Title:  Roommates Part Eight
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series: 8 of ?
Email Address for feedback: forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Seven and Tom shake hands on it.

The first thing he noticed was that his chest and arms were chilled.
The second as his mind awoke a few seconds after his body, was that
his legs were not.

Chakotay pressed his chin to his chest and saw why.  Covering his
lower body was his own beautiful blonde-eyed personal heating
blanket.  It had slipped down sometime during the night and was now
turned "on" high.

"Good morning love, it's about time you woke up."

Chakotay ran his fingers through the mussed up hair and tried to
sound contrite.

"Forgive me Poocuh but someone kept me up past my usual bedtime last

Tom translated his forgiveness with kisses to Chakotay's hips and
abdomen, circling his ever growing need.  It wasn't until he moaned
in torment, was he rewarded with that talented mouth on his cock.   A
warm silkiness enveloped him as a tongue whirled around his head
paying special attention to the slit.  Gentle suction brought him
deeper into that lush haven before it was released and only lips
touched the tip.  He lifted his hips from the mattress begging to be
taken in again.  He didn't have to wait long before the gentle
torture resumed.

"Oh spirits Tom, oh yes, yesssss."

He surrendered his essence into that loving passage.  Tom took it all
and rested his head on Chakotay's stomach when he finished.  His
fingers brushed his lover's forehead and raked the golden hair
savoring its downy texture.

"Oh baby do you know what you do to me?"

"Yeah I think I have some idea."

An impish smile and flashing eyes took his breath away.  He still
couldn't believe that after years of wanting this beauty that he was
actually here in his bed.  He couldn't lose this.

Tonight was their last night of their agreement.  Tomorrow the Mikans
would be gone and Tom would go back to his own quarters unless he
came up with a new proposal.  He smiled, "proposal" being the
operative word.

"Hey penny for your thoughts."

"What's a penny?"

Tom started to explain before he saw the big ass grin spread across
Chakotay's face.

"OK funny man, in other word's what's up?  You got that mystic
warrior look on your face."

"I'll explain later Poocuh, after the farewell party, OK.  Right now
let's see to that pole making a tent in the covers."

"Oh I thought you'd never ask.  Turn over."

Without hesitating Chakotay reached for the lube on the bedside table
and handed it to Tom.

"Oooh I like it when they're well trained."

The commander slapped the lieutenant's butt eliciting a yelp before
turning over and presenting himself to him.  He trembled with

Tom positioned himself between Chak knees and spread the sandalwood
scented oil over both of them.  After preparing the puckered opening
for entrance Tom guided his cock into him careful to wait for his
lover's acceptance before delving in further.  He reached around to
the commander's erection, confirming the man's arousal before
rhythmically rocking his hips and relishing the tight passageway that
only he had traversed.

The growling beneath him sparked his pelvis to pump frenetically and
he screamed out.  When the growling became a roar Tom let go and came
crying out Chakotay's name out again and again until his voice was

He withdrew and allowed Chakotay to roll back over on his back before
collapsing on his chest.  His voice rasped,

"Oh love what you do to me."

Big arms enveloped him and he felt the pressure of a kiss on the top
his head.

"I know."


"Okay now send it."

Seven's finger hesitated before touching her console in the cargo bay.

"You are aware that with the time delay you added, the commander will
not receive this request until tomorrow morning."

Tom rolled his eyes.  This woman could come up with theories on how
to fold space in her spare time but concept of romance was beyond her.

"I know that.  I just though Chakotay would find it kinda touching to
get the formal request in the morning after we have our big talk
tonight.  It has the double bonus of amusing him and making him think
of me."

Seven considered his words seriously just like she did everything
else.  Hell he was going have find way to loosen her up a bit if they
were going to be "Fleet" spouses together.  He didn't want to use up
all their bitching time in explanations.

"And that would be a good thing?"

"Yeah Seven a very good thing.  Now send the message."

She finally made contact with the console and completed the

"So you plan on making your declaration tonight.  May I ask what
method you intend on using?"

"Method no method, I don't need no stinking method."  As usual didn't
she catch the joke.  "What I mean to say is, Chak has already said he
wanted to talk.  So I just have to wait for him to say it first and
then say it back.  Simple."

"So you have eliminated the risk of rejection."  She lifted her chin
defiantly.  " What if the commander intentions are similar to your
own?  Will you take the initiative then?"

"Hey he called the meeting, the ball's in his court.  He'll say it

"And if he does not?"

"He will."

"You are certain?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"You do not sound very confident."

"I am!  Chakotay will say 'I love you' first!"

"Very well Tom, I will take your word for it."

She stood back and tipped her head to him, a faint smile playing
around her lips.  Hell she'd provoked him on purpose.  Maybe she
was "looser" than he thought.  He went on the offensive.

"Enough about me, what about you.  When are you going to tell the


"What you're just going to come right out and say it?  Don't you
think you should soften her up a bit first?"

"No.  It has been my experience that Kathryn values directness and
honesty.  I intend to play to those sensibilities."

"Oh so you're gonna walk right up to her and say I want to fuck you,
marry you and have your babies?  Believe me when I say Seven she
ain't gonna see that one coming."  Tom took the ex-borg by the
shoulders.  "You gotta be a little more subtle than that or she'll
have you in Sickbay so fast your cortical implant will spin."

"But that is what you intend to say to the commander tonight is it
not?  I fail see why that approach would not be successful for me as
well.  We do have the same objectives do we not?"

Tom raised his eyes and palms heavenward and wondered when in hell
did he become ship's councilor.  He stamped down his frustration and
did his best imitation of the "first officer".

"Same objectives yeah, but different situations.  I'm
already "fucking" the commander so he knows I'm interested, OK?"  He
waited for her to nod. "So telling him I may want to extend the
bounds of our relationship isn't going to be a shock to him.  You
gotta follow the natural progression of courtship; otherwise you just
might blow what chance you have.  Get it?"

"So you feel Kathryn and I should become intimate before I broach the
subject of her becoming my lifemate?"


Tom watched Seven pace from the console to her regeneration chamber.
She paused a moment there before returning to standing in front of
him.  Hey he was better than he thought at this counciling thing if
he could get someone as rigid as the ex-borg to rethink her actions.
He tried to look humble as he prepared himself for her acknowledgment
of his incredible insights.  She tilted her head and looked down her
nose at him.



"I will proceed with my original plan and convey my intentions to the
captain tonight."

"Did you even listen to one word I said?"

"Yes Tom I "listened" to them all, however I do not believe that
delaying the enviable would benefit either myself or Kathryn."

He threw his hands up in the air and made to leave.

"Fine just don't come crying to me when she has you locked up in

An air of defiance engulfed Seven as she faced him squarely blocking
his exit from the cargo bay.

"Likely as you seem to think, I anticipate that you're now revised
approach to both of our predicaments will fail.  As you had
previously stated a proactive response is called for and when we
compare our reports tomorrow you find that I am correct in this

The gauntlet had been thrown.  It was the old tale of the hare and
the tortoise Tom thought.  Well even though he and Chakotay may have
been fucking like rabbits lately, he knew the course of the slow and
steady would win the race.  He accepted her challenge.

"All right I'll see you in the messhall about 13 hundred hours
tomorrow and we'll compare notes."  Time to make it
interesting.  "And let's say the unsuccessful party accedes to the
other in a public display of humility. OK?"

"Very well, I will accept your apology in the messhall."

The lieutenant shook his head.  After she had the audacity to doubt
the "Tom Paris" method of seduction, there was no way in hell was he
going to let her off that easily.

"No Seven not in the messhall.  No this apology is going to be the
number one topic on the next episode of "Breakfast with Neelix".

"I understand."

She moved aside and allowed him to resume his departure.  As the
doors of the cargo bay swished opened, she issued one final remark.

"Mr Paris I suggest you wear your blue shirt for the broadcast as it
translates well bringing out the achromatic colour of your irises."

Whatever, Tom thought as he continued his departure.  If the captain
could defeat the Borg so could he.  His step faltered however when he
remembered whose side of the conflict the captain would be on this
time.  Fuck.


"You are the hero?"

Chakotay stopped halfway through a maintenance report and gave the
pale green Mikan his full attention.

"Excuse me?"

The diminutive alien progressed further into the commander's office
allowing the doors to close.

"Hero, you are Pretty Tom's hero?"

Hero?  It was an archaic word that one didn't hear too often but had
seemed to him that he had heard it recently.  When he pieced the word
together with "pretty Tom" he remembered, the party in the messhall.
Not sure of the Mikan's interpretation of the word he answered

"Yes I've been called that.  Is there something I can help you
with?"  As the words left his mouth, he recalled that this was also
the same creature that had delayed him from that same party.

"Pretty Tom is yours?"

His brows furrowed.  Did the Mikans practice slavery?  They were an
extremely self-indulgent race and it was not beyond the realm of
possibility that their culture may be based on a subservience of the
most abhorrent nature.   With his distaste a palpable, the commander
replied making sure the alien understood that on Voyager that was not
socially acceptable.

"Tom belongs to no one.  Not to me or anyone else aboard ship."

The little alien, Sh'ek the commander thought his name was, backed
off, his palms raised in deference as he retraced his steps back out
to the corridor.

"Thankfulness to you Hero."

Chakotay dismissed the incident from his mind as he tried to find his
place again in the last report he'd have to approve before leaving
for the farewell party in the messhall.


"And you really liked it?"

Shit he was really getting tired of trying to convince people that
yeah he liked Chakotay and that yeah the man totally rocked his
world.  He leaned forward looking across the counter directly in the
colourful Talaxian's yellow rimmed eyes trying to make his point.

"Yeah I liked that and I like a lot of other things the commander
does to me."

Neelix staggered back and gripped the edge of the table as if Tom had
actually reached out a hand and pushed him.  Tom caught himself
remembering that this was Neelix not Seven or Harry.  A guy that put
the crew of Voyager's well being, including his irascible self,
before his own.  He moved around to stand beside Neelix sharing his
view of the celebration and butting himself into the shoulder of the
softhearted Talaxian.

"Sorry Neelix, sometimes I can be a real asshole."

Trying to stop the man's reflex action to assume the fault, Tom
gripped his forearm and continued.

"It's just that this is all kinda of new for me."

Neelix relaxed into his shoulder and did the thing he was best at.
He understood.

"It's scary isn't it."

"Yeah, sometimes I lay awake at night wondering when Chak is going to
finally realized what a screw up I am. "

"You know Tom you're one of the finest men I know and I think the
commander sees that too."

He needed that.  The kind reassurance warmed him in spots that he had
long since considered dead cold.  Neelix had a way that made you feel
like you meant something, that you were important.  Tom threw his arm
around him and gave him a quick but heartfelt hug before he resumed
the devil-may-care demeanor that Neelix was more familiar with.

"With those kind words you have ensured yourself a slightly neurotic
but willing assistant for the evening.  Your wish is my command oh

Neelix went with it and sent him to the back of the kitchen to find
spiced kasha root to perk up the punch.


Hands etched the line of the opening of his trousers.  Soft questing
fingers brought to life his dormant member tightening the seam his
pants that dissected his balls and ran between the cheeks of his
ass.  The sensation was incredible and he spread his legs to afford
the source of his pleasure better access.

Numb fingers placed the jar of kasha root back on the shelf as he
clasped the edge, let his head fall back and close his eyes relishing
the ministrations of his mystery guest.

Even though he had trouble matching his thrusts with the strokes of
the warm hand that held it him it didn't matter.  He let himself be
overwhelmed by the emotions he had so long kept in check and voiced
his devotion as he came in short and halting sentences.

"Love you, gods love you. Love you, love.."

He heard a crashing and before he turned, he thought shit he given
Neelix another eyeful.  His heart stopped when he heard the small
voice behind him.

"Pretty Tom is mine.  Mine."

Tom fainted and in a blind rage Chakotay exited the messhall.