Engineer’s Daughter
By Niamh Crilly & Laura Hale

Rating: G is for General
Series: Voyager, with Paris and Torres relationship thread tossed in
Disclaimer: I wish we could but we do not.
Summary: The adventures of B’Elanna and Tom’s daughter.

Blue eyes stared at bio-neural circuitry. Jeffries tubes were her nearest and dearest friends. When ever she got away from her keepers, she headed for them like a fly to honey. She knew that this upset her parents. She knew it caused them stress but there wasn't much for a six-year-old to do on a star ship.

She wrinkled her forehead and then eased her hand behind the circuitry and other materials on the wall. She found what she was searching for, a bio-neural gel pack. Without a second thought she pulled it out, avoiding all the lit up wires which everyone had told her about. When she was really young, a year or so ago she had touched one of the wires by mistake. She didn't remember much except that the Doctor had given out and her father gave her ice cream as a treat. Her mother had taken her to work with her for a few days so she could learn what wires not to touch.

She'd learned her lesson well. While she knew she wasn’t supposed to touch things on the ship with out permission, she continued to do this. It was fun. She was careful though not to get caught. Since this panel was open, she could probably get away with borrowing the components. No one would notice. If they did, her mom would just chew them out. That was always fun to watch.

The gel pack emerged from the panel, firmly clasped in her hand. She squeezed the thing and smiled. She still needed more stuff to scavenge. She was going to make model ship that flew and she was gonna make it all by herself. She, after all, wanted to be like her mother. She knew how to use most of the tools she needed except for the dangerous ones, her Mom never let her near those ones. She had already decided to ask someone other than her parents for help with anything that needed those. Maybe if she put on her Mom's bossy voice they’d forget she wasn’t supposed to have things like this. She was good at being bossy.

She heard someone crawling through the Jeffries Tubes near where she was, she knew it was someone from engineering coming to put the panel back on. She set off in the other direction, knowing that even if she were caught she would start crying. The poor engineer would be so scared of what her Mom would say that he’d never notice the gel pack she'd be forced to drop and come back for later.

Not that her mom wasn't nice. She loved her mom. She loved her dad. Her mom had a temper though. Her dad said the she, as her mother’s daughter, knew just how to light her use. Her mom never took out her temper on her. She took it out on her underlings a lot though. It wasn’t pretty to watch.

She tossed a glance over her shoulder. They weren’t approaching fast. She'd get out scoot free with out being caught. That was good. She didn’t want to upset her mother. She scurried out the opening and onto the deck. She pushed a lock of brown hair out of her face. She stood up. Her eyes noticed black. Her eyes noticed lots of black. Her eyes traveled up. They say red. "Uh oh." Her eyes noticed familiar blue ones. She was going to be in trouble.

She tried her best innocent face but he didn't buy it at all. "Didn't we tell you the Jeffries Tubes were off limits, unless you were with an adult." She nodded, trying to think of someway of dropping her precious gel pack before he saw it.

"What's in your hand? If it's another important wire your mother will have to be called." Deciding that she had no choice, she stuck out the hand holding the gel pack. Her Dad looked at it in amazement and then began to laugh. This confused her; he was mad a moment ago and now he was laughing.

"Trust B'Elanna Torres's daughter to be able to remove a gel pack without any tools or help." Tom smiled at his daughter, picked her up and placed her on his shoulders. The two then made their back to their home.

The End