Title:  The Anniversary Gift
Author:  Thomas Jesse Fournier
E-Mail:  jessefournier@home.com
Pairing:  P/T then turns into a C/P
Rating:  NC17
Disclaimer:  The boy's and anything trekkie belong to Paramount.  Darn!  I just bring them out for some fun! <BG>  I make no money what-so-ever from this. 
Summary:  B'Elanna gives Tom a gift that keeps on giving.  ;-)  In this universe Tom and B'Elanna are married; B'El is'nt pregnant, and Chakotay has no inclination to date Seven or Janeway.  I don't know how original this 'first time' story is, but here it is anyway. <bg>


"Happy Anniversary!"  Chakotay happily exclaimed as the door to Tom and B'Elanna's cabin whooshed open to reveal him standing in their threshold cradling a bottle of wine in his hands.  He had been looking forward to this evening for days; but the agreement between him and B'Elanna was that he arrive after supper, leave his rank behind, and be Tom's anniversary gift. 

"Happy anniversary Tom, I got you a 'special' gift, or you can think of him as dessert if you like."  B'Elanna said with a devilish smile as she lifted an arm out towards Chakotay.

"Chakotay!? What the...?"  Tom looked at his wife in utter confusion.

"Do you remember what you said the other night?"  B'Elanna asked.

"Shit!  You gotta be kidding.  With Chakotay!  No offense Commander."  Tom looked over at Chakotay briefly as he said the apology.

"None taken."  Chakotay answered with a friendly grin, but his eyes briefly gained a saddened expression.  But Tom didn't notice, his focus already back on his wife.

"B'El, this might have been a really hot idea if you would've just picked someone else."  There was no way Tom wanted to do the horizontal mambo with the big guy.

"Would you rather I had picked Harry or maybe Ayala, what the hell, Greg's been looking at your ass anyway."

"I didn't explore the idea 'that' far.  I had no idea you would take me seriously B'El."

"It's okay Tom, you don't have to do anything you don't want to.  Perhaps I should leave."  Chakotay said.

"No.  Stay.  I invited you for drinks and you are going to stay and we are all going to talk."  B'Elanna stated.

"B'Elanna what are you up to?"  Tom asked beginning to feel annoyed with this whole scenario.

"Tom you are so thick headed sometimes!"  B'Elanna said in exasperation.

"What's that supposed to mean?"  Tom demanded.

"You said you wanted to experience sex with a man.  I know Chakotay would be an excellent choice to show you the delights of same sex, sex.  You two have become good friends.  It's not as if you guys are in love; so there will be no strings attached, other than friendship."  B'Elanna stated as though she knew exactly what she was talking about.

"The 'delights of same sex, sex'?  How would you know about the delights of same sex, sex?"  Tom asked, then added.    "Never mind! Where's that bottle of wine?...I need a drink!"

"Good idea, then we can discuss this some more."  B'Elanna said as she went to retrieve the bottle of wine that Chakotay had brought with him.  She brought out three glasses.  Chakotay feeling suddenly helpful, uncorked the wine.  He handed her the bottle and she poured them each a glass, then handed two to Chakotay and kept one for herself.

Chakotay walked over to where Tom was standing and handed him his glass.  As Tom accepted it, their hands brushed against one another causing a thrill to run up his arm.  Feeling shivery and shocked, he pulled his hand back almost spilling some of the wine.

"I would like to make a toast."  B'Elanna said as she raised her glass.

Tom and Chakotay followed suit.

"To friendship."

They clinked their glasses and drank.  Tom leaned over and planted a kiss on B'Elanna's forehead and hugged her.  " I love you, B'El."

"I love you too, Tom."

They walked to the couch arm in arm and sat down.  Chakotay followed and sat on the chair facing them.

Tom immediately started the conversation going with a question.  "So...Chakotay, where did you learn so much about 'same sex delights'?"

"In the academy."  Chakotay said with a smile.

"With anyone I know?"

"Will Riker."

Tom's reply to Chakotay's answer was to drain his wine glass and get up for more.  Chakotay and B'Elanna looked at each other and shared a smile while Tom's back was to them.  B'Elanna winked at Chakotay as a way of giving him permission to make a move.  Chakotay turned to check out Tom's ass as he was pouring himself more wine, when Tom turned around Chakotay just smiled at him.

"Chakotay I had no idea that Will Riker... or you, could be gay."  Tom said as he took another big gulp of wine.

"I'm not gay, I'm bisexual.  Will and I would go out to bars and see how many women we could find who would agree to have sex with both of us at the same time.  The next morning, after the woman left, we would have sex again."  Chakotay explained.

"What's it like?"  Tom asked.

"What's what like?"  Chakotay answered the question with a question.

"You know...the sex!  Wait...I need more wine for this."  Tom said and got up to refill his glass.

Since Tom was up, Chakotay took another opportunity to look at Tom's ass.  Then asked, "Would you pour me one Tom?"

"Me too."  B'Elanna chimed in, holding out her glass.

Tom turned around and gave them both a mock 'put upon' look.  He walked over and poured B'Elanna's first; giving her warm look at the same time.  As he was pouring Chakotay's he made the mistake of looking up for a brief second into those chocolate brown orbs and spilled wine on the first officers lap.

"Oh shit!  I'm sorry, Chakotay."  Tom quickly went and fetched a towel from the bathroom and handed it to Chakotay.

"It's okay Tom, no harm done."

"Awe sweetie...you look so cute when you're embarrassed."  B'Elanna teased.

"Thanks B'El.  I going to the head."  Tom said as he walked to the bathroom.

"B'Elanna.  I don't think this is going to work."  Chakotay whispered.

"Yes it will.  I will get him going and then you join in."  B'Elanna whispered back confidently.

Any further conversation was cut off as the door to the head opened and Tom reentered the room, grabbed his wine and sat down again.

"The sex is totally different than with a woman, it's more passionate.  At least for me it is."  Chakotay answered the question that Tom had asked before.

"It would have to really be passionate to rock my world...'cause B'El and  I really heat up when we get going."  Tom said fully confident of his relationship with his wife.

"I'm sure that my dick up your ass would definitely rock your world."  Chakotay responded with equal confidence.

Tom almost choked on the wine he was attempting to drink.  "Is that a challenge?"

Chakotay thought quickly about whether or not he should say yes.  "Yes."

"I accept.  I need another drink."

"Tom if you're feeling unsure about it..."

"No I've always wanted to know about 'same sex delights',  I just never had the nerve to try it before.  B'El's right...maybe you are the perfect teacher."

"As long as you're sure."

"Yes I'm sure."


Half an hour later the three of them had moved to the bedroom.  B'Elanna walked up to Tom and started to kiss and touch him; Chakotay walked up behind and started kissing the back of his neck.  Tom moaned with delight at the double assault on his senses.  He could feel Chakotay's erection poking into his rear through their clothes.  Tom's erection felt like it was forcing itself out of his pants.  The three of them started to strip each other.

B'Elanna moved to the bed and pulled the covers back, then climbed in and beckoned the two men to join her.  Tom crawled in first cuddling face to face.  Then Chakotay climbed in and spooned up to Tom's back.   Chakotay reached around and began to fondle Tom.   At that moment Tom thought he would freak out when he discovered that he liked Chakotay touching him that way.

"Yeah, that feels good."  Tom said, breathing heavily.

B'Elanna rolled onto her back and spread her legs.  Tom crawled on top of her and quickly slid deep inside.   B'Elanna gently kneaded and caressed Tom's ass before gripping it firmly.  Her two hands exposed the puckered opening for Chakotay, who quickly lubricated it before slipping one finger inside.  Slowly he begin stretching the virgin muscle in preparation of things to come.  Gently he pumped his finger in and out, occasionally caressing the prostrate gland, causing a new pleasurable feeling deep within.  When he had worked his way up to three fingers, Chakotay felt it safe to enter Tom.  The moment Chakotay pierced the tight channel Tom let out a yell that B'Elanna quickly squelched with her mouth. She waited until Chakotay was completely sheathed before releasing Tom's lips.  The two lay still until both felt Tom relax and accept the fullness.  Both waited to let Tom set the pace for an extrordinary experience of their lives."

"Harder...Chakotay...harder!  That feels...so...fucking good!  I can't...believe it!!"  Tom said in between moans and gasps.

B'Elanna was beyond speech as the weight of two men pounded into her.  The three of them worked out a rythym; Chakotay would thrust into Tom and Tom into B'Elanna, both at the same time.  For quite some time the only sounds in the room were gasps and moans and the bed giving and shifing.  Finally all three came with a roar.

Chakotay was the first to recover.  He carefully disengaged himself and rolled on to his back.  Tom rolled the other way on to his back.  All three layed there for a few minutes coming back to reality. 

Chakotay was the first to break the silence. "Thank you for an unforgetable evening that was fabulous.  But I should probably get back to my quarters."

"No...please stay."  Tom asked.

"You are welcome to stay Chakotay."  B'Elanna said.

"I'd like that very much."  Chakotay said, then rolled on to his side facing away to give them privacy, and started to fall asleep.

"Oh no you don't, turn around, let's all cuddle together, I want to fall asleep with Tom on one side and you on the other.  B'Elanna said.

The only sound in the room after that was the shuffling noises as they assorted themselves and the covers.  Then all was silent until morning.


Tom's POV

When I woke up B'Elanna had already left for her shift.  I was sleeping on my side and Chakotay was spooned up behind me.  I felt so comfortable in his arms.  If I would've had any idea that being held by a man would feel this good I would have tried it sooner.  Of course I awoke with my usual morning woody.  I awaken with one every morning, but never with another man pulling on it.  Shit! shit! shit! I couldn't believe how good it felt!  I must have gasped because the motion stopped.

"Oh please don't stop."  I begged.

Chakotay's resumed his movements, his dick was moving in the crack of my ass in a very tantalizing way.  It seemed as if his hands were everywhere as he somehow managed to lube himself, and never lose his grip on my hard-on.  He started to gently poke at me with lubed fingers to prepare me. 

"Do it now, I can't wait."  I demanded, wanting and needing to feel Chakotay deep inside me again. 

"Are you sure Tom?"  Chakotay asked.

"Yes, I want you inside of me now."  I answered, panting.  He was affecting me in ways I had never before experienced.  But now that I had, I never wanted to stop.

I relaxed my ass muscles to ease Chakotay's entrance; then suddenly the tip of his erection broke through all at once.  I moaned when he stopped all movement to give me a chance to get used to the sensation.  As he felt me relax, I felt him begin to push deeper until he was completely unsheathed, and his balls rushed up against mine.   I couldn't help myself and thrust back against him as he began to thrust in and out of me. 

"Harder...oh please Cha...harder!"  I begged.

Chakotay did as requested.   Showing my ass no mercy; he pounded into me harder and harder, hitting that certain sweet spot inside me with each stroke.  The alarm suddenly went off but neither of us payed it any attention.  The sweat from our combined efforts was making us slippery and our bodies glided back and forth against one another .  Just as Chakotay climaxed he exhaled a huge breathy sigh into my neck and moaned my name; causing me to shiver in ecstacy. Then he slumped against my back and held me close.

Afterwards I laid there quietly freaking out over the fact that I had just gotten thoroughly fucked by my first officer and had enjoyed it immensely.  I looked down and realized that I still had a raging hard-on.

Chakotay shook himself out his post-orgasm stupor and reached down to see what condition I was in.  He felt my hard-on and started to stroke it.  Then he stopped abruptly.

"Noooooo!"  I moaned.

"It's okay babe, I'm gonna take care of you."  Chakotay assured me as he rolled me onto my back. 

Without wasting any time he went to work gently nibbling and licking my cock.   Then suddenly he swallowed me whole; that action was enough to send me toppling over the edge.  I screamed and came so hard I thought I would pass out.  The alarm, still chiming was the only sound for endless minutes.  Chakotay crawled back up the bed and pulled me into an embrace.  I layed there with my head on his chest wondering what the hell had just happened.  I was experiencing some really intense feelings for another man.  And not just any man either, Chakotay.  A man who was, up until last night, just my friend.  I was happily, or so I thought, married to B'Elanna.  Now all of a sudden I was thinking of a future which included Chakotay.

When I finally managed to regain the ability to speak, I quietly ordered the alarm off and added, "you were right, Chakotay."

"About what?"

"When you said that if you stuck your dick up my ass it would rock my world...it did."

"It rocked mine too."

"What are we gonna do?  I've never had such intense feelings before, with anyone; but I think I might be falling in love with you.  I'm feeling a bit confused about everything."  Tom explained awkwardly.

"If only I could have had the courage to approach you a few years ago; because I have loved you for a long time."

I could not believe my ears!  I looked up at him and demanded.  "What?"

"You've never given any indication that you would be interested in men; I thought that I would never stand a chance with you.  So I decided I would rather have your friendship than nothing at all."

"So what made you agree to sleep with B'El and I last night."

"When B'Elanna told me about her plan for a menage a trois I felt honored to be to be given the chance to touch you and to taste you.  I couldn't say no.  It was an honor to be your anniversary gift.  I thought that the memory of the event would be enough to sustain me.  I am realizing now that I could never get enough of you."

"B'Elanna couldn't have known how deep your feelings run or she wouldn't have planned any of it."

"That's not true."  B'Elanna stated.

Both men jumped as they heard B'Elanna's voice. 

"B'Elanna?!  How long have you been here?"

"It's okay Tom."  She looked from one to the other as she spoke with quiet and sure tones.  "Chakotay, I've known for a long time about your feelings towards Tom.  I set this whole thing up because I realized that Tom and I don't really share things the way you two do.  I've been watching your friendship blossom into so much more.  It took a lot of soul searching to make this decision, but Tom, I think we would be better off as friends.  I don't think we have what it takes to make it work for the long haul.  But you two do."


B'Elanna was right.  Today is the twenty fifth anniversary of that event.  I'll never forget that night.  For it was when I discovered my soul mate.  B'Elanna and I divorced right after.  The Captain didn't even bat an eye when I came into her ready room asking her to file the divorce then immediately remarry me to Chakotay.   Cha and I have been together ever since.  We're still in the Delta Quadrant, but we're getting closer to home every day.  But Chakotay and I don't need to get back to the Alpha Quadrant to be home.  We have each other; home is where the heart is.