Three Shorts by Laura Hale
by Laura Hale

"Jenny, hand me a scalpel."

"Why Megan?"

"We are getting Tom back for his GF's behavior."


"We're going to amputate his ass!"

"Won't that hurt Tom?"

"Um, that's what we have the EMH for. He fixes our mistakes."

"Still, ouch. That's gotta hurt. Let's amputate something
else not quite so painful."

Both looked down at Tom's cute naked rear end. "Okay. Let's
not. There isn't really a need to damage the produce."


Tom was standing next to B'Elanna waiting patiently for her to finish.
B'Elanna finished her point and then grabbed Tom's face between her

With great delight, she shoved it in front of Harry's face. "Doesn't
he have cute eyes? And they both mine!" B'Elanna laughed, still holding
Tom's face. Tom smiled at Harry as poor Tom couldn't really do much

Harry stared at B'Elanna in fear and then began slowly backing up.


B'Elanna was sitting naked in Tom's bed impatiently waiting for her helm
boy to return to his place. He was late. B'Elanna started down the
road that often calmed her down. She started fantasizing about Tom's
anotomy. Tonight's delightful fasciation was with Tom's fingers. B'Elanna
loved Tom's fingers. They were marvelous.

Meanwhile in the mess hall, Tom was under a table. He'd dropped an egg
and had crawled under the table to get it. Then he had become stuck
there when the Delaney sisters had sat and down. They had been
discussing of all things, amputations. Tom then registered immense pain
as one of them moved there foot and ground it into her foot into what she
thought was the ground. Tom groaned in pain over his poor mushed fingers.

The End