Bedside Manner

A P/T Story exploring a fantasy of B’Elanna’s and Tom’s new responsibilities (not necessarily in that order)

Rated NC-17 – don’t read this if you’re under 18 or if sex between committed couples disturbs you

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Bedside Manner


Tom was in Sickbay waiting for disaster to strike. Voyager wasn't in battle; there were no away missions on the planet and B'Elanna had the ship's systems under control. Despite this, the sense of impending doom just wouldn't leave him. With the Doc spending more and more time "out and about" Tom was temporarily in charge of the ship's health.

Once again Tom cursed the Admiral for making him take those damn Biochemistry courses. Their argument still echoed in his brain:

"Dad, Biochemistry isn't going to be much use to a pilot. I'd be better off studying temporal physics."

"Son, you are destined to be more than just a pilot. One day you'll be glad you broadened your horizons."

Well, dear old Dad had been half-right. He was more than just Voyager's pilot now. Glad wasn't the word he'd use for his work as the relief medic. Initially he’d been confident – heal a broken bone here, stop a case of nausea there. The last time there was a full on emergency in sickbay had turned around his feelings about being a "nurse". Sure it was good to help and make people feel better but those warm feelings ran cold as soon as he thought of his friends' lives in his hands. No matter how many drills he went through, or how hard he studied he still didn't feel confident that he'd cope with a full-on emergency.

Biochemistry and practical Medicine were two completely different skills. They were far closer than they'd been in, say, the early 21st Century when the Human Genome had just been mapped; however a knowledge of Kreb's cycle, Surak's law of Transference and Bolian Amino Acid structure was of little practical use when a colleague was bleeding to death before his eyes. And the Doc would keep using holo-representations of the crew in the simulations.

The truth was that during his assigned shifts he was too scared to leave Sickbay, even to eat. The knowledge that the Doc was only seconds away did not reassure him. He felt that by walking through those sliding doors he would somehow be inviting something terrible to happen.

B'Elanna had noticed the change early in Tom's resumption of his "apprenticeship". When he came to her after a shift on the bridge he was usually buoyant, full of confidence - after a busy shift in Sickbay he was so withdrawn it was hard to believe it was the same man. She had a terrible time accepting this change and had been fantasising about ways to make him more relaxed at work.

Tonight she had the perfect excuse. Harry could have just as easily run the dermal regenerator over the grazes on her knees - but B'Elanna wasn't going to fly in the face of serendipity and told Harry she'd get Tom to fix it. It was late and Sickbay was unlikely to have any crewmembers popping in with minor ailments.

The accident had happened due to two unrelated circumstances. B'Elanna was never quite so comfortable in skirts as in her usual slacks and she definitely had never been one for high heels. She liked the way she looked in them but their impracticality annoyed her terribly. Harry had insisted that they were perfect attire for his holoprogramme. Unfortunately when she'd been called to an urgent repair they had been anything but ideal for climbing ladders in Jeffries Tubes. 

So she now strode into Sickbay and sat on the Biobed nearest the Store Room. She was sorry she hadn't told Tom she was on her way when he rushed over, his face full of concern

"B'Ela, are you okay? What are you doing here?"

She smiled and reached out to him

"I'm fine really. Just discovered that stilettos and EPS repairs don't mix. So I thought I'd get the best medic on the ship to help repair my damage"

Tom's relief was almost palpable. As he relaxed he took note of his lover's attire:

"How on Earth did Harry manage to get you to wear that?"

"Oh he said I'd ruin the mood of weeks of programming if I didn't. And I kind of felt like we'd been neglecting him lately."

"Hmm. Maybe I could persuade you you've been neglecting me if it'll get you to wear clothes like that?"

"Maybe." B'Elanna hitched her already short skirt up a bit further and said " So do you think I'll live?"

Tom surveyed the broken skin "I'm sure."

Tom picked up the dermal regenerator, something that brought pleasant memories flooding back. B'Elanna enjoyed the feel of it healing her skin. The sensation was one she associated with satisfaction. A satisfaction she longed to feel once more.

Tom noticed the change in her stance as she sat on the biobed. He could smell her muskiness. He looked up and saw her smile.

"All done here."

"No you're not!"

B'Elanna captured Tom's eyes with her own and drew him towards her. Her pupils grew with excitement as she softly kissed his mouth with her own, meeting his initial reluctance with increasing passion. Tom drew away again:

"B'Elanna we can't - I can't. Not here. Not on duty."

B'Elanna captured his mouth again. When she released it she looked at him with the utmost solemnity and, firmly grasping his butt, breathed:

"Tom - you're at work."

Tom took a few seconds to process this obvious piece of information as he returned her kiss. Suddenly her meaning was all too clear.

"Ohhh. Not fair Torres."

Tom returned B'Elanna's kisses passionately. Ever since she'd succinctly told him her fantasy of "taking him on the job" he'd had visions of a session on the holo-bridge. Now she was here in Sickbay, dressed to kill, smelling good and turning him on the way only she could. He cleared his head again:

"B'Ela - if we get caught - "

B'Elanna hopped off the biobed and walked slowly into the store-room giving Tom a chance to yet again appreciate the way the heels accentuated her slender calves. She sat up on the counter top and spread her legs invitingly, slowly lowering her sheer panties. 

"We'll be okay in here. You're still available" She paused "Although, I hope, slightly less obviously"

Tom was tortured - here was the woman he loved obviously ready to fulfil her fantasy, but the torment of sickbay was just bare feet away. As these thoughts flashed through his mind B'Elanna's hand parted her lips to expose her dripping wet slit. Tom knew he was lost.

He dropped to his knees in front of her and began to lick her hard and fast, lapping at her, trying to taste as much of her as possible, thrusting two fingers into her as she opened up to his touch. Relishing her moans, feeling his own hardness straining against the constraints of his uniform. He licked and nibbled on her clit as he heard her moaning softly, holding his head closer. He heard her breath quicken as her muscles began to spasm around his hand.

B'Elanna pulled Tom to her mouth, kissing him hungrily, tasting her own juices on his tongue. Her hands made quick work of his trouser top and she pushed his pants down, grabbing hold of his firm ass. 

"Now I want you to make me feel all better-"

B'Elanna reached and firmly grasped his hard shaft, slipping it easily into her wetness. She wrapped her legs around his hips, pulling him into her as she sat on the counter top. She guided the rhythm, wanting to feel him hard and fast, aware of Tom, aware that they could be disturbed at any moment. The knowledge driving her onwards as she tightened her inner muscles to grasp him more firmly, take more of him. 

Tom felt her tighten and began to massage her breasts through the confinement of her dress. He kissed her deeply, wanting more of her. At an unspoken signal he quickened the pace and dropped his thumb between them to rub her sensitive nub. 

Tom came first, suppressing his customary yell by devouring her mouth, his movements driving B'Elanna over the top and setting off her own climax.

They stayed like that for a while, enjoying their bliss, kissing, feeling the contentment of being joined. Finally B'Elanna sat back and said

"I wasn't sure this was ever going to happen."

"It probably shouldn't have." Looking at the hurt on her face, Tom kissed her tenderly and said "But I'm sure glad it did."

Tom looked about and grabbed some gauze and began to tenderly begin to clean her up, regretful he couldn't linger just a bit longer over those tantalising folds, knowing that if he did they would probably get caught in this compromising position. B'Elanna sensed his hurry and, giggling, mopped him up. She gave his maleness a quick kiss before returning it to its confinement once more.

"I never thought you meant *this* job, Torres."

B'Elanna smiled wickedly. 

"I wanted to give you something nice to think about while you were at work. Plus most people have a doctor or nurse fantasy at some stage." Her smile widened "I'm just lucky you happen to be available to fulfil mine. By the way, I like your bedside manner."

B'Elanna gracefully descended from the counter top, into a hug from her lover. It was great just to be held by his strong arms.

"I love you Tom."

"Love you B'Elanna"

"My place after work?"


They kissed once more. Tom reluctantly let her go as they heard the doors to sickbay whoosh open. B’Elanna strolled past an astonished Lieutenant Ayala, swinging her hips suggestively. Both men stared until she disappeared through the power doors.

Tom hoped she didn’t change when she got home.

The End

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