Title:        Abducted 1/?
Author:    JJ
Series:    VOY
Codes:    C/P
Parts:      1/?
Rating:    NC-17, NC, rape, bdsm
Archive:   CPSG, Cha_Club

Summary: Chakotay and Paris are abducted by aliens (Yeah, I know - it's
original).  Chakotay feels like he needs to protect Tom, but can he pay the

Many thanks to Shamenka who did the beta on this, but I've changed it since
then.  I claim all grammatical errors as my own doing!

WARNING:  This story contains rape scenes and some torture.

Disclaimer: Paramount owns all rights to Star Trek Voyager.  I am just
having fun, and will return all characters when I'm done.  We all know I am
not making any money doing this.

Somehow, something had gone wrong, not slightly wrong, but seriously wrong,
Captain Janeway thought, as she paced her bridge. Checking each member of
her bridge crew with a glance, she searched their faces for a clue, a
breakthrough, something.  But with each uncomfortable returned glance, she
received another disappointment.  Neither Chakotay nor Tom were answering
their hails; but the government of Kilian swore to her that neither of her
two senior officers had arrived.  Tuvok and Harry were both busy trying to
locate the Commander and Lieutenant Paris, but as of yet, were unable to
get a solid lock on their com badges.

"Captain," Tuvok said.  "It would appear that a dampening field has been
placed around the Commander's and Lieutenant Paris' com badges giving false
readings as to their location.  I am unable to obtain even a general area
to begin a search."

Janeway looked at Harry Kim.  "Harry, have you found anything?"

"Captain, as soon as they materialized...well, it's almost looked as if
they were transported again.  I can't get a lock on either of them and I
can't trace the second transporter beam, if that's what it even was."  The
younger man's voice was strained.  Janeway knew Harry felt like he was not
only letting her down but Tom as well.

Janeway held her temper in check.  "Then I would suggest that you two put
your heads together; and come up with a way to either pin down that signal,
or trace the second transporter beam, because I want them back."

"Yes, Captain," both men answered.

"I will be in my ready room if you need me, Tuvok."

Seven hours later, Janeway was speaking to Kartock, the High Counsel of the
Kilian, again.

"Captain Janeway, as much as it pains me to admit this.  I'm afraid we have
no further options for you.  It appears as if your crewmen have been
abducted by a rogue faction of our society.  We refer to them as the Rashu.
 They're a dissident group that is continually trying to disrupt our way of
life.  We're a peaceful culture, but these outlaws steal, pillage, kidnap
and are a continual torment.  They think we need to embrace our more
emotional and violent side."

"This is unacceptable, High Council.  You, yourself invited us to your
planet, and our people have been taken by these dissidents.  Are you
telling me you have no idea as to the whereabouts of my crew."  Captain
Janeway knew her tone was clipped, but damn it, her men were missing and no
one knew anything.  Why hadn't Kartock warned them about these abductions?
According to him, this wasn't the first time it had happened.  Was he part
of it?  Why were visitors to this world being kidnapped?  And where were
Chakotay and Paris?

"Captain, if I knew where they were believe me, I would have taken care of
it a long time ago.  Your people are not the only ones who have been
taken."  The High Council sighed.  "If you can get even a location where
you think your people might be, I'll assist you in any way I can.  We have
already sent out word to our security force to be on the lookout for your
men.  I wish I could offer you more hope, Captain."

Kathryn Janeway did not like the way this man sat.  He looked defeated, his
tone was weary.  How long had this been going on?  What was going on?  She
drew a deep breath, held it and then released it.  Suddenly a thought
occurred to her, and it frightened her.  Her heart rate doubled, she felt
herself pale, her eyes snapped to the screen, drilling into Kartock's eyes.

"You make it sound as if my men were dead, High Council."

"Not dead, Captain, but the Rashu are not renown for their kind and gentle
treatment of their captives."


Tom knelt beside and slightly behind Chakotay.  They were on their knees,
metal collars around their necks, and their wrists attached to the back of
those collars.  Chakotay took in the positioning, they were kneeling, their
captor was above them, they were securely restrained and under guard.  He
understood the mindgame, he had played it himself in the Maquis.  Looking
up at a massive man sitting in a chair.  He was dark headed and vaguely

The man made a small gesture with his head and Tom was dragged from the
room.  Chakotay was pleased when Tom kept his mouth shut, he had purported
himself well.  And knowing Paris, it had cost him dearly to keep quiet.

They both knew something had gone wrong when they had materialized a second
they to face a room full of guards.  Voyager was searching for them, they
knew that too.  However, since they had no idea where they were.  They
realized, they only had each other to rely on.  Not that Chakotay would
have chosen Tom to be the only person he could trust, but he was better
than some other people that Chakotay could think of.

"You are in charge?" The dark man sitting in the chair asked Chakotay.

Chakotay took in the dark stare, the powerful body and the predatory gaze.
He knew this humanoid as well as he knew himself.  He was in charge, he
reminded Chakotay of himself when the Crazy Horse was in a battle.  He
reminded him of B'Elanna when she was angry, barely under control.

"Yes," Chakotay answered simply.  The man appeared to deliberate for
several moments.

"Tell me of your people."

Chakotay knew Raton was seeing how far he could get with him.  What
information he would volunteer.  He also realized no amount of calm was
going to get him out of this situation.  He opted for regs.

"Commander Chakotay, Gamma 27 Alpha 179 of the Starship Voyager of the
Federation of Planets in the Alpha Quadrant."

"You have told me this before.  I want more information.  Strengths, the
type of ship you have."

"I am Commander Chakotay, serial number Gamma 27 Alpha 179..," Chakotay
began his litany again.

When he finished the man continued to stare at him and except for a
narrowing of the dark eyes, his face was unreadable.  He stood up and
walked towards Chakotay.

"The other man, is one of your soldiers?"  His captor moved behind him,
circling his captive.

"I am Commander..."

Chakotay was knocked off his knees by a vicious backhand to the back of his
head.  It threw him forward, but Chakotay brought his arm in, twisted his
body and rolled to his back.

"Kneel," his captor ordered.  Chakotay considered lashing out with both
feet, but knew it was futile at this moment.  He was about helpless with
his arms restrained as they were.  There were also the 4 remaining guards
to contend with.  He struggled back to his knees.

"I would suggest you become more reasonable in your responses, Commander
Chakotay of the Starship Voyager.  I have many ways of extracting
information from one such as you.  Or perhaps I should question the other
one...Paris, was that his name?"  The man's voice darkened with the threat.


Tom sat quietly in his cell, it was approximately 8 x 8 x 8.  He had a
bunk, a sink and a toilet.  That was it.  The walls were metallic gray, so
were the floor and the ceiling.  No windows and the force field held a
horrific shock capable of numbing his entire arm.  He assumed it was the
next day, because the lights had dimmed for several hours.  He thought it
might be important to try to keep track of time.  This was their second
day, wherever they were.

Tom came to his feet as Chakotay was dragged down the hall and thrown into
the cell across from his.  He watched as much as he could, while staying
clear of the force field.

He could see Chakotay had been tortured.  The Commander's face was covered
in bruises and blood, and his body slumped limply, almost as if he was
unconsciousness.  Although, when one of the men released him to deactivate
the force field, Chakotay was in fact conscious to some degree or another.
He managed to stay upright.

They were in trouble.

Chakotay stumbled as he was shoved into the cell.  Tom watched as he took
several staggering steps and then collapsed to the floor.

"Hey," Tom barked.  "Take it easy on him."  He watched as Chakotay curled
up slightly and then stopped moving.

"Commander?" He asked quietly, after the guards had left the area.  His
voice was tinged with compassion and worry.

No answer.

"Chief?" he called a little louder.  Tom knew he could hear the nervousness
in his own voice and hoped no one else correctly identified it as panic.
This was too close to Auckland, much too close.

Still no answer.

"Damn it, Chakotay answer me!" Tom ordered, needing to hear Chakotay's
calm, deep voice.  He needed to know he wasn't alone in this.

But no answer was forthcoming.


Several hours later, Chakotay rolled over and looked at Tom through the
force fields.  He saw the look on the cock-sure pilot's face, and hated him
for it.  Chakotay had one eye almost swollen shut and was sure most of his
face was black and blue, but when Paris' eyes dipped, he knew Raton had
left marks on him.  Marks that would quickly identify what he had been
through:  bite marks, bruises and his pants were not completely closed.
Chakotay didn't close them, choosing to ignore that particular insult and
not give it credence by closing them in front of Paris.

"Oh, shit Commander, what happened?" came the whispered question. Chakotay
took in the pale visage and he knew Tom was frightened, although his voice
betrayed only the barest hint of horror.

Chakotay's eyes betrayed none of the rage within him, nor did they betray
his pain, the mental pain, the physical pain, and the emotional pain that
coursed through him with every breath he drew.  After being trained by Star
fleet, he had always been prepared, or so he thought, to face any torture,
and more so after his time in the Maquis.  He had seen some real horrors
there, but this, this took him beyond his limits.

When Raton released the manacles and challenged him to a fight, Chakotay
thought he had a chance to win.  He thought he had a chance to win his and
Tom's freedom.  Chakotay had been wrong.  Despite his best efforts, Raton
was faster and stronger, taking Chakotay's best and shrugging it off.
Chakotay, on the other hand, took the beating of his life.  And then, when
he had been unable to rise, unable to get to his feet, Raton had almost
carelessly pinned him over a table, only to...Chakotay's jaw tensed even
now in the cell...only to rape him.

He had faced the Cardassians, Vidiians, the Kazons, but nothing had
prepared him for rape.  For the mental assault or the effects of the
physical assault.  For the deep seated anger that threatened to strip away
his serenity, his control.

"Commander, can you hear me?" Came Tom's quiet voice.  Chakotay noted he
sounded calmer now.

"Yes," Chakotay answered, leaning back against the back wall of his cell,
trying to find a comfortable position to sit in.

"Are you alright?"  It was a tentative question.

Chakotay just lifted his head to stare at the Lieutenant, who was at the
very edge of his doorway.  Tom sat back and swallowed visibly.

"Okay, that was a stupid question.  I'm sorry," Paris amended, putting his
hands up as if warding off the accusations in Chakotay's eyes.  "Can I

Chakotay shifted again and snorted, looking pointedly at the cells they
were in.  "How?"  His eyes boring into the younger man's.  The anger almost
overwhelmed Chakotay.

"Commander...um, it's...uh...look, I had the same thing happen when I was
at Auckland and...uh, it's easier if you stay on one hip or lie on your
side if you can."

Chakotay lowered his head, not caring to discuss this with Lieutenant Tom

"I'm sorry, there's just no easy way to share that."

"I'm sure," Chakotay growled, unable to stop himself from striking out at
the young man who wasn't to blame for their situation.

Later that day, after he and Tom had been fed something that made Neelix's
worst disasters seem like a tasty repaste.  Raton and several guards came
down the hall.  Raton looked into Chakotay's cell.  Slowly, raising his
eyes, Chakotay met Raton's steely glare.  The slight smile playing on
Raton's face was almost enough to make Chakotay rush the force field, but
he had had a chance in the previous hours, to calm himself.  He would not
play into his captor's hands by loosing his temper.

With a sigh of disappointment, Raton turned away from Chakotay and stepped
across the hall, to stare at Tom.  Chakotay noted, with some pride, that
Paris stood up and faced the much larger man.  Raton studied him, and
Chakotay could see the same measurement on Tom's face.

Raton turned back, but Chakotay remained passive, not rising to the obvious

"Bring him," Raton said turning completely away from Tom.

"No, take me," Tom cried.  "Or are you afraid?"

Chakotay could have laughed at Tom, but he didn't.  There wasn't a person
that didn't know Tom was afraid, but still the Commander appreciated the
effort and the bravado.  If Tom could face this man, so could he.

"Paris, shut up."

Chakotay was lifted to his feet by two of the men.  He tried not to flinch.
 But when he saw Raton standing outside Tom's cell again, he stood up of
his own free will, struggling against the hands holding him.

"We had a deal.  You keep your side of it, I'll keep mine," Chakotay
growled.  Raton turned to him and levered his head backwards by his hair.

"You will do whatever I want, whenever I want, and you'll say nothing,"
Raton moved very close to Chakotay, making him look up.  Chakotay fought
against the arms holding him.

"Or..." Raton's head swiveled back to Tom.

"And you claim to be a warrior.  I've met carrion with more honor,"
Chakotay hissed.

Raton laughed as he looked down into Chakotay's eyes, moving so that they
were pressed fully against each other.  Chakotay tried to pull away.

"Ah, ah.  If you misbehave..."  Raton's dark eyes shifted slightly towards
Tom again.


Tom paced the cell.  He knew he had made an impression on Raton when he had
literally stood up to him.  The flicker of surprise when Tom had met his
eyes, gave Raton away.  From his experience in Auckland and with the
Maquis, he knew that scum like that never expect anyone to stand up to
their bullying.  Oh, Raton knew he had been frightened, that went without
saying, but he had knocked him slightly off-balance.

'Good,' Tom thought.  He couldn't irritate the man into punishing Chakotay
for his actions, but he sure could express some of the pent up anger and

This time, when they brought Chakotay back, he was in far worse shape.  The
powerful man was in only his pants, no shirt, no shoes, and the manacles
were back.  He was covered in bruises, fresh blood and he limped.  Tom's
mind could only try to categorize what he could see.  Broken ribs,
abdominal injuries, were those bruises along his chin.  Shit, it looked
like he had been lifted by the collar.  He fought down the nausea that
threatened to overwhelm him as he took in the injuries.

He had to do something to help Chakotay.  Although they weren't best
friends, Chakotay couldn't take this abuse without suffering some serious
after effects.  Was Raton out to kill him, or just destroy the Commander?
He watched, expecting them to put Chakotay in the other cell, but instead
they deactivated Tom's force field and pushed him in.

Tom was wondering what was going on, but the look on Chakotay's face wiped
most other thoughts from his mind.  His gut sank, and Tom knew he went
white as a sheet as he clearly saw the bite marks on Chak's face, the
bruises on his neck.  No, not that.  Not just the shame of being raped, but
also the humiliation of being used this way against his will.

"Oh, Chief," Paris whispered as the Commander dropped to his knees and
began to collapse.

He moved quickly and pillowed his Commander's head in his lap, gently
stroking the battered face.  He looked up at the guards, his voice ragged.

"At least give me a dermal regenerator."

The guards laughed and walked off.  He checked Chakotay over.  Relief
spread through him, if this was the extent of his injuries, Chakotay would
live.  He went to the sink and drew his own shirt off, ripped off a sleeve
and soaked it.  He went back to Chakotay and began to tend his many wounds.

Wiping the blood from the Commander's face and chest, Tom noted the teeth
marks and the broken ribs, scratches.  Oh, that bastard had worked the
Chakotay over good.  Tom remembered being in the infirmary at Auckland with
similar injuries, but he was surprised Chakotay was taking such a beating.
Even he had taken one or two of them with him to the infirmary, why was the
Commander...  Then he remembered Raton's words.

'You will do whatever I say, whenever I say...'

"Oh, shit.  Chief," Tom said stroking his abused face.

Chakotay opened his eyes.  "Tom, just be quiet.  The Captain will find us."

"Yeah," Tom agreed grimly.  Sooner or later, he thought to himself.  "Help
me get you on the bed."  He heard the muffled groan as Chakotay moved his
legs.  Tom shivered as he remembered that pain, but kept his own memories
at bay as he focused totally and completely on Chakotay.


They came and took him again.  Chakotay was grateful that Tom had done as
he had asked.  He hadn't fought, and had kept his mouth shut, but nothing
could stop the blue glare.  Chakotay was happy with what he got.

They had talked quietly as Tom had tended him.  Tom had objected
strenuously when Chakotay admitted he was doing it to protect the pilot,
but when he grabbed Tom's arm and said,

"This is my choice.  This is the only way I can deal with what he is doing.
 Don't goad them into taking you, too.  One of us in this condition is bad

"Chak...I can't let you go through this for me."

"I'm not doing it just for you.  It's the only stand I can take.  There has
to be a reason to endure this, don't throw it away as if it were nothing."

As he was led through the corridors, Chakotay couldn't stop the memory of
Tom's hands.  The way he had gently spoken to him, calming him.  Talking
about when Janeway found them and they got back home.  The hope he gave.

They had both laughed lightly when Chakotay reminded Tom that *he* was the

Memories of Tom's light, delicate touch, soothing him, touching his face,
his chest, checking him for injuries. Gentle, just when he'd really needed
it.  Tom's obvious pain when he couldn't suppress a groan or a hiss.

Tom had beautiful hands.  Chakotay had watched them while they were on the
bridge.  He would occasionally find himself watching Tom's hands during a
course change, it was almost as if he were playing an instrument.  How the
pilot made Voyager do things she probably wasn't designed to do was beyond
the ex-Maquis, but how he loved watching him do it.

The door to Raton's chambers opened, and Chakotay was taken inside.
Chakotay braced himself mentally, all thoughts of Tom Paris leaving his
mind as he sought out his nemesis.  He studied the hard lines of Raton's
body.  The humanoid carried no extra fat.  Even though he was humanoid, it
was very, what was the term, Cro-Magnon.  Ape like, a wide forehead, with a
big nose and a strong jaw, almost jutting.  Chakotay had noticed, even
though this was a planet wide occurrence, it was very evident on Raton.

The ludicrous thought that Raton did this because he was too ugly to get a
date almost made Chakotay laugh.  It also made him doubt his grip on
reality for a moment.  Chakotay lifted an eyebrow, allowing the derision to
show in his eyes as he looked at his captor.  That was it Raton was reduced
to rape because he was one butt-ugly humanoid.

Raton was sitting in his chair.  He held a hand up and the guards stopped,
released Chakotay and left the room.  Chakotay waited, wondering what would
be on the schedule for today.

"You find something about me amusing?"

Chakotay stared at the man.  Would he be tied up and raped, would he be
beaten and then raped or teased and then raped. The ludicrous thought of
introducing him to B'Elanna occurred to Chakotay, bringing another slight
smile to his lips.  The mental picture of setting the diminutive woman
going complete Klingon on this sorry excuse for a life form, brought a

"Not something you would enjoy," Chakotay said.

"I see your man tended your injuries."

Chakotay remained silent, unconsciously fighting the restraints holding his
arms behind his back.  Again picturing Tom as 'his' man brought about
another mental picture of the Admiral's son in a butler's uniform.  His
mouth twitched, which irritated Raton even more.  Raton stood abruptly and
strode angrily towards the Commander.  Chakotay braced for the blow that
never landed.  Instead, Raton moved behind him and in a quiet whisper,
pointed out.

"He is a handsome man, almost beautiful."  Raton's blunt, thick fingers
moved over Chak's shoulder.  Mental images of Tom's lithe fingers flittered
across Chakotay's mind.  He had to agree with Raton, Tom was beautiful.

"Ah, I see the fire in your eyes, Chakotay.  Do you sleep with the man?"
Raton whispered in Chakotay's ear, "Do you fuck him, like I fuck you?
Driving yourself into him?  Making him take your manhood?"  Suddenly his
head was levered back.  "I asked you a question."

"No."  Chakotay tried not to fight his jailer.  To fight was to be beaten
or worse.

"You know, if I continue, he will beg to take your place."

"We had a deal," Chakotay hissed his neck aching from being held so far


Raton released his hair.  Chakotay straightened back up, but Raton
stayed behind Chakotay.  His hand strayed to Chak's throat and chest,
stroking it.  The Commander was not prepared when the teeth sank into his
shoulder.  He cried out as the teeth broke skin.  He tried to pull away,
but Raton only bit down harder, forcing Chakotay to still himself unless he
wanted to have a chunk of flesh removed.  Raton began to suck at the wound.

"You taste good."

Raton released Chakotay and took him to another room.
A room that he would soon learn to fear.