Title:  Teaching Tom P3
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:   Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:   NC 17
Series:   3 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:  Chakotay goes where no lover has gone before,  Tom's


After an hour of rounding up dust bunnies, wrangling dirty underwear
into the fresher and hiding x-rated vids, his cabin was now tidier
than it had been in years and as long as Chakotay didn't look under
anything, it would appear almost regulation.

Taking a break from his frantic cleaning spree, Tom flopped down on
the couch deciding to take a breather before performing the same
ritual on himself.  Chakotay wouldn't be here for another two hours,
so he had time to collect his thoughts and consider why he done his
spring cleaning three seasons too early.

The big burly commander, who had an attitude as rough as Tellarian
wool but had lips as smooth as silk, wouldn't be concerned about the
state of his apartments.  As long as his bed sheets were clean, which
they were and scented with jasmine to boot, Chakotay wouldn't care.
Tom was fully aware that he was coming here to fuck him and not write
an article for Home and Garden.  So why the hell was he playing Susie

Because you want him to stay, that's why you dolt.  You think that if
the surroundings are pleasant and the bed smells nice, he won't ever
want to leave and you won't have to spend the dark nights alone
anymore.  Man oh man Tommy boy what a sap you are.

You made the man an offer of sex not marriage.  A man by the way you
are supposed to spurn and not romance.  Chakotay is not your savior
from loneliness.  He's the fucking asshole who used sex as bargaining
tool close a deal.  The first officer wants you for Voyager and not
for himself.  His coming here tonight is only a way of keeping you in
line and to prevent you from backing out from being the great ship's
chief pilot.  If you had any self respect all, you'd tell him to go
to hell the moment he steps foot inside the door.

Tom was working himself into a proper tizzy when his comm badge went
off.  He slapped the small device so hard he'd probably have a bruise
over his right tit tomorrow.

"Paris here."

"It's Chakotay."

"What is it Commander?"

"Do you like wine?"


"Wine.  You know the stuff fermented from grapes.  Do you like it?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Good.  I'll bring some then.  See you in two."

"Yeah two."

"Bye Tom."


The badge went dead and Tom sat stunned, his previous agitation
fading away.  He hadn't expected such consideration.  By confirming
the time and bringing presents Chakotay made it sound like a date.  A
soft fuzzy feeling started to build up in his chest and well up into
his throat.  Oh fuck.  The commander was going to make it real hard
to hate him.  Tuvok hadn't been so sweet when they first got together
and even the gentle Samantha hadn't treated their first encounter
like it meant something special.

He leaned back on the couch and remembered.

"Do you know what a proxy is Tom?"

"Yeah.  Someone who acts as a substitute for someone else.  What of

"If we do this, that's all this will be.  A proxy.  You'll be
standing in for, but not replacing, my husband."

At the time he'd been taking the grand tour of Voyager's lower decks
and was becoming tired of it.  Nobody he'd fuck was worth spending
more than one night with and he yearned for something more
permanent.  He had been sleeping with Tuvok on a regular basis but
the Vulcan's austere quarters and presence were not exactly
comforting.  Lieutenant Wildman's offer of a warm bed in her homey
cabin was much more inviting.

For as long as Tom could remember, he'd had a craving for occupying
spaces that reeked of love, of comfort and belonging.  It was what,
he considered to be his only weakness.  He could rule the universe
alone as long as he knew that somewhere, someplace there was a
sanctuary where a warm gentle soul would welcome him home.  As a
child he'd never known that kind of happiness and now as a grown man
it was almost an obsession for him.

So two years ago he had accepted Samantha's offer and had happily
insinuated himself into her life and home.  Over time an affection
had grown between them but the nature of their relationship had
remained the same.  Like Tuvok, she kept him as a substitute and as
long as they kept their doors open to him that was OK.  They were
kind and he knew where they were coming from but with Chakotay it was
different.  He didn't know who he was to the handsome first officer.

Chakotay had no spouse or significant other he was missing nor was he
offering to take him in.   He still wanted the comforts his body
offered but he wanted to invade his space and not the other way
around.  That was hard enough without him being nice about it and was
even more appalling that was that Tom liked it.

Unbelievably he upsetting his whole life and was nesting for
Chakotay.  Why else would he make sure his cabin was appealing?

Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck.


Tom Paris was not a hard-edged whore.

Once upon a time he had tried to make his commanding officer believe
that and as he walked the halls of Voyager towards the quarters of
the man who had offered his body to him for a price, he told himself
that same fact.

Companionship was what the beautiful man wanted not monetary gain.
His phrasing may have made it sound like a business deal but Chakotay
preferred to believe it wasn't.   Now that he was removed from his
classroom and the confines of his rank, he could afford to look at
Tom's offer as nothing more than a bid for his company.  After all it
had not been his cocky young student that had been speaking to him on
the holodeck but a gentle soul captured by desire.

Still aware of that what he was doing was probably a breach of moral
conduct on some level, Chakotay reasoned it was also nothing more
that two people who were attracted to one another wanting to be
together.  How wrong could that be?  Tom had told him his present
lovers were bridge officers and nothing bad had come of that.  The
only downside to this situation that Chakotay could see was that his
relationship with Tom would not be exclusive.

Sharing had never been one of his stronger points.  It had been a
struggle to accept his position as second in command and giving up
his crew to Kathryn but for the greater good, he had.  He suspected
that it would be just as difficult with Tom.

After he slept with the younger man he imagined that he would very
soon resent sharing him with anyone else.  Eventually he would demand
a monogamous relationship from his lover.  Whether or not he deserved
to while keeping their liaison secret and not giving Tom the dignity
of acknowledgement was unimportant.  His possessive side was too
ingrained to demand any less.

Reaching his destination, he cradled both bottles of amber wine under
one arm and pressed the chime.  Chakotay nervously gave his outfit a
quick inspection before the panels slid open.

He'd gone the simplest route and had chosen black on black.   A
thinly woven sweater tucked into butter soft pleated pants and dark
moccasins over bare feet gave him an air of what he hoped was
smoldering sensuality.  He desperately wanted Tom to find him as
attractive as he did him.

Finally the doors opened.


Holy mother of god, who was this dark pantheon standing at his

"Can I come in?"

Tom closed his gaping jaw and stood back to allow the dark god
access.  Chakotay smiled as he brushed past his shoulder into the
cabin and his mouth dropped again.  The man had dimples to die for.

"Nice place. Very neat."  The commander set two bottles of amber
liquid down on the low table and looked around casually.  "Do you
always keep such a tight ship?"

"What?  Oh.  Ah yeah."  It wasn't true but Chakotay didn't need to
know he was a slob. "It's a habit I picked up from my father."  Tom
took a step away from the door to let the panels close.

"Right the Admiral."  He placed his hands behind his back and tilted
his head in the direction of the bedroom.  "Do your sheets have
military corners too?"

Well that didn't take long.  Tom was wondering how this would all
start.  He should have known the business like commander would get
straight to the point.

"Would you like to find out?"  He replied feeling a little
disappointed that Chakotay's friendly demeanor over the comm had
vanished now that he was here in person.

"Eventually."  He relaxed his stance and took a seat on the
couch.  "I thought maybe we'd try the wine first.  Would that be all
right Tom?"

"Yeah sure."

Trying not to bounce with glee, Tom moved over to the replicator and
retrieved two glasses.  Setting them on the low table, he took a seat
a hand's breadth from his `date' on the lounge.

The first officer poured.  "This is from my private stash.  I only
bring it out for special occasions."

"Special?  You think tonight's special?"  Tom's mind went for another

"Yes."  The commander's glass stopped halfway to his lips.  Concern
filled his dark orbs.  "Don't you?"

The first officer's worried response to his possible ambiguity
confused and scared him.  This was what he wanted and he should be
thrilled but he wasn't.  His plan was to draw the man to him and then
hurt him but the nicer Chakotay was the harder it was for Tom to keep
his resolve.   This incredibly sexy man made him feel good without
even touching him and it was going to be difficult to let that
wonderful feeling go.


He snapped out his negative meanderings, replying neutrally not ready
to express his thoughts aloud.  "I like wine."  He stared down at his
untouched glass.

"And I've liked you for a very long time."  Chakotay finally took a
sip of his wine and then placed his glass down on the table.

"You have?"  Now that was news.  Tom was under the impression that
his interest hadn't developed until he'd seen him fly on the
holodeck.  "If that's true, then why haven't you done anything about
it before now."

"Lots of reasons I suppose but a lot of it had to do with opportunity
and then of course there was your generous offer."

"To fuck you without anyone knowing about it you mean."  The words
left a sour taste in his mouth.

"Yes.  I can't for one moment forget who I am and what my position is
on this ship Tom."  Chakotay leaned forward and touched his cheek
with the back of his hand.  "You're incredibly popular with the crew
but you're still considered by most a traitor."

Tom pulled back from the gentle caress. "And not appropriate
companionship for Voyager's pristine first officer.  Is that it?"

"As crass as that sounds, yes."

"What if I'm a lieutenant?  Does that make me better?"

"It makes you more respectable but then it also takes you out of the
running.  I can't have an open sexual relationship with someone under
my direct command."

"So either way, we can't be together."

"That's not true. Under your proposal we can be.  I thought that's
what you wanted too."

If he didn't answer this right, he was going to blow everything.  It
was time to be a realist and not a stupid romantic.

"It is Chakotay."

"Good because when I come, I scream your name too."  He moved forward
and ran his broad palm down the front of his blue silk shirt.  "I
want you so badly Tom Paris that sometimes I forget who I am."

By the dark light in his eyes and the tremor in his normally
confident voice, Tom could tell the big man was becoming aroused.  It
was exciting to know that he had this kind of hold over him.  It gave
Tom the courage to take control.

"I think we've had enough wine Chak."


From the look of surprise on his handsome face, Tom could tell that
nobody called the formidable man anything but by his full name or by
commander or sir.  Thrumming with power he covered the wide palm on
his chest with his hand and moved it lower.

"This is yours for a price."  He said of the burgeoning erection in
his jeans.

The ebony eyes narrowed.  "What do you want?"  The commander growled.

Tom smiled and leaned forward.  When his lips were at his ear, he
whispered.  "A kiss."

Chak's head turned abruptly and before Tom could take pride in his
smooth seduction, his mouth was captured in a crushing kiss.  Velvet
lips pressed into his as a warm tongue traced his teeth and gums.
After a moment he regained his composure and opened his mouth to
allow Chakotay entrance.

The hand at his groin began to knead his cock and balls, heating them
and bringing them to full alert.  He moaned into the delicious mouth
and scrabbled at fastening Chakotay's pants with numb hands.  Feeling
his desperation, the commander pulled back and opened his pants for
him.  Tom watched in fascination as healthy sized erection was
revealed to his hungry eyes.  Chakotay took his hand and placed it
over the proud member.
"This is yours at no cost because you already own it Tom Paris."  He
moved their hands the length of his cock and rasped.  "Do you want

Ok fuck was he kidding?  Of course he did and it everyway imaginable
but here.  Their first time together would not be a wrestling match
on the couch.  He stood up and was electrified by the hint of fear he
saw in the first officer's eyes.  Intoxicated by the knowledge that
he could bring the big bad commander down with one negative word,
Tom's need for revenge wavered.

If he wanted to, he could really hurt this man.  It was what he'd
planned on doing, conquering the conqueror, but now that the reality
was looking up him with dark gorgeous eyes, he found it difficult to
follow through.  It didn't matter that Chakotay's vulnerability was
born from lust and not love.  Tom wanted the beauty and strength of
this man and was prepared to sacrifice his pride to get it, at least
for now.  He held his hand out to his vanquisher.

"Come with me."


Oh spirits but he was long, tall and beautiful, everywhere.

This incredible man standing naked in the glow of the stars shining
through the view port was nothing like the wizard of his fantasies.
This heavenly vision glowing at the foot of the bed he was reclining
on surpassed anything he could have imagined.

Tom's lean body was whipcord tight like a greyhound's and his swollen
sex protruded gracefully up in arc from a patch of golden hair that
spread upward in a whisper fine pattern around two rosy pink
nipples.  However even with all that esthetic splendor it wasn't the
most exalting facet of the young god at his feet.  Raising his head,
Chakotay looked up into the man's true beauty.

Azure eyes shining with passion and white teeth biting a trembling
bottom lip made Tom the perfect picture of knowing innocence.  He was
sin cloaked in purity, wisdom mixed with vulnerably, a nymph and
ultimately a treasure.

"Are you going to look at me or fuck me?"

And he was a smartass but that had its merits too.

"I think I'll take option number two."

"Oh well then monsieur, I don't think you'll be disappointed."

Tom crawled along the bed and mounted him.  "If you'll look to your
left you find a wide assortment of accoutrements for your carnal

Chakotay tore his sight from the six-foot blond straddling his hips
to the bedside table.  A plethora of bottles of all shapes and
colours covered the small dresser.  He reached his hand out but was
unable to make a decision.  Tom laughed and kissed his cheek tenderly
just below his tattoo.

"I know, a difficult choice my sweetness.  May I suggest the tall
green one?  It has excellent viscosity and a pleasant odour."

Sweetness?  Chakotay decided he liked the endearment.  It was
well, `sweet'.  Forgetting the selection of oils for the time, he
slipped his hands behind the teasing blond's neck and pulled the
impish man to him.  After securing Tom to him with his mouth to his
lips, he let his hands travel down the firm back to the taut butt
relishing the silkiness of the smooth skin.   Angling his hips just
right, Chakotay slid his thick crude erection against Tom's long
regal one.

"Oh yes sweetness."  His tarnished angel moaned, as he pulled away
from the kiss and arched back.  The action meshed their genitals into
one.  Chakotay transferred his grip to the pale finespun hips,
rubbing harder and Tom wailed.  The unbound response made every
erogenous zone on his body tingle.  He needed this sensual being and
he needed him now.

"Turn over Tom."

In a flash the younger man was off him and lying flat on his back on
the mattress with his knees up.  Chakotay rolled into the enticing
opening, pressing his heavy bulk into the long glorious body.   While
he mashed his weeping penis between Tom's legs, he bit and licked the
long slender throat that was thrown back to him in offering
mercilessly.  After making sure the pale skin was properly marked, he
reached out for the recommended vial.

"Hurry Chak."  Tom pleaded.  "I'm going to come soon and I want to do
it while you're in me."

Oh spirits he almost came himself at those words.  The thought of
bringing this beautiful creature to orgasm made his balls tingle.
Like his life depended on it, he flipped off the opening of the green
bottle and quickly spread it slippery contents over his bursting
cock.  Forgoing preparation in the name of urgency he pressed his
cockhead into Tom's tight opening.

Crying out in what Chakotay was sure was pain but was beyond the
point of caring, Tom screamed and threw his legs over his shoulders.
Grabbing the front of his golden haired thighs, he thrust forward and
broke through the resistance of the constricted muscle.

"Yes!"  His frantic lover yelled.

"Oh spirits!"  He replied.

Forcing his eyes to stay open he watched Tom's ecstasy as he rammed
his cock into his willing ass.  Like before the young wanton bit into
his bottom lip as he threw his head back and arms up to push against
the headboard for leverage.  From the corner of his mouth a trickle
of bright red trailed down over a pink flushed cheek to stain the
pristine white pillow beneath him.  The sight of Tom's unleashed
passion clawed into his soul and it bled as freely as his lover's
wounded mouth.  Tonight was a night of spectacular sights and
insurmountable apexes.

Grunting and sweating Chakotay fucked the man beneath him for all he
was worth.  When he felt Tom's anal muscles begin to flutter and
tighten, he let himself go and in perfect precision they reached
their climax together.  Despite their earlier claims nothing that
erupted from their mouths remotely sounded like a name as they
expelled their passion and raked each other's bodies with teeth,
fingers and nails.

When it was over the silence in the dark bedroom was broken only by
the sound of wheezing breaths.  Collapsing, they held each other
close and soothed the others hurts with tender caresses and soft
kisses.  Feeling younger and older than he had years, Chakotay began
to drift off into a languid sleep.  He was almost there when he heard
an almost inaudible whisper in his ear.

"You're going to make it very hard."

"Make what hard?"

"Nothing sweetness.  Go to sleep."

"No, I should go."

"Tomorrow.  You can go tomorrow.  Stay with me tonight."

"I shouldn't."

"Please Chak."

If he'd used any other name, Chakotay would have been able to refuse
him but it was that personal shortening that stopped him from
leaving.  Nobody had ever called him anything but what he told them
to, well not unless they wanted to know what life was like without
the use of both their hands.  Even his parents had used nothing but
his formal name.  The honorific had originally belonged to his
grandfather and was a point of honour for him, a sign of respect.
The fact that Tom had bravely broken from convention and had branded
him with his own personal signature impressed him, as was the fact he
allowed it.

"I'll make you breakfast in the morning if you stay."

"I don't eat breakfast."

"Fine, then you'll eat me or I'll eat you, if you prefer it."

"Tom. . ."

"Please stay with me tonight Chak."

There it was again.

"All right Tom.  I'll stay."

"Good.  Now shut up so I can sleep."


Long sensuous limbs wrapped around his body and soft lips were
pressed to his neck.

"Hush my sweetness.  We can worry about tomorrow, tomorrow."

And he did, sleeping the best sleep since his arrival in the Delta
quadrant.  In hindsight he should have cherished that night in his
lover's arms more than he did.  It would be one the last restful
slumbers he'd have for a while.

It was the calm before the storm.  A gale force hurricane would
eventually hit his life with such tremendous impact that it would
deserve many names, his best friend's and fellow officers among them.

However, that was then but this was now.  Closing his eyes and
thanking the spirits for the miracle in his arms, Chakotay went to