Title:  Roommates Part Four
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek: Voyager
Paring:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: NC 17
Series: 4 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Chakotay and Tom spend a quiet evening at home.


Chakotay stared down at the board.  He had been sure Tom had using
the Queen's Gambit Accepted defense so his use of the Grunfeld Gambit
should have defeated him.  Chakotay stopped himself and smiled.  If
he'd been playing with anyone else it would have.  It seemed Tom's
chess playing was as unpredictable as everything else about him was.

"So what do I win?"

Tom leapt from his seat and straddled Chakotay.  They'd eaten a good
dinner, played a little chess and now he was ready for dessert.  He
looked down at his after dinner treat.  Chakotay was peering around
him still looking at the playing pieces on the chessboard.  He rubbed
his groin against Chakotay's trying to get the man focused on the
piece in his lap.  It worked, sort of.

"Who taught you to play like that?"

The lieutenant stopped squirming and answered the big guy, his voice
taking on a dispassionate air.

"My Dad mostly.  He'd make me play for hours and I hated every minute
of it."  He took in Chakotay's look of concern and sat back linking
his fingers behind the commander's neck.  "Don't get me wrong I love
playing chess but just not with my father.  He was a Grandmaster and
played very seriously.  He said that chess would teach me strategy
and discipline, qualities necessary to becoming a good Starfleet
officer like him.  Hell Chakotay even though I was just a kid, I knew
I didn't want to be like him, ever.

Chakotay had never met the Admiral and was sure he never wanted to.
Any father that would steal the delights of youth from his own child
was not a father in his mind.  He could see the damage the man had
caused just by reading Tom's service record.

"I figured a way out of it though.  I just twisted the Gambits he
taught me and worked them until I was able to beat him.  It took
awhile but eventually he got pissed off enough to stop asking me to

The commander cupped the pilot's ass with his hands and brought him

"I'm sorry Tom."

Tom's puzzlement at his apology increased his resentment towards
Admiral Paris.  Tom didn't even realize what he had lost.

"It's OK Chakotay.  I still got to play chess with my sisters." Tom
brought his face within inches of the commander's and resumed his
attentions to the man's groin. "Now, if I didn't know better I'd say
you were avoiding my question."


"What do I win, Commander?"

Although the subject of the Admiral was one Chakotay wanted to
pursue, his now fully engorged cock told him that maybe now wasn't a
good time.

"Was there anything you wanted in particular, Lieutenant?"

Blue eyes flashed and a tongue traced a sensuous bottom lip.

"Yeah how about first officer al a mode?"

"I see.  Would you settle for the first officer and having the al a
mode part another time."

Tom screwed up his features and made as if to think about the offer.

"I don't know Chak.  Dessert isn't really isn't dessert without ice
cream.  And maybe we can replicate some cherries and whipped."

Chakotay didn't let the pilot finish his thought as he scooped him up
wrapping the long legs around his waist and headed for the bedroom.


They stood naked facing each other in the candlelight with their eyes

Like an image in a mirror, the men explored the each other's face,
fingers brushing eyelashes, cheekbones and mouths.  Stepping closer
they let their bodies meld and their lips come together allowing each
taste and touch be set to memory.  There was no haste in their
movements only quiet discovery and acknowledgment.

The dark haired man took his lover's hand and pulled him down to the
bed aligning the pale body along his own.   Their legs interwove
allowing their erections to nestle side by side.   Clasping one hand over
their heads and the other on their partner's ass they began to rock
against one another.   As their movement quickened no words passed
their lips, only moans of pleasure and need.

The pale one as he reached his zenith, sank his teeth into the
shoulder of his mate, causing the source of his catalyst to reach his
own. He spoke the name of his beloved before he drifted into
oblivion of sleep.



It was early morning when the commander awoke.  He looked at the cot
set up beside his bed.  It was empty.  This time its vacancy didn't
cause him to become alarmed.  He knew where Tom was.  He kissed the
golden hair of the head resting on his chest and thanked the Spirits.

Tom was his.   He knew that now because last night they didn't just
have sex, they had made love and it had taken him totally unaware.

Given the man's impish antics before they had gone to bed, Chakotay
had expected the same rough and tumble sex they had enjoyed the
previous night.   But when he had emerged from the head after
cleaning up a bit, he had found Tom nude in the middle of a room
softly lit with candles.  He had tried to speak but Tom shook his
head and stilled his lips with his fingers.  The slow and gentle
lovemaking that had followed had shattered Chakotay to his core.

He would no longer be able to compromise his feelings towards Tom.
He loved him too much to pretend that he would accept a relationship
without that love, a love he was certain Tom felt too.

"Good Morning big, dark and gorgeous."

He glanced down to a bright smile and a face still flushed with sleep.

"Good Morning to you too, Poocuh."

As Tom snuggled closer to him, he felt the lieutenant's erection
brush his thigh and a questing hand stroke his own.

"You know it could get even better."

A wet tongue teased his nipple.


"Yeah, wanna know how?"

"Sure, I'm up for it."

Tom lifted his head from Chakotay's chest and rolled his eyes at the
man's attempt at humour.

"OK funny man, follow me."

Tom threw back the covers and sauntered into the bathroom.  Chakotay
watched the wantonness his lover displayed as he walked across the
room before rousing himself and following.

When Chakotay reached the entrance to the head he settle himself
against the doorframe and watched Tom through the clear pane of the

His lover was leaning forward into the warm jet of water with one
hand on the stall in front of him and the other stroking his erect
penis.  It was an extremely beautiful and arousing scene.  Chakotay
played the voyeur until Tom started saying his name in pleasure.

"Oh god Chakotay, oh god, oh god."

Chakotay moved from the doorway and slipped behind Tom in the
shower.  Filling his hand with liquid soap from the dispenser on the
wall, his hand went to his erection spreading the foam.  Desire
clouded his mind as he spread Tom's cheeks and plunged into him
forgoing any preparation.   The pilot cried out and surged back into
the commander his pain momentary.  He continued his masturbation as
Chakotay's cock rammed into him.

The tightening of Tom's sphincter signaled to Chakotay his release
causing him to orgasm, the release easing the movement of his

It was an effort for both of them to remain standing as Chakotay
pulled himself from Tom and brought him around to face him.  The
spray from the shower sluiced over their bodies washing away the
ecstasy both had just shared.  Chakotay slipped his hand around Tom
to stop the flow.  When he was done he used one hand to anchor the
pilot to him and the other he brought up the beautiful blonde's face.

"I'm sorry Poocuh, are you all right?"

Tom kissed him with enough force to press Chakotay's shoulders to the
back of the stall.  He disengaged his cheek from his beloved's palm
and kissed the mark on his shoulder he had left there last night
before looking him square in the eye.

"Am I all right?  Chak are you kidding?  That was fan "fucking"
tastic.  Yeah I'd say I never been more all right in my entire
fucking life!"

Chakotay didn't look convinced.

"But I hurt you."

"But you didn't mean to and believe me I know the difference.  Look
it's nothing a dermal regenerator won't fix up.  I'll be OK so don't
beat yourself up over it all right?  Come on let's get ready for our

Tom stepped out of the stall and grabbed a couple of towels handing
one to a somber commander.  Guessing his little speech hadn't
convinced his lover that even in his brutality no one had ever
touched him with such reverence or care, he pulled the big guy into
his arms.

"Look baby, that was pretty intense for both of us but never for one
moment was I afraid that you meant to harm me.  It was really quite

"Tom we need to talk.  There are some things I need to say before we
go any further in this relationship."

Fear gripped the lieutenant's heart.  He's going tell me that this is
too much for him.  That my behavior was unacceptable.  I had promised
him no entanglements, no fuss and now he was backing away.  He had to
fix this.  He wasn't quite sure why yet this was so important, he
only knew that it was.

"Look Chak, you don't have to say anything.  We just had some great
sex and maybe it got a little out of hand but sometimes shit like
that happens.  Don't give it second thought.  I like fucking you and
you like fucking me.  Let's just enjoy it and leave it that OK?"

He left the bathroom, threw on his uniform and headed for Sickbay.
As he flew out the doors of their quarters he repressed the urge to