Title:  MINE  Part Two
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  2 of ?
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Disclaimer:   Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  Ah my dear Tuvok, the game's afoot!

"How is he?"

The commander took his seat beside Tuvok slowly trying to give
himself time to master his anger before answering the captain.  When
he was more or less settled in both body and mind he looked at her
across her desk.

"Better.  The EMH was able to stop the cranial bleeding before the
pressure caused any permanent damage.  He's sleeping now."

The captain's shoulders softened a moment in relief before
straightening in her chair and directing her gaze at Commander Tuvok.

"Tuvok, what the hell happened?"

The security chief brought up the PADD he'd been holding in his hand
and began to inform the captain of the status of his investigation
thus far.

"Two hours ago, at approximately 20:15 Commander Chakotay found
Lieutenant Paris in his quarters unconscious and bleeding from a
wound at the base of his skull.  The wound was not self inflicted nor
was it accidental.  It would seem that the lieutenant was struck from
behind by an unknown assailant with an unidentified blunt object."

Nervous energy forced Kathryn to stand and lean over the back of her

"An unknown assailant.  Chakotay did Tom say anything to you in
Sickbay about who it might have been?"

"No.  After the Doc repaired the damage he sedated him.  We never

"Tuvok what about entry logs.  Who else was there?"

"During that time period the logs show only the lieutenant and the
commander signatures.  The attacker did not gain entrance to the
cabin through the doors."  Tuvok anticipated the captain's next
question.  "I also checked transporter logs for a possible site to
site transfer with negative results."

"What about a personal transporter?"

"That is a possibility Commander.  The schematics for such a device
is in Voyager's data banks.  Given the right materials, it would not
take exceptional technical skills to build one."

The captain paced behind her chair, her patience wearing thin. She
could deal with the violence of other worlds but to have it happened
in her own world, on her ship, chilled her soul.

"If we don't know what Tom was hit with, who the culprit is or how he
or she gained access to his quarters, what do we know Tuvok?"

"A great deal Captain if my theory is correct.  For instance I
believe the attacker is male."

Chakotay turned to Tuvok.

"How can you be so sure?  Some of the females aboard ship are larger
than their males counterparts, so strength or size couldn't be

"That is true which is precisely why I didn't not explore that avenue
of reasoning.  I derived my hypothesis from reading the depositions
taken from the patron's of Sandrine's and the available physical

Both Chakotay and Kathryn stifled a shudder.  The "physical evidence"
Tuvok was referring to was the solitary word written in Tom's
blood.   That one act cast a malevolent shadow over an already
frightening incident.  Tuvok took little notice of their discomfort
and continued on.

"I believe the incident was an act of jealously sparked by the
commander's sexual advances towards the lieutenant in Sandrine's
earlier this evening."

Kathryn had read the reports too and while she was a little amazed at
the behavior of her first officer, he was not the first person to pay
Tom that kind of attention.

"Tuvok, Tom's had other relationships in the past that haven't caused
this kind of turmoil, what's the difference?"

"The difference Captain is gender.  Mr Paris' previous relationships
have been with females.  I suspect that the perpetrator has seen
those liaisons as little or of no consequence but does not see one
with another male as such.  He is seen as a rival."

"So he sees me as a threat and attacks Tom to warn me off?" The
commander shook his head in disbelief.  "Tuvok that doesn't make any
sense.  Why would he hurt him if he wants him?"

"Sense has very little to do with it Commander.  We are dealing with
someone who perceives things differently than we do.  In his mind he
may feel that he and Tom share a connection, one that the lieutenant
would be totally unaware of."

"So this would have to be somebody fairly close to Tom?"

"No not necessarily. They need not be friends but merely casual
acquaintances.   He could see a brief look of acknowledgment of
passing in the corridor or an unconscious gesture in the messhall as
a secret signal of affection from Tom meant only for him."

"So now he's punishing Tom for betraying this...this relationship he
thinks they have?"

"Yes Captain I believe so."

Chakotay leaned forward with his hands white knuckling his knees.

"So how do we find him?  Previous psyche evaluations?"

"I fear not as this type of ertomania consistently fails to be
detected in standard Starfleet testing."

Tuvok was acutely aware that both the commander and the captain were
expecting some form concrete action from him.  He provided them with
the only options available, limited though they were.

"For now while I continue my investigation I would recommend constant
monitoring of the lieutenant's quarters and a security detail."

The captain ran a hand through her short cropped hair as she
considered her security officer's recommendations.

"Very well Tuvok keep me informed.  Chakotay please update Mr Paris
on the facts of the investigation in the morning.  Dismissed."

"Captain if I may.  There is one other measure we might take to
ensure the lieutenant's continued safety."

"One moment Chakotay.  What is it Tuvok."

"I would recommend that the Commander not pursue a romantic
relationship with Mr Paris until after the attacker is apprehended."

The same thought had crossed her own mind but she had been loath to
say it out loud.  She had no desire to issue commands regarding her
first officer's love life no matter what the circumstance.  His faced
betrayed no emotion as she looked to him for understanding.  He just
nodded as he spoke.



"Absolutely no fucking way Chakotay!"

After tracking the errant pilot from Sickbay to his quarters, he had
found him relaxing on the lounge in his sleep pants.  The commander
sat next to him as he relayed the events of the previous night's
meeting. Tom had listened quietly and calmly but when he had gotten
to Tuvok's recommendations, he had flown from the couch in a fury.
Chakotay went after him.

"Tom it won't be forever, just until we find the guy who hurt you,

"No Chak it's not OK!"  Tom rounded on the commander, "I won't let
some nutcase tell me who I can be with and who I can't."  He threw a
hand in the direction of the doors of his cabin.  "And I won't have
Tuvok's henchmen following me around every where I go!"

Damn him Chakotay thought as his concern for the willful young pilot
translated into anger.  Tom was acting like a spoilt child who didn't
want to take his medicine no matter how good it was for him.

"Well I'm sorry but for the mean time you're just going to have to
live with it!"  The blue eyes looking into his brown ones darkened.

"Yeah but can you live with it Chakotay?"  Tom's voice lowered as he
loosened the drawstring of his pants and let them fall.  "Or should I
say without it?"

Not giving the man time to react, Tom curled a hand around the
commander's neck and swiftly took his mouth.   He used his lips and
tongue as best as he knew how and used his other hand to grasp a
wrist placing Chakotay's palm around his cock.

He released the big guy's lips but not his wrist and as he continued
to masturbate using his lover's hand, he whispered.

"Take me."

"I can't."

"Yes you can."  The wrist in his hand began to move by it own
violation.  "Gods, Chakotay you already are."

He heard a sharp intake of breath before shaking hands pulled him
back.  Tom watched as Chakotay stood before him and silently stripped
the clothes from his magnificent body.  The commander remained mute
as he took him by the hand and he led him into his bedroom.

The sound of the bedroom doors swishing behind him caused him to
flinch and his eyes to lower.  He had been in here briefly to change
earlier and had noted that the blood had cleaned from the carpet
however he hadn't known about the writing then.  The attack had been
scary but the word MINE scrawled in "his" blood was downright
creepy.  Chakotay noticed his agitation and pulled up next to him.

"It's all gone Tom."


"Neelix.  He came in after Tuvok was done."


Chakotay berated himself for even thinking of taking pleasure from
the shell shock man beside him.  Spirits, Tom didn't need this added
complication in his life right now after being violated so brutally.
He placed an arm around his waist and sat with him on the edge of the

"I think right now you should get some rest.  I'll check on you later
to see how you're doing all right?"

The light came back on in the lieutenant's eyes.   Tom reached out
and slid a hand across the commander's smooth chest, testing the
flesh of his nipples with his fingertips.

"I don't want you to go."

"I'll be back later I promise and we can talk, OK?"

The hand moved lower to Chakotay's semi-flaccid penis.  He cradled it
in his palm as if testing its weight and stroked it with his thumb.
The bright eyes watched for the commander's reaction to the stimulus.

"You said that last time and looked what happened."

"If I hadn't been here at all nothing would have happened.  I'm sorry
but if he finds out, he may try to hurt you again."

"I don't care."

He didn't really.  The effect of touching Chakotay was already
pushing his fears to the back burner.  It had been so long since he
had felt such longing for anybody it totally overwhelmed his fear.
He needed this badly and the commander had to understand that.

"Chak stay with me just for a little while."  His lips caressed the
fine lines of the commander's tattoo.  "Make me yours not his."

Realization dawned on the first officer.  Tom needed him to feel
safe, to wash away the taint and replace it with something clean.
Besides if the attacker already knew he was here, he would probably
assume they were having sex anyway.  So denying Tom or quite frankly
himself just this once wouldn't make any difference.  He scooted up
on the bed.

"Come here."

Tom turned and crawled his way up the commander.  Stopping to kiss
the inside of a dark skinned thigh, and a lick taut brown nipple
before lying prone atop Chakotay's body.  Thick fingers dug into his
butt pulling him closer as teeth and lips alternately nipped and
kissed him along his neck and shoulder.

"You taste so good."

Tom's head dipped down to lave the darken nipples.

"Mmm. Right back at you big guy."

Chakotay laughed turned Tom over sealing the smart mouth with his
own.   Using his dominant position he rubbed against the pale body
beneath him creating a delicious friction.  The feeling of the
moisture from Tom penis spreading along his own caused his stomach to
tremble.   Tom began to moan and buck beneath him.

"Oh fuck Chak, you're killing me here."  His eyes motioned to the
right. "Top drawer, quick."

The commander not wanting to relinquish his contact with the
lieutenant pulled him with him as he went for the lube.  Tom got the
idea and rolled with him.  The problem was Chakotay wasn't expecting
the maneuver and the momentum carried both the men over the edge of
the bed landing in a heap on the carpet.

"Well that was graceful."

Tom looked into the commander's amused face as he laid on top of him
and rolled his eyes.

"Whatever.  Now do you think can you stop the colourful commentary
and acrobatics long enough to fuck me?"

"Your wish is my command, master."

The next sound Tom heard was the popping of the lid of the vial
Chakotay had amazing been able to retrieve during their tumble.  He
rolled the lieutenant over on his back and poured the musky scented
oil into a pool on his belly.   Using his fingers Chakotay swirled
the oil around and over his nipples causing him to suck his breath
between his teeth and his back to arch.



The slickness was spread down his belly, over his near bursting
erection where eventually it was worked into the puckered opening of
his ass.   As fingers slid in and out, Chakotay mimicked the action
with his tongue in his mouth.  The heat was building in the base of
his gut causing his penis to weep freely.  If Chakotay didn't stop
soon the show was going to be over before it started.

"Gods Chakotay fuck me."  He spread his knees back as far he
could. "Now dammit!"  Chakotay pulled back and smiled.

"Yes master."

The commander stroked himself a few times with an oiled hand before
leaning over and pushing between the cheeks of his lover's ass.  He'd
tried to go slow but one look at Tom's head thrown back in pleasure
made it impossible and he began pumping frantically.

"Yes Chak, oh gods harder. Oh gods..."

The commander pounded into the screaming man watching as his seed
spilled and listening to him as called his name in rapture.   It was
too much; Chakotay came hard shooting deep inside Tom. Rocking a few
last times he pulled out and fell to his back beside his lover. They
lied adjacent to each other on the carpet, gulping breaths of air.

When he had recovered enough the commander propped himself up on an
elbow.   He took the lieutenant's face in his hand and brushed his
lips with his thumb.   As those bright sparkling blue eyes gazed up
at him he moved closer and whispered.



"Hey Mort what's up?"

Crewman Harren gave him a cursory glance before grabbing his utensils
and heading for his usual table in the corner of the messhall.  Tom
kept talking anyway.

"I'm fine by the way."  Harren ignored him and kept walking. "You
know just in case you where wondering."  Tom shrugged his shoulders
and turned back to the buffet.  It was not a pretty sight.

While spooning a particularly viscous pink dish on to his plate and
hoping it wouldn't taste as bad as it looked, its culinary creator
approached him.

"Good evening Tom."

"Hey Neelix."

"You OK?"

As he talked the colourful Talaxian filled Tom's plate.  He was
showing his concern by feeding him the lieutenant guessed.

"Ah I'm fine."  Tom pulled his over flowing plate back from the
Talaxian's reach.  "Thanks for cleaning up my quarters.  I really
appreciated it."

Neelix waved off his thanks and put a hand on his arm.

"You're really OK?"

Tom gave him his sincerest smile.  "Yeah I'm really OK."  And he
meant every word.   His morning with Chakotay and gone a long way in
quieting his fears and Chak's too he supposed.  Tom had agreed to
Tuvok's security measures and to, this was the hard part, keep his
hands to himself until they nabbed the nutbar who hit him.  Giving
Neelix one last flash of his pearly whites, Tom went over to join

He carefully placed his over full plate down before sitting across
from his best friend.


The smirk on the ensign's face told him that Harry had probably
witnessed the whole "mother" Neelix scene.  He poked at the mass on
his plate.

"Yeah, I took an extra helping of Talaxian Concern.  Want some?"

"Pass."  The smirk faded.  "So are you all right?"

Man this line was getting really tiresome.  The lieutenant put down
his fork and sighed in exasperation.

"Yes Harry, I'm "fine", I'm great, I'm fan fucking tastic."

The ensign fell back as if he had hit him.  Tom kicked himself
mentally.  This wasn't Harry fault.

"Sorry Har.  I guess I'm a bit jumpy but mostly I am fine." Still
trying to get that kicked puppy look of the ensign's face, Tom
indulged him in his favorite hobby, gossip.  "So what's the buzz
around the ship?"  Harry's face beamed, it worked.

"Well the last thing I heard was that a jealous lover caught you and
the commander last night.uh.uh."  Harry looked down at his

"Playing chess?"




"Calibrating tri-corders?"


"How about fucking?  Was that it Harry, someone came in and caught
Chak and I doing the horizontal mambo?"

The ensign glared at him. "Yes, and then there was a big fight over
you and you got hurt trying to break it up."

"You're kidding right, the commander fighting over me?"

"Well he was seen going into your cabin last night, not to mention
him being there all this morning."

Tom had a real urge to tell Harry he'd got the fucking part backwards
and the jealous lover was some crazed sicko but fought it.   Tuvok
thought it was better to keep the details of the attack

"You know Harry the commander could have just really been in my
quarters playing chess this morning and last night.  And as for my
head, maybe I had one too many at the bar and slipped in the
shower."  He pushed his chair back.  "I know it's not as exciting but
it is a lot more plausible."

"Yeah but."

Deciding on using up a few replicator credits on something more
edible and eating in his cabin, Tom rose from his chair.

"See ya Harry."

As a flustered ensign watched two security guards follow Tom out of
the messhall, he finished his sentence.

".you don't know how to play chess."


3 hours 23 minutes.  He leaned over his console and checked the log
again.  3 hours 23 minutes.  The sensors showed that for the majority
of that time they had been in the sleep area and they had not been
sleeping.  It wasn't right.

Why had he not heeded his message?  Why had he not believed?  Did he
need something else?  Yes that was it.  Perhaps something more
personal, more romantic would work.

He switched off the computer to prepare.


"Computer kill alarm."

The computer complied with lieutenant's command and brought the
ambient light level up 30 percent.  Tom brought his arm's up over his
eyes and moaned.

"Shit do you have to do that?"

"Affirmative, by order of Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris."

"Whatever."  The pilot nestled down deeper in his bed and squeezed
his eyes shut. "Well turn off the damn lights and wake me again in
half an hour."

"Negative, by order of Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris."

The lights went up another 20 percent.


One of these days he'd have to find this Thomas guy and kick his butt
across the quadrant.   Tired of fighting the inevitable, not to
mention a taskmaster of a computer, Tom opened his eyes and sat up.

"It is now 07:15 hours."

"I'm up, I'm up, OK?"

He pulled the covers back and got out of bed.  He was stretching the
sleep out of his muscles when he saw it, a small holo disc sitting on
his nightstand.   It hadn't been there when he'd gone to bed last
night, he was sure of it.   He picked it and threaded through his
fingers before activating it.

It was a perfect red rose.  Chakotay, he thought and as smile started
to form on his lips the image changed.   The petals turned black and
thorns became more pronounced.   Tom dropped the disc and as it
bounced on his bed, an audio file began to play, looping one word
over and over,

M - I - N - E