Title:  Roommates Part Five
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series: 5 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  The captain gets an eyeful.

"Three, sometimes four.  I guess it just depends on who it is."

The Doc made a notation on his PADD.

"And when it's Commander Chakotay?"

Tom was reaching his limit.  The Doc had healed his injury without
comment, it hadn't been too bad just a bit of tearing, unfortunately
now he wouldn't shut up.  He had answered his questions as clinically
as the EMH had asked them but now he was asking about Chakotay and
that's where he drew the line.

"No comment."

The Doc looked up from his PADD, his holographic features exhibiting

"Really Mr Paris, how am I supposed to get a clear picture of your
sexual habits if I can't ask about your current partner."

"Listen Doc, if you want to know my favorite position I'll tell you.
If you want to know how many times a night I can get it up I'll tell
you.  But if you want to know about Chakotay you're gonna have to ask
Chakotay.  Get it?"

He knew the EMH had no qualms about asking him about his sex life,
hell he'd even had the audacity to blackmail him into it, but Tom was
certain that he'd never approach the first officer.  Chakotay
unconsciously demanded a certain respect from people whether they
were humanoid or holographic.

"Very well Lieutenant, I "get it".  However it is clear to me that
your relationship with the commander is markedly different from your
previous experiences.  Would you at least concede that?"

Well that was it in a nutshell.  It was frightening the way Chakotay
was able to drive him from ecstasy to the depths of despair in a
matter of minutes and make him forget that despair just as quickly.
And despite all that he had never felt so safe in his whole life.
Yeah he'd say it was different.


"What? Oh yeah Doc I'll give you that.  Look my bridge shift is
starting soon, can we continue this later?"

The Doc moved to the medical console.

"I'll look forward to it Mr Paris."  His fingers manipulated the
panel.  "The coast is clear."

Tom pushed away from the bio-bed he'd been leaning against and
flipped a farewell to the doctor.

"Talk to ya later Doc."


Chakotay played with the white knight on the chessboard as he sipped
his morning tea.  He still had a few minutes before he had to leave
the cabin for the bridge.

Since Tom had fled their quarters like a frightened rabbit he had
time to put things in perspective.  He had messed up.  While his
lover had been basking in the afterglow of their joining, Chakotay
had immediately gone into his first officer mode.  He should have
been feeling the moment with him not checking his injuries.  That
could have waited.

The commander smiled to himself.  Being with Tom was certainly a
learning experience and he found it very hard to keep his keep his
self imposed control when around the man.  He squeezed the chess
piece in his hand ignoring the small hurt as it pressed into his palm.

But dammit, he wanted to lose control every now and again!  Just for
a few minutes!  He wanted to just let go with someone he could trust
and he wanted that someone to let go with him at the same time.  He
wanted to be all wild and wonderful, and feel free and fulfilled.  He
wanted Thomas Eugene Paris and one stupid mistake like this morning
wasn't going to stop him.  Nothing was, not even Tom himself was
going to stand in the way of the commander getting what he wanted.

With care Chakotay placed the white knight on the chessboard and with
a resolute stride left the cabin for the bridge.

This evening he would begin his pursuit of the skittish lieutenant in
earnest and the "first officer" would not be invited.


"Attendance isn't mandatory but I would consider it a personal favor
if you all made an appearance."  She swore she heard a few
whimpers. "Look the Mikans will only be with us a few more days and
Nelix has really outdone himself preparing for this little shindig in
the messhall, it won't be so bad.  You may even enjoy yourselves."

Kathryn looked around the conference table at her senior staff
faintly amused.  She had been sure her request had put a crinkle in
few romantic ventures tonight, her Operations officer and Chief
Engineer's plans being the most obvious ones.

Now that B'Elanna had stopped kicking out poor Harry every night,
they seemed to go everywhere together.  The messhall, Sandrine's and
sometimes they could be found in the upper levels of engineering
where they were definitely not working on engine efficiency.  The
captain had found that out the hard way while doing one of her
impromptu inspections last night.

She had been following the sound of voices butchering one of her
favorite Klingon operas, Kahless' Return, when she stumbled upon the
two officers.  Doing things to the matter-antimatter integrator she
would was sure the unit was never meant to do, were Harry and
B'Elanna screaming at the top of their lungs and engaged in what she
supposed was sexual intercourse.  If it wasn't for the fact that they
were naked and all Harry's parts were in B'Elanna's parts, she would
have sworn they were in a deathmatch.  She had backed away silently,
as if that mattered, they wouldn't have noticed a "red alert" and
continued her inspection.  A question brought her out her revelry.

"So exactly how long is an "appearance"?"

Only Tom Paris would have the balls enough to ask her that.  The
captain, out of the corner of her eye, caught Chakotay's reaction the
lieutenant's brass.  He was suppressing a smile. Two weeks ago he
would have come down hard on the pilot's ass for such an impertinent
remark but now he was sitting here with an almost silly grin on his
face.   Inwardly Kathryn sighed.  Her big rough first officer was in
love, softening all those hard edges she was accustomed to.   Well it
was about time.  Maybe now the man wouldn't give her so many damn
arguments everytime she made a command decision.  Her high spirits
were reflected in her answer.  She couldn't help herself.

"Forgive me Mr Paris but is there somewhere else or more specifically
somebody else you'd rather be with?"

Tom looked every where else in the room except at the commander.  Oh
this was just too fun.  The lieutenant began to fidget in his chair.

"Me? Uh no Captain."  He recovered.  "I was just trying to determine
whether or not I should inform the Doc that we should skip our.our.
triage review tonight."

"Well since the Doctor will be attending the party, it would be safe
to say that your meeting will postponed."  She directed herself to
the rest of the room.  "If there's nothing else, dismissed."

Kathryn remained seated as she watched her crew file out of the room
and reviewed their current situation.  She was reminded of the
transmissions called "soap operas" that Kes and Nelix had picked up
on their temporal trip back to the 20th century a few years back.
They were fictional stories full of intrigue and angst and they were
totally enthralling to watch.  Sometimes even now she found herself
replaying some of those old logs.

Tonight's party would be just like one of those old recordings
brought to life.  She couldn't wait.

Getting up and straightening her uniform she silently thanked the
fates for Mikans.


Tom entered the messhall, scanned the room for Chakotay and then
again for Sh'ek.  A negative for both.

Damn he had wanted to make an entrance for the commander.  He had
worn his tightest jeans and his blue silk "come fuck me" shirt
especially for the big guy.  He had planned on tempting the commander
from a far and then taking him back to their quarters and fucking his
brains out.  It was all part of his strategy to convince him that
this morning's incident didn't meaning anything and everything was
all business as usual.  It was great plan.  All he needed now was
the "fuckee".  He made his way to the refreshments table.


Chakotay didn't even stop at his quarters to change as he made his
way to the messhall from his office.  He'd been delayed by a Mikan
called Sh'ek asking questions about navigation and piloting who had
taken up his buffing up time.

He slowed his pace as the doors to Nelix's "den of iniquity" as Tom
liked to call it opened.  Through all the Mikans, Fleeters and Maquis
the nexus of his life stood out like precious jewel in a pile of
rubble.  He made a beeline for him.

A cluster of golden aliens surrounded Tom.  He was in full "flyboy"
mode.  His smile flashed and his banter was witty.  Chakotay joined
the crowd of newly indicted "Tom Paris" fans.  Those beautiful ocean
blue eyes met his as Tom grabbed his arm and pulled him to his side.

"And here he is, Voyager's bravest officer and my guardian angel,
Commander Chakotay."

Chakotay was confused.  The lieutenant's hand briefly grabbed his ass
and his lips brushed his ear.

"I was just telling these ladies here all about your heroic exploits
and about how many times you've saved my sorry ass."  Tom saw his
lover's puzzlement and let his lips brush his tattoo as he
explained.  "They wanted to know if I ever got scared being on big
ship like this."  Tom stepped back from him still keeping a modicum
of body contact with him by placing his hand at the base of his spine.

"Now if you'll excuse us ladies I'm going to make sure my hero gets
something eat."  Tom winked to the bevy of gold. "Gotta keep his
strength up just in case.  You never know."

Chakotay found himself being steered around Nelix's counter and
walked into the pantry at the back of the kitchen.  Tom shoved his
back against a shelf filled with dried leola root.    Hands traveled
up and down his sides finally settling on his ass bringing him
forward into the pilot's body.  His lips were covered in a crushing
kiss.   As his senses were reaching overload Tom broke the kiss but
not the embrace.

"Where the hell have you been?"


Tom watched the commander's lips as the words formed on them.  They
were full and sensuous and needed kissing.  He delved into them
sucking the lower one while he ran a hand over his lover's burgeoning
erection.  He had been so afraid he wouldn't show and with each touch
he reassured himself that he was really here.    He knew he was being
irrational, it was just a fucking party, but it somehow it had also
been a test.  Chakotay hadn't avoided him when he entered the room.
He had come directly to him and for some reason that meant something.

"Whoa, baby.  If you keep doing that I not going to be able to walk
out of here without carrying a case of leola root in front of me."

Tom backed off and gave the man a look of mock amusement.  OK he
wasn't really funny but he had to give the guy points for trying.

"Well I guess we're just gonna have to do something about that then."

Tom fell to his knees and brought his hands up to the clasp of the
commander's trousers.  In one swift movement he released Chakotay's
cock and steadied it with his hand as his he tongued the slit.  The
commander didn't fight him as he took the purple crest into his mouth
and began to bob his head.

"Oh spirits Tom."

When Chakotay's fingers delved into his hair steadying his head, Tom
took the opportunity to use a hand to undo his jeans and pump his own
raging erection.  He was way too horny to let this be a spectator
sport.  He fucked his hand as Chakotay fucked his mouth.

His breath was hitching and having Chakotay shoving his cock down his
throat was making Tom feeling lightheaded increasing his euphoria.
As he felt his lover's cum hit the back of his throat he came, stars
blinking in his peripheral vision.

Chakotay sank to his haunches catching Tom as he swayed preventing
him from hitting the floor.  He listened for the pilot's breathing
over the noise of the crowd in the other room.  When he felt the rise
and fall of his chest against his own he kissed his golden hair and

"I love you."


"No Captain, I'm almost positive."

She grabbed Nelix's arm trying to steer him away from the galley.
She'd also seen Tom take Chakotay behind the counter, but unlike the
ship's morale officer she knew it wasn't to satisfy his hunger.  Well
it maybe it was that but it wasn't the same hunger that Nelix could
do anything about.

"Nelix I'm sure they can find what they need all by themselves.
Perhaps you should be checking on the punch, the bowl is almost empty
and I know I would mind another glass of that liquid ambrosia."

She ran into the Talaxian's back as he stopped at the entrance of the
pantry.  Looking over his shoulder she saw her first officer arch his
back as he came into the mouth of her chief pilot.  Oh hell.  She
tugged at Nelix's arm.  The man wouldn't move, he was transfixed by
the scene before him.  She had to jab a finger in his side to get his

"Nelix, lets go, OK?"

He finally roused and started backing up into her.  She had to
manually turn him around and lead him back to the front counter.
When they reached it she grabbed a glass of abandoned punch and
forced into his hand before she spoke.

"OK repeat after me.  'I didn't see that.' "  She took the Talaxian's
face in her fingers making him look her in the eye.  "Nelix can you
hear me?"

Nelix's eyes focused and he quaffed the punch in his hand in one go.
After placing the glass down he stole the captain's eyes with his own.

"That..that was Tom and the commander."

Janeway patted his forearm.

"Yes Nelix, it was."

"But the commander was.he was."

Kathryn finished his sentence in her own way.

"He was doing something that Tom wanted him to, OK?

"But Tom doesn't like him.  I mean that's what he says when he comes
in here."

"It's not true, Nelix.  Tom likes Chakotay very much."

The Talaxian's pondered her words a moment before becoming agitated
again.  His fierce of loyalty to Tom coloured his response.

"Does the commander like Tom too?"

"Yes he cares for Tom deeply."

"He loves him?"

"Yes Nelix Chakotay is in love with Tom."  She held her hand up
preempting Nelix's next question.

"And Tom is in love with Chakotay.  The only difference is that
Chakotay knows how he feels and Tom doesn't."  She clasped the
Talaxian's hand in hers.  "We just have give them a little time OK?
Let them get used to each before we let them know that we know."

Nelix returned her hold on his hands and grinned in understanding.

"You can count on me, Captain.  I won't say a word."

"Thank you Mr Neelix.  Now about that punch bowl?"

Bursting back into his role as host, Nelix began retrieving the
elements to make his famous Barkian punch.