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They Don't Know Part Two
by Thomas Jesse Fournier 04/18/2001


Tom's POV

::Dammit!:: Tom thought, ::This is worse than last week.  I used to have a lover that I could spend time with.  Now I have a tired lover that I am lucky to catch sight of once every twenty four hours or so.::

This week Tom had been working Gamma shift, from midnight to 0800. While Chakotay on the other hand had pulled the Beta shift. Tom's days were spent sleeping, while Chakotay would work in his office catching up on reports. Then it was off to the bridge. They would only see each other during the shift change from Beta to Gamma. Although they did have the mornings together, which were mostly spent planning their up coming nuptials.

::They say that there's no sex after marriage, but Cha and I aren't even married yet and we're not having sex!::

::I have an hour and a half to kill before my shift.....I am so fucking bored::  "Paris to Kim."

"Kim here."

"Hi Harry do you want to go to Sandrines for a while, maybe shoot some pool?"

"Sorry I can't Tom, B'Elanna and I have plans to get together for a late dinner."

::Shit!::  "Oh well, okay maybe another time."

"I'm not doing anything tomorrow night."

::That doesn't help me tonight though.::  "Okay, sounds good Harry, I'll see you tomorrow night then. Have a *good* night."

"Thanks Tom, see you. Kim out."

::Well I'll just go to Sandrines myself.::


"Hi Sandrine."

"Bonsoir, Thomas. What would you like to drink?"

"Scotch, please." ::Too bad I'm going on shift shortly or I would order the real stuff.::

"Thomas you look troubled what is the matter?"

"I miss Chakotay, I *hate* these damn rotating shifts we're all on this month."

"But remember that you are getting married in less than two weeks Cherie."

Tom smiled and agreed, "Yes, you're right, *that* I am looking forward to. I love Chakotay so much."

"It was so romantic the way he proposed to you, no?"

"Yes, I loved it." Tom agreed and grined as the memory washed over him.

Greg Ayala walked up to the other end of the bar and ordered another beer. He looked over at Tom and his expression darkened. ::Damn you Paris. Chakotay is mine.::  Quite a bit of time passed as Tom sat drinking synthoholic scotch and thinking about his upcoming wedding to the man of his dreams not to mention quite a few x-rated fantasies.

Ken Dalby walked up to the bar and sat down beside Tom. "Hi Tom, been here long."

"Hi Ken, yeah since a little before 2200."

"How's the plans for the wedding coming along?"

"Well Chakotay and I spent a couple of hours on the holodeck planning it yesterday morning, and I like what we came up with."

"Great, I am looking forward to attending."

"I am looking forward to the honeymoon, so we can finally have some uninterrupted time together."

Ken chuckled and clapped Tom on the back as he replied "Yeah I just bet you are."

Tom smiled in return, then checked his chronometer and replied, "I have to get going, I've got a ship to fly."

"See ya Tom, have a good night."

"Thanks Ken."


Chakotay's POV

On the bridge.

It was midnight Tom had not shown up for his shift yet. Usually it was his habit to show up about five minutes early so that the person on the helm would have time to brief him about any possible needed course changes or anything else that required his attention. The bridge was being cleared of the Beta shift and replaced by the Gamma shift. And Tom had yet to show.  Just as Chakotay was about to comm him to see where he could be, he was interrupted.

"Sickbay to Commander Chakotay."

::Oh spirits please don't let this be about Tom.::  "Chakotay here."

"Commander, report to sickbay as soon as possible."

"May I ask what this is pertaining to?"

"I am not at liberty to divulge details over an open comm line."

"Very well I will be right there."


Chakotay's POV

In sickbay the doctor was working furiously to save Tom's life. Chakotay rushed in and stopped dead in his tracks by the scene before him. Tom looked as though he had been run over by one of those old fashioned land vehicles that he was so fond of. Tuvok was there as this was a matter of his jurisdiction as was Captain Janeway. They both walked over to Chakotay. Janeway in an attempt to comfort him, placed her hand on his shoulder. Tuvok remained silent observing the scene as Captain Janeway started to explain to Chakotay what had happened.

"Chakotay, I don't know how to say this but Tom has been brutaly beaten and raped by an unknown assailant."

"Oh spirits." ::Oh Tom why did this happen.::

"Commander, I must ask if you have any suspicions as to who may have committed this crime."

"No I don't Tuvok."

"Do you know where Lieutenant Paris was this evening."

"He was in our quarters as far I know.  You might want to try asking Harry Kim, or he may have went to Sandrines."

"Then that is where I will start. Captain, Commander, I shall inform you when I know more."

"Thank you Tuvok." Captain Janeway says then turns toward me as if to say something more but is interrupted by the Doc.

"Captain, Commander, if you're both not too busy.  I would like to debrief you concerning Lieutenant Paris' injuries."

"How's his prognosis?" Captain Janeway asked.

"I have managed to stabilize Mr. Paris for the moment but he has sustained many internal injuries and bleeding. He also has a concussion. There is also internal damage due to the rape. I have managed to stop the internal bleeding but need to perform surgery right away to repair the internal injuries. He has a long way to go. He is resting for the moment."  He turned toward the Commander, "Commander he is semi-conscious at the moment if you would like to go and see him."

"Thanks Doc." Chakotay replied over his shoulder as he rushed over to the biobed with Tom on it.

" you.....ala"

"Tom, shush, save your strength baby."


"Who Tom? Is that what you're trying to tell me?"

" you."

"I love you too, babe." Chakotay says as he gently strokes Toms cheek. ::Someone is going to pay dearly for this.::

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