Title:  Roommates Part Three
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating: PG 13, but NC 17 is sort of implied.
Series: 3 of ?
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Disclaimers:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Chakotay and Tom discuss their new relationship, only it's
not with each other.

"He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me!"

Tom finished pruning the Doc's medicinal herb garden, then began
categorizing the leaf samples and putting them into vacuum-sealed
containers.  The EMH had recently been researching the healing
properties of various alien plant samples and had created small
hydroponic garden in Sickbay.

In an effort to dodge Sh'ek, who seemed to be everywhere Tom was with
the notable exception of the bridge, he had offered to take an
afternoon shift in Sickbay.  Curiously it was one of the few places
the Mikan's avoided on Voyager, much to the chagrin of the doctor.
He spent all his time making "cabin" calls to the mildly
hypochondriac aliens, in fact that's where he was now.  Apparently on
their planet medical science came to them not the other way around.
So except for patching few minor injuries to his fellow crewmen, Tom
had enjoyed a fairly peaceful and "Sh'ek free" afternoon.

Tom sniffed the current sample he was handling.  Mmm?  It smelt a
little like basil.  Too bad it was natural laxative or he might have
considered using it the spaghetti he was going to make him and Chak
for dinner later.  Spending all night in the head did not make for a
romantic evening.

Tom caught himself.  A romantic evening?  After one night in the
commander's arms he was playing the role of the newlywed.  He had
even gone back to their quarters on his lunch break to tidy up the
place and replicate candles and fresh flowers.    Gods, next he be
picking out the big guy's clothes and making vacation plans.  What
the hell was he doing?  He was supposed to be just fucking Chakotay
not courting him.

Not liking the path his mind was taking him down, Tom simply chose
another.  He rationalized that he was doing all these niceties really
for himself.  He liked candles and flowers and spaghetti too.  And
after all a happy Chakotay was a horny Chakotay, right? Right.

Feeling better about the situation, he concentrated on finishing the
task at hand so he could get home and start dinner.  It took him a
moment to register the soft breathing behind him.  He froze.  Please
let it not be Sh'ek.  When broad arms circled his waist, he relaxed.

"Guess who?"


The arms tightened and teeth nibbled at his earlobe.

"No, guess again."

Tom brought his arms up and folded them over the ones embracing him
bringing his mystery guest closer.

"It's not Captain Janeway unless she's been working out a lot
lately.  Hmm, maybe Tuvok?"

"Wrong again, need a hint?"

He heard a soft chuckle in his ear and a hardness against his ass.  A
playful Chakotay *and* a horny Chakotay?  He could get used to this
real fast.

"You're sure it's not Tuvok because I've heard stories and."

"Time's up."

Strong arms spun him around and before he had a chance to name his
captor, full lips took his own.  The kiss was slow and deep, making
Tom tingle from the back of his neck to his knees.  He wrapped his
arms around Chakotay's neck and hung on for dear life.  The commander
gently broke the kiss and smiled, his dimples in full force.


Tom's voice was a whisper when he answered.


"Are you going to be here much longer?"

"Ah maybe another half hour or so.  What about you?  Are you done
being the first officer for the day?"

"Almost.  I've got a quick meeting with the captain to go to and then
I'll be heading for our quarters.  I shouldn't be more than an hour,

"OK.  That'll give me time to grab a shower before I start dinner."

This time Tom's mind didn't even register the domesticity of his
words but his partner did.

Chakotay gave his lover a quick squeeze and kissed his forehead
before he let him go.

"Bye, baby."

Tom stood and watched until the commander had left Sickbay before he
returned to his duties.


"May I ask what you're doing Mr Paris?"

Tom stopped his surveillance of the hall outside Sickbay and turned
his head to face the EMH.

"I'm just checking to see if the coast is clear."

"Clear of what may I ask."

Tom stepped back and allowed the Sickbay doors to swish close.  With
his palm facing downward, he outstretched his arm.

"Clear of a little green guy about this high."

"I see, a friend of yours."

"No not exactly a friend."

The Doc's eyebrows rose, crinkling his forehead.

"Oh, I see."

"No Doc you don't.  He's not that kind of a friend either."

"Really Mr Paris, I was not inferring a sexual relationship.  I am
well aware that you are otherwise engaged in that department.  I
meant I understood this person is someone you wish to avoid."

This time Tom's eyebrows rose.  Otherwise engaged?

"Ah Doc, how long have you been back?"

"47 minutes.  Not that you would have noticed my return, you were too
busy doing what I believe you would call "sucking face" with
Commander Chakotay."

The lieutenant's mouth dropped and his face flushed.

"Sucking face?"

The doctor straightened his shoulders and indignity crept into his

"Yes Mr Paris sucking face, necking, kissing.  I am quite sure my
research was accurate and I was using the term correctly."


"As Seven's social teacher I have scanned all available information
on Terran mating rituals in Voyager's data banks.  Since you're
the ships resident aficionado of 20th century culture, I thought I'd use
this opportunity to apply that knowledge.  I've actually become some
what of an expert on the topic.  For instance I could have said that
you and the commander were making out or perhaps doing the wild thing

"Doc, Doc, I get it.  You know your stuff, OK?"

Oh this was just wonderful.  Tom could just see the Doc asking him
and Chak to demonstrate "Terran mating rituals" for Seven in her next
lesson.  He'd have to put a lid on this fast.

"Look Doc, what you saw was kinda of private.  I'd appreciate you
keeping this to yourself, OK?"

Indignity washed over the EMH's features again, a perpetual state for
him when in the lieutenant's presence.

"I'm a doctor Mr Paris not a gossip columnist.  If you prefer to keep
your liaison with the first officer secret that is your business.
However if I should have some questions of a strictly educational
nature, I do hope you will accommodate me.  I will of course treat
anything you say as confidential."

Tom couldn't believe that however subtly he was being blackmailed by
a hologram.  All right an incredibly sophisticated one but a hologram
never the less.

"Fine, whatever just don't say anything or there won't be anything to
ask about, OK?"

The EMH nodded his head and walked around to the medical computer.
His voice was plaintive as his hands brought the console to life.

"You know when Kes was here she didn't have any problem discussing
her biological functions."

Tom rolled his eyes.

"Well in case you hadn't noticed I'm not Kes."

"No you're certainly not and by the way the coast is clear."

"What? Oh thanks Doc.  See ya."

After the lieutenant had left the doctor retired to his office.  He
replayed the video recording of the interaction between the first
officer and chief pilot.  It was a fascinating study of what would
have been called in the 20th century an office romance.  He was going
to have lots of questions.


"And then kicking and screaming she threw him out of the airlock.  It
was a fair solution to the problem, don't you agree Commander?"

"Yes of course Kathryn."

For the last twenty minutes she had been discussing the ramifications
of the crews' recent change in accommodations with the viewport.
Commander Chakotay sat across from her on the lounge in her ready
room either looking out said viewport or straining his neck to read
the chronometer on her desk.  She was mildly annoyed but suspecting
the reason for his inattention, also faintly amused.  She tested his
focus again.

"Of course with the loss of our Operations Officer, Tom Paris will
have to take his place as the chief engineer's new whipping boy."


Ah she knew the "T" word would get his attention.  When she had put
together the roomy list she knew this pairing would finally be the
catalyst the both men needed to confront their feelings towards each
other.  From the moment Chakotay had appeared on her bridge all those
years ago she had felt the sexual tension between him and Voyager's

Back then she had seen the tactical advantage of having the Maquis
captain romantically involved with one of her Federation officers.
It would have gone a long way in helping the two diverse crews meld
and become one viable working unit.  Unfortunately both men had
allowed pride and typical male posturing blind them to the obvious.
Since then they had been dancing around each neither man willing to
make the first move.  Kathryn had hoped their current situation would
finally knock some sense into the two men and let them see what she
had all along.  That both would be lost until they found each other.

"Chakotay is there a particular situation you would like to discuss?"

He was silent for so long she thought that perhaps he wouldn't take
her up on her invitation to discuss his "particular situation".

"Yes there is something that has come to my attention recently.  A
relationship has developed between two crewman that has exceeded the
bounds of their previous one."

Terrific he wasn't going to come right out and say he was sleeping
with her chief pilot, he was going to do the "I have this friend"
bit.  OK she'd go with it.

"By saying they have exceeded the bounds I take you mean they have
developed a sexual relationship?"

"Yes, but for the duration of their enforced stay together only."

"And the problem is that one of them has found they would like the
relationship to continue after we drop the Mikans off on their home

"Yes and if they tell the person involved they might risk losing out
in what time they could have together until then.  So the problem is
should this person continue to deceive the other enjoying what time
they have or come clean now and disclose their real feelings?"

Kathryn sat back as she considered the problem.  Chakotay was a good
man.  He was prepared to live and die for what he believed in without
subterfuge; his involvement in the Maquis was a testament to that.
Hiding his feelings from Tom would go against everything that he
was.  This relationship must be very important to him if he was
considering compromising those values.  Not knowing Tom's side of the
story tempered her answer.

"You know someone once told me that here on Voyager we were in a
unique situation.  That we have a hard time applying the same rules
from the Alpha quadrant here in the Delta."

She leaned forward and placed a reassuring hand on the commander's

"The rules have changed Chakotay and we are going to have to change
with them.  I'm inclined to believe that statement is sort of the
motto of our entire voyage. If we've learnt anything here in the
Delta quadrant we've learnt that the rules we've lived by all our
lives are not finite.  So in light of that maybe your crewman should
wait before declaring his feelings.  You never know what's going to
happen tomorrow that's going to change our entire universe."

Kathryn humbly stepped off her soapbox and waited for Chakotay's
reaction.  He looked a little more relaxed and a little more "here"
as opposed to being lost in the stars outside the viewport.  He took
her hand from his knee and pressed it within his own.

"You know maybe I should be Captain and you should take over the
duties of first officer and ship's councilor.  Interested?"

She slipped her hand from his and placed both of them on either side
of her face in mock horror.

"And have to share quarters with Tom Paris?  Hell no."

Chakotay played the game and stood up.

"Oh well it was worth a shot."

As the first officer left, the captain of Voyager gazed at the stars
outside the viewport of her ready room feeling very pleased with