Title:  Teaching Tom
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  1 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  In answer to this challenge by Gilly.

"Tom is never given the position of Chief Helmsman or rank of
Lieutenant because of his criminal record and Janeway won't bend the
rules (or Stadi is still alive).  Chakotay did not need to be rescued
on Ocampa, so he is not in "debt" to Tom.

Write a story about how Chakotay's views about Tom change and about
what Tom experiences since he is not a part of the senior staff. It's
up to you if you give Tom a rank or let him fly.

Make it a friendship story (sorry no romance for this! That could be
a follow up story)."

Well that's how it started anyway.  I had trouble with the last bit.

"Are you out of your freaking mind?"

"Not today."  Chakotay smiled and placed his wine glass down on the
low table.  Leaning closer to her on the lounge, he pointed to the
last line on the PADD's view screen.  "Look at those reaction times
Kathryn.  They're better than mine."

"So he's fast, that doesn't mean shit." She shrugged her shoulders
and tossed the slim instrument on the table causing it to clatter
along its glass surface.  "Fast hands doesn't make one a good pilot
Chakotay.  You have to have a mind that's just as quick."  Kathryn re-
filled her glass with Antarian wine and then topped off his.

"He does.  My analysis of his performance shows his problem solving
skills and his level of technology awareness to be well above the

"His performance?" She forced a mouthful of wine down her throat
before she choked on it.  "He was playing a game Chakotay, not
running a flight simm."

"Granted but it was a complicated game."  He ventured hoping she
would grasp the significance.  She didn't.

"Yes but still a game.  I will not have Captain Proton flying my

"I understand you're hesitancy and in truth I'm not at all sure about
inducting someone like him into service myself, but what choice do we
have?"  He took a healthy swig of his favorite wine and
continued.  "Between Baytart, Wildman and myself, were stressed to
almost hazardous levels and for the last three years we've been
courting disaster.  We need an extra pilot badly Kathryn."

"I know."  Folding her legs up under her chin and balancing her wine
on her right knee, she stared into the amber glass and sighed. "But
does it have to be him?"

"I believe so.  For the last few months I've been keeping my eye out
for someone who could fly relief and unfortunately so far he's the
only one in our eclectic crew that knows his ass from a nav
computer.  So, so what if he's a civilian and only flies on the
holodeck?  Right now he's the best damn pilot we've got."

Kathryn gave him a defeated look and then retrieved the discarded
PADD from the far corner of the low table.  Chakotay sat silently as
she leaned back against the lounge's arm with her knees under her
chin and reviewed the blond's scores again with a scowl on her face.
After a moment's perusal, she looked back up at him.

"This really sucks Chakotay."

"He'll be difficult to train, I know."

"Difficult?"  She laughed and it wasn't a pleasant sound.  "He'll be
down right impossible.  He may come from a Fleet family but he
doesn't give a rat's ass about the chain of command and never has.
He wouldn't know what Starfleet Academy looked like if you led him to
the front entrance and showed him the doors."

Chakotay wasn't surprised at her reaction.  It was to be expected.
After all the man in question was the son of her most revered
mentor.  He was almost a fallen angel in her eyes.

"Nothing comes for free Kathryn." He replied trying to make her
understand that difficult situations called for difficult solutions.
His commanding officer smiled at him and it was just about as
welcoming as her laugh.

"Oh you're right about that my friend and you're about to learn it
the hard way."

"Excuse me?"

"As of right now Commander Chakotay you have a new protégée."

"No, that's not what I meant.  As first officer I have duties and the
whole point of me naming him as a relief was so that I could spend
more time on them.  Baytart or perhaps Ensign Kim could show him the
ropes while.-"

His captain kicked him in the ribs with her feet causing him to lose
his breath and stop his excuses.  Not a drop of her wine was lost as
she knifed him with her feet.

"Nope. Your idea, your project."

"I don't the have time."

"Oh no?"


"Fine.  Then I suppose you won't have the time to work out in your
boxing program after your shift either."

"That's not fair and you know it."

"You bet your ass I do."  She gave him an evil grin and sipped at her

"We can't work together.  He hates me."

"Yes, yes I know because you're the big bad Maquis that sacrificed
him to save your butt and he's the traitor that led us to you."
Kathryn took a big gulp of her wine and ran a hand through her
hair.  "Blah, blah, blah, whatever.   You know it's been three long
years since we've been in the Delta quadrant and nobody cares what
happened before that anymore. Time has passed and the lines between
them and us have blurred.  All we know now is that we're light years
away from home and if we ever want to see the Sol system again, we'll
have to pull our collective butts together and get over it.  We're a
team now Chakotay and it's time you saw that."

"I hate you when you do this."

"I know but it works."

Oh but spirits it was true.  He did he hate it when she played her
rank and did it so smoothly.  Baring incredible circumstance he could
come to her with any proposal and more often than not she would
initially refute it and later support it with all she was worth
making him look like opposition.  It was a classic command skill
designed to derive the good from the bad and one that she had worked
to absolute perfection.  He despised and respected her for it at the
same time.

"I understand but as I said, he hates me. I'm Fleet twice over where
he never was.  How are we supposed to work together?  He sees me as
some kind of traitor for signing up back with you after my time with
the Maquis."

"What and he wasn't?  Damn it Chakotay, by the time he ended up here,
he'd already played both sides of the board.   The only difference
between you and him was that he demanded an entry fee."

"He's been called a lot of things but he wasn't a whore."

"And you know that how?  Look all I know that is our resident and now
obsolete Fleet observer did a lot of things and most of them were for
money."  She straightened her legs and sat up.  "Now you want him to
be a pilot and I'm quite sure, now that I think about it, he'll
accept your proposal but only if the price is right."

"And what would I offer him?"

From her position across from him, Kathryn scanned the length of his
body appreciatively from tip to toe.

"Be creative." She teased as she licked the traces of wine from her

"That's an awful high price to pay for a helmsman."  He replied
playing her game but secretly wishing it wasn't one.

"Yes and well beyond the norm, as you would put it."

"How's about I offer a field commission as a lieutenant, instead of
my body?  Would that work?"

"I suppose but lieutenant?  I was thinking ensign."

"But the chief pilot is always a lieutenant."

"Chief?  Oh but you do have a hard on for our young and beautiful but
dangerously rebellious passenger."

"No, he means nothing to me." He lied.  "However if he earns the
position he deserves the rank."

Twisting her mouth in thought and staring out into the open space
before her, Kathryn ran her brain through its paces and came to an
unbiased decision.  It didn't matter how much her views were tainted
by personal experience, her opinions were almost always honest.

Unlike him, she had the ability to be clear and decisive even when
duty encroached upon the personal.  So the fact that the man in
question was the wayward son of her mentor held no significance
either way.  Kathryn may not like his character but she would not
deny his talents if it benefited Voyager.  In that respect she was a
good captain if not always a good friend.  However, in different
circumstances Chakotay knew his stringent companion wouldn't wish
this irresponsible man on anybody.

"OK you make him an pilot and I'll make him a lieutenant."

"Thank you Kathryn." He said not exactly knowing what he was thanking
her for.

"Oh don't do that, not quite yet.  I'll want reports every step of
the way and he'll have to wear a uniform.  I don't want for one
instant see him on the bridge in that tight fitting outfit he usually

"Jeans and a tee shirt you mean."

"Whatever.  In any case it isn't acceptable.  My bridge is not a
brothel Chakotay and if he sets foot on it, it will be as officer in
training wearing appropriate regalia."

"I'll see to it."

"Damn right you will.  From this day forward he is your
responsibility.  If he steps out of line, it will be your ass that
will burn not his. Understand."

"I understand."

"Good.  Now pour me a another glass of that ambrosia you dole out so

As the pale liquid flowed from the long necked bottle into his
commanding officer and best friend's empty glass, Chakotay rethought
his earlier enthusiasm at finding what he'd had considered at the
time a surcease from his endless duties as first officer and helmsman.

From the moment he'd over heard Ensign Kim telling B'Elanna about his
weekend on the holodeck, Chakotay's interest had been piqued.
Initially it had the mention of Harry's friend's name that caught his
ear but as he listened further, it had been the program itself that
kept his attention and caused him to investigate.

It seemed the magical man that was a wizard in his dreams was also
one on the holodeck in real life.  Well as real as you could call a
fictional story anyway but that minor detail aside, the man showed a
natural talent for something Voyager was in desperate need of, a
chief pilot.

Since losing her chief helmsman in the crossover to the Delta
quadrant, the big ship had gotten by with various other pilots, but
none of them had ever really claimed her helm and it was possible
that this young man could do that. If he could, it would mean a safer
voyage and increase their chances of getting back home.

Unfortunately it would also mean that Chakotay would have to treat
him with the respect a fellow officer deserved and not as a
prospective sexual conquest.  So shoving his inappropriate attraction
for the blond to a small recess in his brain, Chakotay had come to
Kathryn with his proposal.

However, the scales that held in balance his professional objectives
and his personal desires wavered even now.

Wondering if he was in over his head, Chakotay shifted his butt on
the lounge and tried to look comfortable in front of Kathryn as they
drank their wine in companionable silence.

As he stared out the tritanium rimmed view port in the large cabin,
he tried to consider his future student's abilities but found himself
concentrating on the ratio of his hip to his knee.

Both held mathematical equations but the latter also held a spiro
metrical leveling that went beyond the geographical into the
sublime.  The shape of muscle over bone captured his thoughts and
brought unbidden and unwanted awareness to his tortured form.

The goal was to bring his future pupil to his intellectual apex
through nurturing and careful direction.  Physical coordination would
follow but only after his student had learned the rules of conduct
and not before.  Touching would be at best minimal and at most,

The long tall form that would soon be his to command presently flowed
through Voyager's corridors unrestricted.  He wasn't an officer, or
even a crewman.  The popular and often sought after man had boarded
Voyager as an observer and after fulfilling his purpose, had been
regulated to one of civilian and passenger.  It was a status that was
only ghosted in the great ship's logs.  If you looked at the official
record, it was unlikely you would notice him at all but that would be
the only place.  Everywhere else he stood out like a beacon.

He closed his eyes and let both his dread and anticipation flow
through him.  In any other situation he would have no excuse to
approach the enticing blond and still keep his reputation in tact and
free from tarnish.  But now it was different.  He now had the full
blessing of his captain and acceptable excuse to be near him.

Chakotay was going to make Tom Paris a pilot, teach him how to be a
proper officer and maybe if he was very, very careful, touch him.


"Is she asleep?"

"Yes Tom.  You can see Naomi tomorrow."


She kissed him just below one of his brilliant blue eyes and hugged
him close relishing the warmth of his long naked body.  "I promise.

"OK."  He replied rubbing his nose into the nape of her neck up into
her hairline.  "I love you Sam."  He whispered into her ear.

"I know Tom."

"Can I stay tonight?"

Like every night in the last two years she gave the same answer and
meant it.  "No."


"No Tom. Go home."

"But I want to stay."

"I know but you still have to go."

"Why?  If it's about Naomi, she already knows I stay with you after
she goes to sleep."

"No sweetness it's not that."

"Then why?"

"You know why.  Don't make me tell you again."

"He's not here and I am Samantha."

"True but you'll never love me like he does Tom."


"No does.  We may be light years away but I know no matter what, my
husband loves me."

"And if he knew about me, it would matter?"

"No it wouldn't."

"But you're in my arms, not his."

"It still wouldn't matter."

"Do you love me?"

"Yes.  Not as much as I do my husband but as much or more than Tuvok

"Tuvok won't talk about emotions."

"No but he does love you."

"You know how Tuvok feels?"
"Yes we've spoken briefly. We're connected through you.  We have been
for months."

"We're bonded."

"No Tom only connected.  It's different."

"I want it to be more."

"I know sweetness.  I know."

Folding the beautiful and oh so needy man to her chest, she rocked
him to sleep.  Sometime before dawn she would wake him and send him
quietly back to his quarters but that sometime was not now.  Until
then she would make him feel safe.  She would make him feel wanted.
She would make him the most important thing in her life because right
now, this very instant he was.

Tom Paris had just made love to her and made her feel more beautiful
than she'd ever felt in the Delta quadrant.  He made her feel married
again and it was only when he talked, like tonight, did things get

Sam loved Tom but she was not `in' love with him.  He knew that and
most of the time he accepted it.  It was only when his loneliness
became too much for him that he demanded more from either of his two
lovers.  Staring up at the ceiling while running her fingers through
his soft hair, she wondered if last night, he had made the same
request of Tuvok.  Concerned about Tom's earlier behavior, Sam
decided she would have to speak to the security officer tomorrow.

A few months back she and the stoic Vulcan had come to secret
understanding.  In return for the much-needed physical comfort the
young man selflessly and discreetly gave, they watched out for him
and protected him like one of their own.  Tom didn't know about the
pact, he wasn't even aware that she and Tuvok spoke until tonight,
but if he did, he'd be madder than hell.

The vulnerability he'd shown tonight in bed was a rarity.  Most of
the time Tom was fiercely independent and stalked the halls of
Voyager like a lion on the prowl.  Only a few close friends like
herself, Naomi, Tuvok and maybe Harry Kim, knew that beyond his gruff
cocky exterior resided a pussycat that wanted nothing more than to be
loved and petted.  Adoring him they way they did, they allowed him
his affectation, while secretly stroking him when he needed it, now
being one of those times.

After kissing the top of his golden head as he slept, Sam set the
alarm for 04:00 and made an appointment to see the security officer
in the morning.  Something was bothering her sweetness and she
intended with Tuvok's help, to find out was it was and make it better.


"Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris?  Are you out of your fucking mind!"

"Not today."  The commander answered calmly from behind his desk.

Cradling his face in hand, Tom muttered,  "I can't believe I what I
was up half the night worrying about this."

"You were worried about seeing me?  Why?"

Had he said that out loud?  He peered at the big man through his
fingers.  From the look of concern on the commander's face, he
guessed he did.  Shit.  He dropped his hand to his side and hooked a
finger into the belt loop of his jeans shifting his hip into the
motion.  It was a sexy move, calculated to give him the upper hand
and time to regain his composure.

"Well maybe worried is too strong a word.  Curious is more like it.
Anyway, are you out of your fucking mind?"

"You already asked that. Now how about an answer."

"What right now?"

"Yes Lieutenant Paris, now."

"Don't call me that.  I haven't said yes yet."


Chakotay leaned across the desk and leveled him with his gorgeous
brown eyes, throwing his sexuality right back at him.  Tom shuddered
and hoped the big man didn't notice.

It wasn't fair.  Chakotay was a Starfleet officer and wasn't supposed
to use sex a bargaining tool.  He could, but that was different.  He
was a civilian and didn't have to play by the rules like sexy first
officers did or should.  Suddenly feeling a bit naked, Tom wrapped
his arms around his midsection and took a step back.

"Look this is big decision for me Commander.  I'll need a couple of
days to think about it." Or years maybe.

It was great offer, Tom knew that, and it wasn't one that someone
like him got every day but it meant conforming, which he was sure he
couldn't do.  All his life he'd been a square peg in a universe of
round holes.  His father had made that clear to him as a young boy
and he'd grown up believing it and had lived his life accordingly,
blazing his own path alone.

Nothing held him.  Nobody owned him.  He was a free agent whose
loyalty could be bought temporarily if the fee was attractive
enough.  Nothing he did ever made any real difference and if things
went badly, well then the only person who was truly disappointed was
him.  Chakotay was asking him to change all that.

He wanted him to choose a side and run the risk of messing up more
than just his own life, which was something he refused to do.  There
was no way in hell he'd take the chance of hurting Samantha, Naomi,
Tuvok, Harry and definitely not Voyager's incredibly hot first
officer.  Chakotay didn't like him but it didn't matter.  Tom liked
him, a lot and it would kill him to see disappointment on top of
everything else in those gorgeous dark eyes.
"You do, do you?"

The commander sat back in his chair and Tom began to breathe normally

"Yeah, so if you don't mind, I'll see you later."

Much later Tom thought as he headed towards the door of Chakotay's
office.  He needed to get out of here.  Too many conflicting emotions
were racing through his head right now and couldn't sort through them
properly in the big man's powerful presence.

"Stop right there young man!"

Tom froze as shades of his father's voice echoed through his brain.

"Now get your sweet ass back over here!"

Like an automaton, Tom obeyed, only marginally registering the remark
about his butt.  Later when he was alone and not scared shitless,
he'd savour the compliment.

Flushed a darker shade of bronze, the commander rounded his desk and
got in his face.  As he watched his luscious lips move, Tom wondered
through his fear if this what Chakotay looked like when he was

"Do you have any idea how badly Voyager needs a chief pilot?"

"Yes."  He did.  Samantha had told him and if she hadn't, he would
have seen it in her tired eyes when they made love.

"Is that so?"  Chakotay moved around him in a tight circle.  Tom
didn't move but followed his progress with his eyes.  When the
commander stopped behind him, he closed them.  "I've seen you fly,
did you know that too?"

"No."  He whispered.

"You were beautiful.  It was what you were born to do."

"I, I like flying."

"Then tell me yes.  Be my helmsman Tom Paris."

It was at that point Tom knew he was lost.  With Chakotay's warm
breath caressing his nape and his velvety voice stroking him into
hardness he would have done anything the big man asked.


"Yes what Tom?"

"I'll be yours."

"Voyager's."  The first officer corrected gently still standing close
behind him.

"Yes, yes Voyager's.  I accept the commission."  Tom leaned back into
the commander's heat.  "I accept everything Chakotay."  Tom added
hoping he understood `his' offer.

For a brief instant felt strong hands ghost his hips and a soft
pressure on his neck and then they were gone.  He sighed loudly at
the loss.

"Good lieutenant."  Came a reply crisp enough to snap him back to
reality and shock his eyes open.  "Report to holodeck tomorrow at
08:00 hours and we'll begin your training."

"Training?  But I already know how to fly."

Tom turned.  Chakotay was now standing a metre away with his hands
clasped behind his back and a neutral expression on his face.

"Piloting is only the half of it.  To be Voyager's helmsman you'll
also have to learn Fleet protocols and understand the chain of

"Oh fuck."

"Rule number one.  No swearing in front of a superior officer."

"Chakotay!"  He moved forward but was stopped dead in his tracks by
an upright palm with two fingers in the form of a vee.

"Rule number two.  You will address me as Commander Chakotay or sir.
Got it Lieutenant Paris."

"Yes sir," You bastard. "Commander sir."
"Fine.  You're dismissed then lieutenant."

Feeling totally fucked over and not in the way he usually preferred,
Tom stormed out of his new commanding officer's ready room and headed
for Tuvok's quarters.

He was madder than hell at being duped but he was also hornier than a
Klingon targ in heat and right now the Vulcan's hard body was the
only outlet he had for his rage.  While he planned on fucking Tuvok
into his next Ponn Far, he also considered what form of revenge he
would exact from Chakotay and knew there really was only one that
would match his level of hurt.

He would be the best damn pilot Voyager had ever known and in the
process he would make it's first officer fall in love with him.

And then he would leave them both.