Title: Teaching Tom P2
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  2 of ?
Email for feedback:  forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  The first day of school.

"It's a size too small. Change."

"You think so?"  His new pupil spiraled and then stopped in front of
him looking back over his shoulder at his ass.  The black material
was stretched over his posterior almost to the breaking point. "I
think it looks good."

Chakotay followed Tom's gaze from the one of the two lounges that
lined the walls of his makeshift classroom.  After giving the well-
formed rump an appreciative glance, he expanded on his order.

"Well you won't think that way after eight hours of sitting at the
helm.  Now go back to your quarters and change into a uniform that

"All that way?"  Tom lowered his lashes as his long slim fingers
played with the fastening of his too snug trousers.  "Why don't I
just do it here?  The holodeck has a replicator."

The button popped and he tried not notice.  If Tom breathed too
deeply or moved too quickly he was quite sure his fly would burst
open and as much as he wanted to, Chakotay did not need to see what
would come forth.  This was a classroom and not a bedroom.

"It's called punishment lieutenant.  Now go.  You have five minutes."

"Five minutes?  Oh come on Chak that barely gives me time to get
naked.  Now if I had some help.-"

"Four minutes and fifty seconds and it's Commander or sir remember?"

Chakotay had cut him off coldly before Tom `expanded' on his order.
It was bad enough that the young blond had showed up in a uniform
that would have fit Naomi Wildman, he did not need to hear about him
wearing nothing at all.   Already the image of the young man's semi
erect penis delineated in black fabric was going make it difficult
for him to concentrate on his course curriculum.

"Yeah, yeah whatever."  Tom replied flippantly, his fingers still
teasing at his fly.  Chakotay could see quite clearly that the
trapped erection was growing and his own began to respond in sympathy.

"Lieutenant!"  He roared before it became as pronounced as Tom's even
in his properly tailored trousers.

"OK, OK I'm going, I'd rather be coming, but I'm going."  Tom smiled
wickedly and palmed his groin. "I might be longer than five minutes

"Fine, just go!"

With more of a wiggle than a walk, the young man finally left the
holodeck and Chakotay collapsed back in the couch in frustration.

Before he'd had left Starfleet for the Maquis he'd been a professor
at the Academy, so today was not the first time he'd had to deal with
an amorous student.

Normally a few gentle words of discouragement did the trick and the
love struck pupil would lose interest but this wasn't the Academy and
Tom Paris was not a raw cadet with a crush.  Nor for that matter was
he a teacher whose thoughts were purely academic.   Oh no, certainly
not academic.  Chakotay laughed sardonically as his hand trailed down
his stomach to his rock hard penis.  Lecherous was more like it.

It would have been so easy to reach forward and take what the younger
man was obviously offering.  With a flick of his wrist and a hard
tug, Chakotay could have stripped him of those skintight pants in
seconds.  Of course after that he would have needed a few more
moments to decide whether or not to spin Tom around or keep him
standing facing him.  Fuck him or suck him, a tough decision but he'd
made harder ones in his lifetime, like this morning for instance,
because in the end he'd done neither.

He was suppose to train Tom not touch him.

Lifting his hips, he undid the front of his uniform pants and slid
them down just over his buttocks before resting back down again.
Closing his eyes and banishing all commander like thoughts from his
mind, Chakotay took himself in hand.

Tom would be doing this too right now.  Oh yes.  He might be lying
nude on his bed or standing against the wall but Chakotay knew those
long delicate hands would be pulling his cock striving for release.
Oh spirits would that be wonderful to see.  With the image set firmly
in his mind, he pumped faster, pushing his hips up into his fist.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh, oh, ohhhh!"

Exploding in fantastic sensation, Chakotay threw his head back and
came hard.  Long ropy streams of semen pulsed out over his jacket and
slicked his hand as he ran his palm up over the tip of his cock
between dying strokes.

Opening his eyes he looked down at the sticky mess and laughed in
spite of himself.

OK, so Henry Higgins he was not, but then again, Tom was no Eliza



His hands flashed to crotch of the pants that were now considerably
tighter than when he'd left his cabin this morning.

"Hello Tom."

"What are you doing here?"  He slipped behind the dining room table
across from her position on lounge for added cover.

"I just wanted to drop by and see if you were OK.  You weren't home
so I let myself in."

Both she and Tuvok knew his access codes.  They had asked for them a
few months ago.  He wasn't sure why because they never had sex here.
Tom always went to them.

"I'm fine."

"Really?  You don't look fine."  She got up and walked to the other
side of the table.  Tom quickly pulled out a chair and sat.  "You're
flushed and sweating."

"Am I?"

"Yes."  Her kind face pulled into a uncharacteristic frown.  "It's
because of Chakotay, isn't it?"

His heart stopped beating.  The man's name `was' stamped on his
libido but he didn't think it showed.

"No."  Tom lied to Samantha not understanding why he did.  She didn't
care that he was attracted to other people or that he sometimes took
them on briefly as lovers.

"Are you sure?  I heard about your commission and that Chakotay had
been assigned to train you."   As she took a seat, her voice took on
the tone she usually reserved for Naomi when she'd had a
nightmare.  "I know you don't like him and if you want, I can ask the
captain for permission to train you.  With Tuvok's support, I'm sure
she'll listen."

"No!"  Samantha's eyes narrowed at the outburst.  It had come out a
more forcefully than he intended but he couldn't help it.  She had
frightened him by threatening to take Chakotay away from him.

His fear had nothing to do with fact that the gorgeous man could give
him a hard on by just looking him with the dark soulful eyes, he told
himself.  It was all about, about, revenge!  Yeah that's it,
revenge.  How was he supposed to break the commander's heart if he
wasn't near him?

Across the table his lover was looking at him suspiciously and Tom
knew she would continue to do so unless he projected an air of calm.
So putting on his poker face, he tried to appear serene, it was
easier now that the angry monster in his lap had gone to sleep.

"What has he done to you Tom?  Has he's hurt you or made you do
something you don't like?"

Oh my sweet Samantha, you don't know the half of it.  "No Sam.  He's
tough but I can handle him."  Please, please let her believe that.

"You're sure?"

He managed a smile.  "Completely."

"All right."  She said carefully making it obvious that she hadn't
bought all of what he said but only some of it.  Samantha rose from
her chair and walked around the table to him.  "I'll see you tonight?"

"You bet."  Still seated, Tom lifted his face for a kiss.  He would
have stood but he didn't trust his knees.  They were still trembling
under the table.

After kissing him softly, she held his face in her gentle
hands.  "Congratulations Lieutenant Paris."

"Thanks but I'm not a lieutenant yet.  I still have to earn the rank."

"You will my sweetness, you will."  Sam whispered and with a final
kiss to his damp forehead, she left him alone in his quarters.  Well
not quite alone.

Tom still had his guilt to keep him company.


"And last but not least General Order Number One: The Prime
Directive."  Tom turned his head and smiled from his reclined
position on his matching lounge.  "Do you want me to quote you the
summary or the complete edict?"

"Neither, I get the point Lieutenant."  Tom was a Fleet brat and was
probably force-fed the Articles of the Federation at the moment he
learned to read.

"Oh I could give you a lot more than that Commander."

Chakotay picked up the PADD in his lap and updated the incorrigible
blond's progress report for the captain.  When he spoke, he didn't
bother looking up.  It was a defensive habit he'd developed these
last couple of weeks whenever Tom said something provocative.

"I'm sure but nothing that has to do with being Voyager's chief

"Well I could make you feel like you were flying."  His student

"I'm sure about that too but it's not why we're here." He answered
back distractedly.

"You are?"

He heard Tom shift on the couch across from him and looked up.

"Excuse me?"  He asked the blond who was now sitting up.

"You said I turn you on."

Chakotay wasn't quite sure what he said, he been trying so hard to
ignore Tom's advances but he was sure it wasn't that.

"I didn't."

"Then I don't?"

"It doesn't matter how you make me feel."

"You turn me on.  Sometimes, shit most times now when I'm making
love, it's your name I call out when I come Chakotay."

Oh spirits he really, really didn't need to hear that.  It was too
blatant, too honest and totally unlike the usual innuendos he'd been
fielding lately and those had been difficult enough.  As it was, he
couldn't face Tom each day without jacking off immediately before
seeing him in the morning and in bed every night after their lessons
had concluded.

"Don't," He got up and walked over to one of the ship's schematics
displayed on the far wall of the holodeck.  "Don't tell me that."  He
whispered to the blueprint.

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want to know."

"About which part Chakotay?  The fact I fantasize about you or that I
have a lover?"

Tom had risen from the couch and was standing directly behind him.
Finding his courage, he turned and faced him.

"Both."  Chakotay replied honestly.  He had no choice.  They're were
certain things in life he could lie about like Voyager's tactical
status to an enemy but not something so personal as his feelings.
Especially when they were beginning to become more important to him
than his duty.

"Because it makes you jealous?"

He swallowed hard before answering. "Yes."

"Then ask me to stop."  Tom stepped closer to him.  They weren't
touching but Chakotay doubted a data PADD could fit between them.

"I can't because...-"

"Because it's not why we're here.  I know." Tom finished for him
softly before taking his mouth in a gentle kiss.  The contact was
sweet but too short.  "Do you know how good I could make you feel?"

"Yes but I'm your senior officer.  A sexual relationship between us
would threaten the chain of command."

"Chakotay I have two lovers and both of them are senior officers."

"You do?"

"Yes and so far what we do in the privacy of our cabins hasn't caused
a mutiny or a warp core breach."  Tom graced him again with his
talented lips briefly.  "I could do for you what I do for them.
Discreetly of course."

"And what do you get in return for this service?"


"That's all?"

"All?  It's everything."

He couldn't believe he was considering this.  Chakotay had never paid
for sex and even though the payment was unconventional and the whore
desired him, that's still what he'd be doing if he accepted Tom's
offer.  However it was also the only way he could take the younger
man as his lover without compromising his professional integrity.  If
the relationship was discovered, it may be frowned upon but according
to regulations it wouldn't be considered misconduct for either of


"Now please Chakotay."  Tom leaned forward finally allowing their
bodies to touch.  It was wonderful.


"Yes."  The kissing resumed only this time the feathered touches
traveled along the line of his jaw to his earlobe.   It was more than

"No.  Here, you're still my student and I'm your teacher.  When we
make love, I'll want it as equals on neutral ground.  I'll meet you
later in your cabin."

"Mine?"  Tom stopped his caresses and pulled back.

"Yes yours.  Is that a problem?"

"No, I guess not."

"Good.  Now go.  I think we've both learned enough for one day."

"OK."  Tom smiled and the expression was so innocently sweet it was
almost boyish.  "Bye."

Still struck dumb by the blond's sudden transformation from predator
to lamb, Chakotay stood fixed to the floor as Tom left the holodeck.
When had it happened and why?  For two weeks Tom had been demanding
and frank and then suddenly soft and tender.  They'd been standing
close and then.- Oh spirits, he knew when the miraculous change had
occurred if not why.

It was when he finally touched him.