Title: Too Close For Comfort
Author: Thomas J. Fournier
Series: VOY
Part: 1/1
Codes: C/P
Rating: NC17
Archive: TPDorm, ParisNights, C/P Eternal, anyone else please ask. :-)
Disclaimer: Tom and Chak are not mine, neither are the rest of the characters.
I'm not making a damn cent off this; which sucks 'cause I'm broke!
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Summary:  The title says it all!  :-)

Part 1

It was three weeks later.  I had been at the helm for twelve hours trying to out fly these crazy aliens that would not stop attacking.  One of their hits caused some sort of energy feedback right to the command console.  The captain was standing just behind me when the energy bolt struck Chakotay.  He flew out his chair and landed right beside the captain.  Then we must have left their territory because they just stopped, dead, turned around and left.  The captain
sent for our replacements and I headed straight for sickbay.

"Doc how is he."

"He will survive."