Author‘s Note: Okay. Paramount owns Voyager and her crew, and I own Heather Whitney (and Morgan owns Jena Hamilton; I refer to the story Heartbroken that I wrote with Morgan in this story as well). This is just a silly piece of fluff I wrote when I was bored. Enjoy!

Title: The Wedding Mix-Up
Author: Jane Griffen
Rated: G

Heather Whitney whistled as she strode down the corrdidor on Deck 11 of the Starship USS Voyager. She smiled to herself. She couldn‘t wait to try out the new holoprogram B‘Elanna Torres, one of her closest friends on Voyager, had discovered. What made her so confused was all of the secrets the chief engineer was keeping from everyone else, for she knew that she, Harry Kim, and Tom Paris all had NO idea what on earth the holoprogram was about.

Stopping outside the holodeck doors, she pushed the silver button on the side and the doors slid open, making a soft "swoosh"ing sound in the process. Her smile vanished momentarily as she felt a strange vibration sing through her body. The next thing she knew, she was standing in the middle of Neelix‘s resort program.

"What the..." she muttered, her eyes wide with confusion. This was definetely not the program B‘Elanna had hinted about. Whitney‘s idea of the new holonovel was some kind of mystery, but a revised edition of.. "The luau proram at sunset?" she muttered. Then she gasped as she took a better look around. There was a large empty space in the middle, obviously meant for dancing, and from what she could tell most of the crew was there. There was a long buffet at one end, as well as long tables for a lot of people to sit at. Everyone seemed to be dressed up, and she felt slightly self-concious about her appearance since her long brown hair was swept up in a banana clip and she had on demin shorts and a white sphagetti-strap top. Glancing down at her clothes, she frowned. Her normal clothes were gone, and instead she now wore an off-the-shoulder strapless violet dress. To top it off, she wore high heels. "I‘m going to murder someone." she muttered, her voice dangerous.

Without another thought, she strode over to Tuvok, Tom, Harry, and Chakotay. "What‘s going on here?" she asked.
They looked up.
"What do you mean what is going on here?" Tuvok asked, raising an eyebrow as he surveyed the lieutenant‘s appearance.
"Well, when I heard about this holoprogram-" Whitney was cut off by Harry Kim.
"I can‘t believe how well you and Tom were able to design this program! It couldn‘t be more perfect." he said happily. A little too happy, in Heather‘s opinion.

"Excuse me?" The empath wanted to ask, but before the words left her mouth, Tom turned to her and put his arm over her shoulder. "I know. And it was all Heather‘s idea." he said sincerely. Grinning roguishly, he added. "Well, it was almost all Heather‘s idea."
Whitney smiled. "Thanks." she said, flabbergasted. What is going on here?

"So, what are the two of you going to do for your honeymoon?" Chakotay turned back to Harry.
What? Heather screeched silently, looking from one man to the next. In her opinion, they‘d all gone insane.
"Well..." Kim was interrupted by Heather. "What are you talking about?" she asked.

Everyone turned to stare at her.

"I mean, I thought you two had already decided." she added quickly.

Harry smiled. "I am never going to figure you out, Heath." he teased.
Heather didn‘t even know if she had figured herself out yet, but she decided to keep the sarcastic comment to herself. Meanwhile, Tom grabbed her arm and pulled her into a secluded spot. He looked her over, and Heather became agitated at the way he was looking at her. Those were the kind of looks he sent B‘Elanna, not her for goodness‘ sakes! "I think I agree with Harry." he said, holding her hand. "I‘m never going to figure you out."
"Well," The science officer was stumped.
She would have said more, but the pilot interrupted her. "You look drop-dead gorgeous tonight." he whispered into her ear, drawing her into an embrace.

Okay, he‘s insane.

"You‘re the most beautiful woman here." Tom‘s eyes danced merrily, "Of coures, I couldn‘t say that in front of B‘Elanna.

Heather stepped back and did a doubletake. An alternate reality? She immediately agreed. Yes. After all, Tom was in love with B‘Elanna, not her, and the last time she checked, Torres was not engaged to Kim. "Listen, it was really nice talking to you, but I just realized I need to tell B‘Elanna something. I‘ll see you later! Bye!" She knew she sounded like an airhead, but she didn‘t care at the moment. Quickening her stride, she soon found herself in the middle of the holodeck. Beginning her search for the chief engineer, she wondered briefly what the half-Klingon‘s reaction would be when she was told that she was supposedly married to Harry and that Heather was dating the man she loved. Whitney gasped. I‘ve got to find B‘Elanna!

B‘Elanna Torres couldn‘t have been more angry. She didn‘t understand how or when, but supposedly she was at a wedding reception. And the people who had just gotten married were herself and none other than Harry Kim. "But this is insane!" she cried, turning to face the other person who recollected the same as she did. The chief engineer was wearing a gorgeous white wedding gown, minus the veil, and white shoes that matched. Her hair was the same it normally was, except that part of it was pulled back in a silver clip.

Kathryn Janeway shrugged. "I know." she replied quietly, fingering her violet dress. "But B‘Elanna-"

"You don‘t understand! How could I possibly be married to Harry when I love Tom? I love Harry, but like a younger brother! Not in a romantic way!" said Torres. "I love Tom!"

Janeway frowned. "You said you had a holodeck program running, and then it suddenly changed?" she asked, going over the facts. Harry was married to B‘Elanna and everyone was at the wedding reception on the holodeck. The stardate was the same, and the ship was the same, but none of the crewmembers seemed right. Not to mention the fact the looks that Tom Paris had been sending Heather Whitney, who looked spectacular in the violet dress with the low neckline that showed a little bit of cleavage. Kathryn herself was dressed in a similar dress, her shoulder-length hair done back in a braid.

"Yes! But it was a mystery holonovel set in the late 1800s in London, England!" The chief engineer was close to tears as she walked hurriedly down the beach away from the party. Kathryn kept up with B‘Elanna as best as she could.
"So that‘s what that darn holonovel was about!"
The two turned to find Heather Whitney running as fast as she could towards them, carrying a pair of high heels with her.
"Heather?" B‘Elanna asked.
"Oh, B‘Elanna!" Whitney was sympathetic and she hugged her friend. "Don‘t worry! I‘m sure there‘s a perfectly reasonable explanation why everyone‘s gone nuts today." she said solomnly. Her brow furrowed and her eyebrows knit together. "I dunno what it is, though."


That statement came from Kathryn, and both women whirled around to face their captain.

"What?" Whitney asked, incredulously.
B‘Elanna, on the other hand, was seething. "As soon as I get my hands on that-" she stopped as she spotted Seven of Nine quickly making her way across the sandy beach towards them.

Seven was dressed in the same style dress that Kathryn and Heather were wore. She frowned as she scrutenized Torres. "This is most irrelevant. Since when are you and Ensign Kim married?"
B‘Elanna smiled. "I‘ve never been so glad to see you in my entire life, Seven!"
Five minutes later, the four women were still speculating on the beach. Janeway was still suspicious that Q was behind it, but she had no proof since she hadn‘t seen nor heard from him in over a year. Heather wanted to ‚blow the joint‘, but had quickly been quieted down by the other three. Seven was plain confused, and B‘Elanna was about to burst into tears.

"This doesn‘t make any sense!" Heather exclaimed for the infinite time, bewildered. "You love Tom, not Harry!" She frowned, remembering the other reality the four had been sent to, along with Jena Hamilton. She had hated that reality. Tom was married to Kes, and their daughter had been married to Harry. She wondered briefly if anything this bizarre had happened to them in their timeline. No duh, us! she told herself bitterly. How come Harry always has to be married to someone else? She stopped that train of thought as soon as the other three turned to stare at her. She immediately realized that she‘d been thinking out loud.
"What?" Torres asked. A smile spread across her face. "So you do like Harry!"
"I-" Whitney rolled her eyes. "So what if I do? I‘m never gonna get the nerve to ask him out, and he‘s certainly not interested in me!"

"Ensign Kim clearly stated that you were a very ‚unique and complex‘ woman." Seven spoke up, turning her gaze to the half-Batazoid.
B‘Elanna grinned. "You guys would make such a cute couple!"
Janeway cleared her throat. "I hate to interrupt this wonderful conversation, but we‘d better get back to the party. After all, the bride is missing."

Whitney traced a heart in the sand with her foot, then smiled evily. "I‘ve got the perfect plan."

B‘Elanna peered out from behind the palm leaves cautiously. She shook her head. "Heather, I can‘t do this-"

Before she could protest further, Whitney shoved her out ‚into the open‘. *Of course you can do this, B‘Elanna. After all, *I‘m*-* Heather shut up her telepathic chatter as Tom Paris wandered over to the two.

"B‘Elanna, Harry‘s going nuts! Where have you been? Neelix said dinner‘s almost ready to be served." The pilot made a face. "I just hope he went with good old Earthen tradition this time and made an edible meal." He frowned. "Why is your dress all sandy?"

"Heather pushed me." Torres replied quickly, making so that it looked like she was glaring at the half-Batazoid, who was trying to think up of something to say.

"Heather Whitney, what am I going to do with you?" Paris teased and Heather took a step backwards. The last thing she wanted to do was to have Tom flirt with her. What is with this reality? She tripped over a plant, cursed under her breath, and turned to B‘Elanna. "You know, you really should have the computer clean your dress off. I‘m going to go find Seven, okay? The last time I checked, she was-" Think, Heather, think! "Trying to learn the macarena."

"The what?" Paris asked, but Whitney had disappeared. He turned to B‘Elanna. "I‘m really happy for you and Harry." he said in a sincere but soft tone.

Torres smiled, trying to restrain herself from slapping him and informing him that she was madly in love with a certain pilot, NOT an Ops officer. "Thanks." she said simply, then grimaced as she looked down at her dress. She quickly ordered the computer to demolish the holographic sand that had gotten on her dress when she had had a laughing fit, and then turned to Tom. "Shall we go find Harry?" she asked, trying not to sound too reluctant.

Tom offered her an arm, smiling broadly. "Well, madamoiselle, I shall escort you to the your husband." he asked, faking an accent.

B‘Elanna opened her mouth to reply, but she knew she was trapped. "Okay." she agreed, and hooked her arm into his. She only hoped Heather had come up with a good plan.

Kathryn walked over to Chakotay, Tuvok, and Harry, bringing Seven of Nine with her. Standing next to Chakotay, she nearly jumped five feet in the air when the first officer snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her close. Obviously they were dating in this reality. She tilted her head back so that she could look him straight in the eye, but he leaned over and whispered. "Have I told you that you look wonderful tonight?" he asked.

Janeway bit back a sharp retort, and she could hear her concious smirk. Oh, but Kathryn, this is what you‘ve wanted all along, isn‘t it? For Chakotay to hold you in his arms- Shut up! she retorted, then focused her attention on the matter at hand. "I don‘t believe you have, Commander." she said teasingly. The last thing she wanted was to ruin Heather‘s plan. Where is Heather when you need her?

Seven of Nine turned to Harry Kim, and was about to say something when Tom and B‘Elanna came up. Torres immediately went to stand next to Harry and take his hand, but Janeway could sense that she was very uncomfortable. Especially when Harry leaned down to kiss her. Fortuantly, B‘Elanna kept her temper restrained and didn‘t hurt the ensign, but Kathryn suspected that that was what Torres desperately wanted to do.
"Lieutenant Torres, I do not understand Lieutenant Whitney‘s comment when-"

Seven of Nine paused as B‘Elanna turned to stare at her wide-eyed "No, Seven."

Seven stopped. "Never mind."
Everyone turned to stare at Seven. Since when did Seven learn slang?


Heather Whitney frowned as she studied the computer panel outside the holodeck. As far as she could tell, there were absolutely no wormholes or temporal anomilies anywhere near the Voyager that she, Torres, Janeway, and Seven of Nine were on at the moment. Sighing, she re-entered the holodeck and almost ran straight into Tom Paris.
"Where‘ve you been?" he asked, drawing her close and kissing her squarely on the mouth.
The science officer - up until now - had been able to remain calm and cool during her visit to this reality. But being kissed by Tom Paris was the last straw. She pulled back, raving mad. "How dare you kiss me? You obnoxious pig! I‘m not your girlfriend, you idiot!" Glancing around, she looked for the nearest thing to throw at the confused and shocked pilot. Her eyes resting on the punch bowl which lay on the buffet table, she picked it up and dumped it over his head. As soon as she set the punch bowl back down, she realized what she had done.

B‘Elanna turned around as soon as she heard Heather yelling, and her mouth dropped open when she saw Lieutenant Paris standing there, his clothes wet with punch. Her mouth quirked into a smile.

"That was Lieutenant Whitney‘s plan?" Seven of Nine asked somewhat dumbly, turning to Kathryn Janeway, who was still in Chakotay‘s embrace. Judging from the look on their captain‘s face, both Seven and Torres knew that Janeway‘s opinion of the science officer was that Heather was the ‚class clown‘ - a term Tom had mentioned was from the 20th century.
"What the-" Harry muttered.
Meanwhile, Heather was still screeching at the top of her lungs. Everyone turned to stare, and B‘Elanna couldn‘t help but feel sorry for the helmsman. "Besides," she screamed. "If I was ever going to be in love with anyone, it would be Harry!"

That was the last straw for B‘Elanna. She doubled over with laughter. Seven was smiling broadly and Kathryn was shaking silently with laughter. Going over to Torres, she asked quietly. "Are you all right?"

B‘Elanna managed to nod as she continued to laugh silently. "That‘s the funniest thing I‘ve heard a...long time." she gasped, still laughing. Before long, tears were streaming down her face because of what Heather had said. Kathryn was trying hard not to laugh, but the situation was too comical.
"What?" Tom asked, not believing what he had heard.
Whitney clamped a hand over her mouth and turned pale. Oops. she thought. "Uh..I mean..." her voice trailed off as she surveyed the soaking wet pilot. "I dunno." She didn‘t dare face the Ensign Kim in this reality.
"Has she gone starking mad?" Chakotay whispered to Janeway.
Kim went over to B‘Elanna. "B‘Elanna? Oh, my God, B‘Elanna, I swear never knew. I don‘t know what‘s gotten into her. But I-"

"Don‘t say it, Harry." Torres shot back. She stood up straight again. "I‘m sorry, but don‘t say you love me, because first of all: I‘m not your wife. And second of all: I don‘t belong here in the first place." Turning away from a puzzled and shocked Harry Kim, she turned to Kathryn. "I can‘t wait till we tell the guys back home about this." She frowned. "Well, minus Harry of coures."
Kathryn only howled with laughter.
Seven of Nine walked over to Tom Paris. "Are you all right, Lieutenant?" She looked up at Heather. "Now what?"
"How‘m I supposed to know?" Whitney demanded, her complexion now bright red.

"I thought you said you had a plan!" B‘Elanna called, trying not to have hysterics.

"That was my plan!" Heather shot back.

Kathryn burst out laughing again and Torres just shook with laughter.

Harry frowned. "What do you mean, you‘re not my wife?" he demanded.
B‘Elanna shook her head. "I‘m sorry I‘ve ruined your wedding reception, but I‘m from a very, very, very, very, very, very, very different reality." She paused. "I‘m starting to sound like Heather, aren‘t I?"
"Different reality?" Chakotay asked, looking reapproachingly at Kathryn.
Janeway merely shrugged, then hightailed it over to Tom. Heather was kneeling next to him and apologizing profusely. Seven was taking in the crewmembers, all of whom were just standing there staring at them.

Looking from Tuvok, Chakotay, and back to Harry again, Torres decided to join her friends, and practically ran up to Heather, Kathryn, and Seven. Tom had gotten to his feet, and she couldn‘t help but laugh at him. "I‘m sorry!" she apologized when he turned to glare at her. "But if you‘d look in the mirror..." She burst out laughing again.

"Do you know how you four got here?" Neelix asked, the Talaxian hurrying up to them. Kim, Chakotay, and Tuvok followed him more slowly.
"Q." Janeway replied, saying the entity‘s name loudly.
With a flash of light, the topic of her one-word sentence appeared. Immediately surveying the surroudings, he snapped his fingers so that he froze time. Then he turned to Kathryn, B‘Elanna, Heather, and Seven, who were all waiting expectantly.

The half-Klingon stormed up to him. "How dare you-"

Q sighed and interrupted the rest of her ranting and raving. "I‘m sorry, but for once I‘m actually able to say that this is all not my fault. Q Junior was-" The omnipitent being frowned. "Experimenting with alternate realities, and somehow you four ended up in this reality. I apologize that I waited this long to zap myself here and fix things, but I was...Never mind. Anyway, I‘ll send you back to your reality and-"

"Wait." Torres held up a hand. "I‘m not saying that I like this reality; I hate it and I‘ve only been here for about twenty minutes, but I don‘t want the Harry and B‘Elanna in this reality to have their marriage start out like this. And I hate to admit it, but I do feel sorry for Tom, too." she said slowly.

Heather nodded. "Yeah, and I‘d really sympathize with my double when she comes back." she added.
Kathryn voiced her agreement while Seven merely raised an eyebrow.
Q sighed. "Very well. I‘ll ‚turn back time‘, as you humans would say, in this reality so that nobody here remembers this version of lovely Harry and B‘Elanna‘s wedding reception, and put you back in your reality. All right?" he asked quickly.
"Where are our doubles who belong here?" Seven questioned.
This time, Q shrugged, "Frankly, I don‘t know. But I‘ll wipe thier memories, too." he promised.

Kathryn nodded. "Sounds fair enough." She was about to ask him to change their dresses into their uniforms, but he had already snapped his fingers. The five vanished, and time was reversed.

The next thing B‘Elanna Torres knew, she was standing at her Engineering post on the Bridge, still donned in the alternate reality-B‘Elanna Torres-Kim‘s wedding dress. She could feel the blood rush to her cheeks as everyone on the Bridge turned to stare at her. Glancing at the captain, Heather, and Seven of Nine, who were all at their Bridge stations, she could tell they were having the same reaction.

"This is not funny." Heather growled through clenched teeth as she hurriedly sat down at the science station. She dreaded what would happen when B‘Elanna told Tom what she had said. She didn‘t really love Harry, but she did in a sense. This just gets more confusing by the day. she thought, wistfully wishing that her life was plain and dull.

On the other side of the Bridge, B‘Elanna didn‘t meet Tom‘s gaze. The last thing she wanted was to explain to him why she was wearing a wedding dress. Oh, yeah, telling him that in an alternate reality I‘m married to his best friend will really go over well. she thought sourly, stopping herself from launching herself into his arms.

Surveying Kathryn‘s appearance, Chakotay opened his mouth as if to say something, but as soon as Q appeared, he didn‘t.
"Sorry about that." Q said. "Ta-ta for now!" Then he was gone.

A hushed silence fell over the Bridge.
"If you‘ll excuse me," Janeway commented. "I‘m going to go get changed into my uniform." Without another word, she got up from her chair and headed for the turbolift; B‘Elanna, Heather, and Seven on her heels.
Chakotay, Tuvok, Tom, and Harry looked at each other.

"Well," Tom turned back to the conn. "You can‘t say life isn‘t strange around here."

No one could disagree with that.

October 1998