Title:  MINE  Part Five
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  5 of 5
Email Address for feedback: forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Tuvok and Chakotay both get their men.

"Good Morning Chakotay."

Chakotay seated himself across from the captain on the lounge in her
ready room.  Kathryn poured him a cup of tea from the pot on the low
table and gave him a weary smile.  She looked as about tired as he
felt.  Last night they had discussed theories and motives late into
the night, without coming to any definite conclusions.  However
Chakotay suspected that after he had left to go home to Tom, she had
stayed in her ready room reading psyche journals and case studies
into the early morning hours.  And although his heart was warmed
knowing she took Tom's attack as a personal blow and wouldn't rest
until it was resolved one way or another; he wouldn't let it destroy

He took the offered cup and made a show of taking in her
appearance.  "Hell Kathryn you look like shit."

She folded her knees under her and gave him an incredulous look.

"Oooh I bet you say that to all the girls."  She picked up the data
PADD next to the teapot.

"Did you even sleep?"

"Some."  She waved off any further questions.  "I've been reading an
article on social isolation."


She punched up an essay on the small screen before handing it over to
the commander.

"Because it's Voyager in a nutshell.  We're cut off from everything
and anything we've ever known.  We're alone here in the Delta
quadrant."  She leaned over and pointed to a paragraph.  "See there
it says that some individuals can develop an altered state of
wellness.  They have increased anxiety, inability to engage in
satisfying personal relationships and then there's the last part."
Chakotay's eyes skipped to the place in the script where her finger
was and read aloud.

"Delusional thinking."

Her voice was a whisper. "Yes."  She sat back, brought her knees up
and hugged them to her chest.  "Why didn't we see this Chakotay?"
Her eyes misted, something that would have not have usually happened
if she'd been rested and not so distraught.  "We should have known.
It was only a matter of time before something like this happened."
She looked out the viewport.  "My god Chakotay I should have known."

He put the PADD and his cup on the table and for the first time
since "New Earth" he pulled her into his arms.

"No Kathryn you couldn't have.  None us of could have."  He stroked
her hair and talked softly into her ear.  "Aberrations happen despite
our best efforts.  There wasn't anything you could have done to
prevent this.  There is no one to blame here."

She straightened in his arms and looked him full in the face.  The
commander was a noble and compassionate man and she cursed whatever
gods there were that the sparks of passion had never flared between
them.   Everything would have been so different, but then again if it
had; she would never be sitting here in his arms cursing them in the
first place.  The irony of the situation sobered her and she returned
to her corner of the lounge.

"So what do we have then?"  With pinched fingers she wiped the traces
of tears from the corners of her eyes.  "Cliché messages, a dead rose
and holodeck programs from hell."

"A black rose."


"It wasn't a dead flower, it was a black one."  Chakotay felt
something niggle at the back of his brain.  "Tuvok was looking for
the significance of a dead rose in Terran customs not a black one."

Despite her earlier relapse, Janeway's mind quickly fell in step with

"Computer what's the Terran definition of giving black flowers?"

The answer when it came was it was not reassuring. "Death."

Not discouraged Kathryn sat up squared her shoulders, reclaiming the
demeanor that was usually hers as captain and rephrased her question.

"Computer of the races aboard Voyager how many hold a cultural
reference pertaining to black flowers?"


"What are those cultures?"

In an impersonal voice the computer answered.

"The Terran homeworld of Earth, the Andorians of the Epsilon Indii
system and Dorvan V on the Cardassian frontier."

Hearing the name of his home planet, Chakotay bolted forward on his

"What is the significance on Dorvan V?"


He mouthed the word silently.  He remembered the black fields outside
his settlement.  They were poppies not roses but their fragrance had
been equally sweet.  After settling on the planet 25 years ago the
new residents had seen the flowers that had blanketed their new home
as a sign of the Federation's promise to them.  A sign of respect, of
reverence and of trust.  Images of his father, of his home and of
ultimately of the fight that had lead him here to this point flooded
his brain.   Kathryn broke through his meandering with a single word.



She shifted closer to him on the lounge.  "Don't you get it?  It's
not Tom he wants but you."

Yes that was the part that finally fit.  Everything began to jell
together.  Tom was hurt because Tom didn't matter.  He was the one
that was supposed to see, that was supposed to understand.  Chakotay
feeling the urge to do something but not sure what, leapt from his
seat on the lounge as Kathryn took command.

"Computer location of Harry Kim."

"Ensign Kim is in his quarters."

She looked to the commander.  If it been a regular day, a regular
duty shift she'd know where Tom was.  He saw the unspoken question
before she voiced it.

"He's doing the maintenance run on the Delta Flyer."    He spoke to
the air in front of him.  "B'Elanna checked it out twice before I let
him go.  He's out there alone."

The captain nodded.  Alone was good.  She addressed herself to the
comm system.

"Janeway to Tuvok."

"Tuvok here."

"Send a security team to Ensign Kim's quarters and meet me there."

"Acknowledged.  Tuvok out."


"Shit, Harry!"

Tom turned in his seat in the Flyer's cockpit and addressed his best

"Give a guy a little warning when you sneak up like that."

The ensign took his place at Ops and looked dead pan at the less than
pleased lieutenant.

"I wasn't sneaking."

Tom waved him away and gave the all clear to docking control as he
maneuvered the Delta Flyer out of the bay.   He had been really
looking forward to this maintenance run as a way to get a hold on his
feelings for Chakotay, which were by the way running out of control
like a M5 computer, but leave it to Tuvok to find a subtle way of
baby-sitting him.   Tom smiled.  He should have known that Tuvok, a
Vulcan who could lie his way into the Maquis without ever doing what
he considered technically lying, would find a way to keep an eye on
him even after the lieutenant had dismissed his security team.  He
directed the Flyer into a parallel flight path with Voyager before
turning to his unexpected co-pilot.

"So what did he promise you?"   Even thought the Flyer was following
its pre-laid flight plan, Tom made a few minor manual adjustments on
the "retro" controls.  "Extra replicator credits for making sure I
don't get into trouble?"


"Tuvok."  When he was done manipulating the trajectory to his
satisfaction, he turned to his friend.  "It's OK Har, I'm not mad."

"I'm not here for Tuvok."

Oh, Tom thought.  It was Chakotay then who was making sure he got
home in time for lunch.

"It's because of Chak then, right?'


Harry got up from his chair at Ops and moved down the slope to the
forward Comm station.  He came so close to Tom, invading his private
space that the lieutenant could feel his breath on his face.  As he
discerned that that the ensign probably had too much garlic in his
last meal he felt a burning pain in his side.  His hand by reflex
flew to the pain and when he felt the warm wetness there, he looked
down to see the protruding of a simple dinner knife in his side and a
watery redness on his fingertips.

"I'm sorry Tom."

The lieutenant watched as Harry collapsed on the slope and brought
his knees to his chest.  The ensign's hand ran over his face,
smearing a dark substance over his cheeks and mouth.  Tom wondered
for a moment why Harry's face looked almost altered before he
realized why, it was the blood, his blood that made it appear that
the contour's of the ensign's face had changed.


"Yes Tom."

The pilot watched as the hilt of the knife moved with each intake of
his breath and thought abstractly why doesn't Harry see this?  Why
doesn't he stop the pain and help me.

"I'm think I'm hurt."

"Yes you are."

The calmness in his friend's voice scared him.  It was then that
things began to connect in his mind.  No, not Harry, it couldn't be


Harry's gaze never faltered, he looked straight head into the
incoming starfield on the Flyer's viewport.  The eyes were blank and
his mouth moved in semblance of an automaton.

"I didn't want to."

Tom racked his brain for things to say but what to you say to your
best friend after his stabs you because he covets your lover.

"Fine."  As flash of blackness assailed him he slipped from his chair
to falling to the floor leaning against the seat of the comm chair.
He sucked his breath between his teeth.  "So tell me," He tried to
get his legs in more comfortable position. "Are you pissed because
I'm fucking Chakotay or because Chakotay's fucking me?"

"He doesn't love you."

Beep wrong answer.  Any leverage he had in this situation just went
out the window because for once he was on the wrong side of the
fence.  He was the rival not the prey.  So now what did he do, back

"I know Harry."

Harry's fist went to his mouth.  His knuckles spread blood across the
grim straight lined expression of his mouth.  When he spoke it spread
along his teeth giving them a pink hue in the dim lights of the Flyer.

"He touches you."



How?  Tom not knowing whether lying or telling the truth would make
Harry any more unstable, went with the easiest route, the truth
because frankly it was a little difficult to come with convincing
lies with a butter knife in your gut.  He brought his tone down a

"He touches me with care, with love."

"I said he doesn't love you."

"Right.  I just mean its soft and gentle."

"Tell me what he does Tom."

"Well he kisses me."


"He touches me."  Before he got another "and" Tom continued. "It
feels good."

"Does he, does he.."

Oh god he must be getting delirious because he could almost imagine
they were sitting in the messhall having this conversation.

"Yes Harry he takes me."

Tom heard a sigh escape the ensign's lips and when he looked over at
him, causing another stab of pain, there were tears in his eyes.

"He does love you then."


Shit Tom thought, he was starting to see flashing stars in the
blackness now too and he wasn't looking out the viewport like Harry.
As the pain receded a bit and his vision cleared he realized the
blinking light wasn't in his head but was coming from his cockpit
console.  Voyager was trying to contact them but the audio had been
turned off.  Tom tried to lift his arm to respond to the hail but
found the limb was no longer answering the impulses from his brain.
He was going to have to get Harry do it.

"Har, Voyager's hailing us."

"Are they?"

"Yeah, you think you could answer them?"

"Not yet."

"Harry I need help."  He peered at the man and tried unsuccessfully
to catch his eye. "I think we both need help."

"That's not what I need."  Slowly the ensign's head turned to the
lieutenant.  "You took what I need and now I'm taking it from you."

Tom recoiled from the hate in those eyes and knew appealing to the
man's sense of logic wasn't going to work.  Harry was too far gone in
his dream world where Chakotay belonged solely to him.  So seeing no
other choice, Tom left his and entered that world before he bled to
death and existed in neither.

"Harry I told him how you feel.  He knows now."

That got his attention.  Harry grabbed the lieutenant by the biceps,
eliciting a yelp from the bleeding man.

"He does?"

"Yes and if he wants you, I'll be a man about it and let him go."

"Why would you do that?"

"Cause you're my friend Harry and I'd do anything for you."

"You just want me to answer the hail."

"Yeah, I want that too."  Tom tried to put all the sincerity he had
into the only part of him that still worked, his eyes.  "Please Harry
be my friend.  I promise I'll let Chak go.  Please."

The ensign rose and walked back to the Ops station.

"You promise?"



Harry's assent was the last thing Tom heard before he passed out.


"Captain their shields are down."

Kathryn leapt from her chair and twirled to face her security chief.

"Beam them to Sickbay Tuvok now!"


"He hit me with his clarinet?"

"Yes they found it beside his comm badge in his quarters.  It still
had your blood on it."

As Tom shuddered and brought the covers up under his chin, Chakotay
hugged him closer.  The Doc after healing the pilot's wound and
transfusing him with blood had begrudgingly allowed him to finish
recuperating in Chakotay's quarters.  The commander had just returned
from a briefing with the captain and was now lying beside Tom on top
of the covers on his bed.

"Where's he now?"

"In Sickbay sleeping.  The Doc performed surgery to repair his flawed
neural circuits so there should be no reoccurrence of his

"His what?"

"Schizophrenia.  It's a rare psychotic disorder that develops in the
brain at the fetal stage.  It's usually detected at birth but in
Harry's case it was latent and didn't appear before now."

"He's OK then?"

Chakotay kissed the top of his golden head.  "Yeah with a little
therapy he'll be fine at back at his post in no time."

"Good.  Are you coming to bed?"

"Soon Poocuh.  I have a few reports that need tending first.  Why
don't you get some sleep, I won't be long."

"I'm not tired."  His hand appeared out from under the covers to play
with the fastenings of the commander's trousers.  "And I need tending
too."  Within seconds the talented fingers had opened the front and
were toying with his hardening erection.

Chakotay moaned.  It felt so good to have his love here in his bed
touching him.  It was hard to believe that it was only a few hours
ago that he thought he'd never be able to feel this joy again.
Letting Tom play, he stripped off his jacket and undershirt.

"What about your reports?"

Chakotay kicked off his shoes and removed the rest of his clothing
before turning to the wanton beside him.

"Fuck the reports!"

"Well I would rather you fucked me but." He stopped when Chakotay
tore the blankets from the bed revealing his nude body.

Gentle hands coursed down his body almost reverently.  The commander
leaned forward and kissed the place where the knife had gone in under
his ribs.  He eyes came up to Tom's and his mouth opened.

"Don't you dare even ask Chak.  I'm fine just along as you keep on
doing what you're doing, OK?"

"OK Poocuh."  Tom felt the commander's breath on his belly as he
spoke.  A tongue trailed down further dipping into his navel flicking
it a few times before moving on.  Chak had never gone down on him
before and he trembled in anticipation.

Feeling those full lips, so ripe for fucking, encase the head of his
penis, caused his to hips involuntarily buck up off the mattress.
Broad palms steadied him as he was sucked deeper into the bliss that
was his lover's mouth until his hilt was reach and he could go no
further.  Chakotay swallowed and hummed sending bolts of pure
pleasure up his spine.

"Oh my god Chakotay!"  Then the commander began to bob his
head.  "Oh - my - fucking - goddddd!"

Four, three, two one, blast off!  As Tom came explosively, Chakotay
brought his lips up to his and with his hand pumped him into
oblivion.  The commander spread his issue over his own penis and down
into the crack of his ass.  Tom spread his legs in preparation.

"Now Lieutenant are you ready to be fucked?"

"Aye, aye Commander.  Engage!"

Chakotay slipped a pillow under his hips before levering up on his
hands.  Tom reached down and guided the slick cock into his ass.
When it popped his puckered ring he lay back and clutched the
sheets.  The commander moved forward wasting no time in engulfing his
shaft in his silken tunnel.  Tom watched his thrusting thinking he
had never seen anything so beautiful, so erotic as the man he loved
taking pleasure in his body.

"Oh Tom, oh.."

With enough force to make his teeth rattle Chakotay pushed forward
one last time before climaxing and roaring aloud in abandon.   Tom
carefully guided the sweating body above him down to lay at his side
as the commander blacked out.

He loved this part.  This waiting and watching over his beloved until
he was himself again.  It gave him a felling of self-empowerment to
have this chance to protect his protector.  It didn't matter that
there was no real danger, it just felt good to be the one in control
for a change.  Tom felt limbs tightening around his torso.

"Gods Poocuh do you know how much I love you?"

"Yeah baby I do."

"And you?  Do you love me?"

Tom carded his fingers through the short dark hair liking the way it
spiked up all sexy like.  He gazed in the ebony orbs of the man that
was his everything.

"I love you Chakotay."  Kissed the full dark lips. "And I promise you
that I will be forever and always,

Y - O - U - R - S."