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'Abducted' by JJ

WARNING:  This story contains rape scenes and some torture.


Now it was the fifth day.

Tom met them at the force field and took Chakotay.  It frightened him that
it was now common place to take the abused body of his Commander every
morning.  The first two days he had almost cowered from the guards when he
realized how vulnerable he was.  A run-in with a guard ending with him
pinned to a wall inches above the floor by one hand around his throat
impressed that fact on him.  His stomach churned continually, he jumped at
the sound of footsteps, and strangely praying that they never deactivated
his forcefield while he was alone.

He realized yesterday while Chakotay slept fitfully, that he wasn't being
part of the team player.  His father used to say that.  Each person had to
do their part for something to work.  Tom smiled ruefully.  Who would have
thought his father's advice would ever come in handy.  But at the moment he
thought of it, the revelation had been chilling.

Chak had moaned something about not taking Tom, to leave Tom alone.  Tom
had been pacing the cell, three steps up, three steps back, three steps up,
three steps back.  But when he heard what Chak had said, his heart froze
and his stomach plummeted as he was forced to remember why Chakotay was
doing this.  Then his father's words had sounded in his mind.  After a
moment of shock, Tom Paris thoroughly kicked himself in the ass.  A senior
officer was having to submit to the greatest degradation a person could be
subjected to for him, and he was worried about himself?!  Cowering like
some child?  Not anymore!

'Come on, Paris.  He's going through hell for you and all you can do is
cringe in fear!  If it were the other way around, Chakotay would be doing a
hell of a lot more than this.'

Tom's anger doubled and he unwisely begun to taunt and berate the guards.
He called them every name he could think of, using his travels to introduce
them to some new languages, including Klingon.  But when they put Chak in
the other cell after one of his little tirades, he had stopped.  It was
probably the hardest thing he had to do.  Controlling his tongue was not
one of his strong points, but he didn't want to get Chakotay in trouble.
He didn't want Chakotay hurt because of his mouth.  He didn't want to goad
the guards into revenge.  And he certainly didn't want to experience being
raped again.  Tom knew if he was hurt for whatever reason, it would destroy
Chak.  The idea that everything he had been through had been for nothing.
No, that would be too much for the big Maquis to deal with.  So Tom toned
it down.  He wasn't silent by any means, but he didn't loose control again

Tom found the hardest thing to deal with was the control they exerted over
the two of them.  To have to keep his temper and mouth in check for fear of
what they would do to the Commander, left a foul taste in his heart.  And
he knew Chak was doing what he did, so Tom wasn't hurt.

So, he began to rant at others.  He called Janeway every name in the book,
projected some really mean, illogical thoughts at Tuvok, and wished to hell
and back that Kess was still around, or that there was an honest to
goodness telepath on board to hear him screaming for them.  Damn!  All he
could do was not mention his nightmares and still the quaking in his hands
as he tended Chakotay.

Once more, Tom slowly moved and lowered the big man to the bed.  Chakotay
didn't even try to hide it anymore, he immediately lay on his side and
submitted to Tom's ministrations.

"Bad session?" Tom asked gently.  Chak just nodded.  Slowly, pausing at
each hiss and groan, Tom began to run his hands over Chakotay's bruised
body, checking for injuries.  He didn't know how the Commander felt about
his touch, but he had already reset a dislocated shoulder.  Tom felt the
need to do a physical examination.  He tried to be gentle, almost like
touching a lover, murmuring to him, talking to him.  He had to do as much
as he could to help, as much as Chak had to face Raton every single fucking
night.  Tom drew in a deep breath and released it as he sat beside Chakotay
on the bed.  He looked at the bite on Chak's shoulder.  It was deep and
getting infected.  It appeared to be a favorite of Raton's.  There wasn't a
morning that it hadn't been ripped back open.  Tom noted the red color and
swore as squeezed the cloth to at least rinse it out, fighting with the
futility of the situation.

As he gently removed his weight from the bed, shifting his weight
incrementally from the bed.  A thought occurred to him, a slightly
irrational thought.  When Chakotay wasn't there, Tom heaped curse upon
curse on that animal's head.  He paced the cell, cussed the Captain out,
shook his fist at the ceiling, muttered, just as angry as a person could
be.  However, as soon as they brought Chakotay back, he was gentle, quiet.
He never raised his voice, never moved suddenly.  He shook his head in

"Look Dad.  I'm learning control," He muttered inanely.

Tom was drawn back to the present as Chakotay jumped.  He had rinsed the
rag out and flushed the shoulder wound again.  Then he had continued his
exam.  Tom looked at where his hands rested on the back of Chak's legs.
They had taken Chakotay's pants the day before and given him a piece of
cloth.  The guards had callously made comments about how if he was going to
be Raton's whore, he should at least be dressed like it.  Tom had given
them a ration of shit for that little comment, but stopped before they
became too angry at him.

Tom soothed him with his voice as he slowly moved the piece of cloth and
suppressed a gasp as he took in the welts.  They appeared to be the only
new injury, but they were deep, really deep.  The only thing he knew that
would inflict wounds like that was a crop or a cane.  Oh shit, that had to

"Anything else?"

He felt the big man tense and saw his hands become fists.  The only other
response was a quick shake of Chak's head.

"Okay, roll onto your stomach.  I have to take this off, so it doesn't
become part of the scab," Tom said trying to emulate the EMH's professional
voice.  Chakotay shook his head.

"I know you don't want to be that exposed but, believe me, you don't want
this scabbing onto your ass.  I think Raton is the kind of guy that would
rip it off, just to hurt you," Tom said, rubbing his hand over Chakotay's
back.  Slowly, the muscles relaxed under his touch.

Chakotay gave a short burst of laughter.  His first audible response to
Tom's presence.  Amused laughter he noted, not hysterical, yet.

"Do what you have to do, Tom."

Tom nodded, knowing Chak was coming back into himself.  When he could start
to speak and trust Tom, he was centering.  Slowly and gently, Tom removed
the cloth and bit his lip to keep all verbal reactions quiet.  Chak's ass
was a mess.  It was covered in welts, bruises and blood.  Tom washed him as
gently as possible, not hearing the hisses or seeing the involuntary jumps
as the cool water and rough material hit the traumatized flesh.

"I'm sorry," Tom whispered.  Then he removed both of them from the here and
now.  "You know I was thinking about Sandrine.  Remember, I was telling you
about her the other day.  When we get back to Earth, I want you to meet
her.  She is one hell of a woman, Chak.  One hell of a woman."  Tom kept
the quiet monologue up.  If nothing else to distract Chakotay to some
extent as Tom used his shirt to wipe away the remaining signs of Raton's

However, he forgot himself, as he began to clean the back of his legs.

"Shit!  Doesn't this guy do anything but rip into you?"  Tom heard the pain
in his own voice, but he felt Chakotay go tense under him.  "I'm sorry,"
Tom apologized.  He knew Chakotay's way of dealing with this was pretending
it never happened.  Tom sighed and wondered for at least the millionth
time, 'Where in the fuck was Janeway?'

He drew a cleansing breath and looked away for a moment, blinking until his
vision cleared.


That night was a bad night.  Raton was angry.  As he came into the room of
torture, he only slowed minimally as he took in the big Indian spread for
his enjoyment.  Chakotay could not stop himself from pulling away from the
Ape, which he now referred to Raton as.

"Your Captain," Raton began, "is a woman that needs to learn her place."

Chakotay gasped when he heard those words.  Raton had met Janeway?  Had she
found them and was trying to get to them?  Hope filled his heart, despite
his best intention for it not to.  He knew the Ape loved the joy of cruelly
snatching hope away from someone, like letting Chakotay think he had a
chance to win his and Tom's freedom that first night.

"Oh, yes.  All that interesting red-hair.  She ordered me about as if I
were some lowly messenger.  Dismissed me from the room, so she could talk
to Kartock."

Chakotay wanted to cheer.  He was glad that the Captain had seen through
this man.  Then he realized where the Ape had seen her.  He was Kartock's
brother.  Janeway was still searching for them though, that was good.  He
relaxed back into the chains holding him.

"Who does she think she is?  And who are you that you obey a woman?"  Raton
hissed in anger, advancing on Chakotay.

His head snapped to the side at the Ape's backhand.  He slowly lifted it,
licking the blood away from his lip.  Chakotay's heart dropped as he
realized that he would pay for the Captain's actions, but for some reason
he was glad there was a reason for it.

He could sense Raton behind him.  He bit back the humiliation as the only
covering he was allowed was ripped from his hips.  He tensed and bit his
lip in pain as Raton bit at the wound he had inflicted on Chakotay's
shoulder.  It was infected.  Tom was worried about it.  Chakotay pictured
Tom's eyes as Raton began to inflict pain on his body, separating his mind
from the situation.  It wasn't until he felt the cockring tighten that he
was aware of what the Ape was doing to him.  Once he was too hard to free
himself from the device, the Ape reached up and released his arms.

"Come my pretty, let's see if your fighting has improved."

Chakotay slowly lowered his aching arms and rubbed the stiff muscles.
Warily, he turned, continuing to work the muscles in his arms and
shoulders.  These words worried him.

Chakotay had realized that these people were people of tradition and he
could understand that.  His people weren't as cruel as the Ape and his
buddies, but they did follow tradition, and there was a tradition to this
as well.  It was his place to throw the first punch.  But, it was the Ape's
place to make him angry enough to do it.

Unfortunately, Raton knew just how to do it.

Raton started pushing Chakotay, pushing him backwards and then telling him
how much he enjoyed bending the big man to his will.  Then he started
fantasizing, with lurid detail, about what he would do to Tom if Chakotay
didn't do what he wanted.  It took a while, but finally Chakotay attacked
when the Ape commented that perhaps they could get the Captain the same way
they had gotten Tom and him.

Chakotay lay panting on the floor.  His hands slipping on the tile, slick
with sweat and blood, his entire body screaming in pain, as his mind
screamed that he get back up, because if he didn't...

Raton hauled him up by his hair.  He struck out weakly.

"Pitiful," Raton said as he threw Chakotay.

In a matter of moments, Chakotay found himself in a position that scared
the shit out of him.  He was tied over a waist high bar.  His legs spread
to the point of cramping, shackled in place and his arms bound to his
ankles.  Raton never gagged him, he liked hearing the pain he inflicted.
Chakotay swallowed heavily as Raton undressed and stroke his massive cock,
staring at Chakotay's ass spread for him.  His bile rose as the Ape licked
his lips and moved closer.

"Such a pretty fuck," Raton whispered.  "So pretty."  He moved forward and
Chakotay tensed, but instead of the cruel hard invasion he was used to, the
Ape scraped his fingernails over the fresh welts.  Chakotay jumped and
cried out shortly.

"Your Captain is most upset that Kartock cannot find you.  But then again
Kartock, idiot that he is, would never suspect his brother of being the one
who led the Rashu."  Raton moved away from Chakotay laughing.

Chakotay could only wait.  He listened as Raton raved for a few moments.
Then he watched the man approach him again.  He felt him insert the end of
something into his exposed ass and fill him.  Closing his eyes, he prayed
to the spirits for strength, or death.  He almost didn't care any more
which they granted him, just end this.  To be so helpless before an enemy,
so vulnerable wasn't something he had ever faced before.  He clenched his
jaw as Raton slowly began to work his entire fist into Chakotay.  That was
the first night Chakotay screamed.

He awoke slowly, he felt his cock, hard and heavy, a hand was gently
stroking him.  In that fuzzy world of between sleep and awake, he thrust
his hips and almost cried out again.  Reality came screaming back.
Chakotay still had the cock ring on, his hands were once more bound behind
him as he lay in Raton's bed.

"What, my pretty fuck, are you sore?" Raton laughed cruelly as he continued
his tormenting stroke.

Chakotay literally bit his lip to remain absolutely silent, the tang of the
blood a familiar taste now.  He continued to bite down harder and harder
until Raton brought him to the edge of release and then stopped.  Chakotay
knew he was going to do it, but still it was almost beyond his control to
not make a sound.  The bigger man started to laugh.

Chakotay's eyes shot open as he tried to still his body's reactions, to
calm his harsh breathing, to not move his hips but it was so hard.  His
shame was complete as he realized what he had wanted.  He had wanted this
maniac to let him get off, he wanted to end the aching in his groin, and
was willing to let this man do it.  Chakotay wished the sharp pain from
being fisted would stop his need, but it didn't.  He wished he weren't
here, he wanted to be anywhere but here.  And despite every ounce of
self-control he had, his eyes filled with tears, allowing his captor that
much more joy in his achievement.

He turned his head away from his tormentor only to have the Ape suck on his
earlobe and the earring now in that ear.  Chakotay had forgotten about it
until the ape touched it.  He remembered as the needle pierced his flesh.
He had tried to console himself that it couldn't be as bad as when he got
his tattoo.  But he had wanted the tattoo.  He didn't want this mark placed
upon him.  He didn't want the gold in his body, one more mark showing that
he was nothing more than a distraction to Raton.

Spirits, what would Tom think when he saw it.  Tom, Chakotay latched onto
that thought.  Soon, Raton would take him to Tom, and the pilot would stop
the pain, if only for a little while.  He wouldn't condemn Chakotay for his
actions.  He would distract him from this hideous reality.  Tom.

"Ask me and I'll get you off."

Chakotay resolutely kept his mouth shut, refusing to beg.  He was rolled
over and he grunted as Raton pushed himself deeply into Chakotay and used
his body for his own pleasure.  Chakotay fought gagging as he felt the
Ape's seed fill him.  Tom, he held onto that thought.

Then as Raton climbed off, and called his guards.  He did the one thing
that Chakotay could consider a kindness.  He had him taken back to their

It didn't bother him, at that particular moment, that he was in this
condition: Naked, bruised, bleeding, hard, restrained, covered in the Ape's
come.  The guard's taunting and groping meant nothing.  He was focused.
All he needed was to get away from this torture and see Tom.

Once more, he felt the warm, gentle hands come around his waist and guide
him to the bed.  Chakotay felt as if he could relax now.  The quiet,
calming voice started talking.  The cloth was gently applied to his face
wiping away the blood.  He had made it through another night.


Tom knew he couldn't undo the shackles holding the Chak's arms behind his
back.  However, the sight of Chakotay's cock, swollen, bruising and leaking
almost made him ill.  Gods, if there were sizes to these things, this one
was definitely too small for Chakotay.

"Chief," he whispered desperately as he slowly helped the man.  "Don't do
this anymore.  He's gonna kill you."

As he cleaned or at least tried to clean and comfort the big man, he tried
to talk Chakotay out of this.

"It's not about you anymore, Tom," Chakotay finally whispered.

Tom was so frustrated.  He felt so helpless to do anything except triage
when they brought Chak back.  Now this, to send him back in this condition.
 He knew what happened, but must they parade him around like this?  Did
they have to leave him like this where now he had to get involved in it?
He had to add to his humiliation.  Then he too centered.

"How can I help?"

"I know it's asking a lot, but will you..."  Chakotay blushed.  Tom
couldn't believe after all that he had been through, the Commander could
blush about this.  "I'm hurting Tom," Chakotay whispered.

Tom's indomitable spirit rose to the occasion.  His eyes narrowed as he met
Chakotay's eyes

"Is that an order?" He asked with a quick smile to let Chakotay know he was
teasing.  He made a show of spitting in his own hand.

Chakotay smiled.  "No."

But the smile was replaced as he twisted and groaned when Tom touched him.
The Commander was no lightweight in size that was for sure, Tom thought as
he began to gently stroke.  Tom had to watch, biting back his own pain as
Chakotay closed his eyes at the pleasure/pain.  How humiliating for the
Commander, Tom thought sadly.

"Oh Spirits," Chakotay groaned.  Tom could see that each thrust of his hips
was pure agony.  Raton must have really torn him up.  He kept his eyes on
Chak's face to gauge if he was hurting him.  Hurting with him each time he
grimaced.  Unexpectedly, Chakotay opened his eyes and met Tom's.  An
unguarded moment and Tom didn't expect to see what he saw.

He made a decision and leaned over, still watching Chakotay for the
smallest sign of distress.  Gently, their lips touched and as Tom cradled
Chakotay's head, and their tongues met.  Chakotay twisted against him,
cried out quietly and came, struggling against Tom as his long denied
orgasm tore through him.  Tom gentled him down, stroking the tears from
both of their faces.

"Sleep, Chakotay, sleep."

And Chakotay did.  Tom sat beside him for a long time, watching, stroking
his finger's through that short, dark hair and wondering what in the hell
was tomorrow morning going to be like.


Chakotay slept peacefully, somehow aware of Tom's presence by his side.  He
felt the warmth of Tom's kiss long after he slept.  He was dreaming they
were back on Voyager, heading for home.  He and Tom were in his quarters,
sharing the evening over a few glasses of wine, when he awoke to a scuffle
and to Tom screaming.  When he tried to move, he cried out in pain.

"Get him tied down," Someone ordered, and Chakotay felt his ankles bound to
the end of the bed.

"No!" He screamed, struggling against incredibly strong hands.  "Raton
promised he wouldn't be touched."

"Well, Raton ain't here," someone hissed.  "And it ain't him we're gonna


Tom felt ill as at least ten men went into the cell across the hall.  He
had screamed, threatened and convinced himself he could kill all ten of
them with his bare hands if he had to.  The smile on each of there faces as
they came out hitching their pants up was almost enough to make him throw
himself at the forcefield.  Finally, they were all gone.

"Chakotay, can you hear me?"  He asked quietly only to be answered by

He kept talking, but Chakotay didn't respond to him.  Finally, he was
allowed back in the cell.  He couldn't even release Chak from the bed.
With tears in his eyes and his voice shaking, he once more wet the cloth
and began to tend the Commander.

"It's gonna be okay, Chak.  The Captain will find us."

Later, Raton came to the doorway.

"You have to let me care for him, he needs medication, antibiotics, a
fucking bath," Tom said loosing some of his cool.  Raton stared into the
blue fire and at the man on the bed.

"Step back," Raton said, and Tom stepped back from the force field.

Raton and two other men entered the cell and touched something to the
shackles holding Chakotay's arms behind his back, and cut the ropes holding
his ankles.  The knots had been pulled too tight by the Commander's
struggling to be untied.  Tom watched horrified as Chakotay's arms tumbled
limply to the bed, taking in for the first time the deep brown eyes staring
sightlessly at the far wall.

One of the men coldly lifted Chakotay onto his shoulder and Raton led them
down the hall.  Chakotay never even twitched a muscle.  Tom hurriedly
picked up the cloth thrown against the wall, and the remnants of his
uniform shirt and followed.

Raton didn't have to warn Tom about behaving.  Chakotay was helpless, and
Tom was not a man that could move that quickly carrying that much weight.
And Tom knew exactly who would pay for any disobedience on his part.

Raton stopped at a door, placed his hand on a pad and the door opened.  He
called for lights and the other man dumped Chakotay roughly on the bed.
Then they turned and left the room.

Tom looked around, somewhat surprised. These quarters were almost
luxuriant, windows, another door, carpeting, chairs, but the sunken bathtub
got his attention.  He filled it with warm water and with some difficulty
maneuvered Chak into it.  He caught his breath as he stripped to his briefs
and got in.  He may have an inch or two on the Commander, but Chak's dead
weight was almost too much for him.

With the same tender care he had used all along, he bathed him.  Tom began
to speak quietly as Chak started to respond to him, gentle instructions,
superficial jokes, anything to distract them both.

When the cleansing became personal, Chakotay protested weakly.  Tom spoke
quietly to him and the Commander settled down.  He reminded Chakotay of how
much they hated each other in the beginning, wondering if either of them
ever thought they'd be taking a bath together, and anything else that came
into his mind.  Finally, he got the Commander into the only bed in the room
and covered him.

He searched the room for anything he could use, but found nothing.  He
would have slammed the last cupboard shut, but was afraid he would wake

Later, two people entered the room by the other door.  One carried a tray
and the other moved to Chakotay.  Tom hovered as the man examined him.
When he was done he turned to Tom.

"You have medical skills?"


He reviewed the medications, how much and how often.  Tom listened
carefully.  The two left and Tom sat beside Chakotay and began to feed him.
 When the other man had gotten off the bed, Chakotay had woken up and Tom
felt his heart twist, when Chak jumped in fear.  He recognized shock and
mental trauma when he saw it.  He also remembered the feeling after he had
been used by one of the prison gangs in Auckland.  When there was no
response to his voice or his touch, Tom knew Chakotay was lost in his own
mind.  But he just kept talking, not knowing what else to do.  Chakotay
would come back when he was ready to.

"You know, my mother used to tell me I had a gift for gab, Chak, but you
are really pushing even my limits.  Good thing you didn't get stuck down
here with Harry and B'El.  They'd be talking Specs and Techs and bored you
to death.  Me, I tell you the good stuff.  Did I tell you about Louise?
Man, she was my first love...she ripped my heart out..."

When the food was gone, Tom slipped off his boots and lay down beside
Chakotay.  He just lay beside him, still talking, wanting, no, needing some
response.   He needed to hear they were going to make it, as much as
Chakotay needed to here it from him.

"I'll tell you this Chak, when we get back to Voyager, I am kicking
Janeway's ass.  This is just unbearable.  Leave us down here like this.
Yeah, her and Tuvok...I'll get B'Elanna to help with him though.  Vulcan's
are strong."  He felt the Commander move and Tom saw a faint smile.  "Hi.
How you feeling?" He asked stroking the Commander's cheek.

"You may need Vorick, too," Chakotay rasped out.  Tom looked into those
chocolate brown eyes, and smiled.

"Good idea.  I hadn't thought of him."

"Tom, would you...Don't leave."

"And where exactly do you think I'm going?  Vacation?"

Chak smiled weakly.  "No, stay here.  Don't go."

"Okay.  I'll be right here.  I promise."

That night, Raton didn't come and get him.  Tom warily pulled the covers
over himself, as he lay beside Chakotay.  He didn't trust that fucking
pervert to not try something like letting them get comfortable and then
coming and dragging Chak away.  He dozed lightly all night long.

He woke up with his arms around the big man, Chakotay's head on his
shoulder.  He didn't move, he just held him, strangely content that this
was good for both of them.