Title: Moment of Truth VI
Author: Thomas J. Fournier
Series: VOY
Part: 1/1
Codes: C/P
Rating: NC17
Archive: TPDorm, ParisNights, C/P Eternal, anyone else please ask. :-)
Disclaimer: Tom and Chak are not mine, neither are the rest of the characters.
I'm not making a damn cent off this; which sucks 'cause I'm broke!
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Summary:  Um... not telling. :-)

"Slow down?  I am just getting started."

"Okay tiger, let us just 'see' what you are really made of."

"You got it."

Chakotay and I came several times that night and the nights following.  Sex with Chakotay was the best sex I have ever had, with anyone.  His passion can be gentle or firey depending on my needs.  Which is sort of what scares me.  I think he is falling for me; as I am for him.  That is what 'really' scares me.

Can I, Thomas Eugene Paris; a known failure at life and relationships, have a normal loving relationship?

The End