Tom’s Birthday

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Summary: Tom has an enjoyable birthday, for many reasons. 

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Tom’s Birthday

Tom lay peacefully in his wife’s arms. Smiling to himself. Rejoicing in what life had given him. Glorying in her presence.

"I never thought I’d be this lucky" kept repeating itself in his head.

Tom knew he finally belonged. He belonged in this bed holding B’Elanna. He belonged in these quarters where his children slept. He belonged on this ship with his friends - now his family. He knew he could never have imagined a future this wonderful.

Today was his birthday. It had started with the kids waking B’Ela and himself with cries of "Happy Birthday Dad" whilst thrusting cards and presents into his arms. They had saved their rations to make a real cardboard card, a real crayon and paper drawing and a real clay model of Voyager. One wall of the family’s quarters was a constantly changing Art Gallery. He knew B’Elanna kept many of the drawings after their showings. He’d have to have a special word and make sure today’s efforts were saved.

Lunchtime had brought the traditional birthday get-together at Sandrine’s. Parties on Voyager were now held more often during the day so that more of the younger members of Voyager’s complement were included. His friends were around him, wishing him well. Occasionally he had thought of those whom had been at previous gatherings and whom he’d only see in memories - mostly though, he’d just enjoyed the camaraderie. He even tolerated the good-natured ribbing as the Captain thrashed him at pool once more. Tolerated, hell - it meant a lot to him to hear the well-meant laughter rather than the sneers that had followed him when he first came on board. But that was so very long ago.

After his shift the kids had been entrusted to their "Uncle" Harry. Harry had special ways of dealing with the Torres-Paris clan. When the children were younger Tom and B’Elanna had been inundated by offers of help by would-be babysitters. Over time their children’s special talents for mischief had caused progressively more and more welcome mats to be withdrawn. Harry had shown unexpected flair for amusing the small ones - something many of the crew had taken advantage of.

He’d gone back to their quarters and changed. He knew that B’Ela’s present was a new holodeck programme. He had also known that it was set in mid-twentieth century Earth from the clothes she’d left out for him. What he hadn’t known was exactly what she was planning for the evening.

They’d almost not made it into the holodeck. He’d seen her outside in her costume and been entranced. The pale pink cardigan had set off the blush of her cheeks and the matching long skirt had flowed sensuously around her. Her frilly white blouse was sweet - but what had really set the mood were the ankle socks and sneakers. She looked …cute. And he’d been stupid enough to say so. B’Elanna had put on her best "just this side of ripping your face off" look and sneered:

"I am over thirty. I am half-Klingon. I am the mother of your children and I am Chief Engineer of this Starship. I am not cute"

Tom had taken a deep breath and responded with his most sincere tone

"My darling - all of the above are unquestionably true - except that you are indeed extremely cute"

"You can call me cute or you can see your present."

"Ms Torres, you are beautiful. You are stunning. You are the most attractive woman in the galaxy, and I am sorry if I offended you by calling you cute"

"Almost apology accepted." B’Elanna had lifted up on tiptoe and kissed his cheek. "Do you feel like driving tonight?"

They’d not been driving in a long time. When they had first been dating Tom’s holoprogramme of Mars had been a favourite. They’d had time to talk and explore and build a relationship while listening to rock music and staring at the desert.

B’Elanna had taken him into the holodeck and he’d been delighted to find one of his restored convertibles waiting for him. They’d driven to a Burger joint and enjoyed cheeseburgers and chocolate milkshakes. Then B’Elanna had directed him to a large area that looked like what was called a parking lot but with a big white screen in front.

"A Drive In!!!"

"Yep." B’Elanna had hooked the sound speaker into her side of the car. "What do you think?"

"It’s fantastic. I’ve read about these. Are we going to see a movie?"

"You bet. The Return of the Space Zombies"

"B’Elanna you are the best. My favourite car. A favourite movie. My favourite girl and somewhere I’ve never been before. Thank you!"

The movie had started. One of the things he loved about B’Elanna was her willingness to watch Earth B-grade movies with him. Very early in the voyage Harry had told him in no uncertain terms that he couldn’t understand how the movies had become a celebrated genre. To find that B’Elanna could suspend disbelief long enough to jump when the blob of the week attacked the hapless high schoolers had been a joyous discovery for Tom. He realised that her favourites were ones where the effects were so bad they would sit and throw popcorn at the screen - but she still curled up next to him whenever he put one on.

B’Elanna had snuggled up as the movie had started. When it had progressed to the inevitable scene of teenagers necking in the car as the aliens moved in to attack she had whispered innocently in his ear

"Would you like to try that?"

"Nah. I’ve taken over enough human minds for one day."

She smiled back evilly. He loved that smile. Loved being able to tease her. When he was younger he’d thought of marriage as a kind of imprisonment. Either a life sentence or very difficult to escape. The longer he and B’Elanna were together the more he realised how wrong he’d been. Their marriage was about freedom. The freedom to be themselves without fear of rejection. The freedom to belong to and with each other. He had tried to put on his best innocent look as he replied

"Oh. I think I understand. You mean try this?"

Tom kissed the lips he knew so well and couldn’t get enough of. She had pushed her tongue into his mouth, tasting him thoroughly. His hands began to roam underneath that pretty pink cardigan. Horns in the cars immediately behind them had started to sound…



"People are watching us"

"Oh. Hang on"

Tom had been glad for the slightly loose cut of his jeans as he got out of the car. The others on the holodeck tooted, flashed lights and yelled lewd comments as he put the top of the car up and wound up the windows. He sat back in the driver’s seat.

"Now. Where were we?"

They kissed again. At first a gentle exploration - touching each other through the clothes - textures so different to uniforms and sleepwear. Tom gently removed B’Elanna’s cardigan and started to stroke her breasts through the light blouse. His pulse had quickened as he felt her begin to breathe more rapidly. Their hunger had grown and his kisses became deeper, demanding more of her.

"Ah…Tom…Maybe it’s…oh…time we moved into the …um…back seat"

"Uh-uh" - he had smiled wickedly

"Uh-uh?" - she knew exactly what that smile meant. Something new.

"Move your legs a little. I have an idea"

Tom had moved himself across the centre of the car and curled himself up at her feet. It was a snug fit but his head was just where he wanted it. He gently raised his face up under that fascinating skirt and kissed her silky thighs. He could hear her appreciating his ministrations. He was certainly appreciating the view. Pink underpants, too. He kissed her through them and mumbled

"I like these"

"Glad to hear it Birthday Boy. I’ll …uh…replicate some in your…ohh....size. Now…get…them…off…me!"

"Yes ma’am"

He removed her pants and sank his mouth into her musky wetness. No matter how often he did this he never ceased to wonder at the marvel of her. He carefully licked around her outer lips, building gradually, as one hand strayed up to her breast.

"Please Tom"

That was all it took. He licked at her juices, trying desperately to taste every drop, savour every part of her. Then he had sought out and found her hardness - lapping at it, revelling in the feeling of her responding to him. Feeling her moist inner lips swell with desire. Feeling his own hardness throbbing in its confinement, aching for her.

"Oh Tom" - and he knew. Knew she was close. Wanted to please her. Wanted to feel her come. He gently inserted one finger, then two, redoubled his efforts with his mouth and felt her - first a small spasm, a twitch - then the regular strong contractions of her orgasm as she yelled his name. He rested against her - still licking gently as she rode the storm down. She had pulled him out from under her skirt and kissed him thoroughly.

"Good one?" He asked, smiling ever so slightly smugly.

"Fantastic" she had replied, running her hands down his front - stopping at the large bulge in his jeans "Now. How about you birthday boy?"

"Mmmm. Let’s see. We’ve never done it in the front seat before."

"Is there room?"

"I’m not sure. I’ve never tried." He laughed at the sceptical look on her face "No, seriously. I really don’t know."

The Engineer's mind seemed to be at work as she kissed him

"Maybe if we put the seat back…"

His elbow had hit the horn. Again the laughter and jeers from the surrounding cars. B’Elanna had begun to laugh uncontrollably.

Tom cursed "Makes you understand why Drive-Ins died out as a make-out place"

"Oh well. We’re here now. And…you’re…overdressed." 

B’Elanna quickly, efficiently and tantalisingly stripped him. She pushed him onto his back in the seat she had been sitting on and had taken up position in the footwell - thought had become near impossible as she nibbled around the top of his glans, licking around his length. She swallowed and rubbed him with her hand until he was in a frenzy. He had known he was on the verge when she climbed on top of him and began to nibble his neck. He opened her blouse and kissed her beautiful nipples, sucking and playing until she’d pushed his head back and returned the favour.

She had then tortured him, rubbing her moist slit up and down his pulsating length, not letting him enter her. Her pink skirt brushed his thighs. She was driving him crazy in the best possible way.

"B’Ela please" And she knew, too.

Knew just how to move upon him. Knew how to reach behind her and tickle his balls just so. Circled him so he could feel all of her wonderful wet insides. Moved up and down till she took him to the edge. Knew from the change in his breathing just how close he was…

"Love you, B’Elanna"

"I love you too, Tom"

And he had moved against her. Thrusting as she pushed down. They moved faster and faster and he saw her face change as she called his name. Felt her holding him and moving on him and squeezing him and then it was her watching him with a look of pure joy as he crested and his orgasm took him.

When the world had decided to come back to him he’d smiled as he saw his wife’s predatory grin.

"Good one." She’d made it a statement, not a question.

"Most excellent."

"I’m glad, seeing as we’re going to need the dermal regenerator when we get back."

Tom had felt confused. He couldn’t remember biting her - and definitely didn’t recall being bitten. He looked at her quizzically for an explanation.

"The front seats have these window controls. Knees next to window controls during vigorous motion seem to equal bruises."

"Oh." Not the most intelligent answer in the galaxy, but he was still recovering from what she’d done to him. He had pulled her to his chest and kissed her tenderly.

"Happy Birthday Tom"

"Thanks for everything B’Ela."

They had held each other and dozed off as the Space Zombies were vanquished.

"Your holodeck time expires in five minutes."

It had been a rude awakening. If making love in the front seat had been a little awkward getting presentable in the five minutes before they were due to pick up their brood had been downright difficult. They’d made it, checked Harry’s quarters for unexploded devices (a lesson learnt the hard way) and left for home. B’Elanna had put the kids to bed with the usual ritual of complaints, kisses and bedtime stories. He had watched from the doorway - loving her animation, delighting in her beauty.

They had shared a bath, rubbing out the sore muscles from the exciting love-making earlier in the evening. This had led to the near-unheard of luxury of making love for the second time. (Children and long shift had led to a kind of happy permanent exhaustion that had made a good sleep in each other’s arms seem far more alluring than sex in a Jefferies tube - at least, most of the time). Tom could freely admit to himself that he wasn't as spry as he once was - and that there were advantages to making love in a comfortable bed.

The thought recurred as he lay there remembering the day

"I can’t believe I am so lucky"

Sleep began to claim him; he snuggled a little closer to his sleeping wife. It was good to belong.

The End

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