Title: Chances Taken
Author: Thomas J. Fournier
Series: VOY
Part: 1/1
Codes: C/P
Rating: General
Archive:  TPDorm, ParisNights, C/P Eternal, anyone else please ask.
Disclaimer:  Tom and Chak are not mine, neither are the rest of the characters. I'm not making a damn cent off this.  It's just for shits and giggles.

Feedback:  Sure! I'd love it, since this is my first attempt at a drabble.

Summary: Noelle posted a challenge to CPSG--Start a story with the following as a first line: "I remember being surprised when he asked me out."  Also this drabble is told from three different points of veiw; Chakotay's, Tom's and Kathryn's.

Chances Taken

I remember being surprised when he asked me out.  I think I surprised him when I accepted.  He is the light of my life.  I am spiritual; he is spirited.

I took a chance.  I asked him out.  I was so prepared for rejection that it was a surprise when he said yes.  Our first date led to a second date.  Now we are about to say 'I do'.   He is the ying to my yang.  I am spirited; he is spiritual.

I watched them dance around each other for months.  It is with honor I perform their wedding ceremony.

The End