Title:  Roommates Part Eleven
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Email Address for feedback: forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Both Seven and Chakotay go in for the kill.

"You deleted all the characters?"

Seven handed him the next instrument to be calibrated.  It had been
two weeks since she had changed her tactics and decided to stalk her
prey instead going in for a direct kill.

"Yes, they were interfering with my approach."

"But it was a ballroom scene.  That would have left you and the
captain alone in one big empty room."

"That is not entirely correct.  I left the band intact."

OK subtle she was not but she certainly was dedicated.  She had
planned every step of this seduction with last night supposedly being
the epiphany.  He placed the medical tri-corder he was working on
down on the table and gave her his full attention.

"And then?"

"I asked her to dance."

"And then?"

"We danced."

Tom gave her a dull stare and played his hands out in front of him.

"And then?"

"I kissed her."

Finally!  Gods it was a good thing that he was such a nice guy or he
would have throttled her by now.  He lifted his eyebrows and flipped
his hands out again, the universal sign for "tell me the next part
before I have a cerebral embolism".

"She kissed me back."  Her voice lowered in time with her eyes.  "And
she did something else which was most unexpected."


"She called me Annika."

Thank god.  Tom was half scared to death she was going to say the
captain slapped her or pushed her away.  Janeway calling Seven by her
human name was a good sign, a really good sign.

"So when are you going to see her again."  Knowing her tendency to
take things literally, Tom put a hand up. "Off duty I mean."

"I have invited her for dinner tonight in the cargo bay.  Which is
part of my reason for being here.  I will require your assistance."

"You got it.  With a few candles and some mood music we can make the
place a regular den of seduction."

Having got what she came for she nodded her head and turned to
leave.  Tom called out to her before the doors to Sickbay swished

"Hey it's been two weeks, aren't you gonna even ask?"

She looked at him as if humoring a small child and placed her arms
behind her back.

"Did he say it first?"



"So in total that makes 38% of the crew that wish to make their
temporary cabin assignments permanent."

They were sitting on the lounge in the ready room having their weekly
meeting.  Kathryn had been slightly distracted but Chakotay carried
on.  The faster he was done here the faster he'd get back to his
quarters and Tom.  Seeing she wasn't any more into the meeting than
he was, he scrolled down to last item on his agenda.  The captain
interrupted him before he had a chance to broach it.

"She kissed me Chakotay."

The commander experienced déjà vu.  Many a time had he sat across
from one of his sisters, hearing a similar opening statement.  Beyval
they went to for protection, Nayib academic problems and him, he got
their love life.  He knew that the captain, like his sisters, wasn't
looking for advice, she just wanted somebody to talk to about it.

"And what did Leonardo say?"

She hit his knee with her PADD and continued her story.

"We were in big Victorian ballroom dancing and she got this odd look
on her face.  Then she leaned in and kissed me."

"And you kissed her back?"

"Damn right I did.   For two weeks I'd been trying out figured out a
way to kiss her, this was not an opportunity I was going to pass up."

"So when's the wedding?"

Kathryn eyed her first officer.  After three weeks of sleeping with
her chief pilot he was already beginning adopt his irreverent sense
of humour.  She slapped him again with her PADD and responded in kind.

"Well first were having dinner tonight in her quarters.  I thought
I'd wait until we were at least done eating before I popped the

"You're having dinner in the cargo bay?"

"Chakotay if she would have asked me to eat leola root stew on the
left nacelle I would have said yes.  Now enough about my love life,
when are you taking the next step in yours?"

"Actually Captain that was the last item on the agenda."

The commander sat quietly watching her expressions as she read her
PADD.  Looks of disbelief, amusement and sentimentality crossed her
face before she finished and hugged the PADD to her chest.

"Its perfect and "so" Tom."

"Then you'll help?  I've already asked half of the alpha shift's
assistance," He remembered being amused by Harry's shock before he
consented. "But without you're hand in this to bring it all together,
I'm afraid it won't work."

"It's a pretty ambitious plan to implement in four days."

"Yes it is. So I also plan on speaking to Neelix and Seven and
eliciting their cooperation as well."  He folded his hands in his lap
and looked her straight in the eye. "Kathryn this the most important
thing I've done in my life, please say yes."

The captain sighed. The whole thing was against regulations to use up
so much of the crew's time and ship's resources for a personal
matter.  It was also was silly, sappy and incredibly romantic.   Her
decision was clear.

"Of course Chakotay, it'll be fun."


"Wrong blonde."

Tom whirled around at the sound of the captain's voice.  Seven had
been delayed in astrometrics, so he was here doing up the finishing
touches on the cargo bay.  He had just finished programming the meal
Sam Wildman had helped him with into the replicator when the captain


"Inside joke."  She wandered deeper into bay admiring the strings of
small twinkling lights strewn about and the overabundance of white
Calla lilies.  "It's beautiful Tom."

"Thanks, but Seven did most of the work."

"Tom, Seven can do a lot of things but this kind of esoterical beauty
is a little out of her reach."


"It's OK Tom I didn't come here for the atmosphere."

Please with herself for making the audacious Tom Paris blush, she sat
down at a breathtaking table laid with cut crystal and silver.

"I know that." He stopped himself.  "Shit, what I meant to say is."

"Dismissed Mr Paris."

The teasing tone of her voice broke his stammering.  He smiled and
tipped his head to her before leaving.

"Yes Ma'am."


Whoa that was too much information, Tom thought as entered his

Seeing the captain as a sexual being for him was a little too close
to thinking about his parents doing "it".  Yuck.  He spied Chakotay
reading on the lounge in his sleep pants and saw the perfect way to
wipe out that less than appetizing image.

"Hi honey, I'm home."

The lieutenant kicked off his shoes, noting Chakotay's eyes as he
followed their flight, and straddled his new roomy.

"Good story?"

Tom peeled off his jacket and undershirt tossing them in the opposite
direction of his shoes.  This time Chakotay didn't turn to watch
their landing place.

"Yes, it about an evil engineer and her dastardly plans to make the
warp core run more efficiently."

Tom stood up on the lounge, his legs still on either side of the
commander and carefully removed his pants and socks before resting
back down on his knees.

"Sounds fascinating."

"You'd be surprised.  Would you like me to read the hot parts to you?"

He took the PADD from his lover's hand and flung it across the room.


He latched on to those the full sensuous lips and stopped whatever
reply the commander had intended.

After much touching and tasting, Tom noted the near frantic bucking
of Chakotay's hips.  He was ready to take this further.

"Switch places with me Chak."

Letting Chakotay slip out between his legs, Tom stayed where was and
leaned over the arm of the lounge.

"Do me Chakotay."

"All right Poocuh, just let me get the oil."

"No, Chak.  I need you now!"

Chakotay broke out his commander mode and returned to the couch,
placing himself behind his impatient lover.  As best he could he
lubricated his cock and Tom's puckered opening with his own saliva.
Tom squirmed under his attentions.

"Now Chakotay!"

He entered the demanding blonde as gently as he could, mindful of
tearing the delicate tissues.  Tom would have none of it.  He slammed
back into Chakotay driving his cock deep into his ass.  The explosion
of warmth had its effect on Chak and he began thrusting into his
lover in wild abandon.

"Oh fuck Tom, oh fuck ohhh."

Tom took his own penis in hand as he savored the thrusts of his
lover's unbridled lust.  Chakotay was ramming into him without mercy
and the thought it drove him over the edge.  He screamed as he came.

The combination of Tom's cry and the following tightening of his
inner muscles caused Chakotay cock to spasm and with a final thrust
he flooded his lover.

They collapsed on the lounge, holding fast to each other as if they
had just survived a supernova.  In a way they had, both had burned
hotly before exploding, seeing stars.




"Voyager to Paris."

He was sitting eating lunch with Harry as he saw Chakotay enter the
messhall.  He watched the play of the man's uniform as it tightened
and loosened with each stride of those powerful legs.  Chakotay
stopped at a table of four crewmen and Tom felt pride as well as love
warm his heart as he saw the respect reflected in their faces.



A number of heads turned as his outburst, including the commander's.
Tom stood up and bowed before sitting back down and giving Harry his
full attention.

"Sorry Har.  What were you saying?"

"I was "asking" if you knew who Seven was seeing lately?"

"You mean romantically?"

"Duh-uh.  What else?"

"How would I know?"

"Well she did want to talk to you about love, so she must have
somebody in mind, right?"

It would be almost worth telling Harry just to see his jaw drop into
that pulsating blue stuff on his plate but it wouldn't be right.  It
wasn't anybody's business who Seven was seeing until she herself said
it was.   Tom laughed to himself.  Gods, Chak's nobility must be
catchy.  He tried a different tack with Harry.

"Why do you care?"  Tom made to look concerned.  "Things are all
right with you and B'Elanna aren't they?  You're not sleeping on the
Observation deck again are you?"

He shoots, he scores and the crowd goes wild.  Harry forgot Seven and
went on the defensive about B'Elanna.

"No.  I mean yes things are just fine."

He really liked Harry Kim but the guy was just too fun to
manipulate.  His traditional mentality made it so easy.

"Good Har, you had me scared there for a minute."

Harry's gaze left his and traveled to a spot beyond his left shoulder.

"Hello Gentleman."


Tom was tempted to respond by saying something like "Hey sweet
cheeks" or "Hello Gorgeous" but it would embarrass Harry right under
the table and he'd had enough fun with the poor guy for one day.

"Commander Chakotay."

"Ensign would you mind if I spoke to the Lieutenant alone for a

"Ah yeah sure Commander, I was just leaving anyway.  See ya Tom."

Chakotay sat down and took Harry's spot across from Tom.  Except Tom
saw Mr. Mystic Warrior instead of the commander sitting down, he had
that unreadable look on his face.  Oh oh, something was up.


"I was wondering if you were free tonight at around 19:00 hours?"

"Why?  Are you asking me on a date?"


Thinking he could probably free up some time in his busy schedule for
the love of his life, he answered.

"Then yes I'm free."

"Good.  I'll meet you in our quarters and wear something casual."


Chakotay took his hand, kissed the back and rose.  A very confused
Tom Paris watched him leave.