Title: Two Steps Back - P6
Author: Cheryl Forbes
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 6 of ?
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Disclaimer: Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me. Whatever.

Summary: Tom goes home.


The computer obeyed his command and brought the ambient illumination
up fifty percent. He saw that the living room was empty and
shrugged. OK it wasn't the best welcome home reception he could have
envisioned but at least he was here. Tom had been half-afraid to
find the door access changed when he'd pressed the pad to enter.

After his nap, Harry had told him the commander had come for him but
had gone away not wanting to disturb his sleep. It didn't sound
like "do me on the dance floor" Chakotay and Tom had stewed a few
hours at Harry's before working up the courage to come home.

Returning the room's light level back down, he slipped out his
clothes before braving the bedroom. If Chak was asleep, maybe Tom
could slip between the sheets unnoticed and postpone the inevitable
shouting match until the morning. Wincing at the sound of the doors
swishing open, he entered the other room.

In the starlight filtering through the viewports, he could see the
even breathing of Chakotay's sleeping form moving the covers gently.
Tom threw his clothes into the fresher, padded quietly across the
floor and got into bed. Lifting his head, he fanned his hair out
behind him over the pillow so he wouldn't pull at it in his sleep.


Oh shit. "Go back to sleep Chak."

The commander rolled over on his side, pressing his smooth chest into
Tom's shoulder. "You just get home?"

Oh no, here it comes. "Uh yeah. I know it's late but I.-"

"Kiss me."



Tom squinted in the near dark to get a better look at Chak's face.
This had to be a trick. Chakotay didn't say please to him for
anything let alone for a kiss. The commander didn't like kisses.
Well not on the mouth anyway.


Well at least that was familiar. That name was only used when
Chakotay was horny. He reached a hand down to test his theory. Yep
Mr Large and in Charge was awake and demanding attention. Knowing
what was expected of him, Tom turned to face the older man and
started his downward descent.

"Stop." Chakotay hooked him under the arms and pulled him over on top
of him. "I asked you kiss me not suck me."

Looking down on this curious man who it seemed had replaced his lord
and master, Tom thought he better ask for clarification of the order
just to make sure.

"On the lips Chak?"

"Yes Tommy on the lips and move your hips against mine as you do

Ooookay. Still not totally sure, he bent forward and kissed the
commander's lips cautiously. When Chakotay didn't throw him across
the room, Tom brought his tongue into play and commenced with the
second half of the request. In small tight circles he gyrated his
pelvis knocking hipbones with the commander. When Chakotay groaned
into his mouth, Tom knew he'd gotten it right.

With expert rhythm and timing Tom worked the commander's body into a
frenzy. As bruising hands roamed the length of his back down to his
ass, an overlarge erection poked at his stomach. Experience told him
that in a few more moments Chakotay would be coming hard between
their bodies and his job would be done. Tom waited out its
conclusion in a safe compartment of his mind.

"Can I fuck you Tommy?"

Surprised by Chakotay's ability to speak at this level of arousal,
Tom didn't register right away what was being asked of him.

"I need to fuck you." The voice was deep and raspy.

That time he heard it but it didn't make it any easier to
understand. In the two months they'd been together, Chakotay had
never given any indication that he wanted anal sex. Even when they
were playing tag team masturbation, Tom hadn't envisioned anything
more than a hand job or Chak's particular favorite, a blowjob passing
between them. It wasn't that having Chakotay inside him was not a
pleasant thought, it just wasn't one he'd entertained.

"Now Tommy, it has to be now."

"OK Chak, just a minute."

Leaping from the bed, he ran to the head and closed the door.


Scrabbling through the medicine chest and knocking bottles and tubes
into the sink, Tom searched frantically for anything that could be
used as lube. Finally finding some scented massage oil, he unscrewed
the cap and poured the sweet lotion over both his hands. It was cold
but it wouldn't be for long. Leaning over, he spread his cheeks and
inserted a slick finger into his anus. Working it slowly to expand
the tight muscle, he added another finger and then two more
remembering the size of the commander's cock. When he was
sufficiently prepared for penetration, Tom grabbed the rest of the
oil and headed back out into the bedroom.

Chakotay was waiting for him with one hand back behind his head and
the other lazily stroking his penis. Tom bounced on the bed between
his knees and tipped the bottle of lotion over his groin. The
commander jumped as its slightly cool contents poured over him but
the chill didn't affect him. His dark gaze remained heated and his
erection solid.

"You're not hard."

Tom looked down at his own penis. It hung limp between his legs as
he expected. He knew his orgasm would come later, after he satisfied
Chakotay, alone and probably in private. The pilot's body and mind
weren't ready to share that intimacy with Chakotay just yet. He
supposed it was dysfunctional thinking but he couldn't help it and
right now he didn't feel like explaining it either.

"It was the trip to the bathroom." He lied. Tom moved into position
on his knees and elbows beside the commander.

"Come here Tommy and I'll fix it."

Fuck Chak was speaking again and now it was really becoming
annoying. Couldn't he just shut up and fuck him already?

"It will get hard once you're in me Chak so please don't make me wait
any longer."

The explanation satisfied his lover and he moved behind Tom. He felt
tender fingers run along the ridges of his backbone and then dip into
his stretched anus.

"Oh spirits Tommy you're ready."

All part of the service, Tom almost said but didn't. Chakotay didn't
deserve the callous remark after he'd thoughtfully offered to see to
Tom's arousal. It was becoming clear to the pilot that the commander
didn't see this encounter as fucking so much as making love. It
wasn't Chak's fault Tom could quite break out of the mold he'd placed
himself into these last months.

"Take me baby." He thrust his ass back and Chak finally stopped

Trying to be gentle the big man pushed his way in slowly in short
bursts. There was some pain but it couldn't be helped. Chak was
that big and he was that tense. Tom moved back on to the rigid
member despite the discomfort. Chakotay gasped and stilled his hips.

"Easy Tommy we don't want this to end too soon."

Ah Chakotay was close and that was good. The faster his lover found
release the faster he'd be away from him to find his own in the
bathroom. It was time for a little auditory stroking.

"I can't wait baby. I need you to fuck me now."

The commander started moving again, thrusting a little faster this
time. It was working.

"Oh yeah that's right. Now harder, oh fuck do it harder Chakotay!"

Full long strokes pumped into his ass, brushing his prostate with
every passing. Tom felt his cock twitch at the sensation as the
blood began to fill it. It was an unexpected bonus but unfortunately
Tom had done his job too well. Chakotay's arousal was climaxing as
his was just sparking.

In a mixture guttural moans and growls the commander came. Knowing
there wasn't enough time for him to join his partner in simultaneous
orgasm, Tom hastened his lover's by tightening his sphincter.
Chakotay rammed him hard enough to make his teeth shatter as he
released his seed. When the big man was done he fell to the bed
breathless and Tom took the opportunity to escape.

Sealing himself in the head, Tom slid down the door pulling his dick
as he fell. By the time he hit the floor he was coming in hard bone
wracking spurts and like so many times before he was crying.

Only this time in wasn't in humiliation but in regret.


When the fog lifted from his brain and his bodily functions returned
to normal, Chakotay reached out an arm for his lover. He found only
empty space. Sitting up on his elbows, he scanned the room and
noticed the bathroom door was closed. Concerned that in
his 'passion' he'd hurt the younger man he sprang from the bed for
the door.


There was no answer but there was something. On the other side of
the door he heard soft quiet noises that Chakotay feared were sobs.
Spirits he had hurt Tom.

"Computer override lock."

Since it was his cabin the computer didn't ask for authorization and
opened the door to reveal a scene that hit Chakotay like a hammer.

Sitting huddled over his knees on the cold bathroom floor was Tom.
The pilot didn't look hurt but he was wet with tears and semen. From
the areas in which they pooled, Chakotay could tell the latter issue
was from both from them. Curiously Tom's orgasm had hit him in here
rather than in the bed.

He leaned over the crying man to start a warm bath before picking him
up off the tiles. Like a mute automaton the young man allowed
Chakotay to deposit him in the tub. Chakotay got in behind Tom and
pulled him close to his chest.

Grabbing a soft cloth from the sidebar, he sluiced warm water over
the pilot's shoulders and chest washing away the sticky whiteness.
With his lips he kissed away the tears. When he was done, Chakotay
rocked Tom in his arms and crooned into his ear. Finally the pilot
spoke in a small childlike tone.

"I'm sorry."

"Oh Poocuh don't be. You did nothing wrong."

"Maybe not but I didn't do it right either."

Chakotay wasn't clear on what the pilot thought didn't do right but
he suspected it had something to do with the blond's delayed orgasm.
It was an issue that needed discussing however there was more
pressing things on the commander's mind. With his thumb a forefinger
he grasp Tom's chin and turned his face. Chakotay needed to see the
blue of his lover's eyes.

"Did I hurt you Tom? Did I do anything you didn't want me to?"

"No and no." Tom shifted his body around in the water following the
direction his face was in. "You were making love to me and that was
wonderful. It's just that you hadn't done that to me before and I
didn't handle it very well."

"The bathroom."

"Yeah the bathroom. I had to be alone to come." Tom lowered his head
in shame. "I haven't had an orgasm while with another person since I
was a lieutenant." That was a telling statement. Tom continued on
not recognizing its significance. "I know it's weird and I'll
understand if you can't deal with it Chakotay."

"I can deal with it and I promise to my best to fix it."

"Fix it." Tom emitted a short laugh and shook his head. Smiling he
brought his long fingers up to stroke his tattoo. "I not sure you can
fix this one big man."

Chakotay smiled back. "I can."

And he would. If he had the power to make the beautiful man in his
arms smile, he'd was certain he could make him come while there too.

"Yeah well we'll see." The pilot removed his hand from the
commander's face and held it up. "But for now do you think we could
just get out of the tub? I'm getting all pruney."

It was Chakotay's turn to laugh. He hugged the pilot to his chest
sloshing water over the bathroom floor.

"OK Poocuh and then we sleep. We can talk about this tomorrow, OK?"

"OK big man you're the boss."

"That's something else we'll have to talk about."


What had he'd done?

It was the middle of the night and Harry couldn't sleep. He was too
for worried for Tom's safety and wondering if he'd done the right
thing by letting him go back to the commander.

Chakotay was ruthless. The dark man might love the enticing blond
but that didn't mean he wouldn't hurt him. His love was different.
He cared for Tom like one does a cherished pet and like an animal,
the commander owned, controlled and disciplined him. He didn't see
Tom like Harry did.

Tom was a man with beautiful hair and skin. He tasted as sweet as
honey and felt like silk. The lieutenant's hand stole down between
his legs to his burgeoning erection. When Harry heard a moan escape
his lips, he pulled his hand back like his dick was on fire.

It was wrong to think of Tom that way. They were friends not lovers
and there was no chance that was going to change. Not with Chakotay
in the picture anyway.

Maybe he should have made Tom stay. The pilot didn't always know
what was good for him, hell look at the last few months for example.
Tom had gone from fourth in line in the command hierarchy to being
the paid plaything of a control freak like Chakotay.

Perhaps that wouldn't have been so bad if the first officer had been
the righteous man Harry had fantasized about but what he thought were
composure and compassion were really fronts for cruelty and
selfishness. In the last few days he'd seen the proof with his own
eyes but it had taken these quiets moments alone in the dark to
assimilate it.

Like he'd told the commander, Tom did deserve better. He deserved to
be worshipped not degraded and Harry could do that. The first step
would be saving Tom from the first officer's clutches but how to do

Chakotay would be a formidable opponent and he suspected a poor
loser. Harry would need an ally to win the wayward pilot and a
protector from the commander's wrath when he did. There was only one
person on Voyager who could do both, Captain Kathryn Janeway.

When at his post Tom tuned out the background chatter of the bridge,
he loved flying the great ship that much but Harry didn't. He
listened and learned.

Trouble in Paradise she'd asked her first officer. It was obvious
from the tone of her voice she didn't approved of the two men's
arrangement and probably wouldn't be to sorry to see it end. Of all
people she would understand Harry's need to liberate Tom. He would
ask to speak to her in the morning.

Feeling better, Harry fantasized Tom's reaction to being set free in
his mind and with his hand. The physically demonstrative blond would
reward Harry's rescue with kisses most probably and if Tom was really
grateful it might be more.

Harry hoped it would be more.


Harry Kim felt Tom Paris needed saving.

Or that's what the lust blind lieutenant thought. He couldn't see
that his motives weren't any less amoral than Chakotay's. Harry just
put a prettier spin on his. Kathryn had seen the truth the moment his
eyes began to dilate at the mention of Tom's name.

It was funny to watch but not as funny as him asking her to help
him. As he'd stood fumbling from one foot to another in front of her
desk, it was all she could do not to laugh.

It was true. All good things do come to those who wait. Harry had
unwitting given Kathryn the opportunity to exact her revenge from
Chakotay without getting her hands dirty. Besides one small
concession, all she had to do was protect the lieutenant from the
first officer's wrath and as a good captain that was after all her
duty. The other thing he'd asked would be harder to justify but not

Harry wanted Tom's rank re-instated. She hadn't seen the logic in
giving back something that would probably please the commander until
Harry explained exactly what that would mean. Starfleet officers
couldn't be concubines. Chakotay would be stripped of his hold on
the pilot and Tom would have the freedom to leave. Then he would
feel the anguish of being rejected just as she had. It was too sweet.

The only problem with the plan was that she couldn't arbitrarily make
Tom a lieutenant again. She told Harry that he would have to ask for
his rank back. With a fanatical brightness in his dark eyes that
scared her slightly, the lieutenant had assured her that he would
happily see to that part of the scenario. The deal was done, now all
she had to do was step back and wait.

Because all good things come to those who wait.