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They Don't Know - Part Nine
Please see Part One for disclaimer and warnings, etc...

"Sickbay to Paris."

Tom sighed and looked at Chakotay apologetically and tapped his comm badge.  "What is it doc?"

"B'Elanna is in labor, I require your assistance immediately."

"I'll be right there."

"I'll pack everything and take it home."  Chakotay said.

"I'm sorry babe."  Tom apologized, giving his love a hug.

"There's no need to apologize."

"I know, but why did she have to go into labor now?"  Tom lamented.

Chakotay looked up from packing the food and toys back into the picnic basket and said.  "Murphy's Law." 

"Murphy should be phasered!!  I love you... I'll call you later."  And with those parting words Tom exited and hurried for sick bay.


The situation  was chaotic when Tom arrived in sick bay.  B'Elanna was hollering at Harry and the Doc and the universe in general.  Harry was trying, without much luck, to placate her.  Joe Carrey was nursing a black eye a few bio-beds away. 

"Finally!  Go attend to Mr. Carrey first."  The holo-doc ordered.

"Never mind helping that p'tagh!  I'm giving birth in case you hadn't noticed...AAAGH"  B'Elanna suddenly screamed as another contraction hit her. 

"Tom has to help Joe first then he'll be right here."  Harry said.

"Shut up Harry this is all your fault!"  B'Elanna shouted.

"Yelling at your husband will not help.  You are almost there."  The holo-doc said.

Tom finished regenerating Carrey's eye then made his way over to assist the holo-doc.  "How long ago did the contractions start?  He asked.

"Fourty seven minutes, she's in the second stage of labor."  The doctor answered.

"I'm no expert... but isn't that kinda fast?"  Tom asked.

"Not fast enough!!"  B'Elanna yelled.

After what seemed like a year but was only an hour later, she delivered a healthy baby boy.  B'Elanna and Harry looked at their son and burst into tears of joy.  Harry leaned in to kiss her and hold her close.

"Paris to Chakotay."

"Tom, it's good to hear your voice, how's B'El?"

"Wonderful; she and Harry have a son."

"Give them my love.  And tell B'Elanna I'll come to see her tommorrow."

"I'll do that.  I'll see ya soon big man."


Tom arrived home to a fully dressed table and a scantilly dressed Chakotay. 

"Hi georgeous."  Tom said as he walked over to Chakotay and kissed him.

"Hi yourself.  I saved the dessert."

"Mmmmm.... wonderful."


"Sweetheart, you look like you have something big on your mind."

"I'm wondering how much it's going to hurt to deliver our child."


"What if I can't take it?" B'Elanna's labor reminded Chakotay of what he was going to be going through and it scared the shit out of him.

"Sweetie I know you'll be able to handle it, besides, I'll be there with you."

"I'm going to need you; and lots of painkillers!"

Tom laughed and then his expression grew serious.  "I'll always be here for you no matter what."

They took turns feeding each other the cheesecake.  Then Chakotay, feeling playful, flicked a piece of it at Tom.  The look of complete surprise on Tom's face started Chakotay giggling.  Splat.  Now it was Chakotay's turn to wear the surprised look.  Tom got up and pulled Chakotay to his feet and started to lick the cheesecake off of his face.  When he was done Chakotay cleaned Tom off in the same manner.  At this point both were very turned on and started to kiss, this didn't last too long before turning into many kisses.  Kisses that were hot and heavy that naturally led to groping and fondling and heavy breathing.  Tom broke away and walked toward the bedroom; stripping as he went.  Chakotay picked up the last of the cheescake, ate it, and followed. 


The weeks flew by.  Harry Jr. smiled for the first time.  He was growing so fast and everyone was waiting for Chakotay's turn.  A betting pool was set up as to when the baby would be born. 

For the last three weeks Voyager had been orbiting an earth like planet named Kryten.  Thankfully the government of Kryten had given Voyager permission to harvest all they wanted and had generously invited the crew down for shore leave.  The first week they were there they had harvested enough food to last for six months.  There were orchards of fruit and gardens full of vegetables.  They were even able to find a bean that was a lot like earth's coffee beans; which made Kathryn very happy.  They also bargained for some galacite and came away from the deal smiling. 

During the first week Tom, Neelix, and a few others were walking through the orchard looking at the various varieties of fruits and vegetables when Tom noticed a familiar bush, full of small dark red berries. 

"Chokecherries!  Those berries look just like chokecherries.  Look Neelix there's hundreds of them.  This reminds me of when I was a little boy at my Aunt's farm."  Tom with a voice full of memory as he aimed the tricorder at the berries in question.

"Oh my there are lots of them."  Neelix responded thinking of how many hours it would take to pick each and every berry from all of those bushes.

"Neelix, once you taste chokecherry wine, and the jelly on toast; your tastebuds will think they've died and gone to heaven." 

"They're that good?" 

"Oh they're better than good.  I'll dig out my Aunts recipes, I want to be in charge of this one okay Neelix?"

"Okay Tom."

Tom gathered six crew members and they picked for eight hours with stops for rest and refreshments. 

Back on the ship, Tom, Neelix and Samantha Wildman worked their asses off for hours washing, boiling, mashing and straining the juice off of the chokecherries.  The mash went into the recycler.  Samantha measured the juice and started to boil it to make jelly; then added the rest of the ingrediants, stirring all the while.  In no time at all she had poured the mixture into small jars that Neelix had replicated and sterilized.  Tom poured the juice he had measured for the wine into a large wooden wine keg. Then he added sugar and waited for it to cool.  While he was waiting he helped Samantha and Neelix tighten the lids on all of the jars of jelly. 

"What comes next Tom?"  Neelix asked.

"I'll add some yeast then I wait for five days or until the bubbling stops."  Tom responded.

"Bubbling?"  Neelix asked with raised eyebrows.

"Yeah it ferments and that causes bubbling.  In about three months it'll be ready for bottling."

"And then how long after that before we can drink it?"

"Six to nine months.  Tom replyed.

"I'm looking forward to it."

When the juice was cooled he added yeast.  And then the real fun began, clean up.  Quite a bit later Tom finally found himself heading for home.  When he got there he found Chakotay already in bed fast asleep; so he quickly undressed and quietly slipped in and spooned up behind him.  Chakotay mmmmd in his sleep as he felt Tom's arm go around him.


Three weeks later Voyager was almost ready to leave.  Shoreleave had been a screaming success.  The bridge was quiet and Tom was sitting at the helm making small adjustments to the orbit of Voyager around the planet. 

"Captain there's a call coming in from Prime Minister Lister."

"On screen."

"Aye Captain."  Harry Kim responded.

"Captain we have a problem that I hope you can help with."

"What sort of problem?"  Kathryn asked.

"I would rather discuss this in person.  Could you come down to my office?"

"Certainly, we'll transport down immediately."  She turned to the Vulcan.  "Tuvok you're with me."

Ten minutes later they arrived at the Prime Minister's office.  He welcomed Janeway and Tuvok and immediately began to state their planets predicament.

"Captain Janeway the problem is with the Rimmarians in the neighboring system.  They have been attacking us for some time now.  They have mined their planet's galacite to exhaustion.  Now they want more than what we can spare.  Our scanners have just picked them up heading straight for our system.  I believe they will attack us when they get here."

How long before they arrive?"

"Fifteen of your minutes."

Kathryn tapped her comm badge and said.  "Janeway to Voyager."

"Voyager here."  Chakotay answered.

"Chakotay it seems we're going to have visiters.  Beam me back up to the ship."

"We won't be able to do that Captain, an ion storm has moved over the area and is interferring with transporters."

"Commander sensors indicate there is a ship approaching at warp nine."  Harry reported at the same time.

Eighteen minutes later the Voyager was trying to solve the situation peaceably.  Chakotay was standing in front of the command chairs looking very imposing at eight months of pregnancy.

"I'm Commander Chakotay of the USS Voyager, we have no argument with you, please stand down your weapons."

"Friends of the Krytens are no friends of ours." 

The next thing they knew they were being pelted with energy blasts from the other ship.  Chakotay quickly took his seat so he wouldn't get knocked over from the blasts rocking the ship.

"Evasive maneuvers."  Chakotay ordered.

"Yes sir."  Tom responded.

"Commander that last hit knocked our weapons off line."  Harry reported.

"Can we fire torpedos?"  Chakotay asked.

"Yes sir."  Ayala responded.  "Torpedo's ready sir." 


Another hit rocked the ship ejecting Chakotay from the Captain's chair.  Harry raced over and helped him up and back  into his seat.

"Thanks Harry."  Chakotay said a little shaken.  Then ordered.  "Target their weapons."

"Targeted."  Ayala responded.


"Direct hit, they're retreating."  Ayala reported.

"For now."  Chakotay said as he began to feel as though he were peeing himself.  But he quickly realized what was really happening. 

"There's a call from the captain coming through."  Harry said.

"Put it onscreen."  Chakotay ordered. 

"I'm sorry sir but the ion storms are preventing visual, I can only get audio."  Kim responded.

"Fine."  Chakotay said.

"What about those ion storms?"  The captain's voice sounded a little garbled.

"They have not dissapated enough to beam you back."  Chakotay replied.

"Let me know when they have."

"Aye Captain.  Voyager out."  Chakotay made a motion for Harry to cut the transmission.  Then said,  "Harry call sickbay."

"Bridge to sickbay, sickbay please respond.  Bridge to sickbay.  Sir, sickbay isn't answering."

"Why do we need sickbay?"  Tom asked.

"My water just broke."  Chakotay answered and then his face contorted as an intense labor pain hit him.

Tom called Baytart to replace him and raced to Chakotay's side, picked him up and carried him to sickbay. 

"Ayala you have the bridge until the captain gets back"  Chakotay ordered as Tom carried him out.

"Couldn't you have just asked for an emergency beam out?"  Chakotay asked once they were in the turbolift.

"Not with those ion storms, I won't take any chances when it comes to you and our daughter's safety."  Tom said. 

A few minutes later in sickbay Tom tried to activate the Doc with no success.  "Shit!  Okay Cha it's just you and me."

"I have every confidence in you."  Chakotay said as he was hit by another cramp, much stronger than the first.

"Okay sweetie let's get you over to this biobed over here."  Tom said as he carried Chakotay over to the surgical bay and placed him on the biobed.  Tom was thankful that Chakotay had taken to wearing dresses during the last few weeks of his pregnancy.  Tom cut Chakotay's underwear off; then walked over to the shelf and retrieved a medical tricorder.  When he scanned Chakotay with it he was shocked at the results. 

"Cha, your labor is going even faster than B'Elanna's did."

"Spi..."  Chakotay's response was broke off as he was assaulted by a very intense labor pain.

"I need to check you internally as soon as this one ends."  Tom said as he donned a pair of gloves.

''Okay it's done."

Tom examined him as quickly as possible under the circumstances.  "Your already eight centimeters dilated!"

"Is that fast?"

"Shit yeah!  You're going to be done in no time."

Chakotay was already experiencing another pain.  "I hope so, I'm not sure how much more I can take."

Tom placed Chakotay's feet in the stirrups and ran the tricorder over him again.  "You're ten centimeters, you should feel an urge to push with the next pain."

Sure enough a minute later Chakotay got the mother of all labor pains and with it an undeniable urge to push.

"That's it honey.  Now push!"


"You're doing good, our baby's head is almost out."


"Okay her head is out." 

"Oh fuck this is hard work."  Chakotay said as another pain started.

"Keep pushing love, the shoulders are the hardest part.  A little more."

"Is she born yet!?"  Chakotay yelled.

"Just a bit more... there she is."  Tom exclaimed proudly as he held their daughter. 

"What's wrong with her?" 

"Nothing."  Tom replied,  "Just wait 'till I get her cleaned up."  Tom cut the umbilical cord and wiped their baby with a soft wet cloth.  When she was clean he held her up to Cha.  "Now, what do you think?" 

"She beautiful!"

"Yes she is."  He wrapped their daughter in a receiving blanket and placed her on Chakotay's tummy.  He leaned down to give Chakotay a kiss.  "I love you."

"I love you too Tom."

"Winona Chakotay Paris I'm your daddy and this is your papa."  Tom said proudly.

"I like our name choice Tom." 

"I picked it right off since it's my mom's name." 

"Yes, but I like it's meaning."  Chakotay answered.

"Yes she is our first born as was my mom.  But I didn't know it was a Native American name."

"Yes it is."  Chakotay replied smiling.

"Please state the nature of the emergency."  The holographic doctor was back on line.

"You're a little late Doc."  Tom said.

"So I see.  Congratulations."

"Thank you."  Tom and Chakotay both said at the same time.


Twenty four hours later they were back on course to earth.  The problem between the Rimmarians and the Krytarians had not been solved, but they were at least talking and things had looked hopeful. 

Chakotay woke up the next morning not at all surprised to find himself male again; considering the original change had occurred overnight.

"Tom, wake up I have something for you." 

"What's that against my leg?"  Tom slowly opened his eyes and looked at over at his husband.

"It's called an erection."  Chakotay stated matter of factly.

"I get to be on bottom!"

"Damn right you do!"

Tom wasted no time at all straddling his love and impaling himself to the hilt on Chakotay's morning erection.

"Oh Cha... "

"Tom I didn't get to prepare you."

"Who cares, I couldn't wait to feel 'you' inside of me again."

"Mmmmm... Poocuh."  Chakotay moaned.

Tom rode Chakotay as though he were on a stallion at full gallop.  Faster and faster until they both climaxed explosively.  Time passed at the normal speed, but years later they came back to reality. 

"I love you so much Cha."

"I love you too Tom."