Title:  Promotion, Part Two
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek: Voyager
Paring:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
E-mail Address for feedback:  forbesc@skyia.com
Series: 2 of ?
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:  After receiving his evaluation, Tom gains some surprising
new insights into his feelings for the dark eyed commander.

"Computer, time."

"01:15 hours."

Chakotay moaned.  Two hours since he had gone to bed and five before
he had to get up.  Five hours, he could function on five hours of
sleep, he done it before.  The trick was however that he'd have to
actually fall asleep now and he was no where near doing so.  His body
might be willing but his mind was not, it was wide-awake and raring
to go.  And where was it going?  Straight to Tom Paris via his
groin.  He began to lightly stroke the only part of his body that
didn't seem to want rest.

Six years ago he wouldn't have even entertained the thought of taking
the brash young man as his lover.  Chakotay knew he was what was
typically referred to as an Alpha male.  He preferred partners who
were more sensitive and reserved.  The cocky flyboy attitude that Tom
projected previously just wasn't his cup of tea, but this new mature
version was.  Time and circumstance had tempered him into someone
Chakotay could seriously consider spending his life with.

Many of the crew had found companions, but the commander had resigned
himself to the fact that he would probably spend the trek back to the
Alpha quadrant alone.  There was no one he deemed a suitable lifemate
on Voyager and casual affairs were not an option.  His sexual needs
were satisfied with willing partners he found on the various planets
they had encountered.  They were brief and often-anonymous exchanges,
totally lacking in the intimacy he craved.  He was a romantic.  He
didn't just want somebody to fuck he want somebody to make love to
and that somebody was Tom Paris.

There was only one possible problem.  Chakotay wasn't sure if Tom was
attracted to men.  All his liaisons on board Voyager had been with
women, his most recent being his now defunct relationship with
B'Elanna.  In fact the only same sex experience the ensign had that
Chak was aware of was the prison in Auckland and the way Tom's eyes
glazed over when his time there was mentioned, indicated it wasn't a
pleasant one.

Even knowing that the pilot had been most probably raped in prison,
did not discourage the commander.  He planned on offering the man
companionship and love first.  When he had Tom's trust, he would show
Tom how beautiful and wonderful the act of sharing their bodies could
be.  It would take all his patience not to seduce such an enchanting
creature into his bed so for now he banished such desires to his

As he fell into his fantasy the light strokes became rougher, more
insistent.  Chakotay imagined pale slender hands on his cock and a
long lean body pressed against his.   He envisioned touching Tom,
tasting Tom and finally taking Tom.  Sinking into his heat and
hearing the man call his name in rapture.  Thrusting into him over
and over.


His belly tightened and he came hard.  His hand continued to move as
his seed spilled over the plane of his heaving chest.

As his breathing evened, serenity overcame his body and his mind.
Finally Chakotay slept.


Man that woman must have toranium balls, the newly christened
Lieutenant mused.  Tom knew he had a bad case of hero worship when it
came to the Captain, hell he'd run the ship into a supernova if she
asked him, but who could blame him.  Shit, she just stared down a
fucking Borg Queen for god's sake.

Tom fingered the new pip on his collar as he readied the comm for a
personnel transfer.  Even though they were yet again facing another
precarious mission, Tom was on cloud nine.  Captain Kathryn Janeway
had given him back his rank and he wouldn't have traded that look of
pride in her eyes for anything.  It didn't matter that she'd had
probably been acting on a recommendation from Chakotay.

Between calibrations Tom took a sideline look at the commander who
was arguing yet again with the captain's strategy.  He supposed in a
way he had Chakotay to thank for his present mood.  It was the
commander's faith in him that got his pip back. He wasn't used to the
big guy's approval and he wasn't really sure how that made him feel.
While the Captain's pride warmed his heart, the commander's pride
seemed able to warm everything else too.

It was almost sexual.  Whoa, stop the bus cause I wanna to get off.
Not sexual, it couldn't be sexual, could it?

Tom looked closer at the commander, taking in the strong features of
his face and the firmness of his butt visible through his uniform.
He looked quickly back down at his hands.  My God did I just check
out the man's ass?  He felt an answering twitch from underneath the
console.  Shit!  What the hell is it with me?  Life starts going
along pretty good and I have to find a way to go and screw all back
up again.  He knew he didn't stand a chance with the obviously
heterosexual commander.

As he was thinking about Nelix's cooking in an attempt to gain
control of his nether regions, Ensign Bateheart arrived to relieve
him of his post.  Tom had to go prepare the Flyer for her trip to the
Borg cube they were currently on course to.

He grabbed a nearby PADD and placed it strategically over his groin
and headed for the turbolift.  As the doors to the lift closed he
could help himself by taking one last look at that spectacular ass.