Title:  Q Love
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  1 of ?
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Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:   Tom gets two offers, neither of which he can refuse.

"They're here."

Chakotay leaned over to Tom in the darkness.

"Who's here?"

"Hush Chak and watch the movie."  His date replied without bothering
to turn his head.

Shrugging his shoulders, he sat back in his seat and looked up at the
screen where a little blond hair girl was sitting in front of what
looked like an over size version of computer monitor.

It must be a good film because the 20th century style theatre was
full to the brim with members of Voyager's crew and Tom was totally
engrossed.  Chakotay tried again to see the attraction but failed.
He supposed he was either spoilt by the 23rd century holodeck or the
nearness of the young blond beside him.  Chakotay redirected his gaze
to the image he really wanted to watch.

This was their second date and tonight had been Tom's choice.
Chakotay would have preferred a quiet dinner alone in his quarters to
being on the holodeck with fifty other people but he had deferred to
the pilot's request that they take things slowly.  Perhaps Tom was
not as sure about embarking on a romantic relationship as he was.

It had come to him one maudlin night while lying alone in his bed
staring at the ceiling tiles.  Voyager was the last home he'd ever
have.  He'd been in the Delta quadrant for seven years now and at the
rate things were going, he would probably live out remainder of his
life here never seeing the green forests of Dorvan V again.  The loss
of his tribe saddened him to the point of melancholy and he was sick
to death of the feeling.

So as he saw it, he had two choices.  He could either waste more time
grieving over his lost family or accept his circumstances and start
his own here on Voyager.  The prospect of love and children was
infinitely more appealing and for the first time in a very long while
Chakotay felt something more than sorrow.

A different kind of hope that had nothing to do with the tired one of
finding a way home had infused his soul.  Now all he had to do is
find someone on board to share it with.  That would be the hard
part.  He had almost become depressed again when he reviewed his
short list of prospective mates.

Kathryn was married to her job, B'Elanna was like a daughter to him,
Samantha had a husband and Seven was a cold fish.  There other women
to choose from but he couldn't envision sharing his life with any of
them.  He needed someone who understood the importance of family and
could make him smile.  There was someone who had both requirements
but unfortunately he wasn't a she.

Tom Paris was a man with a linage that could be traced back before
warp technology on Earth and was the one person on Voyager that never
let Chakotay take himself too seriously.  He also had the added bonus
of not being too bad to look at.  The only disadvantage the pilot
presented was that he was anatomically incapable of giving him
children.  However Chakotay reasoned thinking about the pilot's long
limbs and blue eyes, he could find another way to start a family.  He
had asked Tom out the next day.

In a quiet back booth in Sandrine's he'd made known his intentions to
a startled chief helmsman.  It had been a risk to put everything out
on the table at once but if the pilot wasn't amenable to his plans,
he wanted to know at the outset.  He had already wasted seven years
of his life and was not prepared to spend time on a fruitless

After recovering from his shock and making a joke about his romantic
wiles, Tom had cautiously agreed to his plan with the concession that
Chakotay had to court him to ensure they were properly suited.  It
had been an acceptable trade off so here he was in the dark with his
future husband without any hope of intimacy.  It had surprised him
how important that had become in the last twenty-four hours.

Once he accepted that the younger man was the logical choice for a
lifemate his well ordered mind had quickly jumped tracks to the
mating part.  All day on the bridge he'd been conscious of the
graceful way Tom moved and how it made him feel.  The half turn of
his head as he listened to an order over his shoulder and the play of
his long slender fingers over the conn as he executed it, caused his
breath to quicken and his heart to thump hard in his chest.

A few times Kathryn caught his reaction but he had belayed her
questions by mouthing the word `later', fully intending to give her a
complete explanation.  Through the ship's efficient and well-oiled
grapevine she would hear rumors but as his commanding officer and
friend she deserved to hear the story from him.  All of it, including
how beautiful the pilot's face looked basked in the flickering light
of the horror film.  Chakotay smiled and sighed.

Tom heard the small noise and turned finally noticing his lack of
interest in the movie.  Lowering his head and his voice, he spoke.

"You're missing the best parts you know."

"That's debatable."  He replied in a hushed voice as he moved his
face closer to Tom's.

"Am I that fascinating?"

Forgoing words for actions, Chakotay closed the gap between them and
answered him with light brush of his mouth.  When he pulled back the
pilot's eyes were closed.

"Do that again."  Tom whispered without opening his eyes.

Parting his mouth a fraction, he caressed the pilot's lips with soft
kisses.  Gently he nipped and sucked relishing his unique taste.
When he felt a warm hand in his lap he broke the kiss and rested his
forehead against Tom's.

"I think that's enough for now." He said breathlessly after capturing
the questing hand between his thighs.

"Hmmm.  You're good."

"Thank you."

"Much better than popcorn."

"Excuse me?"

"Nothing.  Let's finish watching the movie."

Before he had a chance to object, Tom rested his head on his
shoulder, stole back his hand and wove his fingers into his.  Within
seconds he was once again mesmerized by the images on the big screen.


Tom had forgotten how much he loved just holding hands.

He hadn't felt it since his Academy days but Chakotay had wonderfully
reminded him of that simple joy tonight.  It didn't matter that the
big man had just been trying to stop his groping fingers, he hadn't
let go and now they were half way to his quarters.  It was still
early and not a few heads turned as they walked silently savouring
the easy contact down the corridor.

Of course people had been staring at them all night.  It wasn't
everyday two of Voyager's bridge officers were seen on a date
together, and within the ship's isolated community that was big
news.  By this time tomorrow everyone would know and then the
questions would come.  It was a good thing he knew the answers.  He'd
known them for seven years because he had been in love with Chakotay
for just about that long.

If asked, he couldn't give an exact date when his feelings had gone
into warp drive.  It was just something he lived with during the day
and dreamed about at night in quiet agony.  Besides not ever showing
interest, the handsome older man was out of his league socially and
never once did Tom think he'd have a chance to be with someone like
him.  Chakotay was the cream where he was the dregs.

So when the honorable commander had asked to marry him last night
in Sandrine's, Tom had naturally thought he was sleep walking.  It
hadn't been exactly how the scenario was played out in his dreams,
Chakotay was usually naked and begging but it had been pretty damn
close.  It had taken him a moment to absorb the fact that he really
was awake and that the first officer was dead serious.

Methodically and succinctly Chakotay had detailed his reasons for
wanting the union and why he had selected him.  It had seemed more
like a business than a marriage proposal, a fact he'd commented on
but he had accepted never the less.  All he had asked for in return
now that he could, was a little romance before the wedding.  That had
puzzled the first officer but in the end he had agreed and tonight he
had spectacularly lived up to his end of the bargain.

"We're here." Chakotay said in the same tone as Carol Anne had
proving that he had been doing more than watching him.

"Yeah so we are."  Suddenly feeling nervous, he leaned back against
the wall beside the door.  In an instant Chakotay's hands were on his
hips and he was standing closed enough to him that when he spoke, Tom
could feel his breath.

The commander kissed his cheek softy. "Can I come in?"

Oh how he wanted to say yes but now that fiction was becoming reality
it was overwhelming.  It was all happening so fast and he needed one
more day to acclimate.  He was sure that if he let Chakotay touch him
now, he'd embarrass himself before he got his dick out of his pants
and that wouldn't be cool.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea."

"But I'm sure it is." The commander leaned in and let him feel his
length of his certainty against his hip.  Tom had never felt so
much `certainty' in one place.

"Tomorrow, can we do this tomorrow?"  He stammered.

Chakotay hooked his fingers into the belt loops of his jeans and
tugged them making Tom very aware of his own erection. "But I want
you tonight."

"You're going to have me your whole life, is one more day too long to

"No, I suppose not."  He chuckled and kissed a trail down his cheek
stopping at his mouth.  Once there, Chakotay parted his lips with his
tongue and delved inside.  Unlike in the theatre, this kiss had more
hunger, more need and heedless of where they were, Tom responded by
running his palms up the older man's shirt and wrapping his arms
around his neck to bring him closer.  Chakotay moaned into his mouth
at his surrender and pushed him harder against the wall.  It was only
when the pushing became pumping did Tom break the embrace.  Bringing
his hands back down he grasped the commander's face and separated
their mouths.

"Chak we're in the hall." He glanced over his over eager companion's
shoulder at his fellow crewmates.  No one had actually stopped to
gawk but they we're slowing down.  "We're putting on a show out here."

"Then let's go inside." The commander growled low in his throat.

It was a very tempting offer.  After just a small taste of what
Chakotay could do with his lips, he was now very much in the mood for
the rest of him but that had been the point of his little display,
hadn't it?  The first officer had more devil in him than Tom had
originally thought.

"Good try big guy."

Chakotay shrugged his shoulders and smiled.  "Tell me it almost
worked and I'll go."

"It did."

"Then why do you want me to leave?  I could make you feel so good Tom

"You already do but I'm not ready to take all of you just yet.  I
think I'd explode if I saw you naked right now."

"If you're trying to dissuade me you're not doing a very good job.
The fact that our touching effects you so strongly, makes me want to
throw you over my shoulder and take you to my cabin if I can't get
into yours."

Oh shit why the hell was he fighting this?  So he'd cream his jeans,
big fucking deal.  It was evident to him now that Chakotay would be
flattered not appalled.  He was about to open his mouth to invite him
inside when a comm badge went off.  It wasn't his.

"Janeway to Chakotay."

The commander swore under his breath and then hit his chest.

"Yes Kathryn what can I do for you?"

"Well when you're finished `doing' my chief pilot in the corridor,
I'd like to see you in my ready room."

How the hell had she known?  Some envious person must have squealed.

Chakotay smiled then kissed his cheek softly.  It impressed Tom that
the captain didn't intimidate him.  "I'll be there shortly Kathryn."
He kissed him again this time at little closer to his mouth.  "I'm
almost done."

"Fine Chakotay.  Just be aware that the longer you make me wait, the
more I'll want to know.  Janeway out."

The captain had barely signed off before the commander was at him
again kissing his lips and grinding his pelvis.  The pleasure of
knowing that his future husband was attracted to him, even if he
didn't love him surged through Tom's body making him tingle all
over.  He was beginning to feel his orgasm gather his skittering
nerve endings up into one place when Chakotay broke the embrace.

"I've got to go Tom."  He wheezed.

"Come back to me afterwards?"

An eyebrow went up.  "Really?"

Through his shirt, Tom rubbed the balls of his hands over Chakotay's
erect nipples messing up his breathing more.  "Really, really."  He

"I won't be long."  He gulped.  "I promise this will be the shortest
meeting in the history of Voyager."

"Then you'd better go now and get it started cause the longer you
make `me' wait the more I'll want to know `you'."

"Oh spirits."  Chakotay moaned and then finally let him go.  After
one more quick kiss, he jogged down the hall towards the turbo lift.

Tom watched until he was out of sight and then rolled his body lazily
from the bulkhead and into his quarters.  Once inside, he called up
the cabin's lighting and that's when he saw him.

"Hi Helmboy."


Necking like teenagers in the hallway and not aware of anyone but
each other.

Getting comfortable on the lounge, Kathryn smiled as she remembered
the first time she had been so totally swept away by another person.
It had been along time ago in another lifetime but it was still fresh
in her mind.  That wonderful feeling of discovery mixed with desire
didn't fade.  It was always with you on some level and every once in
a while something triggered it to bring it out renewed.  That was
what had happened when the vision of Tom and Chakotay kissing in the
corridor had flashed over her efficiency reports on her terminal.

She wasn't sure who had rigged the small show but didn't really care
except maybe to thank them.  Seeing the erotic performance had
brightened a depressing evening of reading about Voyager's
chronically low energy reserves.  It was only when the finale
threatened that she had regretfully stopped it.  Curiously her screen
had reverted back to it previously discouraging content as soon as
she had commed Chakotay.  The doors of her ready room swished opened
and a flushed commander entered.

"I can explain."  He said striding up to the couch before she had a
chance to greet him hello.

"Is that so?  Fine then.  Tell me why you were dry humping my pilot
in front of half the crew."  She said in her sternest, most captain
like voice.  She wasn't angry but he didn't have to know that.  It
would be enjoyable to make him sweat awhile before she let him off
the hook.  She was feeling good and up for a bit of fun.  Chakotay
sat down beside her.

"I wasn't."

"You weren't?"

"OK I was but I had good reason to."

"You were horny?"  She offered with a silly grin giving herself away.

"No!  Well yes," Her first officer admitted with a repentant half
smile catching on.  "But I couldn't help it.  Ever since Tom accepted
my proposal, touching him is all I think about."

"Your proposal?"  Playtime was over.  "As in a marriage proposal?"

"But I promise it won't happen again.  I understand as first officer,
that if I'm to maintain the respect of the crew, such public displays
of affection are unacceptable."  Chakotay the clever man that he was,
replied stoically as he ignored her question.  Kathryn kicked herself
mentally knowing should know better than to play games with the
sardonic commander.  He continued his false apology.  "My duty to

"Oh screw your duty!"  She screamed interrupting him.  "Did you, or
did you not ask Tom Paris to marry you!"

"What?  Oh yes, I suppose I did."

"And he said?"  She was dying here.

A grin so large it was big enough for two people split his face.  "He
said yes Kathryn.  I asked him last night and for a moment I thought
he was going to refuse me, I mean the question was pretty much out of
the blue but after the shock left him, he said yes."

"I understand the shocked part.  I didn't even know you were dating."

"Tonight was our second date."

"I don't believe it.  You proposed on the first date?"

"Yes.  I decided to be happy and that he was only one that could do
that for me."

"Do you love him Chakotay?"

"I think I will."  The smile left his face and lowering his eyes he
replied softly more to himself than to her.  "No, I know I will."

A million warnings came to mind at his unconventional proposal but in
the end there really was only one thing that needed to be said.


"Thank you Kathryn.  Now if you'll excuse me, my date's not over yet."

"Think again Chuckles."  Came a voice she hoped she'd never hear
again in her lifetime.  Kathryn looked over to her desk where a
Starfleet Admiral in full dress uniform sat lounging back on one hand
and sighed.



"Security. Intruder Alert!"

Tom slapped his badge and started to repeat the message and then

"I'm wasting my time, aren't I?"  He said to his unwanted guest
sprawled out on the lounge.

"Yes but by all means continue.  I like listening to the sound of
your voice when you're excited."

"Lucky me."

"Oh you don't know the half of it yet."

Giving up on Tuvok coming to his rescue, Tom walked over to one end
of couch and flopped down barely missing a set of omnipotent feet.

"OK, you got me.  Now what do you want?"

"Your undying love and devotion."

"What?  You've got to be kidding."

"Actually, I am.  All I really want is your body."

Tom stared at the being at the other end of the lounge.  The last
time he'd seen him he'd been an adolescent and now two months later
he appeared to be a young man breaking into his twenties.

"What for?"

The lithe brunette beside him rolled his eyes.  "Sex silly. Father
was right.  You're not a particularly bright species but you are

"Oh stop.  Any more compliments like that and I might proposition

"That's sarcasm right?  You know you're better than Icheb at it.  I
like it."

"Whatever.  Now if were done here,"

"We haven't even started."

"And we're not going to.  I'm not going to have sex with you Junior."

"You're turning me down?  I'm the closest thing a scrawny little
bipedal like you will ever get to a touching a god."

"Give the boy a prize.  He got it one."  Tom stood up to show Q to
the door, not that he would use it but it was the thought that

"But you haven't even heard the advantages of having a Q as a lover."

"I don't need to.  I'm not interested."

"Or the disadvantages for others if you don't.  Have you ever tried
to breathe without air Helmboy?"

That got his attention real quick.  When it was only his welfare that
he had to be concerned about he could afford to be flippant.  However
it was a different story if it involved Voyager's crew.  Chakotay's
handsome face came instantly to mind.

"Hurting my friends is not going to make me want you."

"Then don't make me Tom Paris."  Q said making a production of using
his proper name.  "It will only be for a little while.  I'm sure I'll
get bored of you in a day or two."

"Can I speak to my captain first?"

Chakotay was really the one he wanted to discuss this with but he
didn't want to chance focusing the young Q's attention on his future
husband.  The captain was safe because the annoying life form would
expect that he would want to consult with her.

"Why?  It won't change anything.  You do realize my asking was a
courtesy not a choice.   You're mine until I say you're not."

"How fucking romantic."

"I can be.  I'm Q.  I can be anything."  He wined.  Tom made a mental
note that even if he was supposed to be an all-powerful being he
could still act like a spoilt five year old when provoked.  Whether
that was a good thing or a bad thing remained to be seen.

"Not if you think duress is a big turn on.  Rape doesn't exactly get
me hot Junior."

"I am aware of your primitive social practices of flowers and
foreplay.   You will want me."

Tom took a second look at the Continuum's newest member partly to
give him an incredulous glare and partly to check him out more

A green silk tunic that matched his large expressive eyes and snug
black pants that displayed his long legs to advantage covered his
finely toned body.  Junior was attractive young man and if he hadn't
gotten the offer of his lifetime last night, Tom might have
considered sleeping with him without the threats.  Guilt at his last
thought made him look away and walk over to the replicator.

"You want me already don't you?"  Q said behind him as he called up a
beer from the unit.

"No."  I want Chakotay he finished to himself silently still facing

"Oh please don't tell me you prefer the oaf that was mauling you in
the hallway."

Tom spun around sharply from the replicator and threw his bottle in
the direction of the insulting remark.  Q caught it deftly in one
hand angering him more.

"Don't you ever call him that again!  His name is Chakotay and yes if
you want to know the truth, he's the one I want not some adolescent
with his first hard on!"

"Hey!"  Junior bolted upright on the couch.  "I'll have you know that
I've fucked more species than someone with your unimaginative
encephalon ever will!"

"Then why the hell do you want me?"


"And you call me unimaginative."  Feeling more himself after seeing Q
lose his cool, he walked over and retrieved his beer from the spoilt
brat.  "Here's the deal.  I screw you and you leave my friends
alone.  Got it?"

"You're being very presumptuous.  I am a Q.  I don't need your

"No but I do think you want my cooperation and even maybe my
enthusiasm."  Tom guessed correctly seeing the hazel eyes light up
with excitement.  He took a long sip of his beer. "And one more

"You're awfully demanding for a barely sentient life form."

The superior attitude had returned but now Tom knew how to handle
it.  The admiral always said he was smart son of bitch.

"You ever hear of a dead fuck Junior."

"You'd just lie there and do nothing while I touched you?"

"Yep."  Tom took another sip.  He was almost enjoying this.  Making a
god feel mortal was a power trip.

"OK, OK what's your one more thing?" He replied with barely hidden

"Nobody, not the captain, Chakotay or even little Naomi Wildman finds
out about us."

"That could be a problem."

A sense of foreboding hit Tom.  "What the hell do you mean, a

"My father's paying Aunt Kathy your dowry as we speak."

Tom dropped the bottle.


"Hello Kathy."  Q grunted.  "Tonto."

"What do you want Q."  The captain replied tersely holding him back
with a light touch on his arm.

"What?  No how have you been, it's nice to see you?  Really Kathy, I
think your job's getting to you.  Or maybe it's the company you've
been keeping."  He added with another uncomplimentary glance in his

If the omnipotent asshole were anybody else, Chakotay would have used
him like a punching bag.  Unfortunately besides not being very
professional, Q probably wouldn't feel a damn thing.  If he wanted to
get best of the irritating being he would have to simply appear
unaffected by his barbs.

"I repeat.  What do you want?"

"Want moi?  Nothing, in fact I'm in the giving mood this evening and
have brought you a little gift.  Christmas has come early this year
for Voyager."

Shifting on the desk, he spun around the terminal screen so both he
and the captain could see it.  A power efficiency report was
displayed but something about it didn't appear quite right.  They
both left the lounge to get a better look.

"Electro plasma levels are at max, the warp intermix formula is
perfectly balanced and the bio-neural gel-packs have be
rejuvenated."  Kathryn read from the screen.  "What is this Q?  A

"No. You wouldn't get one of my jokes."

Chakotay tapped the console.  The bastard was right.  The increased
energy levels were real.  "Then it's some kind of trick."

Q looked at him with impatience.  "If I threw a stick, would you go

Chakotay clenched his right fist.  Maybe one punch wouldn't hurt.
The captain stepped between them before he found out.

"What's the catch?" She asked.

"Catch?  Can't a fellow give a present to his best girl?  Oh Kathy
I'm hurt.  I really am."

"Stow it.  What do you want?"

"Nothing much and only for a few days.  Actually it isn't even for


"Alright, alright.  Tom Paris."

Oh this was too much.  First he insults me and then he wants buy my
fiancé.  "Are you crazy?"

"No more like a sociopath but fortunately for you Tonto, an apathetic
one.  I'd kill you if I cared."

"That's enough!"  Kathryn turned the terminal towards Q who was still
sitting on the edge of her desk.  "Put it back the way it was.  Now!"

"But Kathy with that much power you won't have to refuel for
months."  When he saw that gambit hadn't worked, he tried something
else. "Don't you even want to know why?"

"No, it doesn't matter.  The price is too high.  You cannot have my

"Well personally between you and me and the tattooed fencepost,
Helmboy isn't my type."  He tried to touch her cheek but she shied
from his fingers.  Q continued on with a pout. "However your godson
is another matter.  It seems the boy has taken a fancy to the pilot.
I tried to talk him out of it but you know kids are Kathy, in one ear
and out the other."

"I don't give a damn about your parenting problems Q.  You can't give
Lieutenant Paris to the boy.  Tom is a person not a child's toy."

"Wrong on both counts.  Junior has grown up since you've last saw him
and from what I've seen tonight, Helmboy can be a lot of fun to play
with.  Isn't that right Tonto?"

It was at that moment, when the reality of what the younger Q wanted
from Tom sunk in that Chakotay's anger turned to revulsion.  These
alleged princes of the universe who claimed to be the masters of
time, space, energy and matter were nothing but grotesque monsters to
him and the Continuum was the unholy realm that held them.  The
thought of one of their blasphemous ilk touching, kissing or worse,
he wouldn't let his mind go that far, his lifemate repulsed him.  He
could not, would not let that happen.  Chakotay pushed past his
captain to stand directly in front of the self-effacing demon.

"The answer is no.  Tom Paris will not service your evil spawn."

"It's not up to you."

"You're right, it's up to Tom and he will not agree."

"News flash Tonto.  He already has."


"I want to talk to Commander Chakotay."

It was bad enough that the captain was aware what was going on but
Tom was horrified that Chak might also know.  He was on his way to
her so he probably did, and in that case Tom needed to make him
understand why he was doing this.  He did realize it would have to be
an impassionate explanation because Q would hear it too and anything
else would be too dangerous.

"Why?  He's only going to try to talk you out of being with me."

"Of course he will.  He's a smart man and he's also my, my," Tom
stumbled over that one.  Little Q knew he was involved with Chakotay
but Tom wasn't sure of the extent of his knowledge.  He was still
concerned about making the commander a target.

"He's your lover.  Big deal.  I'm going to be.  Bigger deal."

So the Q weren't mind readers or omniscient.  Junior had
automatically assumed from their sexual display in the corridor that
they had already consummated their relationship.  With a glance he
couldn't peer into his mind to see his love and for that Tom was
infinitely thankful.  Q's ignorance kept Chak safe.

"OK fine then we'll let the grapevine do its work but I would like to
speak to the captain to let her know I'm OK."

"Agreed but first you have to get naked."

"What for?"

"As a show of your good faith."

Knowing Junior was more interested in the show than the faith, Tom
nodded and positioned himself in the middle of the room.  He could
have argued but what was the point.  In a snap of his fingers the
powerful being could strip him as well as a lot of other nastier
things he didn't want to think about.  It was best just to
concentrate on his own source of power and Q's weakness to it.  The
young man's need and his ability to fulfill it was the only way to
protect the ones he loved.

He kicked off his shoes and then turned around to bend over and
remove his socks.  Displaying himself like an Orion slave girl wasn't
enjoyable but he could get through it if he thought of something
pleasant, like the feel of Chakotay's lips.  Behind him, he heard
Junior whistle.

"Nice butt for a corporeal."

Tom turned back to face him.  "So what do I call you?"  He asked
undoing the buttons of his shirt.  It was a much as he asked any
other one night stand.  "Junior, Q, or maybe J R?"

"J R?  Too many letters."

Tom pulled his shirttails slowly out of from his jeans.  He wasn't in
any rush.  "OK, so how's about just J?"

"Fine.  You're going too slowly." And in a snap and a flash, he was
butt naked.

Tom looked down at himself and giggled in spite of his dire dilemma.
So much for stalling, the newly named Q was an impatient little
deity.  When he looked back up it was into a pair of hungry green
eyes that chilled him to the bone and choked the laugher from his
throat.  This was not going to be your every day fuck and it was best
he didn't forget that.

"Come here Tom Paris."

Swallowing hard he walked over to the couch and stood before his
captor with his flaccid penis at eye level.  With a clinical hand J
lifted the limp organ from where it rested over his balls and
examined it closely.  Tom bit his bottom lip during the inspection.

"Not bad but I was hoping for more."

"It gets bigger."  His ego answered promptly.

"Really how much?"

"When erect its twenty one centimeters long and about 17 in girth."

"That's above average for your species isn't?"

"I suppose.  I don't usually go around measuring other guy's dicks."

"I'd like to see it erect."  J snapped his fingers but nothing
happened.  Tom was surprised then relieved that his powers didn't
extend that far.  The failure renewed his confidence.

"I guess you can't control everything.  If you want me hard you'll
have to suck me like any other scrawny bipedal."

Tom supposed he could have been nicer but he suspected that that
young Q would get off on his rudeness.  It had been his experience
that normally dominate men secretly yearned to be submissive and from
the gleam of avarice in J's eyes, he saw his instincts were right.

"Would you get hard if I take your cock in my mouth Tom?"

"Yes.  Now stop talking and just fucking do it."

Now was the tough part.  He could talk the talk but could he walk the
walk.  As J's mouth opened and his lips graced the head of his cock,
one thought came to mind.

Think Chak.


"Yes.  Now stop talking and just fucking do it."

Now he was sure it was Tom.  When he had first heard the voice
ringing through the ready room he had paid more attention to what was
being said than to who was saying it.

"Oh my god.  Is that Mr Paris?" Kathryn looked to him for
confirmation.  She paled when he nodded and then nearly fell over
when Tom resumed talking.

"Yes that's right take it all.  Now suck me. Ohhh yeah, like that,
yeah oh fuck, just like that.  Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, -"

The rest of the conversation dwindled into the intelligible.  Nobody,
not him, the captain or Q spoke.  They all stood silently captivated
by the sound of the pilot's moans of pleasure.  When Tom's cries
became more intensive, it shook Chakotay from his fugue.

"Turn it off Q!" He ordered before audio reached its logical
conclusion.  If he had to hear the younger man come, it would be by
his hand and in his presence.

"I can't!"   The omnipotent bastard yelled back at him.  "I'm not
doing it!"

"Then shield the room or snap us out of here!  Anything!"  Kathryn
cried out beside him stealing his attention. Looking sideways at his
captain Chakotay tried not to notice that her cheeks were flushed and
her breathing was erratic.

"Which one!  Oh no wait," Q cocked his head to one side.  "Hear
that?  I think it's over."

Silence captured the ready room's inhabitants once again as a
disembodied cry echoed off the bulkheads.



Oh fuck he was coming.

Unable to fight the urge, Tom threw his head back and screamed out
Chakotay's name, or what he'd believed was a reasonable facsimile as
his essence pulsed from him.  A greedy mouth sucked him dry and then
released his spent cock.  Freed, Tom fell to the couch with the
commander's face set firmly behind his closed lids.

"Go head."  Came an amused voice next to him shattering his fantasy.
Tom peeped an eye open.  Fuck!  It was the frog and not the prince.

"I don't know what they call it where you come from Junior but I just

"Yes and you tasted wonderful but that's not what I meant."  J leaned
over kissed him loudly.  Tom would have moved but his limbs felt like
lead.  It was always that way for him after he had an orgasm.  "What
I meant is go head and speak to your captain.  She's been waiting for
the last five minutes."

Oh shit that was what that snap was for.  It wasn't to bring him
erect but to open a comm link and that meant, oh fuck.

"Captain are you there?"

"Yes Mr Paris."  She paused.  "Are you alright?"

Was she out her mind?   He'd just let a Q give him a blowjob
practically in front of his fiancé so no.  He wasn't fucking all
right because just he'd disqualified himself from ever becoming
Chakotay's husband.  After giving Junior a glare that would have
killed a Klingon, Tom gathered his nerve and his pride and answered
his captain.

"I'm fine Ma'am.  Are you alone?"  Please, please say yes.  Tom
squeezed his eyes shut as he waited for her to reply.

"No.  The commander and Q are with me."

Fantastic and now for the next terrifying question.  "How, how much
did you hear?"

"Tom we all understand that what you did, you were forced to do."

Well that answered that.  He was officially single again.  It didn't
matter that what the captain said was true.  Chakotay may understand
his actions on an intellectual level but in his heart he would never
forgive them.  And if by some miracle of faith he did, he would never
let a man who allowed a Q to give him head to become a part of his
family.  It was public knowledge that the commander hated the
Continuum and everyone touched by it and by the time this night was
over, Tom knew he would be again, literally.  It would be foolish to
think that Junior was done with him.

"Tom, it's Chakotay."  There was no disgust in the older man's voice,
only concern.

"Hi Chak.  How are you?"  Oh that was lame.

"I'm here and I still plan on coming back."


"Really, really."  Tom could almost hear his dimples blooming.
Sometimes miracles did happen.

If they were anywhere else, he would have told Chakotay he loved
him.  Unfortunately right now he was starring in his own personal
horror movie, and a little too busy to tell the older man his
feelings of the last seven years.  After the credits had run and the
cast had gone home, Tom promised to himself that they would have
their own private wrap up party.


"Yes Tom?"

"I'll be waiting."