Title:  Promotion, Part Three
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
E-mail Address for feedback:  forbesc@skyia.com
Series:  3 of ?
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:  Chakotay and Tom learn never to judge a book by its cover,
especially when that cover has a spectacular ass or beautiful blue

Chakotay turned the corner into another deserted hallway. The ship
was in its night cycle so he wasn't surprised at the lack of
personnel in the corridors. He had walking aimlessly for the last
hour trying to relieve his restlessness, a habit he'd picked up from

The away team had been on the Borg cube only a day but it felt like a
millennia.  In his mind he went over the arguments he had presented
to the Captain on why he should be the one going to face the Borg.
But as usual she patiently listened to him, nodding at all the right
times, and then barreled ahead doing what she want to do anyway.  If
they were in the Alpha quadrant she wouldn't be able to get way with
such blatant disregard for protocol but since they weren't it was
sort of a mute point.

Chakotay gave a mental sigh and then took a moment to take in his
surroundings.  He was on Deck 6, outside the Armory; Holodeck Two was
down the hall.  Maybe he'd check out Sandrine's.   At this time of
night the place would more than likely be deserted but that didn't
matter, he didn't need social interaction tonight.  Watching the holo
characters interact would provide what he needed, a distraction from
his worries regarding the away team.

He entered the program, which was oddly already running, followed the
dimly lit alley to the bar and walked in.  The place was deserted,
really deserted.  Sandrine wasn't at the entrance to welcome him, the
pool shark character wasn't skulking around looking for easy marks,
in fact none of the holo players were present adding their usual
colour to the establishment.  The only figure in the place was
sitting a the far end of the bar nursing a beer.   When he saw who it
was, he made a move to leave.  In lieu of the current crisis, this
wasn't the time to indulge his personal desires and in his present
state he didn't think he could keep up his cool commander façade.
Too late, those ocean blue eyes caught his.

"Hey Commander."  Tom rotated on his stool and placed his elbows back
on the bar.

"Come, here often?"  Tom blushed, "I mean, you're not usually here
this time of night.  Can't sleep?"

Chakotay crossed over to the Lieutenant stopping between his knees at
the edge of his personal space.  In a glance he took in the man's
relaxed pose and unconscious sensuality.

"No.  But I don't usually when we're dealing with the Borg.  What
about you, come here often?"  Smiling, he parroted Tom's initial
question.  He couldn't help himself.  He'd noticed the pilot's flush
when he first asked it.  The flush resurfaced.

"Uh no, yes, I mean sometimes.  When it's quiet like this it's great
place to think things out.   It beats moping around my cabin."

Even though he knew shouldn't Chakotay stepped forward invading a
little more of Tom's space, feeling the heat rising up from the man's
body.  Those ocean blue eyes were turning indigo.  Spirits, the man
was beautiful.

"And what things are you thinking about now, Tom?"

Tom considered saying your gorgeous ass but with the commander
standing so close to him he had a hard thinking in coherent sentences
let alone saying them aloud.  He could feel his cock hardening and
his pants stretching across his hips.  So in total Tom Paris fashion
he didn't say anything, he reacted.

He turned his head slightly and pressed his lips to the commander's.
He half expected the big guy to drop him right then and there so he
was somewhat shocked to feel a warm tongue seeking entrance to his
mouth.  He regained his equilibrium and took hold of the commander's
hips to bring him closer and deepen the kiss.

This wasn't going the way he planned it he thought as he brought his
arms up to frame Tom's face with his hands.  Chakotay thought he was
a good kisser but Spirits, Tom was doing things with his lips and
tongue that would make a Vulcan horny.  He needed to gain some
control over this situation before he found himself leaning over the
bar begging the lieutenant to take him.  He disengaged his mouth from
Tom's, and pressed his erection against his soon to be lover's own
rock hard member.

"Tom baby, do you trust me?" He looked into a pair wild and unfocused
eyes.  Tom merely nodded.

"Then let me do something for you.  Just relax and enjoy it, OK."
Again a just a nod.

With his eyes never leaving those beautiful blue ones, Chakotay's
hand trailed down the front of Tom's uniform to his pants and undid
them.  A large weeping cock sprang into his palm.  No underwear, he
filed that little fact away in his mind for later.  He explored the
length of the treasure in his hand, thumbing the slit when he reached
the head.   Tom finally said something.

"Gods, Chakotay don't stop."

"Shhh, I won't baby, I won't."  He kept caressing him as he dropped
to his knees.

Chakotay replaced his thumb with his tongue lapping up the collected
moisture and ringing the purple head.  He held the base with one hand
with the other tried to steady Tom's now bucking hips.  Such
sweetness.  He took a little more into his mouth and began to bob his

"Oh fuck, Chakotay!"

Hands grasped the back of his head and the commander gave up trying
control Tom's movements and hung on for dear life as the man fucked
his mouth.  His own erection was becoming almost painful so he moved
one hand down to rub the aching through his uniform.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohhhh!"

The feel of Tom's cum on the back of his throat sent Chakotay over
the edge.  He ignored the hot dampness spreading across the front of
his pants as he swallowed all his lover had to give.

Chakotay stood and enfolded his beloved into his arms.  Tom wrapped
both his arms and legs around him, pressing his face into his neck.
The commander became concerned when felt a warm dampness there.  Tom
was crying?  This wasn't the reaction he been hoping for.

"Poocuh?  Are you OK?"  Tom didn't lift his head as he spoke.

"Yeah, Chak I'm OK.  Shit. I know this is really stupid.  I don't
know why I'm doing this. I.I."

Tom sat up, wiped an arm across his face and squared his shoulders.
He took a deep breath before he spoke again.

"It's just that this is, well, a little overwhelming.  I was having
all these feelings about you but never thought that I have a chance
to express them.  I didn't think you'd be interested in something
like this."  He took another breath, "You know like I'm a guy and
you're guy.  That sort of thing."

Chakotay leaned forward and wiped the last vestiges of tears from
Tom's cheeks with his fingertips.

"I'm interested, Poocuh.  Very interested."

The lieutenant's eyes sparkled and an impish grin formed.

"Yeah?  I think I'm going to need some more convincing though.  That
is if you're up to it big guy."

The commander smiled back.  This was the old Tom Paris talking.
Chakotay was surprised that he didn't mind a little of the old
personae mixing with the new.  In fact he didn't mind it all.

"Tomorrow, Lieutenant, tomorrow.  Tonight let's get some sleep so
we'll be ready for anything the Borg throw at us.  Deal?"

"Yeah, OK, deal.  But after we kick some Borg ass, I'm gonna call you
on that one.  Deal?"

Chakotay hugged the man close to him and whispered in his ear.