Title: Haiku's from the DQ
Author: Thomas J. Fournier
Rating:  PG13 mild swearing; S for silly
Part: 1/1

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Paramount but the haikus belong to me. 

Summary: The crew is very bored so they write haikus to each other in their desparation to have something to do.

Warnings: Read this silly crap at your own risk.


Tom's Haiku

I love Chakotay
I love his dimples and ass
I love his tatoo

What did you expect I'm a pilot not a writer!


Chakotay's Haiku

I love Tom Paris
I love his slender fingers
And his ice blue eyes

Well not bad for a stoic indian if I do say so myself. 


B'Elanna's Haiku

I love the warp core
Especially when it works
I need to get laid



Seven's Haiku

I love the Captain
Need to assimilate her

This exercise is irrelevant.


Harry's Haiku

I love B'Elanna
I love her saucy temper
But I'm a virgin

I wonder if I have enough credits for a dermal regenerater.


Janeway's Haiku

I am the Captain
I am not supposed to mate
Damn I want Seven

The hell with protocol, I am desparate!


Tuvok's Haiku

I am in Pon Farr
I need to find a bond mate
Please someone help me

This is illogical. 


Thomas Jesse Fournier's Haiku

I love Voyager
I need to get a damn life
But I don't want to

This has been a cold winter's day production.  
Tune in next week for the next installment of 
Bad Haiku's From Outer Space!