Goodnight (One: Rewritten)
By Jane Griffen

NOTE: Something just wasn‘t right about the episode

One so I re-wrote a part. E-mail welcome at

B‘Elanna walked into the cargo bay on Deck 14, a little hesitant. She didn‘t exactly like the idea of being "suspended", as the Doctor had put it, for over a month. And the fact that he and Seven of Nine would be in charge wasn‘t exactly a highlight, either. Glancing around, she saw the many statis chambers that the crew would be in. She winced.

"B‘Elanna! Over here!" a familiar voice called. She looked over to see Tom calling her and Harry waving. She walked over to them and was soon joined by the Captain, Seven of Nine, and the Doctor, who were all in a serious conversation. Harry was leaning against one of the "chambers" and Tom was standing near him, talking.

"‘Lanna," Tom said softly, pulling her close and kissing her firmly on the lips. She shot out of his arms afterwards, blushing deep red when two ensigns from Security walked by.
"Sorry." he added, but she gave him a soft smile.

"All right. Everyone in their assigned chambers."
Kathryn Janeway called, clapping her hands.

Tom and B‘Elanna kissed, this time more passionate, oblivious to everyone else.

Harry rolled his eyes, but had to smile at the two. This was the first time he had ever seen them actually kiss in public.

*But then again there was that time I caught them in the cargo bay.* he added to himself. It had been hilarious. It hadn‘t been his fault that there had been a faulty gel pack and he and Seven had been ordered to repair it.

Captain Janeway, hands on her hips, cleared her throat, amused at the two lieutenants‘ responses.

Tom and B‘Elanna pulled away, both realizing that they were the center of attention. B‘Elanna brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes and Tom gazed at the floor.
"‘Night." Tom whispered, giving her a sly smile.

B‘Elanna rolled her eyes, but smiled back.

"Tom?" Captain Janeway called, looking up from a padd which the Doctor had given her.
"Yes, Captain?" he replied, walking over to her.

"I said: Everyone to their assigned chambers." Janeway reminded him.

"Sorry." he muttered. "If I have to take a nap for a month, I‘d really rather do it in my quarters." he complained to the Doctor, who held a tricorder and had his arms crossed.

"Everyone is being relocated to Deck 14 so we can monitor you more easily." the Doctor paused, glancing at Tom, who stood next to his assigned stasis chamber. "Hop in."

"Come on, Tom. Sleepy time." Harry called, getting into his assigned stasis chamber.
Tom shot him a dirty look.

"What if we had to get out in a hurry?" Tom asked, reluctantly getting in.
The Doctor rolled his eyes.

"You can unlock the unit from inside, Tom." Janeway informed him, crossing her arms.

"Do I detect a hint of claustrophobia?" the Doctor asked smugly.

"Why do they have to design these things like coffins?" Tom complained.

"Need B‘Elanna to give you a kiss?" Harry asked, his eyes sparkling.

"Watch your mouth, Starfleet." B‘Elanna said, sitting up from her stasis chamber, glaring at her friend.

"Yeah, ‚Lanna." Tom added, smirking. He then flashed her a genuine smile.

B‘Elanna took a deep breath, but then decided that two could play the game just as well as one. "Are you sure, helmboy? It might take a while if I did." she shot back, her eyes sparkling.
The look on the pilot‘s face was priceless.

Chakotay, who had just walked up in time to hear the
last comment, rolled his eyes. The Doctor crossed his arms and Seven merely raised an eyebrow at the comment. Harry clamped a hand over his mouth to try to keep from laughing. Captain Janeway‘s eyes sparkled. She herself knew that it had taken a while for them to get comfortable to kid each other in public like that, but found the results hilarious. She was surprised that B‘Elanna was teasing Tom back.

"Should we replicate you a teddy bear?" Harry called, smiling when Tom still didn‘t lie down.
Tom glared at him.

B‘Elanna glanced around. Seeing no one watching her,
she blew Tom a kiss, feeling a little self-concious.

Tom winked at her, but was unable to say anything since the Doctor was standing over him with a no-nonsense look on his face.
"Fine, fine." he muttered, lying down.

B‘Elanna lay down as Seven nodded to her and
activated the glass window.

The last thing she remembered before falling into a deep sleep was the Doctor telling Captain Janeway. "Have no worries, Captain. You‘ll go to sleep, and the next thing you‘ll know, I‘ll be standing over you, telling you we‘re through the nebula."
"‘Lanna, wake up."

B‘Elanna, opening her eyes, looked straight into none other than Tom Paris‘s crystal-clear blue eyes.

"Wha-" B‘Elanna‘s question was cut off as Tom kissed her squarely on the lips. Then he helped her up into a sitting position.
"Did we make it?" she asked.

"Would we be here if we hadn‘t?" Tom replied.

B‘Elanna got out of the chamber and took Tom‘s hand.

"Didn‘t you promise me a kiss?" he teased as they walked towards Tuvok, Harry, and Neelix.

Although she knew he had only been teasing, B‘Elanna wrapped her hands around Tom‘s neck, stood on her tip-toes, and kissed him in front of everyone else.

When they drew apart, everyone clapped. Harry grinned, and knew things would never be the same after that.

The End