They Don't Know  Part Eight
Please see part one for disclaimer, warnings, etc.
Stardate 52958.9  Tom Paris Personal Log

What am I going to do if I run in to Ayala?  I don't want to think about this.  I have managed to avoid him for several days now, but I know that my famous Paris luck will change one of these days.  I have not been able to allow Chakotay near my ass since the rape.  I have to be in control of sex now.  I used to love to let Chakotay have control.  I miss the feeling of him filling me.  I guess it's a blessing in disguise that Chakotay can't make love to me right now.  Although it would be easy to replicate a strap on for him.  The thought of Cha wearing a strap on conjures up quite an image.

Right after Ayala raped me the doctor offered to counsel me but I refused.  I went back the other day and told him that I changed my mind.  The doctor is the last person I want counseling from, but the list of counselors is short.   Tuvok is out of the question since he counseled Ayala.  Chakotay is my husband, on one hand that would make him the perfect counselor, but on the other hand he couldn't be totally objective.  But I think the doc could be objective, so I chose him.  When I told Chakotay about my decision he told me that he was glad that I decided to get counseling.

Christmas is coming in nine days and the Captain and Chakotay have planned a party, of course everyone will be there.  Christmas reminds me of my family, and how much I miss them.  My father and I didn't always have a winning relationship but I miss him.  I really miss my mom though; I miss her spiced egg nog.  I wonder if I can replicate some.  I want to get Cha something special for Christmas.

Chakotay walked in and came over to drape his body over Tom's shoulder.  He noticed Tom was writing in his personal log so he turned away.  He was going to go over to the replicater instead, but two words from Tom's personal log jumped out at him.

"Strap on?"

"Love! You weren't supposed to see this; it's personal.  Computer, save and close my personal log."

"Log saved and closed."  The computer informed in a neutral voice.

"I'm sorry Tom I didn't mean to, but those words jumped out at me.  You can't be serious expecting me to put something like that on."  Chakotay said.

"Well, what if I said yes."

"Are you saying that you want me to make love to you?"

"Yes.  I agreed to let the doctor counsel me.  I don't like it that I can't let you near my ass when it's where I really want you to be."

"Tom...I love you so much."  Chakotay said as he hugged Tom.  "But I don't want to make love to you with a strap on, I want to be able to feel myself inside of you.  I hope you can settle for having me in your arms instead." Chakotay paused for a moment, then said, "But I'll do it, if you really want me to."

"Have I told you lately how much I love you?"

"Yes, but I love hearing it.  "  Chakotay answered with a smile.

Tom looked at his wrist chronometer and declared bedtime.  Chakotay was happy to comply.


The next morning.

Tom woke up to sounds of retching.  He jumped out of bed and walked to the head to see if Chakotay was okay.

"Sweetheart, are you all right?"

"I don't suppose the doctor would place me in stasis until this phase is over?"

"No. But he could prescribe something for relief."  Tom said as he helped Chakotay to his feet and pulled him into his arms.

"I'll ask him for some ideas on how to deal with this damn nausea without chemicals."  Pulling away slightly to look up at Tom, Chakotay added.  "I forgot to mention this earlier, the doctor offered to show us a holographic extrapolation of our baby."

"Really...when?  I want to be there."

"After lunch, but you're on duty."

Tom tapped his combadge.  "Paris to Captain Janeway."

"Janeway here, what can I do for you Tom?"

"Captain may I be excused from bridge duty long enough to accompany Chakotay to his prenatal exam.  The doctor is doing a holographic extrapolation of our baby and I want to be there."

"I think we could manage a half hour without you."

"Thank you."

"Your welcome.  Janeway out."


Later that day.... during lunch in the messhall.

Chakotay and B'Elanna were sitting  at a table by the window eating lunch, Tom had just arrived and was up at the buffet getting something to eat.

"The doctor wants to do a holographic extrapolation of our baby."  Chakotay said.

"He did that for Harry and I.  It was quite an experience."

"Uh oh, Ayala just walked in."  B'Elanna warned.

"Shit, Tom's still at the buffet."  Chakotay said as he watched Ayala walk up to the buffet to get himself something to eat as well.

"Um hi...Tom, can I talk to you for a second.  I want to apologize."  Ayala asked apprehensively.

"Go away."  Tom snarled.

"I'm sorry."

Tom sighed and said, "I understand why you did it, but I don't feel like dealing with you right now.  So do me a favor and get lost."

"Ayala, you said your peace, so why don't you leave Tom alone now."  Chakotay had come up and was standing behind Tom with his hand on Tom's back as a gesture of support and to comfort him.

"Chakotay!?"  Ayala gasped.

"Yes.  It's me.  Now I suggest that you go and sit somewhere and eat."

"Yes...Sir."  Ayala picked up his tray and went to sit and eat.

Chakotay ushered Tom over to where he and B'Elanna had been sitting.  Tom began to pick at his food, not really eating it.  Chakotay and B'Elanna exchanged a look.

"I saw that look.  I'm okay."  Tom said.

"Are you sure?"  Chakotay asked.

"The doctor and I discussed this and we agreed that I will to talk to him about my first run in with Ayala.  I'll be fine."

"Okay, I trust you."  Chakotay assured.


A short while later in sickbay.

Tom and Chakotay were in looking in awe at the holographic representation of their daughter floating in front of them.

"Our daughter."  Tom said with a voice filled with adoration.

"Yes."  Chakotay agreed, then added in a reverent tone.  "The universe is full of miracles."

"She's beautiful.  She looks just like you Cha."  Tom said as he put his arm around Chakotay; which was easier now.

"No she doesn't, besides how can you tell?" 

"I just can."  Tom said as he leaned down and kissed Chakotay.

"If you say so."  Chakotay said as he burrowed in closer to Tom.

The doctor walked over to the shelf where he kept his camera.  He quietly walked over to stand slightly to the left of Tom and Chakotay carefully taking aim, to be certain that he had all three in proper focus, he snapped a picture.  They both turned to look at him and he snapped another.

"We want copies of those."  Tom said.

"Of course."  The doctor promised.

"Doctor I have been experiencing bouts of morning sickness, can you tell me some ways to deal with it naturally?"

"Eat frequent, small meals that are high in carbohydrates, try eating before you get up, keep some soda crackers or saltines beside the bed.  You may want to try sweetened juices or flat soda.  Drink lots of water, and stay away from spicy foods.  Try drinking ginger tea mixed with honey.  I can program the recipe and send it to your replicator if you like."

"Thank you."

"I'll send it shortly.  Also a Vita-B6 shot will help.

"I'll take it."

"There you are.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any other concerns.  And I will send those pictures to your computer terminal."

"Thank you doctor."

They left sickbay.  Tom headed for the bridge to pilot the ship and Chakotay headed for their quarters to eat and have a nap.


Time passed.  Christmas came and went.  For Tom and Chakotay it was a special time.  It was their first christmas together.  They had been in a quiet part of space, so everyone could partake in the festivities.  Tom replicated his mom's spiced egg nog recipe and added some replicated dark rum.  He duplicated the setting of "White Christmas" as a gift for the whole crew.  Kathryn and Seven exchanged vows; to the much delighted shock of everyone.  Harry gave B'Elanna a necklace with an opal pendant and a wooden crib for the baby.  Tom replicated a dream catcher that was actually three dream catchers set up in tiers; a small one at the top that descended to two larger ones below.  Chakotay's gift to Tom was a crystal figurine of the delta flyer.  The Doc replicated a frame for the picture that he snapped of Tom and Chakotay; and gave it to them.  Neelix baked turkey with all of the trimmings.  He also made apple and mincemeat pies as well as shortbread cookies and nanaimo bars.  Everybody ate until they thought they would burst, especially B'Elanna and Chakotay. 


Weeks slipped by with not too many altercations with anomolies or aliens.

The baby began to kick literally overnight and woke Chakotay up from a sound sleep.

"Tom!"  Chakotay shook his beloved's shoulder.  "Tom, wake up."


"Tom, our baby's kicking."

"Mmmm...."  Tom said and went back to sleep.

Chakotay shook him again grabbed his hand and placed it on his belly.  Tom felt the baby's movements and his eyes went round with awe.  He bent forward and placed a kiss on Chakotay's round tummy; then rested his head on it's roundness.

"Cha, I could feel it!  That's our daughter."  Tom said with pride.

"The doctor said I should start feeling movement soon."

"What does it feel like?"

"It's kind of like having a goldfish swimming around in my belly."

"That sounds fun."

"It feels funny, but it's also a comforting feeling."

"How so?"

"When this whole weird episode started I had trouble accepting everything that happened to me. I couldn't really believe that I had a life growing inside of me.  Her movements let me know of her presence, that in itself is what's so

"So it all seems more real for you now?"


"I love you, Cha."

"I love you too, Tom."

Tom gathered Chakotay in his arms and they returned to dreamland.


A few weeks later.  Chakotay and Tom were sitting in a garden programme that Tom had created for the anniversary of their first date, first kiss, first love act.  The holodeck had been booked a couple of days ahead.  Plans were made for a picnic in Golden Gate Park on the same site where they were married.  They made sure to not include any holographic characters in this simulation, for privacy.

"Tom, this is really beautiful."

"I wanted to do something special for the first anniversary of our first date."

"I'll never forget how surprised I was when you walked up to me in the messhall and asked me out."

"I was sick of waiting for you to ask me out."

"So you took the bull by the horn?"

"I had been wanting to grab your 'horn' for a long time."

"Well my 'horn' seems to be missing these days."

"That's true, I am missing it!"

"Well in about twenty weeks it will be back where it belongs."

"In my ass."

"That's right, now, what did you bring to eat?"

"That's an abrupt subject change.  I brought some broccoli pasta salad and cucumber and tomato sandwiches on toasted french bread, for dessert, cheese cake brownies.  And some mint flavored, green tea on ice to wash it down with."

"Mmmmm, I'm starving, let's eat!"

"Cha, you're always starving and horny."

"What can say...I like oral sex in this body.  Now pass me the salad."

"Yes ma'am!"

"I'll get you for that."

"I'm looking forward to it."  Tom wearing his patented Paris smirk for a very special reason.  He had been religiously attending the doc's counseling sessions.  And was ready to take the next step. 

"Cha, I have a very special anniversary gift for you."

"You do?"

"Yes, it's kinda for both of us."  Tom further clarified.

"When do I get to see this gift?  Mmmm, this salad is delicious."  Chakotay asked inbetween bites.

"As soon as you finish eating."

Chakotay made short work of the rest of his salad and sandwich, dessert could wait.

"Okay I'm done."

"A little impatient are we?"  Tom said as he dug a wrapped present out from the picnic basket, and handed it to Chakotay, who started to immediately unwrap it.

"Oh...spirits!  Tom?  What would you have me do with this?"  Chakotay asked with a big smile on his face.

Tom playfully grabbed the dildo and harness away from Chakotay and said.  "Well if you don't know then I guess I'll just have to recycle it."

Chakotay grabbed it back and said.  "Oh no you don't.  I thought about it since we talked, and I have warmed to the idea."

"Well I for one, am downright 'hot' for the idea!"

"Slow down slim, let's get my clothes off and then you can help me into this thing."

"Yeah baby let's get nekkid!"

After a  few hot minutes heavy kissing and petting, Tom had finally gotten Chakotay naked and ready for action.

"Spirits I must look a sight."  Chakotay said.

"You look beautiful to me."

"Thank you.  You look like you are definately ready."  Chakotay said indicating Tom's bobbing erection.

"Oh I almost forgot...I need to put a condom on that."


"To protect the dildo, and make clean up easier.  Ya just peel it off and voila!  However, it should still be cleaned on a regular basis."

"Wow, there's lots to learn about sex this way."

"Well at least I won't have to teach you technique."  Tom said with a wink.

"Come here lover."  Chakotay said wiggling his finger in a come here sort of way.

They moved into one anothers arms and began to kiss some more.  Their kiss soon became passionate.  Chakotay guided Tom down to the blanket and placed him in his favorite position; flat on his back.  He placed a pillow under Tom's hips and gently prepared him for what was to come with kisses and gentle touches.  He whispered words of encouragement as he first inserted one lubed finger and gradually worked up to four.  At that point Tom was writhing in ecstacy, begging for release.

"Cha, I'm beyond ready, please now!" Tom was so hot that he thought he would blow a nut right then.

"Okay love.  I may be a bit slow at first.  I have never done this, quite this way before."

"Oh fuck, that feels so good.  Chaaaa!"

"That's good babe, let me know if I'm doing this right."  Chakotay said as he eased his way into Tom.

"You doing it perfectly."

The only sounds for quite a while after that were of moans and sighs and birds chirping merrily. 

"Harder Cha, I'm almost there."

"Uuungh, oh Tom!"  Chakotay replied as he thrust harder.


Chakotay was amazed at how much he could actually feel, it was as though he could visualize good enough from memory, and that was enough for him to hit his peak at the same time as Tom.  He felt as though he had just climaxed deep into his lovers bowels.


It took several minutes for them to come back to reality.  When they did, Tom was the first to break the silence.

"Holy shit big guy that was fanfuckingtastic! I almost blew a nut!"

Chakotay giggled at Tom's 'flowery' choice of words and said.  "I thought I wouldn't be able to feel myself inside of you  but I did.  Tom that  beyond fanfuckingtastic, shit, there are no words good enough."

"Except these words...I love you Chakotay."

"I love you too Tom.   What did you say you brought for dessert?."

"You have a one, no, two track mind Cha!"

"I like to think of it as having my priorities straight, sex and food."

"Sickbay to Paris."

Tom sighed and looked at Chakotay apologetically.  "What is it doc?"

"B'Elanna is in labor, I require your assistance immediately."

"I'll be right there."

To Be Continued   :-)