Title:  Teaching Tom P5
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  5 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:  Tom teaches Chakotay how to really fly.

Damn Tuvok.

If he ever had a reason not to like the Vulcan bastard, he did now.
Redirecting his anger into his fists, Chakotay lowered his right
shoulder and delivered a short jab upwards into the security
officer's solar plexus.

The blow to Tuvok's hard midsection expelled his breath but
unfortunately did not loosen his death like grip on his throat. So
disregarding the rules of fair play, the first officer aimed his next
punch lower.  That area was disgustingly just as firm.

Finally letting go, the Vulcan's head came down as he clutched his
damaged nether regions and not wanting to miss a perfect opportunity,
Chakotay executed a perfect left hook into the side of prone man's
face.  Pain exploded from his unprotected left hand as it contacted
with Tuvok's jaw, sending him reeling, backwards into the lounge.
Blinking quickly to avoid blacking out, he saw through fluttering
eyelids that the darker man had finally gone down.  Resting his
battered hand in his lap, he slapped his comm badge with the other.

"Chakotay to bridge."

"Oh hello Commander."

"Is everything OK Captain?"  He assumed they were, since the lighting
in Tom's quarters had lost its red hue and had returned to normal.

"Yes thanks to your protégée here.  What the hell happened to you?"

Tom?  What the hell was Tom doing on the bridge?

"Tuvok and I had an accident."

"When we were hit by phaser fire?  Ah, that explains it."  Chakotay
heard a muffled outcry in the background and smiled despite the agony
of his split knuckles.  "Stand down lieutenant, I'll ask him. Sorry
Commander. Are either of you hurt bad?"

"No, but we could both use a trip to Sickbay."

"Understood. Oh and Commander?"

"Yes Captain?"

"He's out of uniform so you'll be missing your workouts for a week."

Even through the comm link he could hear her good humour.

"That's fine with me Kathryn."  He looked down to the wreck in his
lap to where Tuvok still lay sprawled out on the cabin floor.  "I
think I've had enough of boxing to do me a month."

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing.  Chakotay out."

Heaving himself up off the couch, he walked over to security officer
and stood over him.

The temptation to leave the jealous Vulcan where he was great and he
would have if their fight had been anywhere else but in Tom's
quarters.  However his own green-eyed monster took over.  This was
his space, his territory and as of right now, Tuvok was no longer
welcome here in any capacity unconscious or not.

So wincing with pain, he hoisted the KO'd man over his shoulder and
carted them both off to Sickbay making a mental note that the next
time he saw his lover, he would have to speak to him about changing
his access codes.

It would be the first of many changes that would soon affect both
their lives.


"Watch your altitude Commander.  If you get too close to the moon,
you'll be pulled into its gravity well."

"Aye, aye Lieutenant."

Tom sat back in the holographic command chair his lover normally sat
in on the real bridge and shook his head in wonder, still not
believing this was happening.  However, this had real because
teaching Fleet personnel how to fly was the last thing he would have
ever dreamed of doing.

Since his half-baked gambit from yesterday wasn't in any Starfleet
manual, the captain had asked him to run though the maneuver with
Voyager's other pilots.  Other pilots. Tom smiled. It still tickled
him that she had included him in that prestigious group.

"Now keep an eye on your trajectory Chak." He used his pet name for
the commander since they were the only ones left on the holodeck.
He had saved his best student for last.

"I am Tom."  Chakotay's amusement was clear in his voice.  He didn't
have to be an empath to know the big guy was smiling.

At the idea, Samantha's speculation came back to him.  Oh how he
hoped she was wrong but now that he thought about it, she just might
not be.  It could explain his father's mysterious contempt for him.

Owen would have been horrified to learn his only son was empathic
because the admiral distrusted any species that had any form of
physic abilities.  Empaths and telepaths were sneaky and underhanded
in his father's opinion.  Tom remembered lots of different aliens
races being welcomed into their home but didn't remember one Vulcan
or Betazoid crossing their threshold.  It was funny he hadn't noticed
that before now but then again he usually did try to forget anything
associated with his less than happy childhood.

So was it possible his father had treated him like a pariah because
of what he was and not because of what he done?  If that were true,
nothing would have made his father want him.  No wonder he never felt
at home in his own house.  The admiral had lumped him together with
the Vulcans and the Betazoids and branded him an undesirable.  Tom
should have found some comfort in his new found knowledge but didn't.

While being empathic may be an explanation for the direction his life
had taken, it was also another way of making him different and not in
his opinion, a good way.

Although he had an inkling that it wouldn't matter to the commander,
Tom had no intention of making the possibility known to him or
anyone.  For the first time in his life, he was a part of something
and couldn't take the chance of jeopardizing that.

"Program complete."  The computer reported.

Chakotay spun around in his chair with his dimples in bloom. "Well
teacher, how did I do?"

"Not bad but I think we should run the simm one more time."

"No, I think we should go back to your place. I only have an hour for
my dinner break and I haven't been alone with you since yesterday
morning. I miss you."

"You miss my body you mean."

"No `you'.  You're different when we're alone and I like that person
very much."

"I'm different?  How?"

"You're softer, funnier and sexier somehow.   The hard shell you
cover yourself with in public melts and, oh I don't know, you're more
you I guess."

"Oh that was eloquent."  Tom said secretly pleased that Chakotay
liked who he was when he let his defenses down.  It made things

"Well that's just the beginning.  Now that Janeway's put you on crew
rotation, I think we'll have a lot to talk about Tom."

"And about Tuvok?  You haven't told me what happened with him."

"I will, but that's only part of what I need to say to you.  Last
night I did some hard thinking."

"That sounds ominous."

"No, just serious.  Not the same thing."

"So you want to go back to my quarters and just talk?"

Chakotay blushed.  "No, we'll talk later tonight."

"Oh so you do want to fuck.  Well in that case, Computer restart
simulation Paris One."


"Trust me Chak."

Tom stood and began to undress.


Trust him?  Oh spirits, how could he not?  He loved him.

Chakotay hadn't quite come out and said so but he would tonight.  But
besides a whole lot of other things that needed to be said, there was
something he needed to do first.

"Computer delete holo characters." Tom called as he stripped his
uniform from his body.  The tall blond was striking in the black and
red outfit but he was even more glorious out of it.  Feeling his
heart pump faster as the blood rushed to his erection and epidermis,
Chakotay began to remove his clothing from his overheating body.

"Stop Chak.  You're supposed to be flying the ship."

"With this?"  He pointed down to the oblivious bulge in his
pants.  "Are you crazy?"

"Not today."  Said a nude Lieutenant Paris with a smirk.   "Now turn
around Commander."


"Trust me."

Oh spirits he would have to say that.   Not knowing what was in store
for him but figuring it couldn't be too bad if Tom was naked,
Chakotay did what he was told.

While charting Voyager's course around the small moon, he listened to
his lover behind him.  After a rustle of clothing, a small `pop' and
some curious oohs and aahs, he felt hands on his shoulders.

"Open you pants and put this on."  Tom whispered in his ear as he
handed him his favorite green vial from behind.

With shaking hands he undid his fly and poured the oil over the rock
hard erection that emerged.  His lover bit and kissed at his neck and
every once in awhile leaned over him to make a course correction.
Most the viscous liquid spilled over his trousers.

"Good enough, now sit back sweetness.  I'm going to teach you how to
really fly."

A long slender leg crossed his vision before it was blocked
completely by a creamy white back.  As he leaned forward to taste the
pale skin as it slid down in front of him, his cock was enveloped
completely in a velvety warm heat.   The movement was so swift and
abrupt Chakotay bit his tongue bringing tears to his eyes.

"Oh fuck yeah!" Tom screamed as he squirmed in his lap, seating
himself further on his dick.

"Spirits Tom!"  Chakotay replied tasting blood.

"So good, so good."  Tom twisted his head around and kissed him with
an open mouth, diluting the coppery flavour.

The sensation of being so deep inside his lover was mind blowing but
the inaction of the position was killing him.  So much energy was
building up inside of him had to move to get it out.

Bracing his feet and holding on to Tom's hips, Chakotay tried to lift
up into his lover but the weight was too much.  Reluctantly he broke
the savage kiss.

"Lean over the console Tom so I can fuck you."  He said through
gulping breaths of air hoping the six foot tall and a hundred and
eighty pounds of pure passion understood.

"Yes sir!"  His lover replied brightly.

Tom had barely turned when Chakotay erupted from his chair shoving
him hard into the conn with an oof.  After making sure with a brief
glance that the blond's genitals weren't being mashed into the
unyielding surface, he pulled out the tight enclave part way and
stopped.  It took all his willpower not to thrust forward but there
was something he needed to confirm first before this went any
further.  The younger man's answer would dictate his actions after
Chakotay left the holodeck.

"Tell me you love me Tom Paris."

"What? Now?" Tom tried to look back at him but the angle was all

"Yes now."

Tom gave up trying to make eye contact and dropped his head
forward.  "You do know I'd say anything to get you shove your dick
back inside me."

"Yes but you won't lie.  Tell me."

"Come on Chak."  He tried to shift back but Chakotay stopped him with
his hands on his hips.  "OK, OK I love you!"  He yelled at the small
ships that filled forward view screen.

"I know."

"What?  Oh you bastard."

"I love you too Tom."

"Oh you do, do you?   Well you better prove it by making this the
best fuck of my young life."

"So far."


"The best fuck of your young life, so far.  It only gets better from

"Promise Chak?"  The outraged voice softened.

"Yes, now hold on."

Making good on his vow, Chakotay thrust forward making sure to hit
his lover's sensitive gland.  He knew he'd made good when Tom stopped
talking and howled.  Keeping his trajectory constant, he rammed into
that sweet spot over and over again with the crest of his penis in
short quick strokes until the burning his balls became more than he
could stand.  Yearning for deeper penetration, Chakotay molded his
chest over Tom's back and began humping him in earnest.  He had to
hold his lover tight around the waist to keep him from sailing over
the helm as his release shot from his body into Tom's.

"Oh yes Chak, oh yes, yessss!"

Every time they did this, the younger man's self-control amazed him.
Tom never came before but always waited to come with him in perfect
sync.  Chakotay would no sooner feel the tell tale tingle of orgasm
when Tom's anal muscles would begin to flutter and spasm.  It was
more than amazing.  It was down right spooky, not that he was
complaining.  Their simultaneous releases only proved to him that how
were right they were for each other.

Spent Chakotay fell back down into his chair, taking his lover with

"Program complete."

"Now that's what I call flying."

He was about to comment on Tom's euphemism, when he looked past his
shoulder to the bridge's view screen.  Where before there were ships,
they were only stars.

Somehow while they were fucking their brains out, Tom had managed to
still save Voyager.

While shooting for it, they had missed the moon completely.


"What can I do for you Ensign Wildman?"

"I wanted to speak to you about Lieutenant Paris."

Commander Chakotay turned from the report he was writing on his
terminal and folded his arms over his desk.  With a tip of his head
he motioned her to sit.  She did.

"That's a very popular subject lately."

Samantha wasn't quite sure what her commanding officer meant by that
remark but suspected it had something to do with his encounter with

She had seen the Vulcan in Sickbay after finally going there herself
yesterday afternoon to get her shoulder looked at.  Yellow green
bruises had covered one side of his face and he was unusually
somber.  Not that anyone else would notice his quiet mood but she had
gotten to know the security officer fairly well these last few months
and could differentiate one expressionless look from another.

After the Doc had fix her up she had questioned her silent friend
about his injuries but he had refused to tell her anything.  So in
exasperation and concern for Tom, she had come to the other half of
the equation.  It had taken a lot of nerve but she was here now and
was determined to get some answers from the prick that was abusing
her sweetness.

"Did you hit Tuvok, Commander?"

"Tuvok?  I thought you wanted to talk about Tom?"

"Answer the question."

"Off the record?"

"If need be, yes."

"Then yes Samantha.  I hit the green blooded bastard to prevent him
from ripping my head clean off my shoulders."

"Oh shit.  He did attack you then."

"It seems he wasn't to pleased to find me in Tom's quarters."
Chakotay leaned forward and level his dark gaze at her.  My but he
did have beautiful, no gorgeous as Tom would say, eyes.  "You know
why that was don't you.  You're his friend, he tells you things, I

"I have a pretty good idea."

"Tuvok was jealous because he's one of Tom's lovers right?"

Oh damn when did this question-answer session get turned around?  She
had come here to get answers and not to betray her ex-lover's
confidences.  If Chakotay didn't know the extent of the relationship
between Tom and Tuvok she sure as hell wasn't going to tell him.

"Maybe you should ask Tom that question."

"Then he is.  Who's the other one Samantha?  Ensign Kim?"

"Harry?  Are you crazy?"

"Not," The commander paused and smiled.  "Yes.  I think maybe I am."

"Excuse me?"

"You're his friend, so I suppose you already know this but Lieutenant
Paris and I have become intimate."

"I'm aware that you're fucking him if that's what you mean."

The gorgeous brown eyes perked up but the smile never left his
handsome face.

"And you don't approve.  A cold hearted bastard like Tuvok can have
him but I can't?"

"Tuvok is not cold.  He cares for Tom.  He needs him."

"I need him too Samantha."

"To fly your ship."

"Fly? Yes," An indefinable faraway look crossed his face a
moment.  "But I also need him for more than that."

"Oh don't tell me you're in love with him." Oooh, maybe that was
going a bit too far.

Chakotay fell silent and studied his hands.  Unlike before he wasn't
boring through her with those incredible orbs but his intense
presence still made her shudder.  She took this chance to examine his
dark beauty unobserved and understood why this man had her Tommy
jumping through hoops.  When he lifted his head and spoke she almost
fell out of her chair.

"I want you to be the first to read something Samantha."  He turned
his terminal screen towards her.  "I plan on sending this to the
captain before I leave my office tonight."

"What is it?"

"My resignation."

Not believing him, she quickly scanned the document and there it
was.  The brief communication clearly stated he was giving up his
duties as first officer.  It also went on to say he would continue
his administrative functions if requested and remain on as a
consultant but in the end what all that meant to her was that he was
giving up his commission to be with Tom.

"Oh damn Commander.  Does Tom know?"

"No and it's just Chakotay now Samantha."

"He's never going to let you get away with this."

The former commander pressed the send button.  "It's too late and
besides it not up to him."

"Janeway's gonna freak."

"I know.  I'm not sure which confrontation I'm dreading more.  Hers
or Tom's."

"And what about Tuvok?  He's not going to be happy about what this
all means."

"He's easy part.  Now I can put a public claim on Tom and he can't,
not without jeopardizing his career and from what I've observed, I
don't think he's prepared to do that."

"Oh I don't know.  What if he goes into Ponn Farr and comes looking
for Tom?"

"Tom's not the only attractive being on this ship Samantha."

"No but he's one of the only." She wanted to say empath but she
wasn't sure if Tom really was one, and if he was, she let slip enough
of her friends secrets for one evening.  "He's sensitive to Tuvok's
needs Chakotay."

"The only needs Tom will be attending to from now on are mine.  Tuvok
can find someone else and that goes for Harry too."

"About Harry,"

"Janeway to Chakotay!"

"Ah, if you'll excuse me Samantha.  I think confrontation number one
is about to happen."

He gave her a kind smile and nodded towards the door.  Tom was
right.  He was nice.  So nice in fact, that she really didn't want to
tell him who Tom's other lover was.  Well not unless she met Ensign
Kim in Sickbay and now that Chakotay had resigned, she didn't think
that would happen.   The handsome former first officer had no further
need for posturing and since Tom had already ended their affair and
would be spending all his nights with Chakotay, he would probably
leave poor Harry alone.  Or so she hoped.

Samantha didn't want to get on the bad side of a man that had the
conviction to give everything up for love.  Chakotay could probably
hate just as fiercely and besides, he wasn't the prick she thought he

She kind of liked him.


"I can't help you."

"You can Thomas. You have."

"Maybe but not anymore.  It's over and I'd like you to leave."

"Are you expecting the commander?"

"Get out Tuvok."


"I'm not your fucking mate!"

"A time will come when you will be drawn to me as I will be to you."

"No.  We are not bonded."

"Perhaps not but your empathic abilities have forged a connection
between us."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"That is not true.  I believe you are aware of your empathic nature."

"Whether I am or not doesn't matter.  I'm not going to bond with
you.  I don't need you anymore."

"You would let me die?"

"Oh Tuvok of course not.  I'll help you through your Ponn Farr if it
happens by finding you someone else or I make you a holographic

"That is not acceptable."

"No?  Well that's just too damn bad because what ever feelings I have
are not for you."

"Is the commander aware that you are an empath?"

"I'm not., oh fuck no and you're not going to tell him."

"He would not find it appealing?"

"Not like you do.  I don't know how he'll react."

"So you would prefer he was not made aware of the fact."

"Right in one."

"Then it would seem you do require something of me, as I do you."

"Your silence for my body.  That's blackmail."

"Yes Thomas.  It is."

"I won't bond with you."

"Granted but you will be available to me should I need you."

"Just for your Ponn Farr when and if that happens here in the DQ?"


"Fine.  Now get the hell out.  Chakotay will be here soon."

"Very well Thomas."

"No, it's not well.  Not at all."

Damn Tuvok.