Title:  MINE  Part One
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  1 of ?
Email Address for feedback:  forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew belong to Paramount and not me.

Summary:  A game of pool develops into something more.

"Oh Chakotay."

Tom pulled off his uniform jacket and threw it across an arm of the
lounge before collapsing on it and throwing his head back.  His eyes
slipped shut as he remembered.

Earlier that night he and Harry had been relieving the day's stress
over a game of pool in Sandrine's.  The last sector they had
traversed had been a real bitch.   Asteroids and small moons had
littered the star field making for some very tricky flying and Tom
swore he heard the whole ship release a collective breath when they
cleared it.  As result Sandrine's was hopping, full to the brim with
crewmembers ready to burn off a little of that tension.

Harry noticed Chakotay's entrance before he had, waved him over to
the table and before Tom had anything to say about it, the ensign was
handing over his cue to the commander.

Well wasn't that just fucking terrific.  Tom never played well
against the commander.  For some reason whenever he was in close
proximity to the commander he found it very difficult to concentrate
on anything else and a result his game suffered.  Oh well, he already
won a few replicator credits from Harry, he supposed he could afford
one game with the man.

"Your break, Commander."

"Were not on the bridge Tom, you can call me Chakotay."

Tom nodded and Chakotay leaned forward to take his shot.  His ears
followed the sound of the balls clicking but his eyes followed the
line of the commander's nicely formed ass.  When he realized what he
was doing he quickly brought his attention back to the table noticing
there were a few less balls there than before.

"Nice balls, Chakotay."

Gods, did he really just say that?  Chakotay raised an eyebrow and
gave him one of his famous Mona Lisa smiles.

"Thank you, Tom."

He moved around the table for his next shot brushing past the
lieutenant briefly allowing shoulder to touch shoulder.  Chakotay
missed his shot leaving a particularly tricky one for Tom.  He
stretched himself across the table bracing his hip against the edge
for balance and sank the ball.

"Nice form, Tom."

Gods, did the commander really just say that?  He gave the man a self-
defacing smile and positioned himself for his next shot.  He felt the
big guy come up behind him to watch.

"Your angle's all wrong."  Tom heard the voice come closer to his
ear.  "It's like this."

Strong arms aligned themselves with his and a warm front covered his
back.  It was a glorious sensation, too glorious in fact for
Sandrine's, Tom thought as he tried to listen to Chakotay's

"Now try it."

The commander removed his blanketing warmth and Tom feeling a little
bereft made his shot.  He missed the pocket by a lightyear.

"Good try."

A consoling hand padded his back as Tom straightened to give the man
access to the table for his turn.   Chakotay was still standing
directly behind him and when he turned hips met hips and chests met
chests.  They stood there a moment both acknowledging that the game
they were playing had nothing to do with pool, before Chakotay broke
the spell by stepping back and taking his turn.

Tom watched the commander clear the table in a daze.  For the last
half-hour he'd been actually flirting with the first officer and if
that wasn't amazing enough the first officer was flirting right back
and none too subtly either.  He had noticed a few sly smiles and
winks in his direction and then there was Harry.

The fresh young ensign had been dancing in his chair trying not to
notice the play by play between him and the commander.  Seeing his
mentor in all things female jump to the other side of the pond, must
be rocking his traditional hetro paradigm.  Tom shook his head.  Poor
Harry didn't know what he was missing.

"That's game.  Do you want to play again?"

Harry forgotten, the lieutenant fastened his eyes on something he had
overlooked these past six years.  It had been along time since he'd
felt desire for a man, the credit going directly to the prison in
Auckland thank you very much, but in his wildest dreams he would
never had guessed that Chakotay would be the one to rekindle that


"Yeah Chak I want to play."  He moved a little closer out of Harry's
earshot.  "But not here OK?"

The commander looked up into his face; his own not betraying one iota
of emotion and took the pool cue from his hand.  OK, Tom thought his
confidence flagging, here comes the part where he wacks me up side
the head with my own pool cue for propositioning him.

"OK let's go."

Half expecting to feel the blow to his head, Tom was relieve and then
surprised to feel it in his heart.   Chakotay put down the cue on the
table, took him by the elbow and lead him out of Sandrine's leaving a
very confused ensign in his wake.


"Computer halt lift."

They had been standing side by side not touching in deference to the
other passengers on the turbo-lift, who had they had just deposited
on deck eight, when Chakotay issued the order.

Chakotay turned him to face him and held him gingerly by the biceps.
Tom began to quiver slightly whether it was in anticipation or just
plain nervousness he wasn't sure.  The big guy sensed his unease.

"Tom, I want to kiss you but if you don't want me to I won't, OK?"

"I want you to."

"You're sure, cause we can stop this right now and.- "

"Oh fuck Chakotay!"

Partly out of frustration and partly out of fear the big guy was
talking himself out of this, Tom lunged forward and shut him up.
Chakotay was slammed back into the wall of the lift as Tom's highly
educated lips and tongue explored that sensuous full mouth.

The commander's hands went down to cup the pilot's ass and bring him
closer to heat welling in his groin.  He heard Tom's breath hitch and
his shoulder stiffen at the contact momentarily before he was
assailed by the grinding of the lieutenant's hips against his own.

"Gods, Chakotay I want you!"

When the tremor in Tom's voice pulled him nearer to the edge, he knew
it was time to slow things down.  He was the first officer after all
and he was pretty sure that dry humping the chief pilot in the turbo
lift was against Starfleet regulations.  He shifted his pelvis back
and returned his palms to the biceps of his future lover.

"Tom, baby hold up."  Pearly white teeth nipped at his earlobe almost
breaking his resolve. "Tom, stop and look at me!"

A wonderfully flush face with irises ringed in blue presented it self
to him.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong other than the fact that we're moving faster than
the turbo lift."

"And your point would be?"  Tom trailed the tip of his tongue along
Chakotay's jawline.

"My point is, I'd rather not give the engineering crew a free show
when they show up to find out why the lift is stuck, OK?"

"Good point."  Tom released the commander from the wall and snaked a
hand into his.

"Computer resume, deck three and step on it!"


"Janeway to Chakotay."

Pale fingers encased his wrist stopping his hand in mid motion as Tom
pressed him harder into wall to beside the door.  He had barely made
inside the lieutenant's quarters before he had beset upon by those
talented lips again.

"Don't answer it."

"I have to."

Tom shrugged his shoulders, let go his wrist and dropped down in
front of him.  Chakotay felt his erection released from his trousers
as he hit his comm badge.

"Yes Captain."

As teeth and lips coursed up one side of his cock and then back down
the other, the commander bit the inside of his cheek to keep from

"Can you meet me in my ready room?"


He reached a hand down intending stop the head at his groin but as he
felt Tom's mouth begin to suck his now weeping penis, his hand
retracted and placed itself flat against the wall behind him.

"Yes, and I know it's late but I won't be able to sleep tonight until
I get this one last report finished.  I promise it'll only take
fifteen minutes tops."

Tom began to hum.

"Fine, Kathryn I'm on my way.  Chakotay out."

Simultaneously the commander slapped the connection closed and lifted
his hips from the wall thrusting in and out of the lieutenant's mouth.

"Oh yes Tom.oh yes.  Oh yes!"

A hand stilled his hips as the pilot began working him in earnest.
He felt teeth slide along the underside of his cock then nip at the
head before drawn in again and again.

When he felt a finger flick the puckered opening of his ass, he came
explosively.  Tom let go of his hips allowing him to pump as the
pilot swallowed every drop of his release.  When the moment passed he
slid down the wall bringing him eye level with an extremely self-
satisfied looking blonde.

"You are too wicked, you do know that don't you?"

"Is that a complaint?"

"No, just a statement of fact."  Chakotay grasped his now lover by
the nape. "Now come here."

Tom expecting to receive a crushing kiss was startled when he felt
soft lips on his brow.   Chakotay released him and eyed the very
evident bulge in his pants.

"I be back for that later.  Wait for me?"

"Yeah, we'll both be here with bells on."

"Bells?  That makes for a very interesting picture."

Tom rolled his eyes and helped the big guy to his feet.  Chakotay put
himself to rights and then hauled Tom into his arms for that
previously expected crushing kiss before entering the corridor.


"Oh Chakotay."

Tom broke from his revelry to find himself stroking a very large hard-
on through his trousers.   He took his hand away from the now aching
member hoping Chak would hurry his ass and get back here before he

In an effort to distract himself from the torture below his waist,
Tom decided on a shower.  Yeah that's the ticket, he'd be all bright
and shiny for his new lover, Chakotay.  Tom laughed aloud as he made
his way to the bedroom.  All of the good looking men aboard Voyager
he had ended up with the one person he didn't even think liked him
very much to be his first male lover since prison.   He was still
trying to wrap his brain around that one when he heard the bedroom
doors swish open behind him.

He never saw it coming.  First there was a blinding pain as something
hit him from behind and then there was only blackness.


The assailant leaned forward and felt for a pulse.  It was there but
it was thready, good he was still alive.   Now it was time to deliver
the message.  Using the instrument of the blow itself the attacker
traced out in the blood pooling around the young man's head four

M - I - N - E