Title:  Observations
Author:  Forbsy
Fandom:  Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Status:  Complete
Email address for feedback: forbesc@skyia.com
Series/Sequel: Gods, I never know anymore.
Disclaimers:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  The captain notices that something's "up" with the boys and
asks Tuvok to investigate.

It had to work.  Kathryn shifted again in the command chair and
thought about what she was going to do about two of the most vital
men on Voyager.

Three days earlier, they had detected a class M planet that Mr. Kim
scans had indicated an abundance of plant life.   As Voyager's energy
stores always seemed to be marginal, they altered the ship's course
towards the planet to collect seeds and samples for the hydroponics
bay.  Eating Mr. Nelix's cooking in the mess hall did save replicator
units but there was after all only so many ways to prepare leola root
thus Kathryn was hoping to find some more palatable alternates

Since the scans also showed no signs of civilization and a lack of
large predators, she also thought about granting shore leave for her
often-overworked crew. She asked Chakotay to arrange a rotating
schedule and insisted the he add his name to the first party to go

The man had been grumpy as a bear lately and just about as
communicative.  She had also thought about telling him it wouldn't
hurt to add Mr. Paris name to that team for the same reasons but
recanted thinking that that it might more hindrance than help to his
already foul disposition of late.

She had known at first there would be difficulties having the two men
working together so closely but she had assumed it wouldn't be too
long before they would be able to function together effectively.  And
actually it wasn't.  It had even seemed that after six long years in
the Delta quadrant they had developed a kind of friendship.

Well that's what she had thought.  Lately however it seemed whenever
the two men were in the same room they found a way to be on opposite
sides of it.  It hadn't as of yet effected their bridge performances
but she heard a crispness in their voices now when they interacted
that hadn't been there since the Caretaker had first stranded them
here.   She felt it would only a matter of time before it did.

Kathryn hoped a little rest and relaxation away from the confines of
the ship would help ease the dissension between them.   She wanted to
avoid having to become involved in their personal lives by speaking
to them about the situation.

She knew Tuvok would raise an elegant eyebrow at that declaration.
He often pointed out her need to mother the crew was a way of
assuaging her guilt resulting from her decision to destroy the
Caretaker's array.   Damn his highly honed Vulcan power of
observation.  She knew she didn't particularly want see that eyebrow
move so she dearly hoped a little off time for the two men would do
the trick.

She furrowed her brow and then it came to her.  Observation!  That's

"Mr. Tuvok will you meet with me in my ready room.  Chakotay you have
the bridge."

Tuvok nodded and followed the captain as she walked across the bridge
to her room.

Chakotay watched as she left her chair entered her ready room with
Tuvok.  Fleetingly he wondered what she had to discuss with Tuvok
that wouldn't include his input as well.   Oh well if it's important
she'll tell me later, if not fine, he had other things to occupy his

There were staffing schedules and maintenance reports to keep on top
of.  Not to mention as the ship's unofficial counselor, he was also
responsible for the entire crew's well being.  Well those were the
things he was suppose to be thinking about anyway.  His gaze drifted
over to the blonde head in front of him.

No.  Think about engineering inspections and crew evaluations.
Anything but how the chief pilot's uniform tightens across his back
every time he makes a course correction or the sound of his voice
when he laughs at something Harry says.

When did it get this bad.  He knew he had always been attracted to
Tom, even back when he hated him for betraying the Maquis. And over
the years when that animosity had turned into grudging respect and
then tentative friendship, he had still been able to keep a handle on
his amorous feelings.

Until lately that is and as the man's commanding officer this kind of
behavior was unacceptable.  Chakotay thought that a romantic
relationship between them would compromise his position on Voyager
and jeopardize their chances of getting home.  At least that's
usually happened whenever he became involved with someone, Seska
being a case in point.

He returned his eyes back to the PADD in his hand and tried to ignore
the tightness he felt in his heart, not to mention his groin.

Tom heard the captain get up and leave but he didn't dare turn around
and look.  With the captain and Tuvok in the ready room there was now
no one on the bridge to run interference between him and Chakotay.
He didn't want to take the chance of catching the big man's eye and
suffering a look of displeasure or worse, indifference.

Damn!  What the hell did I do now?  Things were going so great
between us.  I mean the big guy was actually loosening up a bit.

We'd be sitting in Sandrine's having a drink and after some wise ass
remark of mine, I'd look over at him and see him smiling and
laughing.  Man, the guy has these really killer dimples that make me
want to jump right over the table at him and tear every strip of
clothing off him, then.

Concentrate Tommy Boy.  Crashing the ship into some small moon isn't
gonna get that smile back on his face.

Hell, when did a smile become so important to me?  And not just any
smile, his smile. There was a time when all I wanted from him was his
respect and when I got that maybe just a little camaraderie.   Now I
sit here picturing his dimples and daydreaming about fucking the poor
guy silly.  It would give Harry a stroke if knew and B'Elanna, well
she might be pissed in light of our breakup a couple months back, but
she'd probably understand better than any one else on the ship.

Maybe the problem is I've been just a little too transparent and
scared the big guy away.  The whole time we've been on Voyager I've
only see him respond sexually to women, never men.  What a fucking
idiot I've been.  He just trying to be my friend, be the good first
officer and then he observes me undressing him with my eyes.

Shit, Tommy Boy, you've really fucked up royally this time.

Tuvok returned to his station.  The captain had remained in her ready
room after giving him his new "assignment".

She had asked him if he had noticed the recent animosity between
Commander Chakotay and Ensign Paris.  He had.  As Chief of Security,
it was his job to be aware of all conflicts aboard Voyager and the
situation between the first officer and chief pilot had been one had
been monitoring for some time.
He did have to agree however with the captain that perhaps recently
the friction between the two had escalated.

As she did not wish to formally approach either of the men she
requested that he observe their current behavior and report back to
her with his findings and a possible solution.

Since he wished to be discreet, Tuvok felt a social setting such as
Sandrine's or the Resort would inappropriate as he did not normally
frequent either holo program and his presence would be noticed.
However a duty assignment involving the three of them would allow him
to accomplish his task without raising suspicions.

The Delta Flyer..

Tom checked his pre-flight plan and to keep from glancing to his
upper left, rechecked it again.  He was acutely aware of Chakotay
sitting beside him at the ops station.   In the small confines of the
Flyer he could smell that earthy, musk scent the big man radiated,
and it was causing a stirring in his lap.  Be cool, Tommy Boy, be

When Tuvok first told me this morning I would be needed to fly the
Delta Flyer for a survey of the surrounding planets in the system, I
thought great.  Now I wouldn't accidentally run into the Commander on
shore leave.  Normally missing an opportunity for a vacation off
Voyager would bother me to no end but not this time.  I just wasn't
ready to face Chakotay in a chance encounter on the planet.
Especially after the dream I had last night.

I went to sleep last night thinking of ways to let Chakotay think I
just wanted to be his buddy.  You know someone to have a drink with
and play a little pool.  Maybe then he would relax and stop doing the
wooden Indian bit every time I got close.  It was hard enough to
accept that this relationship wouldn't blossom into anything a little
more passionate, but to have it going back to the way it was when we
first landed in the Delta quadrant would be unbearable.  So with all
these good intentions, I went to bed.

I'm standing naked in a fog.  Well it's not really a fog, but that
kind of fuzzy atmosphere you experience when you're dreaming.  And
know I'm dreaming when I see Chakotay walking towards me wearing with
that big ass smile of his and not much of anything else.

I think we're in my quarters because I vaguely recognize the mess.
He walks right up me till we're standing nose to nose, chest to chest
and here's the best part, hard-on to hard-on.  The term "big man"
just took on a whole new meaning for me when I glanced down at him.

"Tom, you're life is mine."

Wasn't that my line?  Well before I put much thought into it, I feel
his palms sliding up the length of my arms.  He leans into me and his
tongue starts tracing the line of my jaw and I feel teeth nipping at
my earlobe.  Even though I know this isn't really happening, I
hesitate to touch him back.

By now his hands are framing my face and his tongue is trying to gain
entrance to my mouth.  Finally I respond.  Gripping the back of his
head I grind my mouth into his and I swear I can hear him growl.  I
press my hips to his and slide a hand down the muscles of his back
finally gripping his ass.   When Chakotay starts to pump against my
body, my knees give out and I pull him to the floor.

"Mine, mine." he mumbles into my ear.  I no longer know if he's
talking about my life or my body.  It doesn't matter they both belong
to him.

Chakotay rolls over and lifts his butt up to me in invitation.  In
real life I think this might be happening the other way around but
it's my dream goddamn it and I'm going to fuck him!  I grasp my cock
in my hand and guide it towards his small puckered opening.  No need
for lube or preparation in dreams.  As the head of my penis pierces
him, he screams my name.  I move slowly at first, savoring his heat,
then with more speed as I feel his muscles contract around me.


I start to pump furiously and with each plunge forward, Chakotay
slams back into me.  My hand reaches around to grasp his weeping
penis and I stroke it in time with my thrusts.  He may have been
growling before, but as he came he roared.  As soon as I felt his
seed in my hand, I shot my own deep into him and collapsed.

"Yours." I say into a shoulder that all of a sudden is looking a lot
a paler and feeling a lot softer.  I wake up facing the wrong end of
the bed covered in my own sweat and semen.

I swear that man is the bane of my existence.  I don't care if he is
a bloody Vulcan, and supposedly doesn't experience emotion, I swear
he knows it and enjoys the effect it has on me.

When he requested my assistance in the Delta Flyer mapping out this
star system he led me to believe that there would be only two us and
I would be piloting.  OK to be fair maybe I accepted a little too
quickly without asking too many questions in my quest to avoid shore
leave with Tom.  But Tuvok is usually so precise and it is unlike him
not to explain all the details of a duty assignment.  Blonde, blue
eyed details I think as my eyes wander over to the pilot.

On the Delta Flyer my station is a little to the left of Tom's unlike
my position directly behind him on the bridge of Voyager.  From here
I'm able to see the flush in his cheeks and the line of his thigh.  I
hear a shuffling behind me.  OK, stop categorizing Tom assets,
Tuvok's here now; let's get on with this.

"Ensign if we're set to go, let's leave the shuttle bay."

I get no response so I repeat the order with more authority in my
voice.  Tom's head whips around and the flush in cheeks deepens.  God
but he's beautiful.

"Sorry, Commander.  Engaging thrusters now."

I watch his slender hands move over his modified "retro" controls as
he maneuvers the Flyer out of Voyager's bay.

As I seat myself at the aft engineering station, I notice that
neither the commander nor the ensign has noticed my arrival.  I
decide to take this as an opportunity to observe them covertly.

Curious.  It would seem while the commander is looking at the ensign,
the ensign seems to be doing his best to avoid looking the
commander.  As the ensign is decidedly the brasher of the two I am
surprised the reversal of roles.  I am also intrigued by the
intensity of Commander Chakotay's gaze. It is a fascinating start to
my mission.

As I do have another mission to fulfill, I make a sound adjusting to
my chair to alert the men to my presence.

After we have cleared Voyager, I direct Mr. Paris to the furthest
outlying planet in this system.

The survey will take eight hours to complete after which I will
request Commander Chakotay and Ensign Paris analyze the results in
Voyager's Stellar-Cartography lab.  I am sure both men will feel that
there are more qualified personnel on Voyager to complete the task
but I will explain that at the moment such personnel's expertise are
better served in the harvesting of resources on the M class planet.

It is not quite a lie perhaps but more of an exaggeration and by
monitoring their progress, I will further my investigation.

"Computer end program."

Chakotay rested against the wall of the holodeck to catch his
breath.  Running his boxing training program helped work out the
tension derived from being first officer but today it wasn't working
as well as it usually did.  Maybe that was that was because
the "tension" he was feeling had nothing to do with being first
officer and more to do with just being a human male.  One sexually
frustrated human male that is.

On a small craft like the Delta Flyer it was very difficult not to
come in contact with other members of the crew.  The "crew" in this
case being Thomas Eugene Paris.  Tuvok had stayed out of the way most
of the time conducting his research at the aft tactical station.

When they had established a stable orbit around one of the planetoids
they were surveying, Tom would move from the conn to the engineering
station directly beside him to help with the geological scans.   To
perform the tests efficiently they had to work intimately often
brushing hands and making eye contact.   It happened so often that he
wondered if unconsciously he had been creating the situations that
brought them closer.

Between planets he didn't have much to do and his mind would wander.
He imagined those hands touching his body while he looked into the
depths of those blue eyes.  Raking his fingers through those golden
locks and kissing away that often present smirk. Thus when they
finally returned to Voyager, he had rushed directly to the holodeck
to wipe out those visions of blue and gold.

Well sitting here wasn't helping any.  First he'd go for a shower (a
cold one) and then head to his office to catch up on some reports.

Tom practically flew to his quarters after leaving the shuttle bay.
As soon as he entered he flopped down on the couch and put his hands
over his face.

Man oh man oh man.  Talk about sweet torture.  All day he vied
between wanting to be close to Chakotay and wanting to be at the
other end of the universe away from him.  The light hand touches when
he passed him a PADD and the sideline looks he'd catch from time to
time had played hell with his emotions.  The thought that maybe
Chakotay was attracted to him too flashed through his mind quickly
and then just as quickly, he dismissed it as wishful thinking.

He ordered the computer to play some of the 20th century music he
liked, LOUD, then tried to clear his mind and loose himself in the

He was brought out of his reverie by the sound of his computer
terminal beeping between songs.  The message light was blinking.  He
turned off the music and with some effort Tom got up and activated
the screen.  He read the communication from Commander Tuvok.

Damn.  Tuvok wanted him to report to the Stellar-Cartography lab
tomorrow to analyze the data they had collected on the Flyer today.
He didn't really mind spending time in Stellar-Cartography, in fact
he often lost himself for hours there working out piloting maneuvers,
but when he read that Chakotay was also asked to report there
tomorrow, he cringed.

He couldn't do it.  What if he had another one of those dreams
tonight?  Shit, with his luck this time he'd probably have Chakotay
leaning over the astro-metrics console while he rammed himself into
him screaming declarations of love.  Gods, he wouldn't be able to
even look at the console let alone touch it, with out getting a hard
on after that.   He had to do something to defuse the situation
before tomorrow because the tightness of Starfeet uniforms didn't
leave a lot to the imagination.

"Computer, what's the location of Commander Chakotay?"

"Commander Chakotay is located on deck two, room beta one."

Tom left his quarters and headed for the commander's office.

Tom hesitated outside the Commander's door.  Maybe I should have
stopped off in Sickbay for one of Doc's "social" lessons that he had
recently been teaching Seven of Nine, he thought ruefully.

He pressed the chime, not knowing what the hell he was going to say
or do and waited for Chakotay to answer.


When Tom entered, Chakotay was sitting behind his desk with a number
of data PADDS strewn about his desk, looking a bit stunned.

"Hey Commander."  Tom strolled forward and walked over to the

Chakotay collected himself as he watched Tom progress across the room
and started stacking the data PADDS on his desk.

"Is there a problem, Ensign?"

"Yeah, I mean I think so.  You got the message from Tuvok?"

"Yes, is your problem with Tuvok then?"

"No." Tom turned towards the viewport and in it's reflection watched
Chakotay rise from his chair and approach him.

"Tom," At the sound of the commander softly saying his name he turned
and faced him.  "I don't know what to say. I know my behavior today
in the shuttlecraft was inappropriate."  His voice wavered, "I don't
know what to do.  Tom, what do you want me to do?"

Tom thought carefully about his answer.  He could either feign
innocence or come back with some classic "Tom Paris" wise ass
remark.  Or he could tell Chakotay what he really wanted.  He closed
his eyes and gripped the frame of viewport.

"Kiss me."

Tom slowly opened his eyes and saw that Chakotay's eyes were now
closed.  He leaned forward and pressed his lips to the commander's.
When Chakotay didn't pull away, Tom slid his hands up around the back
of his head and touched the silky dark hair at his nape.

"Oh gods!"  Growled Chakotay as he shoved Tom against the pane of the
viewport so abruptly, the ensign lost his breath.  His hands travel
the length of Tom's body, charting every valley, every swell,
surveying him like they had with this system's planets earlier.  "So
beautiful, so beautiful." He chanted.

Tom arched into his touch, twisting and turning to give him better
access all the while returning Chakotay's fevered kisses.   The
bruising caresses were making his knees weak and if not for the
pressure of the commander's body against his, he would be in a heap
on the floor.

Suddenly Chakotay stilled.  He still held Tom close to him but his
hands had stopped their movements.  His breath was shallow and his
voice low as he spoke.

"Tom, I need to know do you want this?  Do want me?  This can't be a
casual affair and there will be repercussions.  Because of who I am
and because of who you are."

Chakotay's eyes, his magnificent mahogany eyes, looked up and into
him.  Was this a dream?  This was what he had wanted but did he have
the courage to take it.  Chakotay was right, there would be problems,
people who wouldn't be too happy knowing Tom was sharing the
commander's bed.  Even now there were members of the former Maquis
crew that hadn't come to terms with his betrayal years ago and then
of course there was the captain.  She wouldn't allow anything to
jeopardize Voyager's return to the Alpha quadrant.  He spoke

"Yeah, I want you, this, everything but I have a tendency of screwing
things up Chakotay.  I really should be asking you if you want this.
It's seems I'm the one getting the better end of the deal here."

Chakotay smiled.  He thought back to his musings on the bridge the
day before.  They were valid reasons for not getting involved with
the blue eyed ensign but now with Tom standing in front of him saying
he wanted him, they didn't seem so insurmountable.

"Don't you know how precious you are to me?  How honored I am that
someone as brave and enchanting as you are would want someone as old
and stoic as I am as a lover?"

Tom grinned and his eyes flashed.

"You're not old Chak, a little stoic, yeah maybe. Especially when
you're doing the wise old Indian bit but I must admit that even
routine gets me hot lately."

With that Tom grabbed the commander's hips and pulled him close.  He

"Show me Chakotay, show me how much you want me."

It didn't take the commander long to respond.  He nipped the white
flesh of Tom's throat causing a small welt.  After kissing the small
hurt he turned his attention to his lips, still swollen from his
previous ministrations.  Tom moaned and started pumping, rubbing
their erections together through the fabric of their uniforms.  Just
like in his dream, Tom swore he heard the big man growl.

As his back was getting more than a little chilled from leaning
against the viewport, Tom disengaged himself from Chakotay long
enough to lead him over to the lounge on the other side of the room.

Tom sat Chakotay down and stood in front of him between his knees.
With the commander looking up at him, he slowly began to remove his
uniform.  Chakotay made a move towards Tom but he stopped him.

"No Chak.  Just sit there and watch.  I want you to see what you're

The commander sat back, his hands going to his lap.  He began to
gently stoke the outline of his cock through his trousers as he
watched Tom strip.

Tom was nervous as he removed his uniform but the reaction he was
getting from Chakotay gave him the guts to continue.  Watching the
big man caressing himself made his penis throb in tandem with his
beating heart.  When he was done he closed his eyes, raised his arms
and ran his fingers through his hair arching his back as he did so.

The man was incredible.  Chakotay thought he would come just from
looking at him.  He could see the forming bruises on his hips and the
mark on his neck making him look so sensuous and so vulnerable.  He
wanted to devour him and protect him at the same time.  It was then
when he realized how hard he would fight for this relationship and
for this man.

"Tom, baby please come here."

Tom's eyes fluttered open and he sank to his knees in front of the

"I'm here, Chak, I'm here.  Just let everything go and let me take
care of you." He said as he leaned forward, pushed way Chakotay hands
and proceeded to undo the big man's trousers.

He pushed away the cloth to find the man's pulsating cock.  It was
weeping and Tom inclined his head to lap up the collected moisture.
He grasped the base with one hand and buried his other under
Chakotay's shirt tweaking a rock hard nipple.  The sound that erupted
from the commander sounded absolutely feral.

Tom relaxed his throat and took as much of Chakotay's erection into
him as possible.    He felt hands in his hair as the cock in his
mouth began to fuck him.

"Gods Poocuh.so sweet.so sweet.oh yes!"

Liberating his hand from the big man's shirt, Tom took hold of his
own erection and began frantically pulling.  The rhythm within his
mouth became erratic and with a few last spasms Tom became aware of
salty warmth in the back of his throat.  Tom exploded against the
base of the lounge when he heard the subsequent roar.

As he rested his head against Chakotay's thigh he felt his thick
fingers raking his hair.  After a moment the commander reclined and
brought Tom up off the floor and pulled him alongside his bulk facing
him.  Warm fingers traced the outline of his jaw and full lips kissed
a trail along the bridge of his nose, stopping at the tip.

"Poocuh, are you OK?"

Tom who normally after an incident such as this would be grabbing his
clothes and heading for the nearest access, snuggled closer and said,

"Yeah Chak, I'm good, just a little done in but I'll recover.  You do
realize how much trouble we're in though, don't you.  I mean I'm sort
of used to it but you, this isn't going to be a walk in the park and
not a few people are gonna like your taste in bedmates."

"Let me worry about that, baby.  If people can't see that this is
anything but good for me then to hell with them."

"That's easy for you to say you're used to doing the "I'm a mountain"
bit but I'm not.  I'd really just like to have you to myself for
awhile before the entire ship knows, sorta like a honeymoon, just the
two of us."

Chakotay considered Tom's words.  He was right.  The shit was going
to hit the fan when people, not to mention Kathryn, found out about
them.  Tom's lack of self-worth in this relationship was obvious, so
he didn't want to risk losing him over a few disgruntled crewmen's
opinions.  Their relationship would have to be stronger before they
could share it with the rest of Voyager's crew.

"OK, we'll keep it low key for awhile but not forever.  I feel so
good about this Poocuh.  It will be difficult for me not to share it
with everyone I see and besides I don't like the deception."

Tom knew what he was asking was taxing Chakotay's sense of what was
right.  But he figured it would take the commander a lot longer to
come to his senses and realize the mistake he was making if he didn't
hear the less than flattering remarks from people like crewman Dalby,
an ex-maquis.

"Just for a little while, Chak.  Let's get to know each other better
before our relationship goes through the ship's rumor mill."

Chakotay looked into those ocean blue eyes and knew he would agree to
anything this man asked of him.  He clasped Tom to his chest and
rocked him in his arms.

"It's getting late Poocuh and we both have an early day tomorrow in
Stellar-cartography, we should get some rest."

As Tom rose to dress, the commander's eyes never left him.  Such a
fascinating creature, one he hoped never to lose.  It amazed him how
fast he had become so emotionally involved.  He remained in his
office sometime after Tom had left thinking about the choice he had
made that night.

Sipping tea, sitting at his computer terminal, Tuvok prepared his
report of the day's events on the Delta Flyer.

As for the secondary mission, the survey had gone well with no
adverse incidents.  As for his primary mission, the status of the
commander's and ensign's relationship, he found himself at a loss.

Their actions had not fit any recognized human behavior patterns.
They were inconsistent.  They would be composed and at ease with one
another at one moment and then reverting to the opposite behavior
within minutes.  It was difficult to ascertain the disparity between
the two when one did not have a point of unvarying reference.

Tuvok decided that it was this inconsistency that must be the
problem.  They appeared unsure of how to react to one another.  In
the intimate setting of the Delta Flyer they were unable to access
the hierarchy of the command structure.

Possibly their feelings of animosity were becoming harder to
contain.  He had thought, as did the Captain, that the commander had
overcome Mr. Paris' alleged betrayal to the Maquis and Mr. Paris had
overcome his resentment of the commander.  It would seem that it
maybe their assumptions were incorrect.

Tuvok decided that he would consider the men's performance tomorrow
before he made his report to Captain Janeway.  He had planned on
observing the men's interaction through the comm system to help him
evaluate the situation more thoroughly.

Hoping tomorrow would be more constructive; he turned off his
terminal and prepared for meditation before he slept.

"Nitrium scan negative."

Chakotay logged the results.  He glanced over at Tom at the astro-
metrics console studying the gravitational flows of the third planet
in this system and its effects on the fourth planet, the one they
were presently harvesting.

"How's it going Poocuh?"

Tom turned and rolled his eyes at him for using the endearment out in
the open again.  Chakotay couldn't help it.  The reaction of
exasperation his lover expressed each time he did so delighted him.
It was somewhat satisfying to be able to push his lover's buttons for
a change.

"Fine Commander.  It looks as if each time the fourth planet passes
in its elliptical orbit it influences the weather patterns of the
third.  It passes so closely that it causes a prolonged rainy season,
which is probably why that world's vegetation is so rich.  Which in
layman's terms means no more of Nelix's leola root concoctions for

Grinning, Tom made a movement in the air as if marking a scoreboard.

"The planet one.  Nelix zero."

The brightness of Tom's smile moved Chakotay to walk over the astro-
metrics console and made a display of looking over the ensign's
findings.   His arm slipped around Tom's waist he looked.

"Good work, Poocaaa." Tom poked him in the ribs, "Ensign."

Damn, it was hard enough being alone with him, did he have keep using
that pet name and flashing those dimples.  And since the astro-
metrics console had recently become an erogenous zone for him, the
sight of Chakotay leaning up against it was breaching the level of
his tolerance.  He wasn't used to being at the receiving end of such
teasing so his only defense was indignation.  He turned to the
commander, intending to voice his displeasure, when he felt himself
being pulled into an embrace.

"Tom there's no one else here, it's just you and me.  I think it's
your turn to let go."

One of Chakotay's hands moved between them, broaching the waistband
of his beloved's pants.  After liberating Tom's cock from the
confines of his trousers he used his fingers to bring him to rock-
hard willingness.  Tom's tolerance was shattered.

"OK Chak, you asked for it.  Computer engage privacy lock, Paris
alpha delta."

"Privacy lock engaged."

Tom wasn't going to hold back here.  This was going to be the dream
he didn't have.  He pulled away from Chakotay and walked over to the
replicator unit.

"Computer, one vial of lavender oil, warmed."

When the shimmering stopped he grabbed the flask and turn back to
face the commander.  He took a moment to relish the look of
disorientation on Chak's face and then strode purposefully towards
him.  This was going to be his show, his dream.

Placing the vial on the console, he seized Chakotay's shoulders and
took his mouth in a savage kiss.  Releasing him, he looked deep into
those mahogany eyes.

"You're life is mine.  You're body is mine."

Chakotay nodded and Tom reached down opened the star of his dream
pants and pulled them down around knees.   Turning the commander
around, he pushed him against the console.  He retrieved the vial,
coated his cock and then Chak's puckered opening with the aromatic

"You're mine.  Say it for me baby, say it."

Chakotay's voice was a low rumble.

"Yours Poocuh, always yours."

Tom lips attached themselves to Chakotay neck while his fingers slick
from the oil entered him one at a time.  After three fingers, Chak's
snarls prompted to replace them with his shuttering cock.  Gods, the
heat!  He couldn't have imagined it would feel this warm, this
welcoming.  Edging forward slowly, he kissed the commander's neck in

"Do it Poocuh, come on baby."

Those few words of encouragement let loose all Tom's inhibitions.  He
pushed himself deep into Chakotay until he could feel his balls touch
the cheeks of the commander's ass.  He was undone.  His hips moved
without violation, he was beyond thought as he slammed into Chakotay
again and again.

Chakotay, unused to being the one taken, was driven to ecstasy each
time Tom rammed into him.  He had to grasp his cock to protect it
from the unyielding surface of the console and as he did so it would
slip in and out his hand with each of Tom's thrusts.

Tom feeling the tightening in his balls, came.  He thought he would
never stop.  His screams melded in harmony with Chakotay's roar.  It
was the most beautiful melody he had ever heard.

"Diboridium scan negative."

Tom felt Chak's shoulder's stiffening then shake.  The commander was
laughing.  Well this was certainly a new reaction to his lovemaking.
He had brought them to tears before but never laughter.  Chakotay

"Logged. Proceed to next scan."

Pulling himself up from the console and turning around, Tom saw
Chakotay's eyes were sparkling.

"See ensign, even in spite of us, life does go on."

Tom wanted to look insulted, even a little hurt but Chakotay's mood
was infectious.  He drew the man into his arms, not caring that he
was smearing cum and oil over their uniforms.

"I stand corrected Commander.  Now how about we take a lunch break to
clean up a bit, OK?"

Tuvok sat back his chair.  He had been observing the visual recording
of Stellar-cartography.

This was an unexpected development, not one he had anticipated.  The
coupling he had witnessed had forced him to reevaluate the commander
and ensign's relationship.  Although he was aware that terran mating
customs were often convoluted and complicated, he had not considered
that this was source of their dissension.

He had now discovered, as the captain had requested the reason behind
the men's recent behavior but he was uncertain as to what the
solution should be or if there actually something here that needed
solving.  Certainly recent events would cause a change in the dynamic
of the men's relationship.   So before he could come to an informed
decision, Tuvok thought, it would be necessary to observe those
changes before he reported back to the Captain.

Perhaps he would have to interact in a social situation with the
commander and the ensign after all.  As he had already discounted
holo programs, Tuvok chose the messhall.

"Come on Harry its not that bad."

Ensign Kim looked down at the quivering blue stuff on his plate and
repressed a shudder.

"Well Tom, I can't helped to have notice that you haven't eaten any
of your own "Talaxian Surprise"."

Tom sifted through the rainbow of food on his plate and looked up at

"Come Har, you know I'm only saving the best for last. It's not that
bad, really.  Besides knowing that in a few days we'll have some real
food to eat makes this stuff go down alot easier."

Harry cycled through the substances on his plate again and looked up
at Tom.  Something had happened.  After weeks of brooding this sudden
buoyancy was a surprise.  Something had happened.  He leveled his
gaze at Tom.

"OK, what's going on?  Don't look at me with that "I don't know what
your talking about Harry" look, you've been impossible for weeks and
now you're almost complimenting Nelix's food.  Give it up Tom."

Tom looked at his best friend.  He knew he couldn't lie to him but he
wasn't ready yet to reveal his relationship with Chakotay.  Somehow
he felt telling Harry about his feelings for Chak would be like
tempting the fates.  Eventually he'd tell him but not now.

"Shit Harry, I know I've been a real prick lately, but I swear that's
over.  I want to tell you about it but I can't, not yet anyway.  I
don't want to fuck it up.   I promise that when I'm ready you'll be
the first person I talk to. OK? You gotta trust me on this one Har."

He never did have a defense against Tom's honesty, his sarcastic
remarks and biting wit maybe but when he decided to put the cards
down on the table and tell the truth, Harry was lost.

"OK, Paris but remember, if I see one sign of you turning back into
Mr. Miserable again, I want to hear it all, understand?"

"Yeah Harry I get it.  Now eat your Talaxian Surprise."

When Chakotay entered the messhall he eyes immediately searched for
Tom.  He found him sitting where he'd seen him a hundred of times
before, with Harry Kim.

He entered the line for Nelix's buffet.  He saw nothing that was
recognizable but chose a little of each dish that was marked
vegetarian.  He was glad because of his vegan diet he didn't have to
try that pulsating blue dish.

After filling his plate he looked for a place to sit.  Normally if
they were in the messhall he would sit with either Kathryn or
B'Elanna but since both were absent he chose a vacant table close to
the viewport.   Tom's seat at the table he was sharing with Harry was
facing the viewport so he chose the seat facing inwards to the

From the ensign's seat dancing he could tell that Tom had noticed his
entrance.  Chakotay picked up the PADD he had brought with him and
acted as if he was interested in the information it displayed while
he ate.

Knowing that Tom was watching over Harry's shoulder, the commander
spent an inordinate amount of time licking tidbits of food off his
utensils and fingertips.  Occasionally he would look up into the
ensign's eyes and smile.  Of course it would be one of those
congenial acknowledgment smiles that any commander would give any
ensign.  Tom's eyebrows would rise and Chakotay enjoyed watching Tom
try to unobtrusively incorporate the action into the conversation he
was having with Harry.

He was definitely enjoying this.  After spending countless nights
agonizing over his feelings for Tom, it was liberating to be able to
just simply savor them.  He knew that this feeling was something he
didn't want to hide for very long.  Last night the commander had
decided what he wanted and what he was willing to exchange for it.
It was time set his priorities and go to work.

Knowing he would have to tread carefully to avoid scaring off the
skittish ensign, he started thinking of ways to get the crew used to
seeing them together.  Not sexually, well not a first, but a display
of camaraderie perhaps to show they had put the past behind them and
were moving on.  They had been going down the right road before they
had become uncomfortable with their mutual attraction.  Sitting
together in Sandrine's and playing pool had become a nightly ritual
for them.

He'd pick up from where they left off.  There was a pool tourney
tonight in Sandrine's.  Tom was considered the favorite and a lot of
the crew would be there to watch his performance.  He had told Tom
that tonight he would be catching up on the reports he was suppose to
have caught up on last night and would meet him later in his
quarters.  Tom wasn't very successful in hiding his relief and
Chakotay pretended not to notice.   But since this relationship was
more important than latest maintenance schedules, he planned on
finishing up early and attending the tournament.

Finishing his meal he picked up his data PADD and walked over to Tom
and Harry's table.  Tom's fork stopped its progress to his mouth and
his eyes went wide.

"Good luck tonight in the tournament, Tom."  Chak said, deliberately
using the ensign's first name.


"Chakotay", the commander finished for him.

While Tom recovered, Harry looked suspiciously from Tom to the
commander and then back again.

"Yeah thanks Chakotay.  Too bad you'll miss my dazzling victory."

"Yes, I regret that I'll miss such a stunning display of your prowess
Tom.  Good evening gentlemen."

Nodding at Ensign Kim and smiling at Tom he turned and left the

Gods, he thought to himself, he was definitely enjoying this!

The dynamics had changed again as he had predicted.  Tuvok logged his
latest observations into his PADD.  The hostility had been reduced,
as a result of their recent mating he concluded, but the anxiety
level had not.  At least in the case of Mr. Paris it hadn't.  The
commander seemed serene and had reacted to the ensign affably.

He suspected that because the sexual nature of the men's relationship
was not common knowledge, Mr. Paris anxiety may derived from Mr.
Kim's scrutiny.  Mr. Paris was aware of, as he was, of Harry Kim's
penchant for "gossip" and that could be the source of his
discomfiture.  It was interesting that this fact did not effect the
commander similarly.

Not willing to conclude his observations, Tuvok realized the
necessity of his presence in the holo program tonight.  His continued
monitoring of Mr. Paris reactions to other members of Voyager, now
that he was one of a now mated pair, would be vital to his

He finished his tea and left the mess hall.

He was hot tonight.  He hadn't played this well in weeks.  Now he was
kind of sorry that the big guy wasn't here to see his "stunning
display of prowess".   He figured having Chakotay see him do so well
at something, anything, would help tip the relationship scales in his
favor.  But mostly he just wanted the commander to be proud of him.

He didn't have to play again for a little while so he wandered over
to bar for a beer and stood beside Harry and B'Elanna.  As he
approached them their conversation stopped abruptly.

"Hey guys, what's up?"

Lt. Torres turned in her seat and handed him a drink.

"Why don't you tell us, Helmboy?"

Oh, oh Tommy Boy, something's up.  B'Elanna hadn't used that
particular diminutive in a long while.  She must really be pissed
about something and when he glanced over at Harry, who was doing his
best wet-behind-the-ears ensign look, he knew what that something
was.  Great, just great.   So Tom, trying to look as guiltless as
Harry and not quite succeeding said,

"B'el, did I do something wrong?  I mean I've really trying to be on
my best behavior that last few light years."

The engineer let her breath out in annoyance and gave him a look that
could kill a targ.  Surprise, surprise, she wasn't fooled by his
sweet and innocent act.

"Chakotay, what are you doing with Chakotay?"

It was the Klingon side of her that didn't mince words.  Straight to
point no matter how much blood was spilled in the process.  His blood
in this instance.

"Look can we talk about this later, somewhere a little less public?
I'd rather not have the entire crew hear about my love life."

"You are together!"  She stopped and digested the rest of what he'd
said.   "And why not now?  You can't possibly be ashamed of being
with him.  I'd understand it if was the other way around but you of
all people being ashamed of him!"

Tom could see that she was trying desperately not to go all Klingon
on him.  He could also she that she was losing the battle.  In his
softest, quietest voice he tried to calm her.

"I didn't say I was B'Elanna.  I'm not. I know how lucky I am having
the big guy want me as much as I want him.   Shit, B'el I think love
the guy."  Tom took a couple of deep breaths,  "Maybe I am a little
afraid of people might say but not about me being with him but him
being with me, OK?"

Love?  She hadn't expected that from Tom.  She knew from personal
experience how hard it was for him to say and here was blurting it
out to her in Sandrine's.  B'Elanna relaxed and placed her hand on
his arm.

"He deserves better, Tom.  I know him and if he's chosen you he won't
care about what people might say.  You can't protect him that way."

At this point Harry decided to join the conversation.

"Tom you're up."

It took a moment for Tom to grasp what Harry was talking about.
Pool.  He was here to play pool.  Before he returned to the table, he
walked to the end of the bar and placed his empty glass on the
counter beside a steaming cup of Vulcan tea.

Chakotay entered Sandrine's and did his now ritual "Paris" scan.  Tom
was playing pool.  From here Chak couldn't see the table but by the
look on his Poocuh's face he wasn't performing at his usual level of

He saw B'Elanna with Harry sitting at the bar and started to progress
his way over to them.  Because the holo program was popular tonight,
it took the commander a little longer than normal to reach his

"Good evening B'Elanna, Ensign."

Harry mumbled something unintelligible into his beer and B'Elanna
looked at him with a curious expression.  What, had he grown another
head?  He did a mental shrug and kept on talking,

"How is Tom doing in the tournament?"


The chief engineer jumped off her chair trying to avoid the beer
shower Harry was giving her.  When the ensign stopped spewing he
started coughing.  Chakotay thumped his back until he regained some
of his control.

"Would one of you of mind explaining what the hell is going on?"

B'Elanna stopped wiping herself long enough to point over to Tom who
was approaching them.

"Why don't you ask him?"

For Tom's benefit he snapped back into his "commander" mode and
cordially smiled at him.  He was struck again by the man beauty.

"Hello Ensign."

Before he could say more Tom's hands seized his face and his lips
were crushed in a bruising kiss.  The bar went silent. Not that the
commander noticed, all he could hear was the blood rushing in his
ears.   After what seemed like forever the blonde released him and
stood back.

"Call me Poocuh."

As Chakotay pulled his "Poocuh" back into his arms, he was vaguely
aware of the sound of Harry falling off his chair.

Tuvok sat waiting in the captain's ready room with a PADD clasped in
his hands.

The doors swished open emitting Captain Janeway.  She walked around
her desk and sat down.

"Captain I have completed my observations of Commander Chakotay and
Ensign Paris.  Through extensive monitoring and documentation I


Tuvok looked up from his PADD and raised an eyebrow to the captain.
She had one hand raised in the air, palm out.

"Just answer me one question, Tuvok.  Is it true that Chakotay and
Tom were kissing last night in Sandrine's?"

"Yes, however my study showed."

"Thank you Commander, that will be all."

A very perplexed not to mention exasperated, (though he would never
admit to the latter) Vulcan rose and left the room.

Smiling, Kathryn rose and walked over to the replicator unit for some
tea then and settled herself on the lounge.  She shook her head and
ran her fingers through her hair still smiling.

Kissing on the holo deck.  Well doesn't that beat all.  She dearly
wished she had been there to see it.   And according to her source,
Mr. Kim's performance would also have been a sight to behold.

Well anyway it certainly had improved their demeanor and if their
spotless performance on the bridge today was the result, she hoped
they would be doing a lot more kissing (or whatever) in the future.

Feeling that all was right in her little corner of the universe, she
finished her tea and returned to the bridge.