Title:  Promotion, Part Five
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:  Chak and Tom almost don't have their first "date".

Tom stood outside the doors of Holodeck Two and unnecessarily re-
tucked his white denim shirt into his jeans for the tenth time since
he had left his quarters.  He hoped he had dressed appropriately for
this "date" as Chakotay had refused to give any details as to what
the scenario would be.  All he had said was don't wear a uniform.

He had thought about wearing his blue silk "come fuck me" shirt but
because he had wanted to stop in and see the Captain in Sickbay
before coming here, he decided against it.  It was a little obvious
and he didn't need her asking about his plans for the evening.
Because if she did ask he'd tell her and he wasn't ready to talk
about Chakotay to anyone just yet.

Come on Tommy Boy stop procrastinating and move it.  He walked
forward and stepped from hard deck plating to soft fragrant grass.
Tom was awestruck.  He was in a world of trees, mountains and soft
breezes.  Stars twinkled in the sky and the glow from the two moons
gave everything a dreamy quality.

"Hello, Tom."

Ah and here was the piece de la resistance.  Chakotay was dressed in
form fitting khakis and a beige cable knit sweater, a vision in earth
tones.  His dimples blossomed as he walked towards Tom.

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah Chak, you look great."

"I meant the program, Poocuh."

"Oh, yeah it's great too.  Where are we?  Is this place real?"

The commander slipped an arm around the lieutenant's waist and began
walking with him through the trees.

"Yes, it's real.  This is where I used to come to think things out.
This is the forest that bordered my home on Dorvan V."

Tom slung his arm around Chak's shoulder and breathed deeply.  He
could smell the crispness of the air and the sweetness of the woods
but it was Chak's own musky scent that intoxicated him the most.  He
could feel the embers of his passion begin to ignite.  No, he wasn't
going to let that dazed feeling overwhelm him again.  Get a grip
Tommy Boy, play the game.

"So big guy what's the plan?  A little back to nature romp?"

The commander stopped walking and stiffened.  Tom took the
opportunity to rim the shell of Chakotay's ear with his tongue and
than quickly dart it in and out.

"Tom stop it."  He pulled back from the blonde, "I wanted to show you
this."  His eyes looked forward entreating Tom's eyes to do the same.

The trees had thinned out and they were standing at the edge of a
star sparkled lake.  The far side was lined with more trees giving
way to majestic mountains their peaks obscured by violet clouds.

Tom walked to bank where a small fire was burning trying to take it
all in at once.  The pilot had grown up in cities.  He was use to
tall buildings, buzzing commerce centers and lots of people.   There
was nothing like that here.  Which was not to say there nothing here
because there was.  Beauty was here, life was here and Chakotay was
here.   Once again the commander had managed to sweep him away.
Whoa, be cool Tommy Boy, be cool. He turned and faced Chakotay who
was by now standing next to him.

"You know if you're showing me all this to seduce me, you're doing a
hell of job."  He licked his lips, peered at the man through his
eyelashes, and purred, "But you don't really have to, I'd fuck you in
a Borg Cube if you wanted me to."


Abruptly Tom Paris found himself shoved violently back.  He tripped
over his own feet and fell to ground on his butt hard.

"I wasn't doing this to seduce you!"  Chakotay stood over Tom with
his hands clenched.   His voice was a low growl. "Believe me
Lieutenant if all I wanted was your body, you're right I wouldn't
have done all this.  A Jefferies tube on my morning break would have
been enough." His voice softened, "But I wanted more and I had hoped
you had too."

Chakotay turned and walked away berating himself for letting his
loneliness make him act the fool.  He had known that someone like Tom
Paris wasn't for him.  He had been able to accept the cocky flyboy
attitude and even like it, but he couldn't accept this.  All the man
was interested in was sex and that just wasn't enough for him anymore.

Gods Paris what the hell did you just do?  I'll tell you what you
just did; you were so busy protecting your own damn feelings you
forgot about Chak's.  The big guy shows you a piece of his heart and
you ignore it and go straight for his cock.  He said he wanted more.
He didn't really know if he could give more but for the first time he
wanted to try.  He couldn't lose this man, but if he didn't say
something now, he knew for a certainty he would.  He stumbled to his
feet and spoke through his fear from his heart.

"I think I'm in love with you."

Oh my god, did that just come out of my mouth?  Tom saw Chakotay
stop.  He spoke to him over his shoulder.

"What did you say?"

"I said I think I'm in love with you.  I mean nobody has ever made me
feel this crazy, so it's gotta be love right?"

He turned and approached Tom as if approaching a wounded targ.
Cautiously and with slow movements.

"You're sure?"

"Yeah you definitely drive me nuts."  OK Tommy Boy enough with the
humour. "Yes, Chak I'm pretty sure I do.  I'm just not sure what that

The commander lifted a hand to the pilot's cheek.  This wasn't
exactly the way he envisioned this happening but he could work with
this.  Things were getting back on track.

"Would you like me to show you?"

Not waiting for an answer he began kissing those talented lips.  He
grabbed the belt loops of Tom pants and brought him closer to his
body.  He felt hands slip under his sweater and knead the muscles of
his chest, tweaking his nipples. He grabbed the hem and removed it to
give Tom better access.  Lips and teeth replaced fingers.  He tilted
his back and lost himself in sensation. Spirits what this man did to

The touches stopped and Tom stood back from him and started to remove
his clothing.  Chakotay watched mesmerized by the glow of moonlight
accenting the sculpted leanness of the pilot's body.  When he was
done, he stood there looking into the commander's eyes.

"Show me Chakotay, show me what it means."

Tom watched in fascination as his love removed his trousers and
boots.  The fire light played over the man's solid form.  Chakotay
mimicked his surroundings, majestic beauty and tranquil strength.  He
was a force of nature in himself and Tom was humbled by his desire
for him.

Chakotay took Tom's hand and pulled him down to the soft loam so the
were lying on their sides face to face.  Their lips found each other
as their hands explored the dips and swells of the other's body.
Moans mixed with endearments as their hips began to undulate, rubbing
their erections together.

Chak released Tom's mouth to lick and nip along his delicate throat.
He felt the vibrations of his lover's vocal cords on his lips as Tom
groaned in pleasure.

"Now Chak, I need you now!"

Chak stopped his ministrations and looked into a face wrought with

"What do you need baby, tell me."

Tom opened his eyes and tried to catch his breath, "You, inside me,

Nodding Chak rolled over to where his khaki lay and retrieved a small
vial from one on the side pockets.  When rolled back Tom was already
in position on his elbows and knees.

"Come on Chak, do it."

He opened the vial, releasing the scent of sandalwood, and poured the
oil into his palms rubbing them together to warm it.  After he coated
his fingers and penis he lay forward over Tom's back kissing the nape
of his neck.  One oiled hand stroked his lover's cock as he circled
Tom's anus with a finger slowly working inside.  When the pilot's
body had accepted one, he inserted two, than three fingers brushing
the man's prostrate.

"Oh fuck Chakotay, do it NOW!"

He removed his fingers and steadied himself placing his hands on the
lieutenant's hips.  Chakotay had to remind himself to go slow as he
pierced Tom with his cock.  He was so close to coming it was hard to
fight the urge to just ram himself into his lover.

Tom felt the head of Chakotay cock enter him.  It wasn't enough.  He
shifted his weight back slamming into Chak taking all of the man
inside him.   Chak cried out and held him to him motionless.
Gods the man was going drive him insane.

"Move Chak. Gods Chak please move!"

His felt a roughen palm grab his weeping penis as a spine shattering
thrust threw him forward.   Tom grabbed at the grass beneath him for
leverage as Chak began to "move".  He tried to match the thrusts with
his own but the big guy was raging into him so fast he couldn't keep
up.  So he relaxed and savored the feeling of being filled so totally
by the man he loved.

Chak felt Tom's surrender and lost it.  With a few final pumps he
shot his seed deep into his beloved.  He heard Tom scream and shortly
there after felt the warmth of his release in his hand.  Falling
forward, he pulled Tom's back into his chest and tried to fight the
blackness creeping at the edge of his consciousness.

Grass and dirt stuck everywhere to their sweat drenched bodies as the
beating of their hearts evened out and their breaths became calm.
Tom regained his senses first.

"Chak you OK?"

Arms and legs tightened around him.


"I'll take that as a yes."


"Chak? This program must have taken a lot of care and work right?
But I think you forgot something?"

"Mmmm? What?"

Tom looked at the breathtaking vista around him and then back down to
his debris covered body.

"A blanket!"

Chakotay raised himself on one elbow to look at his lover's face.
Through that mask of mock outrage, Chak thought Tom looked adorable
with leaves and sticks poking out his hair at all angles.  He started
to rise.

"I didn't forget.  What do you think the lake is for?"

Comprehension dawned on the lieutenant as he took the commander's
hand to help him up off the forest floor.

"What? Oh no Chak, you're the nature boy not me.  I'll like sonics
thank you very much."  Tom looked at him.  The commander's eyes were
sparkling and his dimples were in full force.  "No fucking way

"Come on Poocuh, it will be invigorating."

Chakotay took Tom's other hand and began slowly walking towards the
water's edge.

"What part of NO didn't you understand commander?  I'm not freezing
my balls off in.."

Tom didn't get a chance to say much more as Chakotay unceremoniously
hauled him into the clear cool water.