Title:  Roommates Part Two
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series: 2 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Chakotay and Tom make a change to their new living

The phrase "Spiritual Warrior" was the first thing came into his mind
when he saw Chakotay sitting on the rug in the middle of the room.

What the hell what was here doing here, was the second.  He was
supposed to in his office not here doing his Indian thing half-naked
in their quarters.  It just wasn't fucking fair!  Already Tom could
feel the blood rushing to his cock and all the guy was doing was
sitting there.  Chakotay's eyes fluttered opened and then opened wide
as he took in Tom presence before him.


Tom winced at hearing Chak use his formal title.  Here in the
intimacy of "their" quarters it just didn't seem right anymore.

"Tom, my name is Tom."  He pressed the point by emphasizing his next
words. " OK Chakotay?"

"OK Tom.  What happened to your plans of being Voyager's goodwill
ambassador?  Why aren't you in the holodeck?"

For a moment Tom thought about telling him the tale of Sh'ek curious
at what the reaction would be.  Would the big guy be jealous or
disgusted?  Not willing to chance the latter he replied,

"Oh that.  Well it seems Harry and B'Elanna had already filled the
position.  So I thought I'd leave them to it and come back here to
relax instead."  He shifted from one foot to the other, "What about
you?  No reports tonight?"

Chakotay looked pointedly up Tom trying not to let his eyes wander
down the front of the pilot's trousers where he swore he could see
the beginnings of an erection.  No it couldn't be, it had to be the
dim lighting and his over worked libido that made him imagine that
the man was becoming aroused.

"No, no reports."

"So you're what, meditating or something like that?"

"Yes, something like that.  I was trying to contact my spirit guide."

"Is it hard?"

Chakotay, distracted by the man's phrase, spoke without thinking.

"Sometimes.  Would you like to try it?"

"Yeah, wait right there."  Tom dashed towards the bedroom. He spoke
over his shoulder,  "Don't move, I'll be right back."

Chakotay stared at the doors of the bedroom as Tom disappeared behind
them.  What did he just do?  Helping someone find his or her spirit
guide was a deeply personal act.  He had done it for both Kathryn and
B'Elanna as a way of conveying his respect and friendship.  However
doing it for someone he cared for on a deeper level would also convey
those deeper feelings.  The spirits wouldn't allow him to hide behind
his commander façade in the dream plane.  Well with any luck his
spirit guide would continue to avoid him tonight, he thought of her
often twisted sense of humour, and wasn't sure.

As soon as Tom entered the sleeping area he began stripping off his
clothes scattering them all over the room.  He reached for his sleep
pants and drew them on.   Maybe the only way he was going to get over
the big guy was to just get it over with and get it out of his system
once and for all.  He headed back out to the living area.

He plopped himself down in front Chakotay and crossed his legs, his
kneecaps touching the commanders.  He tried to be cool and ignore the
bolt of electricity he felt go straight to his groin at their

"OK, I'm ready.  Now what?"

Spirits, so this was the front view looked like.  Red-gold curls
spread across a lean muscled chest circling pink nipples and tapering
down and disappearing under the drawstring waist of Tom pants.  With
great effort to ignore the beauty before him, he readied them for
their dreamwalk.

"Close your eyes and picture a place that makes you feel safe and

Tom watched as Chakotay closed his eyes but kept his own opened.  For
the first time that night he allowed himself to drink in the strong
quiet essence the commander radiated.  By now his cock was fully
erect making a tent in his pants, his pre-cum staining the top.

"I'm there Chak."

"Good.  Now tell me where you are."

"I'm in our cabin."

As he began to explain to Tom his question was not meant literally he
felt hands sliding along his upper thighs, fingertips kneading the
muscles there.  He opened his eyes to Tom's face inches away from his.

"Chakotay I want you to fuck me."

Hearing the boldness of Tom's statement brought many responses to
mind but no wasn't one of them.

The pilot saw the reaction the crudeness of his words ensconced.
The commander's eyes dilated and his breathing became deeper, more
labored.  He went with it.

"I want to feel your cock inside me.  Take me so hard that I scream
your name for more.  Fuck me Chak and make me yours."

Disregarding the danger to ego, Chakotay encased the pilot's face
between his hands and took his lips in a crushing kiss.  Teeth
gnashed teeth before their tongues came together tasting and
exploring.  He felt the drawstring of his pants being undone and then
hands stroking his erection, lightly rolling his balls.

His hands tighten in the blonde hair as he released Tom's mouth and
began nipping and teasing with his teeth and tongue the underside of
the man's jaw down to his collarbone.

"Touch me Chakotay, please."

Chakotay clasped Tom's biceps and pushed him back onto rug.  Tom
uncrossed his legs and made room for the commander's body between
them.   Tom's head and ass were driven into the floor by Chakotay's
mouth and hips.  The double assault made his head whirl with
pleasure.  The room was still spinning when he felt the weight lift
and his pants torn from his body.  And then there was nothing.  His
eyes squeezed shut as panic edged Tom's consciousness.


"I'm here baby."

Warm oil trickled over his cock and between the cheeks of his ass.
Tom released the breath he hadn't realized he was holding when he
felt a broad hand on his erection and a finger rimming his anus.   He
spread his knees and lifted his butt into Chakotay touch.

"Gods, Chakotay fuck me!"

"I am Tom, oh baby I am."

He tried to turn over but Chakotay held him fast.

"No baby, I want to see you."

The commander grabbed a pillow from the lounge and placed under the
hips of the man he had wanted for so long.  He needed to see Tom's
face as he rammed himself into him.  He needed to see his desire
returned.  He oiled his cock and inserted a finger into Tom to ready

"Shit Chakotay just fucking do it!"

He placed kisses on the insides of Tom's calves as he brought those
long slender legs up over his shoulders.  Chakotay took hold of his
penis and breached Tom's opening.  Spirits it was tight, so warm, in
all his imaginings he could have never come close to this.  He felt
Tom straining to meet him as the passage relaxed enough for him to
remove his hand and press deeper into the heat.

"Oh yeah Chak, like that, yeah like that."

Chakotay looked into a face thrown back in pleasure. He tried to burn
the image of Tom's swollen lips, tousled hair and the traces of his
own mouth on the gracefully curved throat into his memory.  He pushed
his hips forward until he was entirely embedded in Tom's ass.

"Move Chakotay, just fucking move!"

The commander rocked his hips, obeying the pleading man beneath him
in earnest.   Leaning forward he grasped Tom's shoulders for leverage
as he thrust repeatedly into him.   The pilot's erection was pressed
between their bellies and was stimulated by the movement of his
body.  He felt it spasm and then shoot a stream of cum hitting his


Feeling his balls contract, Chakotay pumped hard a finale few times
as he came deep inside his lover.

"Oh Tom, oh Tom.Tom!"

Slipping out of his lover the commander fell forward bearing the
weight of his body on his elbows.  Feathered kisses traced his tattoo
and warm hands caressed his back and buttocks.  He looked into those
shining blue eyes.

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I'm more than all right.  In fact I'd have to say that "all
right" would be a bit of an understatement at the moment."

"Tom what just happened here?"

"Sex Chakotay, its called sex."  Tom saw Chakotay open his mouth say
more and slid a hand around to cover his lips. "I wanted you and you
wanted me, it doesn't have to mean anything more than that.  We've
just found something better to do together other than playing pool
and having a few drinks in Sandrine's, OK?"

"I think it's a bit more complicated than that Tom."

Tom saw Chakotay's typical black and white mentality surfacing as the
big guy rolled off him and place an arm over his eyes.  He have to
think fast and come up with a convincing argument if he ever wanted
to feel the commander's desire for him again.  And he most certainly
did.  The knack would be convincing him that it was OK for them to
satisfy each other without developing any messy entanglements. He
rolled on his side and pulled the commander's arm away from his face.

"Look Chak, we can do this.  We're not going to be able to deny what
happened between us so why not just go for it.  Outside this cabin
you can still do your commander thing and I can still do my cocky
flyboy bit but when we're alone we can just be Tom and Chakotay.
Come on, it's just one more week anyway.  What do you say?"

The commander looked at the beauty he had so recently made love to
and couldn't believe he was lying here trying to come up with
arguments on why he couldn't do it again.  Well then again he could.
Tom was offering to be his lover, not offering his love.  While he
acknowledged that it was less that he had hoped for it was also
more.  So for "now" he would agree to Tom's terms.   It didn't matter
that it was a lie.

"OK.  But I do have one condition."

"Sure Chak, anything.  What is it?"

Chakotay looked down at his abraded knees and the condition of his

"Next time we do it in bed, OK?"

Surprised and delighted by the commander's humour, Tom landed a big
wet one on his lips.  He pulled back and gave Chakotay a smile that
melted his heart.

"You got it big guy!  Let's go."

Tom sprung up like gazelle and pulled him up off the floor.  As his
new lover led him into the other room, Chakotay prayed to the Spirits
for strength.