Title:  Q Love P3
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  3 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:  The commander `takes' a husband.

Plan 9 From Outer Space?

What the hell was that about?  Chakotay flipped the small vid disc
between his fingers and looked at the picture on the back of case.
It didn't help.  Selecting a few more ubiquitous titles from the
shelf, he tossed them on top of Tom's clothes and then the closed the

Packing the vids had been an afterthought.  Along with some other
miscellaneous items, like his pool stick and a picture of Harry,
Chakotay thought they would make Tom feel more at home in his
quarters.  It was going to be eventually and since the younger man
had no desire to return here, he might as well start moving him in.

The urge to call B'Elanna and have the rest beamed directly to his
quarters was strong but it wouldn't be very romantic so he resisted.
He was in no rush to let Tom think he was a fumbling brute with a
caveman mentality.  Seeing those sparkling eyes light up when he'd
done something thoughtful was preferable and quickly becoming
addictive.  He'd come back tomorrow during his lunch break for what
he missed and besides, he didn't have time to loiter because Tom
would be waiting with dinner at home.

Tom and home.  The words went well together.  Not that he knew they
wouldn't, he had after all made a careful analysis of the pairing
prior but because the pilot had not met his original specs to
fulfillment, he had expected more problems.  When he had decided to
share his life with a male partner it had not been without hesitation.

The loss of sharing the development then birth of their future
children had been difficult.  He would not experience that happiness
with Tom.  Male pregnancies were risky even in this day of medical
wonders and often lead to serious complications for the host.  It was
not an option and with other alternatives like surrogate mothers
available, one he had accepted without qualms.  What had bothered him
more although he had refused to acknowledge it that night alone in
his bedroom, was the absence of clearly defined sexual roles in a
gender same marriage.

With a woman there wasn't anything to discuss.  While both partners
could be the aggressor when it came to initiating sex, ultimately as
the man when he released his seed, he would be the one giving.  It
was a physicality that was not debatable and as a result acceptable
to him but not preferable.  Chakotay enjoyed being fucked by men.

The beauty of offering himself up to someone, to feel his strength
pour into him and meld with his own was the ultimate high.  Outside
the bedroom it wasn't necessary for his lover to be powerful man,
sometimes it was more of a kick if they weren't, but when they pumped
their essence into him and fed his might, they became one.  They both
did.  He truly believed that it made him a better commander and a
leader but had not been so sure his future husband would understand.
Chakotay was not your average bottom and Tom was a classic.

The younger beautiful man had an ass that all but yelled to be
taken.  Tom, while strong willed and confident when he performed his
duties and partied with his friends, had expected to play the role of
the submissive when they were in bed.  He had asked to be fucked and
been surprised when Chakotay had selfishly suggested otherwise.  It
had been a telling moment.

If Tom had refused him, it may have complicated their future sexual
relationship because when it came right down to it, Chakotay could
not see himself with a man that would not want him that way.  In the
past other male lovers that had been unable to see beyond his
authority long enough to take him had quickly been discarded.

One night wasn't a fair test he knew, especially after what Tom had
endured and he would not have changed his mind about the marriage if
he had said no.  The younger man was his forever and he accepted
that, but it would have meant a difficult adjustment period until
they sorted out what worked best.  It was a change of paradigm that
he was fully prepared to deal with but was relieved wasn't
necessary.  He had known that for sure earlier in the day when Tom's
morning erection had slipped between his butt cheeks demanding

He'd been half awake waiting for the alarm to go off when soft kisses
assailed the back of his neck and a hard dick his behind.

"You like it this way, don't you?"

"Yes, I always have."  He had replied over his shoulder.

"I do too, so I understand."  Tom pulled back, fumbled with something
a moment and then returned.  Now the stiff member slid easily between
his upper thighs and under his balls.  Chakotay had quivered with
anticipation as his lover pumped lazily but had waited passively and
remained on his side facing away him.  "It's a position of power and

"You think so Tom?"

"Yeah.  You made me come last night Chak.  You chose the moment and
then bam!"  The pilot's hips had shot upwards with the expletive
breaching his anus with the crest of his cock.  Chakotay had to bite
his bottom lip to prevent crying out in pleasure.  He didn't want to
chance Tom's misinterpretation of his outburst and have him stop this
sweet slow seduction.

"Yes but I didn't mean, oh, oh," The sentence had remained unfinished
when the pilot started to fill him slowly.

"What's that Chak?"  A gentle hand had moved down his thigh to lift
his leg.  "You didn't mean to push me over the edge?"  The voice of
his lover had teased.

By now Tom was leaning into him forcing his torso to twist into the
mattress.  When he had begun pumping, Chakotay's face was mashed into
his pillow with each thrust.

"I think you did Chak.  I think you knew exactly how hard to drive me
and when it was time for me to come."

The younger man at this point had been fucking him mercilessly,
rubbing his engorge penis pleasurably into the bunched covers so he
couldn't answer.  Chakotay had been amazed that Tom could still speak
and had blamed it on youth.

"But it was OK because I liked it, oh, oh fuck, I liked it a lot."
Finally Tom had begun to sound winded.  "Oh man Chak, oh, oh yeah. Do
it again. Oh shit, take control and make me come!"

It had been a mute point because Tom's orgasm had already been
rocketing from his body into his.  All Chakotay had done let go his
own release and let his body's natural responses milk the cock in his
ass.  His lover's screams of ecstasy had drowned out the alarm when
it had gone off and it hadn't been until Tom had collapsed beside him
did he hear the insistent beeping.  It had been the best wake up call
of his life.

Taking one final look about the place, Chakotay slung the bag over
his shoulder and picked up the leather case that held the cue.

He was getting hungry and it had nothing to do with food.


"If it isn't one of the Glimmer Twins."

Tom stopped and looked at his hand before it reached his temple.  He
quickly tucked it into a pocket of his jeans.  "Very funny Har.  Now
move you elbows.  You're messing up the tablecloth."

"Oh sorry."  His best friend lifted his arms from the Venetian lace
in mock apology.  "Maybe I should have said Suzy Homemaker."

"Yeah and maybe I should haul your ass outta here."  Tom replied half
serious.  With Chakotay due home soon, it was an inconvenient time
for the ensign to drop by.

"Oh no.  Not before I get all the juicy details."

"There's nothing to tell."  Only everything, Tom finished in his head
feeling a little reticent.

Normally he and Harry shared their sexual conquests, dissecting the
bad parts and raving about the good.  However with Chakotay, he
hesitated.  His relationship with the commander was intensely
personal and not open for casual discussion even with his best
friend.  Well not the `details' anyway.

Tom was not about to tell his friend that Voyager's first officer was
the best fucking bottom he ever had or that when he let his hair go
gray just to make him feel better, he had fallen in love with the
older man all over again but he could mention how good Chak made him
feel.  He was dying to tell someone.

"Oh pleeease!  Everyone saw you together last night and those
smoldering looks you've been exchanging have been burning up the
bridge all day.  You can't tell me that's nothing."

"No you're right, it isn't."  Tom admitted.  "He is pretty hot isn't

"Chakotay?  Yeah sure I guess so."

"Oh come Harry.  The guy's one hundred percent pure hunk."

"So it's serious?"

Tom sat down at a table loaded with every conceivable vegan dish he
knew how to make and looked across at his friend.

"Yeah.  I'm marrying him."

"Why didn't you tell me that last night?"

"Last night?  I didn't even see you Har."

In a blinding flash his best friend was transformed.

"No Tom.  I think you saw me like no one ever has before."

"Oh fuck no.  I can't do this."  Tom shot up from his chair knocking
it backwards.  He headed for the exit but as he neared the doors,
they blinked out and he was standing in the middle of the living room.

"I don't want you to leave just yet."  J turned around the chair he'd
been sitting in the guise of Harry and gazed up at him with big
expressive eyes.  Like grav-boots the adoration Tom saw in those
green orbs held him in place.

"Fine then you leave."

The young Q ignored his comment.  "Did you know that on Deneb V they
would erect a statue and worship someone as beautiful as you?"

"What?"  Confusion outweighed his fear.

"And if you were a Castilian amoeba your strength would wipe out the
strain that has been present for a millennia and create a new one?"
J lifted from his seat and strode up to him.  Gently he brushed the
golden hair at his temples as he spoke in a whisper.  "Or if you were
a feather on Earth you would reside in the soft down of an Eider

Was this Continuum love poetry?  If so, besides being really bad, it
was unwanted.  Tom stepped backed from the love struck omnipotent
being's fawning touch.

"Stop it J.  I'm not a rock, a single celled life form or a duck."

"No you're the man who made love to me last night." He cooed.  "I
love you too Tom."

Oh fuck this was bad.  How do you dump a god with a crush?  Having no
other similar experience to draw from, Tom remembered the time he had
to tell Gerron it was over after a night of hard fucking and hope the
young Q wouldn't airlock him.

"It was just sex J.  It was good but that's all it really was.  There
was no love."

"I don't believe you." A pout reminiscent of the older more arrogant
Q, formed on his lips.  "It meant more than that.  You couldn't touch
me like that and not love me."

At another time Tom might have taken pride in his sexual prowess but
now was not the time for preening.  He was in big time trouble here
and way over his head.  J wasn't going to walk away with a dejected
look and accepted his rejection like Tem had.  Panic was beginning to
take hold of him again.

"Let me take you away from Voyager Tom.  If you want, I could take
you home."

"Away from Chakotay?"  His fear said without thinking.

"Yes!  Away from him!  He doesn't love you.  All that mindless oaf
wants you for is to be a vessel for his prodigy.  A fucking

Forgetting the handsome man spouting off in front of him squashed
planets in his spare time, Tom grabbed him by the front of his
shirt.  It was stupid but so was dissing his future husband.

"I told you not to call him that!"  Tom let go and pushed him
away.  "And you're wrong.  Chak wouldn't put me through that.  It's
too dangerous and even if he doesn't love me, he cares."

"You're wrong Helmboy."  A cold green fire ignited his alien
eyes.  "I think Tonto would be happier than spit to get you knocked
up.  It is after all why he proposed to you, isn't it?   To start his
own tribe here on Voyager?"

"How do you know that?"

J laughed.  "I'm a Q remember?  I know everything.  I also know that
if the baby survives and you don't, he can move on to the one he
really wants, all set with a ready made family."

"Who?"  Tom didn't know why he was asking.  It was all bullshit

"Aunt Kathy.  She likes children just not having them."

"No.  You're just saying that because I hurt you."

"You presume too much Helmboy.  I," The angry brilliance in his
inhuman eyes dimmed briefly.  "I don't need you.  I'm a Q.  We don't
need anybody.  Least of all some one from a species we use in the
Continuum as benchmark for futility."

"Whatever.  It's still not going to happen and even if you don't
believe Chak wouldn't do that to me, there are others that would
prevent him from inseminating me.  So your point is mute."

"Are you saying I'm wrong?"

"You're so fucking wrong that if you were in the right lane you'd
still be going backwards."

"We'll see."

Before he could come up with a really nasty rebuttal, J grabbed both
sides of his face, kissed him savagely and then flashed out.
Standing alone in the middle of his lover's living room with his
mouth tingling, Tom seethed.

Fuck but did he hate when he did that.


"Did you try dying your hair again?"

"No why?"  Tom quickly pulled his fingers away from the golden hair
behind his left ear.  Chakotay wondered if the younger man
consciously realized how much he played with his new locks.

"It looks brighter.  That's all."

"Must be the candlelight."  Tom quickly changed the subject and
Chakotay let him. "Do you like dinner?"

"Dinner?  Feast is more like it.  I don't think I've ever seen so
many fruits and vegetables in one place before."

"Well I didn't know what you'd like."  Nervously his lifemate began
to twist the hair at his temple again.  "I didn't want to disappoint

"You didn't."  He reached towards the worried face and tenderly pried
the busy fingers from their task, placing them between his palms.  "I
don't think you could if you tried."

"You mean that?"

"Yes.  You're a pleasant surprise Tom Paris."

"Chak can I ask you something?"

"Anything my sweet golden boy."  He kissed the back his hand.

"Was I your first choice?"

Oh spirits, how did he answer that one with out hurting the
vulnerable man's feelings?   Tom was strong in a lot of ways Chakotay
was learning, but this was not one of them.  He could survive a
heinous rape, make love that same night and get up for work the next
day but had a self-image as fragile as glass.

"After a fashion, yes."  He replied carefully trying to keep to the
truth as much as possible.

"Does that mean you settled?"

"No, it means there were advantages and disadvantages to be
considered before I asked you to be my lifemate.  There were others
but they were unsuitable."

"Women you mean, right?"

"Tom if this is about sexual preference, let me stop you right
there.  I enjoy having sex with you very much."

"Yeah but you can't get me pregnant.  Doesn't that bother you?"

"Honestly?  A little, but any regret I might feel is totally blocked
out by how wonderful you make me feel.  I wouldn't trade that for
anything.  We can have children, when you're ready, another way."


Chakotay smiled at him.  "Really, really.  Now why don't we finish
dinner?  You haven't eaten a bite."

"I'm not hungry."

"Are you feeling ill?"  Now that he looked, Tom did appear paler than
he had this morning or on the bridge.

"No, I'm fine."

"Are you sure?  You haven't been to Sickbay yet, have you?"

"Can I ask you another question Chak?"

"Tom." Now the younger man wasn't just changing the subject, he was
avoiding it.

"Will you take me tonight?"  The golden blond left his chair and fell
between legs.  His long fingers ran up and down the insides of his
thighs as he purred seductively. "I promise I'll make you come."

"I've no doubt of that but perhaps you should eat something first."
Chakotay tweaked the nymph at his feet nose.  "I don't want you
passing out before I do."

"I won't."  He replied with a cheeky smile and then rose climbing his
way up his body.  When he reached the top he settled his lanky body
into his lap and kissed him softly.

His lips were warm summer breezes and he smelled of sunshine.
Chakotay forgot his dinner and pulled his own little piece of
paradise to him.  With each taste of his sweetness he counted himself
fortunate that this amazing man wanted him.

What would he have done if Tom had said no to him in Sandrine's?
Would he have left it at that or would he have pursued him?  Watching
him now as he slipped from his clothing with careful seduction,
Chakotay hoped he would have sense enough to chase this extraordinary
man.  Removing his own uniform he wondered why he hadn't the first
time he had heard his teasing laugh or seen his impish smile all
those years ago in the Maquis.  Perhaps it had been a case of
misplaced priorities but as it was, all was right now and he thanked
the spirits for his unexpected treasure.

"Grab the poi and come here my big silver wolf."  His lover called as
he as made a nest of their discarded clothes.  Chakotay looked down
at the big beautiful man sprawled on his living room floor.  He
looked good, but would look better on something a little more
yielding and gentler on his knees.

"Wouldn't you prefer the bed and some nice heated oil?"

"No, if we go in the bedroom, I'll want to make love to you."

"And that's a bad thing?"

"Oh no but right now I want to be possessed and claimed as yours.  So
get your brown ass down here and fuck me like an animal Chakotay."

Sticking to the wildlife theme, Tom stretched his long limbs and
growled low in throat like a big cat in heat. The feline arch of his
back was incredibly erotic and woke the raging beast within him.

Thinking he just found the true purpose of analgesics, Chakotay
fetched the small bowl of poi from the dining room table and zeroed
in on his prey.


He was being eaten alive and loving every minute of it.

Chakotay grunted and growled as he devoured his quivering flesh in a
mindless frenzy.  Sharp teeth nipped at his throat and shoulders as
nails scraped down his sides leaving long red welts.  Tom bucked and
twisted under his feral assault egging him on with pleas of more.

He needed this.  To feel his mate's pure unadulterated lust etched
physically on his body marked him deeper than mere words.  Every bite
and scratch on his skin confirmed his ownership, if not the big man's
love but it didn't matter.  He knew he belonged to Chakotay and that
was enough.  Tom had plenty of love for both of them.

"Turn over."  His lover demanded as he roughly kneaded his hipbones
and jabbed a hard dick into his thigh.

Strong hands flipped him before he had a chance to move of his own
violation.  Immediately, sharp teeth latched back on to his neck and
snapped at his shoulder.  Chakotay wasn't biting hard enough to break
the skin but there would be bruises to touch and admire later.  A
slap on his ass broke his revelry.

"Mine."  Chakotay murmured as he rubbed his stinging bottom with the
flat of his hand.

"Yes, forever." Tom responded as he lifted his hips and spread his
legs open to his lover's rough caress.

The pungent aroma of ground tara root filled his nostrils as a finger
slick with the purple honey like substance invaded his anus.  Tom
could feel his lover's urgency through the trembling digit.  Chakotay
was having a hard time holding back and given his heightened state of
arousal would probably prefer just to ram his way inside with his
cock.  Pre-come seeped from his own member at the tantalizing thought.

"Fuck me!"  He screamed back over his shoulder as a second finger
stretched him.  Shit if he didn't get that thick cock into him soon
he was going to blow his load just thinking about it.

The fingers left swiftly and moved to his hips.  Panting and sweating
Chakotay inched into him with short strokes.  When the bulbous head
of his penis brushed against his prostate, Tom couldn't take anymore
and squeezed his internal muscles as tight as he could muster.  The
reaction from his lover was instantaneous.

With a roar, Chakotay slammed the full of his penis into his butt and
began rocking his hips.  Oh yes Tom though as the commander humped
him brutally from behind, this was what it felt like to be fucked.
He would feel a delicious aching in his ass for days.

Proving he hadn't gone totally feral, Tom felt his lover's hand
stroke his dribbling erection into a spurting fountain.  It was only
as he went blind with pleasure did he feel the older man fall over
his back and shoot his orgasm deep within his bowels in a few last
grunting thrusts.

Feeling full and wonderfully sore, Tom lowered them both to their
sides.  Behind him, his lover kissed his neck as he caressed his
bruised flanks with a broad warm palm.

"I can't believe your mine."  Chakotay whispered sleepily.

"Believe it my big bad wolf."

"Why?"  It was the last thing his lover said before he drifted off
into slumber.  Not caring that the older man was beyond hearing, Tom
voiced what he had waited seven years to say.

"Because I love you."