Title:  Roommates Part Six
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Status: 6 of ?
Email Address for feedback: forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:  Chakotay learns the difference between losing control and
giving control.

Tom woke to his lover's steady breathing.

Over him were warm soft blankets and under him was a warm solid
body.  He rubbed his face against the smooth chest beneath his cheek
and snuggled deeper into the blankets.  Right now it would take a
whole task force of angry Klingons to budge him from his position.
He'd fight tooth and nail to stay in Chak arms.  Yep, he was that far
gone and there was no going back.

He was totally, unequivocally, most definitely, not to mention
hopelessly in love with Chakotay and he had made a wonderful
discovery.  It wasn't as scary as he thought it would be.  He felt
free for the first time in his life.  He knew that even if his
feelings weren't returned that he was more than he was before.  His
heart had finally come of age.

That's when the memories hit him.  Last night they had left the
messhall while he was still in a haze.  He vaguely remembered the
captain making a path for them through the crowd of bodies and
walking them to the doors of their quarters.  Christ, Nelix had been
there too.  After that everything was a blank.  Oh well he'd deal
with the awkwardness later.

Thanking the stars for their day off Tom nestled back into his love
and drifted off to sleep.


Chakotay had felt his lover awake momentarily before he fell back to
sleep again.  He refrained from tightening his hold till he was sure
Tom had resumed his slumber.

Last night he had done what he vowed.  He had lost control.  While it
had been as wonderful as he had hoped it would be, it had also been
embarrassing.  If not for Kathryn's kind words and understanding last
night, he would probably be working himself into a major brooding
session right now.  Her words rang in his head.

After putting Tom to bed, they had sat in the living area and sipped

"It's OK Chakotay."

"No it's not and I can't pretend it isn't."

The captain put her teacup down and moved closer to her first officer
on the lounge.

"It's not a matter of pretending.   You were overwhelmed, that's
all.  It's not a crime Commander, it happens."

Chakotay tipped his head into his hand and covered his eyes.

"Yes but did it have to happen in a public place and in front of
Nelix of all people!"

Kathryn could feel the man's anguish.  Chakotay was a private person
and being caught with his pants down, literally, so openly like that
made him feel violated.  She tried to lighten his mood before his
moral outrage overtook him completely.

"Tell me about it!  That bouffant hairdo of his almost blocked my
view of the grand finale."

An ebony eye peeked at her between two fingers.  Ah she had tweaked
his curiosity.

"The grand finale?"

"Yes you know the climax of the performance, no pun intended.  If it
wouldn't have blown Nelix's grandiose image of me, I would have
cheered and yelled encore!"

The hand came down and the corners of his mouth went up momentarily
before resetting themselves in an even line.

"I know what you're trying to do Kathryn and it won't work.  I'm not
going to laugh about this."

"Laugh?  Believe me when I say Chakotay, if anything was tickled it
was most definitely not my funny bone."


The hand had now moved to his mouth trying to hide his amusement.
His embarrassment was evaporating and she had to admit so was her
own.  Seeing the men so flagrantly hadn't offended her sensibilities,
no she was a big girl and had been around.  No it was because lately
she'd been playing out this very scene in her daydreams.  It was a
little startling to see her fantasy come to life, not to mention
incredibly erotic.  Talking like this was liberating and it lifted
the guilt she'd been feeling at picturing in her mind two of her
senior bridge officers bonking each other.

"Oh please Commander.   We're both adults.  You have to admit the
picture of Tom Paris on his knees like that was incredibly hot."

The commander looked her square in the eye, his stoic Indian mask
firmly in place.

"Yes especially from my viewpoint."

The captain choked on a mouthful of tea.  The commander reached over
and slapped her back a few times.

"You OK?"

She gave him a disgruntled looked and noticed the silly grin was
back.  Well her work here was done.  She made to leave.

"We're not done yet."

"Excuse me?"

"I said we're not done yet.  We've discussed my situation and now I
think it's time to discuss yours.  In fact I'd say it's long overdue."

"I don't have a situation."

She settled back on the lounge.  She knew what he was talking about,
she just didn't think he had noticed.  Maybe he hadn't.  She waited
for him to elaborate.

"You do and it's six feet tall and blonde."  He raised his eyebrows,
crinkling his tattoo.  "And I'm not talking about Tom."

Oh yeah he had noticed.  He was a smart guy, her first officer, and a
bit tricky.  He knew that after he had opened up to her, her sense
fair play would obligate her into doing the same.

"She doesn't know Chakotay and I'm not about to tell her.  She trusts
me and I don't want to lose that trust by overstepping the bounds of
our relationship.  She sees me as her mentor, her teacher and nothing

Kathryn hugged her arms to her body and shut her eyes.  It hurt to
actually say the words aloud.  She felt Chakotay move closer to her
on the lounge and place his arm over her shoulders.

"You can't know that for sure and there are ways of finding out if
she returns your feelings without betraying her trust.  You could
spend more time with her doing something totally recreational. Take
her to see Leonardo or maybe involve her in one of your gothic holo
novels.  Then just wait and see.  If nothing develops you're no worse
off than you are now, right?"

He was right.   She'd let Seven set the pace and if nothing came of
it she'd deal with it.  It might be hard and she might get hurt but
at least she'd know one way or another and be able to move on.
Feeling a little better she offered the commander a wry smile.

"How do you know so much, smart guy?"

"Experience.  I've had my own six foot blonde to deal with lately,

Kathryn threw her arms up with her palms out and bowed her head.

"Enough said."


"So Obiwan knew all along?"


"So why didn't he tell Luke at the beginning?"

Tom unfurled himself from Chakotay's side and rolled on top him
twisting the bedcovers and blocking the commander's view of the vid

"It's called a "surprise ending" Chak."  Not seeing any comprehension
in the big guy's handsome face, he continued.  "It's suppose to
create suspense and make you want to see the next movie."

"There's a next movie?"

"Yeah, in fact there's ten more.  In the fourth one Obiwan is young
and is all hot and hunky looking."

Chakotay wrapped his legs around Tom's and shifted his butt until he
felt another erection rub his own.

"You like hot and hunky?"  He began nibbling at the white flesh of
his lover's throat.  "What else do you like?"

He liked this, lying in bed naked, watching vids, eating junk food
and fucking.  All the elements of Tom's idea of a perfect day off
were all here right in this room.

"I like hard and horny first officers."  He placed his mouth close to
Chakotay's ear and whispered. "And I especially like the fifth movie
in the Star Wars series."

Before Tom could say "Obiwan Kenobi" he found himself flipped over
with his arms braced above his head and his body pinned by Chakotay's.

"I think we've watched enough science fiction for the day.  Time for
a little real life."

He released one his lover's hands to grab the lube from the bedside
table.  As he went to flip the cap, long slender fingers plucked the
tube from his grasp.

"Chak let me, OK?"

The seriousness of Tom's voice told the commander that he wasn't just
talking about spreading the oil on him.

"Chak I want you, understand?"

He understood.  Now how did he make Tom understand that this was
something he'd never done?  How did tell him that no man had ever
penetrated him before.  Tom already knew.

"Please baby, I won't hurt you, OK?"  The knuckles of the
lieutenant's free hand feathered softly across his cheek.  "And if
you don't like it we can stop.  I promise."

He already knew he was going to do this.  He couldn't deny this
beautiful creature anything but he was still scared.  This wouldn't
be losing control this was giving it over to someone else.  He nodded
his head and released Tom's other hand.

Tom pulled him down to him, allowing him to remain on top for the
moment being the dominant one.  As gentle hands smoothed along his
sides and undemanding lips took his mouth he really understood.  Tom
meant to make love to him not just fuck him.  His anxiety receded to
a more comfortable level.

His lover gradually rolled them on their sides as he continued
quieting his fears with easy caresses and soothing phrases.
Gradually Tom's movements became more fervent and hurried.  The slow
build up was taking it toll, both their penises were leaking and
aching for friction.

"Oh baby, I need to be inside you now."

Chakotay retrieved the lube and pressed into Tom's hand as lifted his
body to rest on his knees and elbows.  Heard the cap pop and soon
after warm liquid between the cheeks of his ass.  His lover spooned
behind him covering his back with chest and stroked his cock with an
oiled hand.   He felt warm breathing at the nape of his neck.

"It's OK love, just relax."  He felt a finger rim his anus. "Remember
if you want to stop just say so."  A finger entered him. He
concentrated on relaxing his muscles.  "That's right love, just go
with it."

Tom gently inserted another moving slowly stretching his entrance.
There was some pain and then incredible pleasure as his lover brushed
his prostate.  Spirits is this what Tom felt when he was inside him?
He barely noticed that his lover was still fondling his erection.
Suddenly the fingers were gone and he felt bereft.

"Please Tom don't stop."

"I won't love, I won't."

The brief flare of pain was replaced quickly by sense of being filled
as his lover entered him slowly.  When he felt the tickle of hair
against his skin he almost came in the knowledge that Tom now totally
possessed him.  Then real ecstasy began as he started moving in and
out of him.

"Oh gods, Chakotay!"

Tom was close to coming.  Wanting Chakotay to come off with him, he
worked his love's erection in time with thrusts.  It wasn't long
before he felt a warm stickiness cover his palm.


"Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohhhh."

He let go of Chakotay's cock moving both his hands to his hips
crashing into his lover a few final times before he released his seed
deep inside him.

They fell to their sides both men gasping and glistening with sweat.

Tom felt Chakotay breath even out and fall into the rhythm of sleep.
Trying not to wake him pulled the covers up from the end and threw an
arm over his lover's abdomen spooning against him.

Now he understood.  Chak have given him a gift.  No matter what
happened to them after the Mikans left, Tom would always have the
knowledge that he was the first.  He kissed the nape of his lover's

"I love you Chakotay."

As he felt an arm tighten over his, he drifted into contented slumber.