Title:  Promotion, Part Four
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
E-mail Address for feedback: forbesc@skyia.com
Series: 4 of ?
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:  A reality check for both the commander and the lieutenant.

"Hey, I learned from the best."

Chakotay sighed in relief as the Tom left the ready room.  That whole
episode had touched a hidden fear within the commander.  The fear
that because their new found familiarity they wouldn't able to
function as Commander and Lieutenant.  That the chain of command
would irreparably damaged.  He didn't want to have think about what
steps he would have had to take if Tom had been unable to separate
their personal relationship from their professional one.  Fortunately
the pilot had respected his decision to give the away team more time
and had, if somewhat reluctantly supported it.  It was a scene he'd
played a hundred times before with the captain.  Chakotay considered
it a hurdle cleared.

Using it as a way to cope with the stress of the their current
situation, Chakotay allowed himself to reflect on last night's chance

The order of events hadn't gone quite the way he had planned them.
Love, honour, sex and then maybe if things went well the love and
honour thing again.  Going down on Tom in Sandrine's, hadn't in any
way, shape or form been part of the agenda.  Neither had his thought
to being bottom to Tom's top.  No man had ever penetrated him before
so he was surprised when he considered letting Tom do so.  No not
letting, wanting, desperately wanting.

Chakotay wondered what he was getting himself into.  He had
underestimated the beautiful blonde pilot and the power he had over
him. Well tonight he would get things back on track.

It was time to enchant the enchanting.


Tom finished another long-range scan.  He knew Harry was keeping a
constant vigil over the away team's vital stats but couldn't help
checking for himself every once and awhile.  He noticed Tuvok was
acclimating faster to the neural suppressant than either the Captain
or B'Elanna.  Tom hoped his Vulcan physiology would kick in and allow
them to finish delivering the virus so they could get them the hell
out of there.  Then things could get back to the normal around here.
Yeah, normal, whatever the hell that means.

Nothing was normal for Tom anymore.  In the last day he'd gotten back
his rank, developed a crush on the first officer and then been
exquisitely sucked off by said first officer in a public place.  No,
this just hadn't been a regular day in the life of Tom Paris.

And what's more, last night he kissed a man for the first time in his

It wasn't unfortunately the first time he touched or been touched by
a man sexually.  Sex in prison had been like currency, cold and
hard.  If  they wanted something you took it and if you wanted
something you gave it.  He had accepted it as a way of life but not a
way to live.  Kissing to him implied love and warmth, he had never
allowed anyone in that hellhole to touch his lips.

He absently ran his fingers across his mouth.  It had been like
touching fire.  Chakotay's answering kiss had ignited a burning
through out his entire being.  It had been both frightening and
fascinating at the same time.

Then he asked me to trust him.  Never before had he been so willing
to give himself over to someone.  Sandrine's could have been jammed
with patrons as he fucked Chak's mouth and he wouldn't have cared.
Hell the bar could have been full of Kazons, or Vidians and he
wouldn't have neither cared nor stopped for the matter.   It had been
that intense.

Tom checked his scans again and wondered what the hell he was getting
himself into.  He had taken the handsome commander too lightly over
the last six years.  Well tonight he would be prepared and give as
good as he got.

Time to turn on the fabled Tom Paris charm.