Title: Reverie
Author: Thomas J. Fournier
Series: VOY
Part: 1/1
Codes: C/P
Rating: PG13 I guess :-|
Archive: TPDorm, ParisNights, C/P Eternal, anyone else please ask. :-)
Disclaimer: Tom and Chak are not mine, neither are the rest of the characters.
I'm not making a damn cent off this. It's just for shits and giggles.
Feedback: Yes please. :-)

Summary:  This is the next bit of my drabble epic! ;-D


Damn!  Chakotay please don't fall in love with me.  My relationships with men never work.  Relationships with women  always work; go figure.  Would Chakotay be different?

That is how it started with Julian Bashir.  We dated in the academy.  I thought he would be different , that mayby he would be the one.  And for the first while it was beautiful.  Then one night Julian proposed.  Of course I said yes.  I was in heaven.  Then a week later he was shipped out to DS9.   At first we kept in constant contact.  Then Caldik Prime happened.  Then the Maquis; then Aukland.

The End