Title:  Matchmaker, Matchmaker P6
Author:  Cheryl Forbes
Fandom:  Star Trek:  Voyager
Pairing:  Chakotay/Tom Paris
Rating:  NC 17
Series:  6 of 6
Email for feedback:  forbesc@skyia.com
Disclaimer:  Voyager and her crew are the property of Paramount and
not me.  Whatever.

Summary:   Everyone else has got their match and now it's Tom's turn.

"So go over and say hi."

"Come with me."


"Look you don't have to stay, just stand with me a moment until I
feel comfortable."

His friend gave him a look of exasperation making it quite evident to
Harry he didn't get it.  Why should he?  Tom had balls enough to
stroll over to a hoard of angry Nausicans and strike up a pleasant
conversation, so it stood to reason that the self-assured pilot
wouldn't understand his nervousness at approaching the small band of
laughing ex-maquis that surrounded Tem.

"Harry, you talk to Ayala and Tabor all the time." Tom reasoned.

"Yeah but that was before."

"Before what?"  Understanding dawned.  "Oh, before you let Gerron
fuck you.  You know, you don't look any different Har.  I'm sure they
won't be able to tell from just looking at you."

Harry gave his friend an impatient look.  "I know that Tom."

"OK then what's the problem?"

"I want them to know but I'm not sure if they'll accept me as Tem's
lover.  Shit Tom they're Maquis.  They done things and seen things
I've only read about."

"And you're afraid they'll think you're too squeaky clean to relate
to them?"

"Yeah something like that."

"Well then they'd be wrong.  In the last seven years you've gotten
enough as much dirt as anybody under your fingernails.  The only
difference between you and them is that at the end of the day you
wash your hands.  You don't wear your wounds like badge of honour,
you deal with them and move on."  Tom's eyes twinkled.  "Besides, in
that outfit you look pretty hot.  They'll be falling over themselves
to get next to you."

"You think so?"  Harry look down at his emerald green robes.  The
Vulcan material while being light and gauzy to suit the planet's
temperate climate was also quite revealing.  The fabric delineated
the muscles of his body almost to the point of indecency.

"I do and I'll bet, so does Gerron."

Harry blushed.  Well Tom was right about that.  The small delicate
Bajoran with the magic hands did anything but make him feel naïve or
unattractive.  Harry looked at the pilot's encouraging face and
smiled.  Tom made him feel special too, only he used an alternate
method and achieved entirely different results.

"OK, I'll go by myself."

Harry snatched a glass from the fountain they were standing by, drank
it contents in one go and strode purposely toward his lover.  He was
halfway to his destination when he noticed Tom keeping pace with him.

"Where are you going?"

"Me?"  The pilot tried to look innocent but failed miserably.  "Oh
ah, I wanted to ask Chell's advice about a haircut."

While the blue skinned Bolians sported no hair themselves, they were
eternally fascinated by it, often becoming barbers. Not that Tom
would care.

"Uh-uh."  Harry stopped.  "Thanks Tom."

The tall blond looked as if he was going to again feign innocence but
relented.  Smiling the smile that had captured many a heart, the
pilot slung an arm over his shoulder and resumed their approach.

"No problem Har."


A cool stream of wonderful.  A sparkling waterfall of loveliness.  A
tall drink of. . .


Startled out his poetic adoration of his lover, Chakotay gave back
his attention to the slightly drunk ex-borg.  He had taken refuge in
her company when B'Elanna had arrived at the party, usurping his
place beside Kathryn.  Seven had been sitting on the edge of a
fountain counting the bubbles in her fluted glass when he had sat
down and joined her.

"I'm sorry Seven I was distracted."

"Yes by Tommy."  She giggled and immersed her glass into the
champagne pool at the base of the fountain and refilled it.  "My
optical cybernebics.-"


She rolled her eyes and look at him like he was a two year
old.  "Yesss of course cybernebics!"  She took a sip and looked at
him confused.  "What was I saying?"


"Oh yes," Seven tipped her champagne in the direction of where Tom
was standing speaking with Chell.  "I can see you like Tommy."

"Lieutenant Paris is a fine officer."  Chakotay replied neutrally
with a straight face trying desperately not to crack a smile at the
tipsy blonde's nickname for the pilot.

Laughing and slapping his arm with her glass, she spilt most of it
contents down the front of his silk robes.  "He is not.  He is an
effi, effi.-"

"Efficient?"  Chakotay furnish.

"Yes!  Tommy flies really, really, really good," She said punctuating
her praise with her now empty glass.  "But he doesn't take direction
well.  He would have made a terrible drone."

Well there was a point he couldn't argue.

"But he is cute."  And another.

Seven quieted and stared across the desert garden at his lover.  Tom
admittedly, was a delicious sight in his long blue robes but the
dreamy look in her watery eyes alarmed him.  With all the conflicts
going on with his life, he didn't need to add Seven's lust his list
of things to deal with.

"You're not interested in Mr Paris are you?"

"Tommy? No!"  She leaned against his shoulder and whispered.  "He's
having sexual intercourse with the first officer."

"What makes you say that?"

"Didn't you tell me?" She pulled back confused.

"Not that I remember."

"Oh no that's right I figured that one out on my own."  She sat up
proudly.  "I have observed that since you entered the holodeck your
attention has been focused on Mr Paris 83.5432 percent of the time."
She flipped her hand up.  "Give or take a nano-second."

"That doesn't mean he's my lover."

"He's not?"  Tears began to form in her eyes.  Drunk or not the
exceeding correct ex-drone didn't like to be wrong about anything.
But when her bottom lip began to tremble, it was the woman in her,
and not the Borg he reacted to.

"He is Seven. He is."  Chakotay said quickly hoping to stall an
emotional outburst he was sure she would regret later when she was

She smiled brightly which on her normally sedate face looked almost
awkward.  "Ha! I thought so.  Did I mention I have a lover now too?
Noooo?  Well I do and he's ten times better than Tommy.  He's

"Really?  Who?"

"Hi sweetie."

She wiggled the fingers of her left hand at someone behind him.
Chakotay turned to see the last person he would have thought would
catch Seven's attention.

"Good Evening Doctor." He said hiding his surprise in a cordial

"Commander."   The EMH nodded politely and reached around him to help
Seven to her feet.  "You've been drinking champagne haven't you?"

"A little."  The normally dignified blonde whined.

"Why?  You know your Borg components can't assimilate synthehol."

"It's a party and you told me to have fun until you got here.  I was
having fun."

"Yes well the party's over so let's go home.  We can have fun there."

Chakotay tried to imagine what be home to the unusual couple, the
hologram's office in Sickbay or Seven's regeneration chamber in the
cargo bay?  He made a mental note to look into assigning more
suitable quarters to the new pair.

As the EMH escorted his overly happy lover off the holodeck, she
turned and called to him.

"Have fun with Tommy Commander!"

Oh spirits, Tom was going to kill him.


"Have fun with Tommy Commander!"

Oh shit, he was going to kill Chakotay.

Chell stopped his diatribe on the finer aspects hair care and stared
over his shoulder in the direction of the outburst.

"Who's Tommy?"  The Bolian asked Tabor beside him.

"You've got me Chell. And what does fun mean?  Fucking?"

"Could be, it's certainly fun.  Any ideas Lieutenant Paris?"  The
blue skinned man asked.

He should say no.  He wanted to.  It was too soon to go public with a
relationship he wasn't sure would survive. Tom desperately hoped it
would, but they had after all only been seeing each other a little
more than a week and that wasn't time enough for Chakotay to have
second thoughts.

However, after the pep talk he'd given Harry earlier about being good
enough to be with a Maquis, keeping quiet would be like admitting
everything he said was bullshit.  It wasn't.  Tom had meant every
word and regardless of his personal fears, it was time to live up to
those words.

Standing straight and tall he looked down at the short Bolian and
spoke evenly.

"I'm Tommy."

"No, no your name is Tom.-oh."  The blue alien's whole face opened in
surprise. "And the two of you are...-"

"Having fun?"  Tom offered smiling.  "Yeah."

"But you're with B'Elanna."  Came Lieutenant Gregor Ayala's voice
behind him.  Tom turned, annoyed at Ayala's accusation and faced him
head on.  The crewman's height was comparable to his own and Tom
stared straight into his hardened eyes.

"Where the hell have you've been?  That was three months ago and it
didn't work."

"And it's going to with the captain?" He challenged.

Oh fuck he'd forgotten these guys still thought of Chakotay as their
captain.  Hell, they even sometimes addressed him as such in
private.  The remnant loyalty made the ex-maquis fiercely over
protective of their former leader.

"Yes Gregor, it is."  He replied wanting to believe it with all his
heart.  His fellow lieutenant stepped back and squinted at him as if
trying to actually see his sincerity.  Tom stood still and let the
doubting man get his fill. After scrutinizing him from head to toe,
Ayala spoke again but this time his tone while it still had an edge
was less provocative.

"What would he see in somebody like you?  No offence Paris, but you
are a bit of a pretty boy.  Chakotay likes his men rugged and you
look you'd break the first time the sex got a little rough."

Why did he think that Gregor was speaking from experience?  Tom
banished the picture of Chakotay's sweating body heaving against the
other man from his head and refocused on the moment.  Smiling
seductively, he lowered his voice along with his lashes.

"I bend."

"What?"  The lieutenant's simple mind was unable to grasp the subtle
innuendo so Tom expanded his explanation.

"I may be soft but I'm pliant."


Oh shit the man was dumber than the bulkhead.  It was pissing him off
and as wound up as he was about being forced to reveal his
relationship with the first officer, it didn't take much.  Losing the
coy act for something the security officer could understand, Tom
curled his top lip and growled.  "When Chakotay fucks me hard I take
it like a man."

Ayala's face reddened in embarrassment but it quickly recovered
transforming into a mask of hate.  He was not making a friend
here. "And do you cry if he hurts you?"

Cry?  What the fuck did Ayala think he was, a baby?  OK, OK a pretty
boy but shit, cry?  He knew the man was taunting him and knew he
should walk away but nobody accused him of that particular sin and
got away with it.  The Paris men did a lot of horrible things but
they did not cry.  It was beneath even them.

"Only for more you fucking bastard."

"You'd better watch your language pretty boy or might forget that
you're my captain's girlfriend."

"Oh don't let that stand in your way," Tom grinned.  "If you want to
hit me, hit me."

By the glare in his dark eyes it was clear that Gregor dearly wanted
to knock him on his ass but they both knew that as one of Tuvok's
security personnel, he would catch major shit if he did.  The ex-
maquis looked nervously from side to side for support but both Chell
and Tabor had backed away from him.  Shaking with anger he returned
his gaze back to Tom.


"Oh that was original.  What are you going to call me next you
fucking moron?  A whore?"

"Are you calling me stupid?"  Ayala sputtered, spraying his face with
spit. By voicing his earlier thoughts on the man's limited
intelligence, Tom had found his Achilles heel.

"Tom lets go."

Harry grabbed his shoulder but he shrugged it off, this was getting
good.  A few more cracks about Ayala's lack of mental acuity and Tom
was pretty sure he'd get the man to throw a punch at him and then
he'd teach the macho bastard all about crying and hurting.

"No you're not smart enough for that.  If you were, you'd know that
insulting your captain's lover is a very, very bad idea."

"Not smart?  Fuck you Paris!"

"Oh right like that's going to happen.  Weren't you listening you
bloody idiot?  Chakotay is the one fucking me!"

A firmer, meatier palm than Harry's came down on his shoulder as
Gregor's bunched his to strike.  "That's enough!"

Squeezing his eyes shut, he swore under his breath.  Tom knew that
voice.  He also knew he wasn't going to like what it had to say.  It
was guaranteed that wouldn't be praise for Tom defending his choice
of bed partner.   Chakotay wanted him to accept their relationship
but probably not in a shouting matching with one of his former Maquis
shipmates.  All he'd done tonight was embarrass the big man and blow
his chances for a happily ever after.  Now who was the moron?

Feeling the iron grip loosen, he whipped around and opened his eyes
to a very angry man.  "I'm sorry."

"Tom.-" Chakotay held him at arms length.

"But I told you I would do this."

The commander looked at him puzzled and then let him go.  Tom took
advantage of his confusion and made a break for it.  Without looking
back he sprinted towards the arch and left the holodeck.

The prophecy he had spouted at the concert in Central park had just
come true.  He had let Chakotay love him and now he had hurt him.

Oh fuck he felt bad.  So bad, he `wanted' to cry.


"Trouble Commander?"

Blinking, he turned from the holodeck's exit to see B'Elanna's
hateful face smiling in satisfaction.  If she hadn't been a woman,
Chakotay would have hit her.

"Go back to your lover B'Elanna."  He growled trying very hard to
kept his cool.

"Oh yes that right, mine's still here."  She purred back at
him.  "And not making a fool of herself too I might add."

"No that's because she wasn't hurt by a uncaring, self involved
bitch."  Screw decorum.  Chakotay let his voice rise so the crowd
around them could hear.  "Now excuse me while I try to help the
beautiful loving man your bitterness has almost destroyed."

He stood over her a moment drinking in her mortification and letting
it take the edge off his anger before heading out after his Poocuh.

By the time he reached the errant pilot's quarters, his fury had
abated and had been replaced with worry.  Why the hell had Tom been
picking a fight with Ayala?  He knew it had something do with Seven's
parting call since he and the rest of the guests had heard clearly
his lover scream out he was fucking him.

Chakotay kicked the doorframe of Tom's quarters.  If he'd had the
guts to approach the pilot earlier he would know.  Unfortunately his
fear of Tom's reprisal at him telling Seven about their affair had
kept him sitting by the fountain until it was too late.  He been so
afraid the admission would cause Tom to move back, he been afraid to
move forward.  Well he wasn't about to make that mistake again.  Not
bothering to try the chime, he punched his command override code into
the panel beside the door and entered the darkened cabin.

"Tom?"  He called into the shadows.

"Go away Commander."

Oh they were back to using rank again were they?  He moved further
into the cabin and spied Tom sitting in a tight ball on the lounge.


"Are you fucking deaf?  I said get the hell out!"

"Not tonight Poocuh."

Carefully crossing over to the couch, he bent over and threw the
huddled blond over his shoulder.


That was better.

"Put me down!" Tom beat his fists into his back and kicked out his
long lovely legs.

"I will Poocuh, I will."

Holding his struggling treasure, he entered the bedroom and tossed
him on his back on the mattress.  The pilot's breath left him in a
whoosh and he lay still with wide staring eyes.  Freed of his
precious burden, Chakotay stood at the foot of the bed and removed
his black robe.

"A fucking bronze god."  Tom whispered.

"What Poocuh?"

Rising from the mattress and settling on his knees the pilot reached
out and touched his stomach lightly with his fingertips.  The
feathered caress brought him hard instantly and caused a sheen of
sweat break out over his skin.

"You're beautiful."  Blue eyes looked up at him in wonder.  "Did you
know Chakotay that when you're near me I lose the ability to think,
to reason or to make sense of anything?"

He reached out to his lover but the awe struck blond fell back on his
heels avoiding his hand.  Tom's blue robes cascaded down his body and
flowed out around his frame like a waterfall.

"Sometimes I don't even know who I am and that scares me."

"You're mine."

A pained expression lanced across the fine features of his face.

"A pretty thought but not very practical.  Being with me can be
exciting at first, I'm good in bed and I tell a good joke but the
novelty wears off.  You won't want me forever."

"Says who?"

"My father, B'Elanna," A single tear appeared at the corner of one of
his blue eyes and fell slowly down his cheek.  "Me."

"Well you're all wrong.  I love you Tom Paris and I intend on keeping
you always."

"That's how you feel now.  That's how they all feel at first."

"Are you telling me I don't know my own mind?  Believe me, I may not
be a poet or particularly romantic but I do have the courage of my
convictions and in plain words, I don't ever plan on getting tired of
you.  I know that in my heart and in my soul so unless you're
prepared to call me a liar, you'd better start accepting it.  My life
was yours before I even knew you."


"Wow?"  Chakotay had been expecting a little more than a one word
expletive after his speech.

"Yeah wow."  Tom smiled for the first time since he entered the
cabin.  "That was pretty good for a man that doesn't know his ass
from Shakespeare."

Chakotay smiled back but said nothing.  He didn't want the pilot to
know he didn't know who Shakespeare was.

"OK big guy it's time to put your credits where your mouth is."

Standing up on the bed, he undid the clasp of his teal robes and let
them fall to his feet.  Oh spirits if he was a bronze god, then Tom
was a master of the universe.   In the dimness of the bedroom his
finely muscled lean body glowed and lights of the stars outside the
view port sparkled in the golden hair that covered his head, chest
and limbs.
Moving forward onto the mattress, Chakotay kneeled at the foot of the
wondrous beauty.  He slid his palms up the hard torso before him and
tweaked a pair of pink nipples with his fingers.  Tom shuddered and
leaned back against the wall, resting his butt on the headboard of
the bed.

Bringing his hands back down, he cupped the pilot's balls tenderly
with one and stroked his awaking penis with the other.  The quivering
member was as eye pleasing as the rest of his lover.  It was neatly
cut and arched up gracefully to the level of Tom's navel.  Chakotay
admired it briefly before taking its swollen head into his mouth.

"Oh yeah." Tom moaned and curled the base of spine upwards causing
the crest of his cock to slip deeper down his throat.  If his mouth
weren't full, Chakotay would have moaned back in response.  He wanted
this badly.  To taste and touch Tom Paris in this way was delicacy.
The pilot was a banquet and he planned on gorging himself.

Reaching up he captured Tom's hand and placed it on the back of his
head, giving the man silent permission to move. As Chakotay felt the
fingers of both weave tightly into his short hair, he began breathing
deeply through his nose in preparation of the coming onslaught.

Moving slowly at first in long strokes, Tom explored his oral cavity
cautiously with his dick.  However once he was familiar with the
slick passage, his thrusts became bolder and quicken their pace.  Not
long after the movements turned frantic and above him, he could hear
Tom screaming in orgasm.  Sweet bitter nectar flooded his mouth and
Chakotay feasted taking all his lover had to give.

The hands gripping his head fell to his shoulders as the pilot slid
down his sweating body with his knees bent on either side of him.
When Chakotay kneeled back, the crack of Tom's ass fit nicely around
his hungry erection.

"That was heaven Chakotay."  Tom smiled languidly and then kissed him.

"We're not done yet."  He shifted his hips forward and the head of
his penis pressed against his sated lover's tight opening.

"I get your point."  With his eyes, he motioned over to the bedside
table.  "The blue bottle."

With the pilot in his lap, he leaned sideways and retrieved a
container the colour of his lover's eyes.

Tom snatched away the bottle.  "Here let me."

After popping the top of the vial, he poured it contents over both of
their genitals and then tossed the empty shell.   In reaction,
Chakotay watched it sail across the room to land squarely on his
discarded black robe.  His focus was brought back quickly when he
felt a warm hand massaging his cock.

In a fascinating display of co-ordination Tom was working the oil
into him with one hand while another slipped between down under his
own balls to his anus.   The pilot squirmed in pleasure as he readied
himself for Chakotay's entrance.  It was an incredible sight and he
kissed at the man's pale throat begging him to hurry.

When his cock had returned to it former glory, Tom stopped his
ministrations and fell back.

"Now, I want you now."  The lieutenant ordered his superior officer.
Chakotay complied by hooking his arms under the commanding man's
knees and pushing into him.  Tom had done his job well and there was
very little resistance before the crest of his starving member was
engulfed in satisfying warmth.

"Oh yeah Chakotay, now push."

He complied and moved deeper.  When his balls rested on the pilot's
ass, he stopped and waited for further direction.

"Oh god you feel good.  Move please, oh god please!"

Answering his lover's pleas, Chakotay eased back his hips and shot
them forward in a sudden burst.  Tom wailed and he repeated the
maneuver until he no longer moved with conscious thought.  Primal
urges took over as he beat his cock in and out of his lover's ass in
a rutting frenzy.  By the time his orgasm gushed out him and into
Tom, Chakotay was more beast than man.  Clinging to his lover, he
convulsed in the dying throws of his release and then collapsed in a
lifeless heap on top of him.

"A bronze fucking god with a dick of gold."  He heard whispered into
his ear.  He rolled over and pulled Tom into his arms.

"No Poocuh, I'm just a man."

"A good one."

"And yours forever."

"You're sure?"

"I'm always sure Tom Paris.  Especially when I'm right."

"I love you Chakotay."

Sweeter words were never spoken.