,"  Pain-filled eyes met his.  Not just physical
pain, but a soul scorching emotional pain that tore Tom apart.  "I'm proud
of you!  Shit, I thought you were some sort of pantywaist after Seska."
Chakotay's brow creased.  "Was I wrong!  You are one of the strongest
fucking men I have ever met.  Don't let him beat you Chak.  Don't let go!"

Chakotay's head fell forward again, his body held upright by the steel
binding him to the wall.

"Why do you encourage him?"  Raton asked from the doorway.

"Because, you fucking bastard, you aren't worthy of him.  You are the
fucking scum of the Delta Quadrant.  And he is a man, a man that I am proud
to know, proud to call my friend."


A week later, a security team from Voyager and the local constabulary burst
into the room where Tom and Chak were imprisoned.  Tuvok in the lead.  He
took in Tom's protective stance over the Commander who lay in the bed.

"Tuvok?"  Tom gasped.  Then in a strong voice ordered.  "Get us the hell
out of here!"

"Tuvok to Voyager.  Emergency beam out.  Two directly to sickbay."


The EMH was very put out with Tom Paris.  He would not allow anyone near
Chakotay, not even the Captain.  In fact, it had taken some fancy talking
on Ensign Kim and Lieutenant Torres' parts to keep the Captain from locking
Lieutenant Paris up after he had ordered her out of sickbay.

"You left us there for two weeks, now get the hell out of here.  I've taken
care of him and will continue to do so."

Of course, his threats to turn the EMH off were not warmly met either.


Slowly he fought his way to consciousness.  Something was missing, but he
couldn't decide what it was.  Groggy, he opened his eyes and looked at the
ceiling, it wasn't grey.  'Voyager?'

"Chak?" a quiet voice questioned.  "They got us out, Chak.  How you doing?"

He reached out towards the sound of that familiar voice as his head slowly
followed.  Slender hands took his, blue eyes blazed at him.  He slowly let
out the breath he didn't know the had been holding.

"Tom?"  Was that his voice?  It sounded so rough, so weak.  He held those
hands as if they were his lifeline.  Chakotay allowed one hand to
disentangle from his.  It gently stroked his face.

"Is your throat still sore?" Tom asked with sympathy.  He reached to the
side with his free hand.

"A little," Chakotay responded trying to clear it.  His throat ached from
the screaming and from Raton continually forcing him  He wasn't
going to let his mind go there again.

There was a nervous laugh from Tom.  "With everything else I had to fix, I
forgot about that."  He heard a dermal regenerator start.  His throat
stopped feeling so raw.

Then he realized what was missing.  He wasn't in pain anymore.  All the
aches and pains were gone.  Breathing no longer had the price of piercing
pain.  Moving body parts no longer made him bite his lip to keep from
screaming.  Even his lip, that he had almost bitten through, was smooth.
They must be on Voyager, or he was having a dream that he never wanted to
wake up from.

"Are we really here?"  Chakotay whispered, afraid if he spoke too loud, it
would all go away and they would be back in that hell hole.

Tom nodded.  "We've been here about 12 hours."  He stroked Chakotay's face.
 "You made it Chak, you got us out."

Tears slipped out of the big man's eyes.  Tom slowly gathered him in his
arms and held him as they rocked.  Chakotay knew he was safe.  He fell


As the Commander fell back asleep, Tom carefully laid him back on the
biobed.  Kathryn Janeway cleared her throat.  Tom turned to where she stood
just inside the doors.  Janeway fought down her irritation as Tom turned
his back on her and gave Chakotay a sedative to help him rest.

"Now, Lieutenant.  Would you care to explain this to me."

Tom paused for a moment, and then nodded.  "Let me get him settled and I'll
tell you what I know."  Tom gently covered Chakotay with a blanket,
arranging him with his arms over the blanket.  Janeway watched, noting that
Tom handled Chakotay like a hurt child a concerned lover.  She
raised her eyebrow at that thought.  Then Tom turned back and hitched his
hip onto the edge of the bed and held Chakotay's hand.  He met her eyes
calmly and levelly.  Janeway noticed he still stood between her and her
First Officer, and had a feeling he was going to continue to.

"He sleeps better if I'm here."

She said nothing.  She waited.  Then she listened, and then she wanted to
throw up.  The horrors Tom described were worse than she had ever heard
about, worse than the Cardassian prison camps, maybe worse than the Kazons.
 At least the Kazons would kill you, when you were no longer amusing.  This
was slow torture with no end in sight.

"The last week was...beyond belief,"  Tom continued quietly staring at
Chakotay.  "Raton didn't always take him away.  He had me held, and used
Chak right there.  It was horrible.  I couldn't help, I couldn't stop it
and Raton used us against each other.  If I tried to interfere, Chakotay
was punished.  If Chak didn't do what he wanted, I was punished.  We only
knew it was over when he left."  Tom had been looking at Chakotay as he
spoke, but then he looked up.  "Captain, I owe you a lot, but I have to
tell you very honestly.  I am madder than hell at you."

"What?  You think we just left you there, Tom?"  she asked quietly.  Surely
not.  The entire crew of Voyager had helped with the rescue.  It had taken
them forever and it had taken a lot of pushing to get access to the
Kilian's technology to be able to break through the shielding and find
them, but they never gave up.

"Felt that way.  I know you didn't.  But we had to face that every single
day we were there and I'm sorry.  That's where it's fallen."

"I can understand that Tom.  I can appreciate the honesty, too.  But I want
you to know, we didn't.  We tried everything we could think of to find you
two," Janeway said coming forward.  "It took a long time to figure out you
were in a shielded underground facility beneath a large city.  We scanned
the entire planet for your DNA and that took a while."  When she thought
about it, she could understand that Tom needed to be mad at someone, better
her than someone else.  She could handle his anger, for a while.

Tom nodded.  "Anything else, Captain?"

"Kartock has requested we stay for the trial.  You and Chakotay are the
only two that were actually tortured by Raton.  He needs that testimony to
imprison him."

"Prison?" Tom laughed dryly.  "That bastard deserves a lot more than
prison, Captain."  Then his head flew up, his voice became sharp and
accusing.  "You want Chakotay to face him?"

"His testimony is needed."  The Captain nodded.  She had moved forward
during the conversation, but the EMH and Tuvok had both warned her that Tom
was being almost violently protective of Chakotay.  She kept her distance.
In fact, she almost took a step backwards at Tom's sudden change in
demeanor.  He looked almost...dangerous.  Not the cocky pilot she knew,
that was for sure.

"No," Tom said firmly.  "Captain, you don't understand, but no way.  Chak
isn't going to be able to face him and testify.  He may not even be able to
face a court and testify."

"He's gonna have to, Tom."  She held the irritation out of her tone.  She
didn't need to unduly anger Tom.  Given a few days, he would see that this
was necessary.  If Chakotay didn't testify, Raton would walk away.

Tom stood up, gently putting Chakotay's hand down, and stepped firmly in
between Janeway and Chakotay.  "Captain, you talk to Kartock and you get
him to pull whatever strings he has to and let the Commander testify
remotely.  Otherwise, his case against his brother will fall apart."

That was it.  Time for a little Federation authority.  She pulled herself
to full height.  "Excuse me, Lieutenant.  I am the Captain of this vessel
and you will not speak to me like that."

"Excuse me, Captain," Tom replied not back down one micron, "but we just
went through living hell, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let you or
anyone else put Chak back in it!"

"Tom?  What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Chak.  The Captain and I are just discussing something," Tom
soothed dropping his tone and taking Chakotay's hand again.  Janeway
watched the transformation with awe.  The moment before Tom had been angry
enough to scream at her, now his tone was calming, his attitude concerned
and caring.

She watched as Tom and Chakotay held hands and Tom touched her first
officer, soothing him back to sleep.  Her training told her this was not
good.  These two needed to be separated for a while to straighten
themselves back out.  They went down barely able to tolerate each other and
came back, holding hands?  Not good.

"Don't forget.  You'll need Vorick when you get to Tuvok," Chakotay laughed
weakly.  Janeway felt her eyebrow shoot back up at that comment.  "We're
really on Voyager?"

"Yeah, Chak.  We're really on Voyager."

"Set a course for Alpha Quadrant.  Warp 10," Chakotay ordered as his eyes
began to droop again.

Tom turned back to her and arched an eyebrow.  That was when she realized
Chakotay never spoke to her, even though she was in his line of vision.
That was shocking.  She needed to think about this situation carefully
before she did anything else.


The next day, when Tom finally let anyone near Chakotay, the Doctor
announced the Commander was physically whole but ordered him off duty for
at least a week.  He also ordered that the Commander go to counseling.

Chakotay took that order calmly.  He sat on the edge of the biobed in some
civies that Tom had brought down for him.  He found himself rubbing his
wrists where those accursed manacles had been for so long.  He remembered
asking Tom when they were alone if he had healed his ear.  Tom had nodded.

"What did you do with the..."

"I put it in the recycler.  I didn't think you wanted it."

"I don't.  I just wanted to be sure it was gone.  Did anyone see it?"

"No one but the Doc and maybe Tuvok."

Tom's movement by the door brought him back to the conversation.

"So, as long as you don't experience any pain, Commander.  I see no reason
for you to stay in sickbay.  I have programmed a sedative for you if you
find sleeping difficult.  It is available through the replicator.  Also,
since you are the ship's counselor, I will offer my services in this
matter.  I have access to several different therapy programs and would be
available if you decided that was something you would find helpful."

"I'll think about it," Chakotay responded.  He didn't want to talk to
anyone about this.  He wanted to put it behind him and never think of it
again.  "So, I can go to my quarters?"

"Of course."

"Has Tom been released?"

"Lieutenant. Paris was released 4 hours after you got back from the
planet."  The Doctor's  disdain was heavy.  "His presence has been at his
own insistence."

Chakotay looked at Tom, taking courage from the roguish grin and nod the
pilot threw at him.

"Can I walk you back to your quarters, Commander."  That was strange to
hear from Tom.  It had become Chak or Chakotay.  The formality sounded so

Chakotay stood up and nodded.


Janeway had asked Tuvok to talk to Chakotay.  She thought his calm would be
good for the Commander.  Tuvok had his reservations, but did as the Captain

Tuvok went to the Commander's quarters.  He was not surprised to see Tom
Paris there as well.  Tuvok greeted both men.  He looked at Chakotay with a
pointed glance.  The Commander, who had a cup of tea in his hands, looked
at him calmly.

"Did you need me for something?" the Commander asked, sitting in a chair
beside the couch.

"If I may have a few moments of your time, Commander."

"And that is my cue to go inspect the conduit in the wall right outside
these quarters," Tom said moving to the door.

Tuvok understood Paris was trying to be humorous, but he still found it
illogical at times.  He remained quiet as Paris left the room.  Tuvok noted
the glance the two men shared and the almost imperceptible tensing with
fear and then nod of okay from the Commander.  Tuvok suspected that Tom
wouldn't have left without that assurance.

When he turned back to Chakotay, the Commander asked,

"What was it that you wanted, Tuvok?"

"The Captain has requested I offer my services as a counselor for you."

Tuvok noticed the slight tremor in both the tea cup and saucer as Chakotay
set them down on the coffee table between them.

"She did?"


Two hours later, Tuvok entered the Captain's quarters.  She looked at him
not quite masking all of her anxieties.  Tuvok sat down and took a cup of
tea.  He did not want to tell the Captain that although the Commander had
agreed to counseling, he also made it evident, he was not happy with the

"Well?"  she asked finally.

"I am reasonably sure the Commander will recover from his...ordeal,
Captain.  However, I am also reasonably sure he will need extensive
counseling to overcome what was done to him on the planet.  The Commander
is a strong man, but, to be subjected to the degradations that he was, that
would be difficult for anyone to deal with."

"Will it effect his ability to resume his responsibilities as my First
Officer?" Janeway asked all business.

"At this time, I think perhaps light duty, reports would be beneficial for
the Commander.  Something to occupy his mind and direct his attentions to
other matters, could be considered therapy.  I did however notice, he
appeared to be having some trouble with his concentration."  Tuvok did not
deem it necessary to inform the Captain that Commander Chakotay had stopped
in mid-sentence to stare blankly at the far wall of his cabin four times
during even the most superficial discussion of his captivity.

Janeway nodded.  "I wondered if I could talk Kartock into letting me beam
Raton into deep space with just enough protection to let him suffer before
he died."

"I am sure there would be several volunteers among the crew that would
volunteer to help."