TITLE     :  Boxers, Briefs or Commando?
AUTHOR    :  Laura Michelle Hale (lhale@niu.edu)
SERIES    :  voyager
CODES     :  P, P/T
RATING    :  PG-13
FEEDBACK  :  Yes please.  Any kind.  Need to improve my writing skills.
DISLCAIMER:  Wahh!  I want to own them but I cannot own them. Some
                     one else doth own them
SUMMARY   :  What does Tom Paris wear under his pants?
ARCHIVE   :  ASC & PTF but anywhere else with my permission

Megan and Jenny Delaney were in sitting at a table at Sandrines.  Recently,
they had made it a point to socialize with Seven of Nine.  They thought of
her as their personal pet project and were, in their spare time, trying to
teach her the fine art of flirting.  But Seven wasn't turning out to be the
protegee they had been hoping for.  In fact, after having persuaded Gerron
to be a token guinea pig for Seven to flirt with, they were almost sure that she
was hopeless.  She couldn't seem to flirt.  It frustrated them to no end.  They
were now just sitting there at the bar, drinking synthehol trying to come up with
a new game plan when Tom Paris walked in.

Tom Paris ambled over to the pool table. Harry and B'Elanna were already
there and in the middle of a game.  B'Elanna was beating Harry and beating
him badly. Tom Paris leaned over and whispered something in B'Elanna's ear.
B'Elanna smiled and Tom wrapped himself around her and helped her to line
up a shot.  He was leaning over.  His ass was pointed in their direction.  It was
a lovely sight to behold.  Earlier that evening, before B'Elanna had shown up,
they discussed his finer physical attributes in great detail. Seven had agreed
with them that he might be the best looking and sexiest human in the Delta
Quadrant. The only person she said that may come close was Harry Kim.
Jenny and Megan both viewed this as a personal triumph to have Seven
admit this.

Megan sighed aloud.  At one point she would have given anything to have Tom
Paris. She wouldn't now though, as he was happily involved with B'Elanna. They
deserved each other.  With Torres occupied sexually regularly, she wasn't as
violent towards her fellow crewmembers.  Being involved with some one though
didn't prevent Megan from looking.  She and her sister looked. They looked so
much that even Seven turned to look and examine what they were watching.

"Why are you looking at Ensign Paris's posterior?"

Before Megan could answer, her sister spoke up. "I'm looking because I've
always wondered what he wears under his pants..." When Seven quirked an
eyebrow, Jenny tried to finish the thought. "um, you know?  Boxers, briefs, or

Megan tried to stifle a giggle.  She, too, had always wondered what the answer
to that question was. "Right now, I'd say commando. Look at how well those
gorgeous buns are outlined.  He can't be wearing any."

Over by the pool table, B'Elanna finished her shot.  She stood back and next to
Tom, patiently waiting for Harry's turn to end.  B'Elanna moved her hand to
Tom's back and then slowly let it travel down that lovely piece of Tom.  Her
hand stopped its journey on the object of the Delaney Sisters and Seven
attentions: Tom's lovely behind.

Jenny concurred.  "He came in here for B'Elanna.  It would save him a lot of
time later if he wasn't wearing any."

"He would most likely chafe what he was here to entice B'Elanna with if he
didn't wear something under his pants. If I was to take a guess, I would say
he was wearing briefs." Seven responded.

Megan and Jennifer Delaney de-riveted their eyes from Tom Paris's lovely
backside to gawk at Seven.

"Briefs?" Jenny gasped in disbelief.

"No way!" Megan commented.

People turned and cast a look in their direction.  Megan and Jennifer shut their
mouths and put on innocent expressions until the looks went back where they
belonged: anywhere but on them.

"How can he be wearing briefs, Seven?  He's wearing SKINTIGHT pants.
We'd see a line somewhere if he was wearing briefs under those pants," Megan
hissed in Seven's direction.

Seven thought about that for a second.  She couldn't formulate a reply or think
of a proper rejoinder to that comment.  There was only one option left: to
leave.  "Thank you, ladies.  I will try to put into practice some of your
earlier advice.  Good night."  With that, Seven left Sandrines.

Megan and Jenny looked at each other.  Then they looked at Tom's ass as it
meandered out of Sandrines and the holodeck. "Definitely nothing under
there. No line," Jenny commented.  Megan heartily concurred.

Later that night, in the privacy of B'Elanna's quarters, Tom, aided by B'Elanna,
took off his pants.   His girlfriend sighed.  "Must you wear that blue thing?
I'd prefer you wear boxers."  Tom smiled.  B'Elanna heaved her shoulders in

"I thought you liked my electric blue thong B'Elanna?"  The cocky smile got

"It looks nice but I prefer the boxers with the little Voyager ships on them.
That way I can call you my little fly boy and get immense pleasure when you
blush."  B'Elanna smiled evilly.  "I liked it better when I removed them too....
This little blue thing, with the little silver snaps on the sides, well it's too
easy to remove."  B'Elanna moved closer into Tom, snapped the thing off.
The night had just begun...


"There's no time to jump into the sack.  Plus, I don't  want
girls to see Captain Janeway drop her knickers."-Kate Mulgrew