Title:  Q Love P7
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  7 of 8
Email for feedback:  forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:   The big event nears.

A silver gray wolf.

Tom let the white and black hairs of his lover's head flick through
his fingers while the man sprawled beside him slept.  As his eyes
caressed the outline of Chakotay's well-muscled body the lupine term
became more and more apt.

His husband was powerful and made love with a feral ferocity.  With
the covers still thrown to the side, Tom saw clearly the bites and
scratches that had been inflicted upon his body in testament to his
mate's hunger to bond this very special night.  But as much as he
ached and burned none of that delicious hurt had gone deep enough to
touch his unborn child.  It was incredible how Chakotay knew even
while blinded by lust, just how far he could go without inflicting
any real damage.  Tom had however, been grateful for the cool smooth
sheets of their bed against his abraded skin for round two of their

After cleaning up a bit his husband had offered up the alpha male
status he had immersed himself in earlier by reclining back on the
mattress with his legs and throat opened to him.  With soft kisses
and gentle caresses, Tom had accepted the mantle and had brought him
to completion slowly with sure steady strokes.

The way they made love to each other was in stark contrast to their
public personalities.  Tom belied his freewheeling behavior with
careful studious lovemaking while Chakotay's wild abandon directly
contravened his stolid appearance.

Tom rubbed the small mound above his exhausted member.  There
wouldn't be many more days before the frenzied consummation he had
experience tonight would become uncomfortable.  A compromise would
have to be made.

Soon he would have to defer to his husband's dominance in a bed that
was normally his to command and Chakotay would have to learn to
temper his ardour to a more sedate level.  However rather that seeing
the adjustment as a chore, Tom chose to see the impending combination
of their styles as adventure.  He giggled quietly.  Like they needed
one more adventure in their already action packed relationship.  At
least things were more or less going their way now.

The captain had confirmed the baby would not end his life.  When he
had told Chakotay later in their quarters, the older man had shown
his relief by folding him into a bear hug and then proceeding to fuck
him senseless where he stood.  It had been the last coherent
conversation of the evening as they celebrated the victory in silent
agreement that the rest of the battle could wait for tomorrow.  Tom
checked the chronometer and noted that tomorrow was already here.

Today Tom would begin to fight for custody of the child that was no
longer the weapon of his death but the reason for his life.

All he had to do now was figure out how.


"So have you heard from Q?"

As Kathryn looked up from her coffee, Chakotay saw the same
expression of regret he seen every other time he'd asked in the last
two and a half months.

"No not since before the wedding, and I suspect from your question
neither have you."

"Well not from lack of trying anyway.  Tom calls out to J every
chance he gets and even I've tried a couple of times.  Not that he'd
want to speak to me, but it was worth a shot."

"Well we still have two weeks."

"Two weeks until what, happiness or grief?   Do you know how hard it
is wondering every minute of the day if the child my husband is
carrying is human?"

"It could be part human."  His friend offered.

"And part Q, yes I know but what then?  Would J allow us to raise it
or will he cruelly whisk it away in a flash of his fingers?  Do you
know what that would do to Tom?  He loves this baby more than I do.
He sings to it, talks to it and I think he's even given it a name."

"You think?  Haven't you spoken to him about it?"

"Dammit Kathryn, I'm even afraid to start of thinking of names let
alone talk about it.  When he brings the subject up, I distract him."


Chakotay blushed.  "Let's just say I do, at leave it at that."

"Oh really." She smiled knowingly at his adolescent reaction.  "Now I
don't know about you but I've had enough of crew evaluations for one

"I hear you.  We can pick it up again after tomorrow's staff
meeting.  Good night Kathryn."

She was already heading to her bedroom as he left her cabin.  Walking
down the hall he reviewed the new crew appointments in his head until
he reached his own cabin where all thoughts of work left him.  He was
home now and had better things to think about.

The living room was dark except for the flashing lights of his
terminal on his desk so he had proceeded on to the bedroom to look
for his husband.  Here, thick pillar candles softly illuminated the
room but it too was vacant.  It was however not silent.  Blaring from
the bathroom was Klingon opera at a decibel level that made his ears
ring.  Chakotay wandered over to the open doorway to find Tom singing
along with guttural lyrics with perfect synchronicity in the tub.
The soaking man failed to notice his approach so folding his arms
over his chest and leaning against the doorframe he took the
opportunity to observe his mate unnoticed.

The steaming water was clouded with scented oil and sloshed
dangerously close to the basin's edge as Tom's arms flew through the
air in time with the music.  The crest of his belly protruded up from
its murky depths and was occasionally swamped by the rolling water.
As Chakotay watched his pregnant lifemate enjoying himself in the tub
a tightness clenched his heart.  He could not bear to lose either of
them now.

He had been relieved beyond words to learn on his wedding night that
the Continuum would protect Tom from J's wrath but it was no longer
enough.  Perhaps he was being selfish or tempting the fate his
grandfather spoke of, but he wanted more.  He wanted it all.

This child, no matter the nature of its conception belonged to him.
Without even seeing the tiny life form, Chakotay cherished it and
longed for its birth so he could hold him or her in his arms.  So if
his unborn son or daughter was human, Q or a little of both it would
make no difference.  He was the father and intended to fight for the
right to be so.

Quietly he slipped out of the bathroom, through the sleeping area and
back out into the darkened living room.  Leaving off the lights, he
sat down on the lounge with his hands clasped between his knees.

"J."  He said softly into the darkness.  "I don't know if you can
hear me but there's some things I need to say."

"I love both Tom and the baby.  If impregnating him was meant to
drive us apart, you've failed spectacularly.  Watching Tom's bravery
as he willing accepted his fate and made plans to care for a child he
would never see made the concept of marriage and family real for me.
You made him real and I fell in love with the man you created.  If it
wasn't so perverse, I'd thank you for that."

"Tom says you did all this to win his heart.  I don't understand how
you thought you would, but the funny thing is that given a different
set of circumstances, you could have.  If you had treated him with
kindness and respect, he would have responded positively to you.  You
see that's just the way he is.  Tom would forgive anything for a

"But you didn't.  You raped him, terrorized and treated him like
shit.  You lost him J and I almost feel sorry for you.  You'll never
know what it's like to have Tom touch you with care and longing or
the joy of hearing him say I love you as he pours his strength into
you.  It's wonderful J.  Oh so wonderful and you're missing it, all
of it.  I guess I really am sorry."

"Damn, this wasn't what I planned to say.  I wanted to rage at you
and demand to know the truth about the baby but here I am apologizing
for hurting feelings you probably don't even have.  Maybe Tom's
tolerance is rubbing off on me, I don't know but I'm not as angry as
I expected to be."

"I haven't forgiven you, but I understand.  There have been times
when I too wanted him beyond all reason and have contemplated the use
of force.  Not to the extreme you did, but it was there and I was
tempted more than once."

"So here I am in the dark talking most likely to myself but just in
case I'm not, I want you to know that I love Tom and the child he's
carrying as if it were my own.  I feel that way now, and I'm going to
feel that way tomorrow.  I know you don't experience time the way we
do but for me that means forever.  Let me keep them.  Let me keep my

Feeling surprisingly at peace Chakotay stood and offered his hands
out palms up.


He stood a moment listening to dead air then lowering his hands and
his head, Chakotay left the room.  As the bedroom doors slid shut
behind him, he failed to notice as a tiny white light on the computer
console winked out.


It had been a long day and nothing looked better than the 280 thread
count sheets and the down filled comforter on her bed.  Kathryn
removed her robe and slid her naked body into the comfortable cocoon.

"Computer, kill the lights."  She called out as she snuggled into her
pillow.  Sleep was claiming her fast and as she left the realm of the
waking world strong arms wrapped around her from behind.  The embrace
was warm and comforting and in her groggy state she didn't
immediately register that it wasn't supposed to be there.  It was
only when the owner of the body curled around hers spoke, did she
break from her fantasy.

"Very grateful?"  A voice purred in her ear.

"What the.?  Oh fuck!"

In a flash Kathryn was out of bed and scrambling for her robe.

"Get out of my bed Q!"

"But you said."


"Anything you say Kathy."

Slowly pulling the back the covers, an amused and very naked Q
proceeded to obey her order.

"Wait!"  She screeched louder than she intended.

The omnipotent being stopped his progression and sat with his knees
splayed apart on the edge of the mattress.  Automatically Kathryn's
eyes were drawn to the large and very human looking erection jutting
up from a patch of wiry dark hair at his groin.  Q caught her gaze
and smiled.

"You like?  I had it made especially with you in mind."

"What?  No!"

He stood and displayed his fine muscled body in calculated stretch.
Again she lost control and scanned his nude form.
"Ah you're lips say no but your eyes say yes, yes, yes."

"Put some clothes on or I'll leave."  She threatened as she tied the
sash her robe in a tight bow.  This was so, so wrong.  She would not
allow herself to be turned on by a Q.

"Oh Kathy but you promised."

"Excuse me?"

Q rolled his eyes.  "You said if I found out about the baby, you'd be
grateful."  He wiggled his eyebrows.  "Very grateful if I'm not
mistaken and I never am."

"J told you?"  Forgetting his lack of clothing, she edge closer.

"Just now."


"And now it's time for a little of that gratitude you promised me."

"First tell me who the father of Tom's baby is and then we'll talk."
She replied putting extra emphasis on the last word.

It had been a long time since she shared her bed with anyone and she
wasn't about to break that fast with this arrogant buffoon and that
had nothing to do with the fact he wasn't human.  Christ she'd fucked
Michael and he wasn't anything but an attractive collection light
pulses so his origins weren't the point.  What mattered was that he
was a sneaky son of bitch and pissed her off continually.  Despite
his pleasing appearance, she had more of an urge to knock his teeth
out than kiss him.

"Well if that's your final answer."  Q lifted his hand into snapping

"No wait!"  Dammit but she had to know for Chakotay's sake.  She
couldn't let her best friend go through another day of painful
uncertainty.  Then again the price of that knowledge was a little
high and he'd kill her if he ever found out what she used to pay for

Q smiled broadly and then crawled back into bed.  Once he was
settled, he patted the comforter invitingly.  Kathryn sat on the edge
of the mattress and tried to stall.

"What about your wife?"

"The old ball and chain?  What she doesn't know won't send you back
to your myocardial beginnings.  Come to bed Kathy dear."

"But she's Q.  I thought you knew everything?"

"Yes, well but." The man in her bed fell silent in contemplation and
then let out a loud breath of exasperation.  "OK fine. I'll tell you
but there's a condition.  A very big one."

Kathryn released the breath she didn't know she was holding.  "What

"You can't tell anyone."

"You're going to make me pay for not sleeping with you?"  She bolted
from the bed and began screaming.  "You fucking bastard!  How dare
you try to manipulate me that way!"

Q threw his hands out and flailed them. "No, no, no that's not it!
It isn't my condition but Junior's!  He told me I could only tell you
and that's it!"

"So you were going to fuck me first and then tell me!  You know I was
this close to letting you too.  Maybe not tonight but I was
definitely considering it for the future if your manners improved but
now?  Never!"

"In the future?  You mean I really had a chance?"

"Had being the operative word."  Taking a few deep breaths, she
calmed herself.  "Now tell me.  Is Chakotay the father?"

"You still can't say anything.  Please believe if it was up to me,
I'd go to Tonto and tell him myself but it's not.  Junior won't let
either of us reveal the true nature of the child."

"He can do that?"

"I told you he was special."


Kathryn collapsed back down on the bed in defeat.  "OK then at least
let me know."  She said wearily.

"For a kiss Kathy darling?"  She gave him a hard look.  God but the
man was persistent.  "All right, all right I'll tell."

Finally the omnipotent asshole revealed the information she'd almost
sold her virtue such as it was, to buy.  As usual he stretched out
the telling to the point of exasperation but this time Kathryn didn't
care.  She was in tears.

Now she knew.


Breathe Chakotay, just breathe.

He ran his trembling hands up the smooth white back before him as he
tried to stave off hyperventilation.  From the bath, Tom's skin was
silky and smelled of sandalwood.  Trying to ignore what the earthy
scent did to his libido, he gently massaged the dimples further down
just above the entrance he had gotten himself so worked up

The moans of pleasure that had erupted from his husband as he
stretched the tight opening had set fire to his groin and his mind.
Chakotay had been very close to falling over Tom's back and fucking
him fiercely but had stopped himself in deference to his husband's
request to try tame his ardour.  The Doc had assured him that a hard
fuck wouldn't hurt either Tom or the baby and he did want to be a
tender generous top for him, but spirits it was hard.  Tom was so
much better at controlling his passion than he was.  For the younger
man, making love at a slow measured pace came naturally but he had to
use tricks to keep his hunger at bay.

Sometimes he would halt what he was doing and count to ten.  This
practice however frustrated his husband especially when he was
already inside him, or like now waiting patiently to be penetrated.
Tom shifted on the pillows he had so loving placed beneath his hips
and protruding belly.

"Ah Chak?  Anytime soon would be OK with me."  His expectant lover
joked over his shoulder.

"I'm working up to it."  He replied through clenched teeth.

"You know if you got a little wild at Sandrine's on Friday night or
let loose with Kathryn more often, this wouldn't be so difficult."

"Is that your secret Tom?"

His golden haired lover laughed. "No secret babe, just physics."

"How's this for physics?  Babe?"  Chakotay grabbed his sweating cock
and popped the crest into Tom's gaping hole.  His husband let out a
wail as he pulsed in and out in short quick thrusts.  The nascent
penetration was killing him but there was a method to his madness.

"Stop teasing and fuck me you overbearing bastard!"

"Are you sure babe?"  He moved a fraction deeper into the tempting

"Yes Chak!  Just fucking do it please!"

Yes, this was the permission he'd been hoping for.  It had been along
time since Tom had begged to be fucked and not coddled and he wasn't
about to waste it.

Making sure his grip was firm on those pale white hips, he shoved his
greased penis into Tom's ass as far as it would go.  This was the
point where he usually would start counting but not tonight.  Instead
he pulled out as soon as he felt his balls touch the back of Tom's
legs and then thrust ruthlessly back in.  Falling forward and finding
purchase on a delicately formed shoulder with his teeth and lips he
repeated the movement with abandon.  Nothing tasted better than his
husband when he was sweating and writhing beneath him.

This was the other side of the coin.  This was where Tom allowed him
to demonstrate the intensity of his devotion on a level that bordered
primitive.  When Tom topped him it lifted his spirit in ways he
couldn't describe but this feral rutting centered him and made him
feel real.  No one before his golden haired mate, not the Federation,
the Maquis or even his own tribe had ever made Chakotay feel
intrinsically part of something so special.  To let loose his senses
and join with his beloved in this most primal of ways reaffirmed the
very essence and importance of life.

Raking his short nails up the length of Tom's sides, Chakotay gripped
his lover's shoulders and ground his pelvis forward.  The irrational
need to deliver his seed as deep as he could became tantamount as his
orgasm neared.  Tom reacted to his instinctual need by pushing his
palms against the headboard and screaming out for more.  Blown away
by his mate's equally strong desires, Chakotay's cock erupted.

With his eyes rolled back in his head, he grunted his out his
release.  The slapping of his thighs hitting the backs of Tom's legs
almost drowned out the cries of the younger man as he came into the
soft pillows under his hips.  When he had emptied the last drop of
his semen deep within in his husband, he disengaged himself and
rolled to his back breathless.  As usual after orgasm, Tom's body
went to mush and he fell sideways landing on his chest and expelling
what little air Chakotay had left in his lungs out in a whoosh.

"Sorry Chak."  As always Tom's mouth still worked no matter what.
Chakotay gave him a quick kiss of forgiveness and then shifted his
lax lover's body in a more comfortable position so the golden head
rested on his breast and the swell of their child curved under his
ribcage.  The feel of the dual heartbeats thrumming softly against
his skin began to lull him to a sweet and satisfied slumber.

"Ow." Came a small voice under his chin.

"Tom?"  He peeped one eye down at the man draped over his body.

"Ow!"  Like lightening the younger man's knees came up.  Chakotay
moved back quickly, narrowly avoiding a sharp jab to the groin.

"Ow what?"

"Oh shit Chak, I think I'm in labour."

"You can't be.  The doctor said you don't have the proper muscles for
contractions.  It's probably indigestion or," A dark guilty thought
came to mind.  "Or maybe I was a little too rough with you tonight."
He ventured sheepishly.

"It's not gas," His husband's kind blue eyes looked up at him.  "And
you did anything but hurt me my sexy gray wolf.  I told you I'm" Tom
doubled over and clasped his belly.  "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!"

As a warm fluid gushed over his bare legs, a panic the size of a warp
nacelle slammed into Chakotay's chest and pinned him to the bed

This could not be happening, Tom couldn't be in labour.  In ten days
they were scheduled to walk calmly hand in hand into Sickbay and beam
the infant safely from the Bynar womb.  That was the way this baby
was supposed to be born, not here, right now in this bed.

"Chakotay do something!"  His husband's piercing wail at least broke
through his physical paralysis if not his mental one and he sat up
pulling Tom's bent form with him.  Cradling the shaking naked man
close to his chest, he whispered into the top of his sweat darken

"It's OK Tom I'm here, I'm here."

"Bully for you!  Now call the fucking doctor Chak before I'm ripped
in two!"

"Oh yeah right."  He shook the cobwebs from his brain and hailed

As he waited for helplessly for aid to arrive with his imminently
expecting lifemate in his arms, Chakotay steeled himself for the next
big dip in his roller coaster of a relationship with Thomas Eugene