Title:  Ten Reasons
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/?
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  1/1
Email for feedback:  forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:   Chakotay becomes the focus of a secret admirer who likes
to count.

"Reason number ten:  I don't snore."

Chakotay looked up from his data PADD at the captain.  They were
reviewing crew evaluations in her ready room.

"Excuse me Kathryn, did you say something?"

She was looking down at her own PADD with her face screwed up.

"It says, reason number ten: I don't snore."  Kathryn repeated.  She
read it again to herself, her lips moving without sound, raised her
head and held the slim instrument up to his face for inspection.

And there it was smack dab right in the middle of Jenny Delaney's
report in large hot pink letters, `I don't snore'.  Chakotay
suppressed a smile and stared at his commanding officer deadpan.

"Well, do you?"

"Do I what?"  Kathryn rolled her eyes.  "Oh of course not but that's
not what the message is about.  Someone is telling me `they' don't."

"In the middle of a performance evaluation?  Why would they do that?
Why not just tell you first hand or leave you a message in your

"I don't know, and why would they feel the need to tell me at all?
Why would I care if this person snores?   As long as they don't do it
on the bridge, I don't really care."

"Well let's see."  Chakotay leaned back on the lounge really getting
comfortable.  He was enjoying himself, albeit at Kathryn's expense
but after a long morning of dull reports, he was grateful for any
distraction.  "I suppose you would care if you were sleeping with our
mysterious author."

"I'm not."  Kathryn replied quickly and with a tad too much

Chakotay peered at her across the lounge  "You sure?"  Kathryn stared
daggers back at him.

"We're not going there Chakotay, so don't even start."  She tossed
her hand in the air.  "And besides, who says the message is for me?"
She cocked her head at him and smiled.  "It could be for you."

It wasn't, because he wasn't sleeping with anybody and no intentions
of doing so in the near future.  There wasn't anybody on Voyager he
wanted that as far as he knew, wanted him back.

"It was on your PADD."  He reminded her.

"So maybe it was a mistake.  It wouldn't be easy to insert a message
in middle of a report.  Maybe he or she slipped up, took a wrong turn
or something?"

"You're grasping at straws Kathryn.  The most logical explanation is
that the message was for you.  And if your not sleeping with anyone,
it could mean this person is giving you a reason to want to."

"Yes, reason number ten.  I suppose there will be nine more."  She
said thoughtfully.  Slowly a smile formed on her lips.  "It is kind
of romantic."

Chakotay could see her starting to drift.  The sappy smile, the
dreamy half cast to her eyes yep, she was a goner.  Who ever sent the
missal had captured her imagination and her focus.  They wouldn't get
much else done this morning.  So thanking the spirits for small
mercies, Chakotay left his own PADD with his not so exciting reports
on the coffee table and high tailed it out of there.

Kathryn didn't notice his departure.


Life could be funny at times but this wasn't one of them.

Chakotay stopped abruptly at the security chief's tactical station on
his way to the turbo lift.

"What did you say Tuvok?"

The dark Vulcan stared straight ahead not looking at him.  "I said I
like to cuddle."

Another round of giggles erupted on the bridge, mainly in the
directions of the helm and ops.  Chakotay stared them down and turned
back to Tuvok.   "And you're telling me this, why?"

"A message on my console for you Commander.  It states in pink,
reason number nine:  I like to cuddle."

Oh spirits, it was the mysterious author again.  Kathryn had been
right.  The first message had been for him.  Chakotay looked to his
captain.  She was smiling and her eyebrows were raised in an `I told
you so' kind of way.  If she was disappointed, she didn't show it.

"Does it say who sent the message?"  He asked Tuvok.

"Negative and I am unable to trace its origin at this time.
However, if you would like, I could continue to investigate."

"No Tuvok that won't be necessary."  Chakotay replied.  He really
couldn't justify taking up the security chief's precious time
tracking down who was sending him personal notes.  He assumed he
would find out eventually when it got down to reason number one and
since he wasn't the die-hard romantic Kathryn was, he could wait.

"Very well Commander.  I will forward the message to your personal

"Thank you Tuvok."  He nodded to the Vulcan, made a point of not
looking back at the bridge and entered the turbo lift.

"Deck six."  He called to the computer once the doors closed.  He had
promised to stop in and see Seven in astrometrics.  She apparently
had yet another alternate route home to show him.

"Acknowledged."  The artificial female voice responded, paused and
then went on.  "Reason number eight:  I'll `lift' your spirits when
you're down."

What the fu-?

"Computer!  Who programmed that response?"

"Unable to comply.  Please restate the nature of your request."  Was
the dispassionate reply.

Chakotay didn't bother.  The message probably wasn't there anymore
and that's why the computer couldn't comply with his wishes.  Whoever
his admirer was, from his previous exploits with Kathryn's PADD and
Tuvok's console, it was evident that he was technically proficient
enough to cover his tracks.  Chakotay stopped himself.  He?  Why did
automatically think his admirer was a man?  The lift doors opened and
he proceeded on to astrometrics.

It could be a woman, he mused as he traveled the corridor taking the
long route to the lab.  He preferred men but since that wasn't public
knowledge, that wouldn't stop a woman from pursuing him.  It most
likely was a woman in fact but if it was, then who?   Not Kathryn,
she'd be intrigued as he was by the message.  Yes the message, that
was a good place to start.

Who ever was sending the missals was using other people and machines
in the case of the turbo lift to deliver them.  Which meant Chakotay
could eliminate Kathryn and Tuvok, although he didn't really think
the security chief had any interest in him anyway from his list of
likely suspects.

So if you delivered a message, you weren't the sender.  Yes, that
made sense.  He was proud of himself for his clever deduction when he
finally reached astrometrics.

At his entrance, Seven stopped doing the five or six, he couldn't
count her fingers were moving so fast, tasks she was performing at
the console and turned to him.  She looked uncomfortable.

"Commander."  She stated succinctly with her hands behind her back.

"A problem Seven?"  He asked.

"Please listen carefully Commander as I do not intend on saying this
again."  She pursed her lips and looked over his shoulder at a point
somewhere in the distance.  "Reason number seven: Resistance is

Oh spirits, now that was good.  His mystery date, not only had an
ironic sense of humour having Seven deliver reason number seven Borg
style but balls too.  Chakotay knew he wouldn't want to be the one to
convince this ice queen to deliver a love note.  Nor would he been
brave enough to ask her to do it as a drone.  Balls, big, big balls.

"Seven who-" He started.

"The subject is closed Commander.  There will be no discussion."
Seven said curtly cutting him off with her cold voice and colder
eyes.  Chakotay was suddenly thankful she wasn't his admirer.  "Now
to my scans,"

Turning back to her console, she brought up a number of star charts
and began her usual spiel on why Voyager should go this way instead
of that.  Chakotay feigned interest, he would ask B'Elanna later to
go over this stuff anyway and continued to think on his personal

He had four reasons now but four reasons for what?  To date this
person, and maybe love this person or to just fuck this person,
what?  Just how much did his admirer want from him?   He reviewed the
reasons thus far.

He had a person who didn't snore so that meant sleeping with them.
Actually reason nine the cuddling went along with that but the next
two didn't necessarily have sexual connotations to them.  Lifting his
spirits he translated into making him happy and resistance is futile
could mean they wouldn't take no for answer.  An answer to what?
When he thought about it again, Seven's message could be about sex
too.  Chakotay let loose an exasperated breath.  He needed more

"Are you listening Commander?"  Seven had stopped her diatribe when
he sighed.

"Yes Seven, I'm listening."  He smiled politely.  "Please go on."

It was going to be one hell of a long afternoon.


"Now turn your head and cough."

Leaning over a bio-bed, Chakotay stoically suffered the doctor's
examination.  He'd been in astrometrics when the EMH had commed him
to remind of his physical.  At the time he'd been bored to tears and
had jumped at the chance to escape Seven's monotone report but now he
was not so sure that had been wise.

"Can't you just scan me with a tricorder?"  He called over his

"I could, but this way gives me a better idea of the size and shape.
Besides, I prefer to be a hands on medical practitioner."

Yeah right you fucking sadist, Chakotay thought viciously but kept it
to himself.  Considering where the Doc's finger was right now, he
didn't want to upset him.

"Besides, it isn't like you haven't had this done to you before
Commander."  The doctor remarked dryly.  The hologram was fully aware
of his sexual preferences.

He winced when the doctor probed deeper.  "Whatever, just hurry."

"Oh damn!"  The doctor exclaimed.

"What!  Did you find something?"  Chakotay cried back.

"I almost forgot.  Reason number six:  I'm funny."  The EMH said
clinically with emotion as if discussing a course of treatment with

"Oh you've got to be kidding."  Chakotay banged his forehead against
the mattress of the bed.  "Now, you remember that now with your
finger up my butt?  I'm not even going to ask what sparked your

"I wouldn't tell you anyway Commander and you're done.  You can do
your trousers up now."

Straightening, Chakotay put himself to rights all the while glowering
at the EMH.  He made a quick mental note to check if the hologram
checked anyone else's prostate this way and then reviewed reason
number six, I'm funny.

Well his admirer certainly had comic timing, that was for sure but
then again he'd already known that.  He'd almost laughed in Seven's
face when she delivered her message, hadn't he?  So he was funny okay
but a twisted kind of funny.  Witty most probably and he, oh
spirits.  He was back to calling his admirer a he again.  Okay let's
go with that a moment.   How many men on Voyager made him laugh?  He
thought seriously about that while he waited for the doctor to finish
compiling his test results and give him the go ahead to leave.  After
a moment's thought, he came up with a name.

Tom Paris.

The light hearted and reckless younger man had the uncanny ability
not to let him take himself too seriously.  It had taken him awhile
to appreciate his quirky sense of humour, hell it had taken him
awhile to appreciate the pilot at all but in the last few years
Chakotay had warmed to him.  Warmed, now that was an understatement
and a half.

After he'd seen through the lieutenant's cocky wise cracking veneer,
he'd found a man that truly interested him.  Tom was smart, strong,
he'd have to be to put up with all the shit life had thrown at him
and he was very, very good looking.  It was that last bit, that was
presently bringing a flush to his face and a tightness to his groin.

Tom Paris challenged him, made him laugh and made him hornier than
he'd been in years.  Chakotay would very much like Tom to be his
secret admirer and it was more than possible he was.  He had the
technical capabilities, the audacity to confront Seven and was
dramatic enough to orchestrate an elaborate scheme such as this.  The
fact that the younger man had never looked twice at him in six years
didn't deter Chakotay from his line of reasoning.  He wanted it to be
Tom Paris, so it just had to be.

"Hey Commander what's up?"

Chakotay broke from his musings to see the man in question smiling at
him from the other side of the bio-bed.  If he had the guts, and the
character he would have loved to say, my cock for your ass but that
wasn't him or at least not normally.  That was another thing Tom
Paris did for him.  He made him feel sexy and a wee bit daring.

"Just here for my yearly physical and you?"  He replied instead in
his straight-laced commander mode.

Tom place one hand and then the other on the bio-bed, smiled even
brighter and leaned forward.  Staring deeply in his now startled
brown eyes, Tom seared him with his blue ones and whispered.

"I'm here to tell you that I can fly you to the stars and back again."

Chakotay totally mesmerized by his beautiful face, swallowed hard and
moved flush against the bed.  Still caught in the electric blue beam
of his eyes, he brought his face close to the pilot's.  Tom's smile
faded as he drew near.

"You can?"  Chakotay whispered back.

"Can what?"  Tom blinked furiously.

"Fly me to the stars and back again."  He said again.  His mouth was
so close to Tom's, the younger man had to be able to feel his breath
by now.

"Oh flying, right, right."  Tom's eyes fell close as he parted his
lips and tilted his head.

"Commander you can go now."  The EMH practically shouted in his ear.

Tom bolted up right and Chakotay pounded his fist on the bed.
Spirits, they were so close.  He ignored the doctor and focused on
Tom.  The poor kid looked scared to death at the doctor's untimely

"Tom," He started softly hoping to calm the younger man down with his

"Reason number five:  I can fly you to the stars and back again."
Tom said quickly and then ran out of Sickbay leaving Chakotay with a
lump in his throat.

Oh damn, he was only a messenger.  It wasn't him.  Tom wasn't his
secret admirer.


"What!"  He barked.

"Do you really want to piss me off or are you just into pain

He gave B'Elanna an apologetic look, which she begrudgingly accepted
and gave her his full attention or attempted to.  Unfortunately as
soon as she went back to explaining why Seven's new route was total
complete bullshit as she put it, his concentration wavered and his
mood darkened again.

Since he'd left Sickbay he'd been brooding over the latest reason he
had received.  I can fly you to the stars and back again.  Oh spirits
when Tom had said those words to him, his heart had soared and when
Tom had said them again this time prefaced by the appropriate number,
it had crashed and burned.

He was crushed Tom was not the one sending the messages, so much so
that he had lost interest in figuring out who was.  It didn't matter
if it wasn't the beautiful golden blond he had almost kissed in

"Chakotay, are you all right?"  There was no anger in her voice this
time, only gentle concern.  She was like that, hard one moment and
incredibly sweet the next, although only the ones closest to her ever
saw the soft part.

"Yes, B'Elanna I'll be fine."  He tried to smile as he spoke to
reassure her.

"But you're not now, are you?"

"No, but I will be.  It's nothing to worry about.  I'll get over it."

"It or him?"

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing."  She grabbed a PADD from the console.  "Maybe this will
help.  I was supposed to read it to you but it's stupid.  Not the
words, just me saying them."  She added quickly as she shoved the
instrument at him.

It had to be another `reason'.  Oh terrific, just what he needed
right now.  The only good thing about getting it was that since
B'Elanna was supposed to be the messenger, it meant she wasn't the
one with the crush.  If she were, Chakotay swore he'd jump out the
next airlock he came across.   His heart couldn't take one more shock
today.  Resigning himself, he took the PADD and went over to an empty
duty station to read it.

He pressed the on button and the little instrument came to life.

"Reason number four:  You make my heart beat at warp speed.  You
always have."  Said the bright pink letters.

Mush, pure mush and what was worse, it didn't give a hint to the
sender's identity.  Anyone on the ship could make that claim, not
about him perhaps but about anybody.  It didn't help him to single
anyone out like `funny' had.  Oh spirits, funny.  It was funny how
funny made him hurt.

Leaving the PADD where it was, he exited Engineering and headed to
the messhall.   Maybe a little comfort food, like hot bowl of
mushroom soup would make him feel better.


"Commander Chakotay!  Commander Chakotay!"

He stopped at the doors of the messhall and turned.  Naomi Wildman
came running up to him.

"Hello sir."  She said gulping great gobs of air.  Her small cheeks
were flushed with exertion and her little horns were glowing.  She
was adorable and the sight of her alone was enough to lift his
sagging spirits.  Chakotay squatted down to her level and smiled.  It
was the first one he meant since leaving Sickbay.

"What can I do for you, pet?"

"Reason number three:  I love children, kittens and puppies!"  Naomi
said in a rush of giggles and then turned on her heels and ran back
the way she came.

After the shock of her delivery passed, Chakotay contemplated going
after her to demand she tell him who had asked her give the message
but refrained.  Samantha probably wouldn't appreciate him
interrogating her five year old daughter and besides, he didn't want
to know, did he?  Standing back up he considered that as he entered
the messhall.

It was possible that whoever was sending the messages could turn out
to be a good friend and a friend was something he could use right
about now.  Maybe he shouldn't be so quick to discount this admirer
just because it wasn't Tom.

Who's to say that this person who had put so much time and trouble
into professing their feelings, wouldn't be just what he was looking
for.  Maybe this woman, it had to be a woman he decided, he couldn't
stand it now if it was a man, might help him forget how much he
wanted the charming and delectable pilot.  Maybe, just maybe, he
thought as he got his soup and found a table.

Children, kittens and puppies, oh my.

Now that was a good reason.  For him, it spoke of someone with a kind
heart and a gentle soul.  If his admirer loved those precious things
then he was sure they could connect on some level.  Chakotay was
positive he could love someone who loved children, kittens and


Oh was it that time again?  Chakotay put down his soup spoon and
looked up.

Harry Kim was there shifting nervously back and forth on from one
foot to the other.  In his hands was surprise, surprise a PADD.
Chakotay would have bet real money there was pink writing on it.

"Yes Ensign Kim, you have something for me?"  He reached out his hand.

"Yes sir but I'm supposed to read to you," He paused.  Spirits the
man looked miserable.  "Well, sing it actually."

"Sing?  As in a song?"

"Only the first verse."  Harry cleared his throat and began.

"Ooo, you make me live.  Whatever this world can give to me.  It's
you, you're all I see.  Ooo, you make me live now honey.  Ooo, you
make me live.  You're my best friend."

It was a good thing Harry Kim could play the clarinet because sure as
hell couldn't sing.  His voice had cracked and wavered through the
entire rendition, especially during the ooo's.

"Thank you Ensign, that was ah, ah interesting."  Actually Chakotay
liked the words, it was just the delivery that was hard to take.

"There's one more part."

"More singing?"  Please no.

Harry shook his head.  Whew!  Thank the spirits!

"Reason number two:  I'll be your best friend."

With that, the ensign handed him the PADD and then retreated back to
his own table to sit with B'Elanna who was staring over at him still
wearing her `soft' face.  Chakotay gave her a big smile to which she
answered with a scowl and turned back around.

They knew, he realized.  Harry, B'Elanna, and even Tom knew who was
romancing him and what's more, they approved.  They must or otherwise
they wouldn't have delivered the messages.  Given a choice he was at
least sure young Kim wouldn't have anyway.  He'd been beet red during
his rendition.  So whoever it was that asked him must have been
convincing enough for Harry to put himself through that embarrassing
ordeal.  But who?

The only one he could come up with that the three of them would agree
upon was Kathryn and he'd ruled her out at the beginning.  She'd been
as mystified by that first message as he'd been.  No, it couldn't be
her, could it?

Chakotay finished his soup and decided to think on it while in his
quarters over a cup of relaxing tea.  Maybe he'd be inspired in his
own surroundings or perhaps he'd run into reason number one before he
got there and the mystery would be solved.

Whatever, he was tired after this endless day of ups and downs and
home sounded real good just about now.


"Computer, I said lights!"

Oh wasn't this just fucking typical of his day.   After getting home,
without being presented by reason number one, which he admitted
disappointed him, he'd walked into pitch black darkness.  Damn!

He was about to call B'Elanna to come fix the problem when he heard a
shuffling in the darkness.   He wasn't alone.

"Reason number one:  I love you so much it hurts."  Said a familiar

What?  No, it couldn't be.  He was a messenger.

The lights suddenly came up and Chakotay had to blink against the
brightness.  When his vision returned to normal he was treated to the
most beautiful sight he'd ever seen and was literally struck dumb.

Standing in the middle of his living room was Tom Paris.

"Oh god Chak, please say something."

"It's, it's you."  He stammered.  Chakotay could not believe
the evidence that his eyes and ears were presenting to him.

"Yeah, tada."  Tom said weakly.  "Are you disappointed?"

"What?  Oh no, spirits no Tom I'm not disappointed just surprised.
You were a messenger."  His thoughts were disjointed.

"And you thought any one giving you a reason couldn't be sender,
right?  I though you might, that's why I did number five, to throw
you off.  I didn't want you to figure it out too soon, only I almost
screwed it up.  I nearly kissed you Sickbay."

"I remember.  It upset me when you gave me a reason and then ran

"Sorry but it was important to me to finish."

"Tell me the reasons again."  Chakotay asked.  Maybe if he saw Tom
say them all of them including the big one at the end, it would
finally sink in.

The younger man took a deep breath and exhaled it.  "Okay, here goes."

Standing straight and tall, he looked deep into his eyes.  It was the
blue electric beam all over again as his intense gaze once again
captured Chakotay.

"I don't snore so I won't keep you up at night and after we make
love, I'll hold you until you fall asleep."

Tom took a step towards him.

"When you're sad or something gets you down, I'll be there for you to
help you through it and put a smile back on your handsome face."

Another step.

"You can't resist me because I'm not going to let you.  I'm going all
out here.  I'm finally making a stand that took years for me to build
the courage up for so I don't intend to be put off by any objections
you might come up with."

Another step.

"I promise to make you laugh at least once every day, more if I can."

Another step.

"I'll fly you to the stars, the moon, shit Chak anywhere you want to
go and back again just as long as it's back to me."

Another step.

"My heart beats faster when ever you enter the room.  It's been that
way for me for so long I don't even remember the first time it
happened.  It just is."

Another step.

"Babies, you're going to want babies aren't you.  Okay I can do
that.   We can adopt or if you want, I'll carry your children.  I've
already checked it out the Doc, so that's doable.  You just have to
say the word."

Another step.

"I'll be your best friend.  Even you don't want me as badly as I want
you, I'll still be there for you.  You can depend on me no matter

Another last and final step.  This one put Tom toe to toe with him.
Chakotay could now see clearly the tears welling in his blue eyes.

"And reason number one."  Tom laughed softly.  "Actually it's the
reason behind all the other reasons.  You ready big guy?"

He raised a hand to the younger man's cheek and with his thumb he
brushed away a single crystal droplet.

"Yes Tom, tell me."  He whispered softly while fighting back his own

"I love you Chakotay." Tom said in a hush as he brought his hand up
to lightly caress his lips with trembling fingers.  "And I'm going to
kiss you unless you stop me."

"I won't ever stop you."  Chakotay croaked out.  The depth of Tom's
love so over whelmed him, it was a struggle to speak.

Tom smiled then and it was a smile so brilliant and so goddam
breathtakingly beautiful, Chakotay would remember it forever.  Tom
was still smiling when he leaned in to touch his lips with his.

At first the kiss was nothing more than a peck, their lips met but
there was no movement.  They just touched as if getting to know each
other's taste and texture.  Gradually Tom's mouth opened slightly and
he pulled gently at Chakotay's bottom lip with both of his.  He
closed his eyes and passively allowed the younger man to nibble.

With great willpower and fighting an incredible need to deepen the
kiss, Chakotay kept his tongue at bay.  This first kiss would be
Tom's to orchestrate.  He had worked for it, for him actually all day
with his ten wonderful reasons and more than deserved to take the
lead.  The only overt move Chakotay allowed himself was to curl his
hands around the base of Tom's spine and rub the small of his back
with his fingertips.  Both of Tom's hands were on his face.

When he felt a wet warmth trace his lips, Chakotay had to press his
eager tongue against the back of his top teeth to keep it from
slipping out to join the fun.  If Tom didn't kiss him properly and
soon, the poor organ was going to get a cramp.  Unfortunately the
younger man seemed to be taking his time, which he supposed wasn't so
surprising since it had taken him six years to even get to this
point.  Suddenly the gentle laving stopped.  He opened his eyes to
Tom's worried face.

"Shit Chak, do you even want to kiss me back?"  There was the
slightest hint of a tremble in that question and in the precious
mouth that asked it.

"Of course, I was just," He stopped.   What the hell was he doing?
Waiting for Tom to make the first move?  Spirits Chakotay get a grip,
the man had been doing that all day.  He gave himself a mental kick
in the ass and then ran his palms up Tom's back until he cradled a
shoulder blade in each hand.

"I love you."  He whispered and then in stark contrast to his soft
words, he jerked Tom hard into his chest and took his lips in a full
opened mouth kiss.  The time for playing the cavalier commander was
over.  He was going to be the sexy and daring man Tom Paris
inspired.  The man he deserved.

Now given free reign, his tongue lashed out at the other man's sweet
mouth, tickling his gums and finally seeking out its mate with
undisguised enthusiasm.  Tom wrapped his arms tightly around his neck
and joined the kiss with an equal amount of passion.

Locked in each other's arms, they stood in his living room pressed
tightly together, kissing themselves into a heated frenzy.
Occasionally teeth clicked, noses bumped and breaths were lost but
that didn't make their joining any less tender.  It was, Chakotay
knew, infinitely so.  Despite the savagery of their embrace, it was
filled with gratitude, relief, and love.  There was just so much of
it coming out at once and since they were both strong aggressive men,
it only appeared brutal.

Chakotay idly wondered as Tom sucked at his tongue what their sex
would be like?  Would they fuck each other to death?  It was an
intriguing thought and one worth investigating.  Moving his hands to
Tom's biceps, he pried the younger man from his mouth.

"Noooo."  Tom moaned and then dived back in capturing his lips.
Chakotay pulled him back again, this time extending his arms further
to compensate for Tom's long slender neck.

"Do you want to make love?"  He asked the over heated blond between
hitching breaths.  Chakotay already knew the answer but asked in hope
of breaking the action long enough to move them into the right
venue.   He did not want to fuck Tom on the rug of his living room

"Oh yeah for just about forever."  Tom smiled and then raised his
golden eyebrows.  "Do you want another ten reasons why?"

Chakotay smiled back.  "Maybe later, come on."

Grabbing Tom's hand, he pulled him into the other room.


Smiling at each other, they removed their own clothing for the sake
of expediency.  Boots, socks, pants, undershirts and jackets were
flying everywhere in a rush to get naked.  Chakotay's bedroom looked
like tornado had hit it.

Once nude, the younger man flew at him.  There was an audible smack
as Tom's hard lean body crashed into his.  In moments they back to
the frantic kissing they had started in the other room.  The break
had not dampened neither his or the beautiful man in his arms
ardour.  They were slick with sweat, pale skin sliding deliciously
along dark, they were so hot for each other.

Fearing collapse, his knees weren't what they used to be, Chakotay
fell back on the bed taking his blond haired prize with him.  Tom's
laughter as they bounced on the mattress, not only filled the room
but all the empty places in heart.  It was going to be a joy to make
love to this wonderfully demonstrative man.

Flipping Tom over, Chakotay began his inspection of the body that was
now his.  Starting with his long graceful neck, he kissed a tattoo of
red welts to confirm his ownership and then licked a trail to his
gold furred chest.  With Tom squealing and bucking beneath him, he
brought both rosy nipples to rock haired points by swirling his
tongue and sucking gently with his lips.  Delighted by the younger
man's wanton response, Chakotay continued to play with the sensitive
nubs with his mouth as he reached his hand downward for Tom's
erection.  It was as long and as graceful as the rest of him.

"Oh god, Chak!"  Tom cried out at the contact.  Immediately his hips
began to lift up into his grasp.  Aroused by the other man's keening
feedback, Chakotay pumped his own rock solid cock into the space
between Tom's knees.

Showing more presence of mind than Chakotay thought he possessed at
the moment, Tom pressed his legs together.  The pressure was
wonderfully exquisite and after a few thrusts, a little too
wonderful.  He would come all over Tom's knees if he didn't stop and
that wasn't the place he'd been hoping for.  Chakotay pulled up his
hips and climbed back up Tom's body.  The younger man welcomed his
return with wet sloppy kisses.

"Oh baby, I need to be inside you."  He panted into Tom's mouth.

"Yeah, fuck me Chak."  Tom moaned back.

Having been granted permission, Chakotay reached for the hand cream
he kept on the night side table.  It was finally going to put a
better use than his lonely solo pleasure.  He squirted a generous
amount into his palm, slathered his dick and then took one more
squirt for Tom.

As he prepared the younger man for his entry, Tom kept a tight focus
on his face.  His blue eyes were glassy but they still had the power
and the magic to hold Chakotay.  Not willing or able to break the
stare, he used touch alone to guide his cockhead to Tom's entrance.
It was only when he sank deep into his entrancing lover and Tom threw
his head back, did Chakotay lose sight of those precious blue orbs.

If he could have, if it would have been physically possible, he would
have liked to have fucked Tom that way but as the sheer pleasure of
their joining began to creep upper his inner thighs to his balls,
even his own eyes fell shut.

"Oh spirits Tom!"  It would be the last intelligible thing he would
say for the next few moments.

Grunting and groaning, he thrust deep and fast into Tom's writhing
body as his orgasm tore through him.  It was coming hard like a
photon torpedo and no amount of mental tricks or distractions were
going to stop it.  It was here.  Thankfully, Tom was in the throws of
his own passion.  When he heard his screaming, Chakotay opened his
eyes to see his long elegant cock spurting cream all over his belly
and chest.  It was the second most beautiful thing Chakotay had seen
this day.  Tom's smile was still number one.

"Love you Chak."  Tom cooed and then pulled him forward into his come
soaked front.  "So much, so much, so much."  He murmured into his ear
once his head was resting on his pale shoulder.

"I love you too."  Chakotay whispered back.

"Do you?"  Tom's head twisted down so they were nose to nose.

Chakotay kissed the tip and smiled.  "Yes Tom honey, I do."

The blue electric beams sparked to life and the award winning smile

"Good Chak, now tell me the reasons."