Title:     Tom Paris's Nose--From the view of a half-Klingon
Author:    Laura Michelle Hale
Series:    Voyager
Thank You: Following people aided and abbetted me in the lunacy below:
           Voyager Babe who explained the parts of the nose to me and
           popped me some adjetives, Dani who tossed this idea my way,
           and PJ in NH who beta read this...
Rating:    PG
Codes:     P/T

Tom Paris's Nose
--From the view of a half Klingon

Stream lined
Nice nostrils
Precisely delineated
Leading to lips
Classically sculpted

B'Elanna found herself being roused to wakefulness.  She felt something
prodding her at the juncture of her arm and shoulder.  The prodding
object moved again, and then snuffled.  Half-Klingon eyes snapped open.
This feeling was a new one for her.  She moved her elbow and turned her
head to examine what was making itself at home in her armpit.

Blonde hair attached to a lovely human head moved.  A mumble flew from
the lips attached to the head.  "Go back to sleepů  We still have
plenty of time before we go on duty."  Her helm boy then repositioned
himself so that he was using her torso as a pillow.  This was much a
more preferable position for his head to be. The new position also gave
her a chance to look at Tom's nose.  B'Elanna allowed herself several
seconds of lustful examining of his nose.  She added biting it to her
mental checklist of things she'd like to do with Tom Paris the next time
they were both awake and in the mood to play.  After several minutes,
she heeded to her helm boy's advice and drifted back to sleep.

B'Elanna accepted the diagnostic report from one of her junior
engineers. She then leaned back in her chair, sipped her coffee and
started to read. Several minutes later her mind started to wander, and
contemplated other, more entertaining things.  One of the thoughts that
flitted through her brain was that of her lover's nose.  This object had
been lurking in her subconscious most day, and since, she was now
avoiding reading another diagnostic report, she decided to give his nose
some thought.

Her helmboy had a perfect nose.  It fit his face and nicely complimented
the rest of his features.  The only imperfection was a tiny bump on the
bridge of it.  This imperfection made his nose all the perfect. If she
had a firm belief in a higher power, she'd believe that his nose had
been sculpted by the gods. The tip of his  nose was fun to look at, and
even more fun to tweak in the privacy of her quarters. His septum, that
piece of flesh that separated his nostrils, was just the perfect width
and defined quite well his nostrils. Those two holes where air passed
from the outside into his lungs were ovular. Her thumbs fit nicely up
them, the one time she had done that in order to shut him up. The color,
the coloring of his nose fit the rest of him: peach but a very pleasant
pink when he blushed.  It was so handsome, and masculine that she just
wanted to look Tom in the eye and then take a light nip at his nose.

Joe Carey came to the door with a question.  Being in a much better mood
despite not having accomplished much work, B'Elanna set down her coffee
and the PADD. She then uncrossed her legs, and set them on the floor.
It was time to go back on duty and assert her dominance in Engineering.
Tom's nose and her desire to bite it would be dealt with later this

The door slid open and Tom Paris meandered into B'Elanna's quarters.  It
had been rather dull on the bridge today.  With nothing behind them, and
nothing in front of them, an empty void of nothing, there wasn't much
for him to do. He was looking forward to some more one on one time with
B'Elanna.  After Chakotay had made B'Elanna come clean with and deal
with her depression, she'd been much easier to interact with, much
easier to be with, and a lot less painful to love.

The helmboy's peripheral vision picked up a human-Klingon hybrid headed
in his direction.  She was attired in what appeared to be his blue
bathrobe.  Tom inwardly smiled.  She looked more then eager to see him.
Though she had been more enthusiastic for his company yesterday, he
still had nagging fears that she would retreat from him again.  B'Elanna
stopped her approach once she was standing in front of him.  This time,
Tom let the smile reach his lips and eyes.  His lover's face mirrored
his own feelings now.  Her smile brought joy to her heart.

A tan hued hand reached up.  It grasped the back of Tom Paris's head,
bringing it down to the height level of a certain engineer. Mouth opened
and then mouth slowly closed over the nose of one Tom Paris.  Tongue
attached to mouth touched the nose.  Teeth exerted a little more
pressure on the nose.  Mouth vanished from the nose, and the hand
removed itself from where it had been resting.

B'Elanna took a step back from Tom Paris.  He sputtered, he muttered,
and then he asked why.  The engineer didn't reply aloud.  Rather, she
grabbed her lover's hand and hauled him into the sleeping area.


Laura Michelle Hale